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Rinku Khumukcham

Rinku Khumukcham, Editor of Imphal Times has more than 25+ years in the field of Journalism. A seasoned editor, was a former editor of ISTV News. He resides in Keishamthong Elangbam Leikai, with his wife and parents. Rinku can be contacted at [email protected] 

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Submission of the recommendations of Indian Medical Association Manipur State Branch with regard to the second wave of COVID 19 in the state
Respected Sir,

The state is gripped by the second wave of COVID-19 pandemic in an unprecedented manner and Indian Medical Association Manipur State Branch is deeply concerned by the development. In this regard the association in due consultation with the “IMA Manipur COVID Task Force” has come up with certain recommendations to help in the management of COVID-19 in the state. Copy of the recommendations is enclosed herewith for your kind perusal and necessary action.
Further, we would like to stresses that Indian Medical Association is the largest association of doctors in the country and the association has contributed much in issues related to health. IMA Manipur State Brach has also contributed much in the health issues of the state. The association has been spearheading in spreading COVID health awareness since the first wave of COVID 19 last year. More than one hundred COVID 19 health awareness programs were organized since May last year. The biggest association of doctors in the state would like to stress upon the necessity of representing well in the State Consultative Committee on COVID 19 in the larger interest of public.
We are hopeful that you will consider our recommendations and subsequently convert them into actions.
Recommendations of the Indian Medical Association Manipur State Branch in regard to the second wave of COVID-19 Pandemic in the state:
1) Ideally compulsory COVID 19 testing, either by RAT or RT-PCR on arrival of all passengers at Imphal Airport and all other entry points should be followed otherwise rigorous checking of all RT-PCR test results that the passengers produced on arrival by verifying with ICMR’s SRF No should be done.
2) A common SOP for admission and treatment of all COVID-19 patients for both private and government hospitals is a must to avoid any confusion in this difficult time. This will help in rational admission, judicious treatment and optimizing the limited resources.
3) Conversion of some hotels to paid COVID Care Centers for the mildly symptomatic cases with good referral system with the higher COVID centers may be considered in the interest of those who can afford it as this will reduce undue pressure for admission of mildly symptomatic cases to Referral COVID Hospitals.
4) Strengthening of infrastructure of the peripheral health centers like the CHCs and DHs to manage the mildly symptomatic with a robust referral system with the Referral COVID Hospitals will reduce the burden on Referral COVID Hospitals.
5) Civil bodies like Local Clubs and Meira paibis may be engaged in enforcing COVID Appropriate Behavior among the general public.
6) Junior Doctors and other Health Care Workers engaged on COVID duties on contractual basis must be well paid as per their regular counterpart. Further, preference should be given to them while seeking for regular government post later. Acknowledging their contribution in this way during this challenging time will boost their morale.
7) Life insurance scheme of the COVID Health Care Workers will also help to boost the morale of those who are risking their life in fighting the pandemic.
8) Guidelines for Home Quarantine, Home Isolation and Community Home Isolation Centers must be available readily to the public with strict monitoring.
9) All long duration indoor meetings should be discouraged in the present situation.
10) Backup workforce of healthcare workers need to be developed at the earliest since the present HCWs are likely to burn out soon due to stress and infection.
With regards,

Yours faithfully,
1. Dr. S. Jugindra, President, IMA
2. Dr. Ngangom Arunkumar Singh, Honorary State Secretary, IMA

Saturday, 15 May 2021 18:52

Voice of Imphal Times

Why so much vacant beds in govt. open CCC?
IT Desk

Intention of the government of Manipur for curbing the Covid-19 pandemic is crystal clear. In the last couple of weeks , when the 2nd wave started haunting the state, with the number of positive cases sky rocketing, the state authority had established 14 Covid Care Center (CCC) at important locations of the state. Besides, the government understanding the fact that Vaccination is one solution that can contain the virus from causing severe infection had stated vaccination. To be précised the government under the supervision of the incumbent Chief Minister N. Biren Singh who is also in charge of the State Health Department had frame almost necessity committee to make sure that all those infected with the Covid -19 pandemic received proper treatment.
However one thing that the government seems to have forgotten is that while preparing to fight the invisible enemy, it requires some specialist and well experience professionals to lead the army. As far as Imphal Times knows none of the committee form for countering the spread of the dreaded virus has been headed by any professional who are well experience in the field of fighting the pandemic. For example, for fighting the war against the Covid -19 pandemic it is important that the team of the army be led by some professional and well experience professionals who have adequate knowledge of the Community Medicines. Besides, the roles of Epidemiologists are vital at this crucial time. Even as the state government’s intention to contain the virus is felt by everyone, it is unlikely that the war against the Pandemic is not going to win as the state authority have chosen wrong general to lead the war.
It is on record that amidst the curfew and the imposition of containment zone at almost all the areas of the state, the total number of people infected by the corona virus and tested Covid-19 positive in eleven days staring from May 2 was 5,671 and the number of people succumbed to the Covid 19 was 126.
As per press statement released yesterday (May 14) total number of Active cases is 5898, among these 176 are from among the security personnel.
Now as per an information uploaded by the Advisor of the health department, MLA Sapam Ranjan, there are 1099 vacant bed in all the 14 CCC open in the state as of 4.pm May 14 , i.e . yesterday. As per the information 567 beds remain vacant at CCC Lamboi KKK, in Imphal West. At Balbhavan the number of vacancy is 91 , at CCC NSU the number of unoccupied bed is 63 and at all the remaining CCC the number of vacant bed is 2 digits exept at CCC II Centre RD Wing , CCC Lanva TD Block , CCpur and CCC GNM Hostel , Thoubal.
When the number of active positive cases reaches 5898 , and when the JNIMS Hospital is reported crowded with Covid -19 infected people, and when the RIMS Covid –ward is full with positive cases, what has wrong with the policy to the opening of the 14 CCC. Is it because the people tested positive with the Covid felt that they will face inconveniences while staying at these CCC open by the government as they do not provide meals or breakfast. Or is it because there are no medical attendance. Many things that has been left out need to be reviewed. After all we all know that there are not so many people who can afford self isolation at their respective house except some rich people .

IT Desk

The problem of non availability of vaccine is not only the problem of the Manipur government. Almost all states across the nations have been facing. The perfect example is that after the government of India had announced vaccinations for 18 plus years to 44 years to begin from May 1, almost all the states in India could not begin in the announced scheduled. The state of Manipur too could not start the vaccination of the said age group from May 1. To a little relieved the government of Manipur had announced to begin the vaccination of the Covishield from May 17. Well and good but the allocations of Vaccine districtwise as well the pace of vaccination in each district seems lack of proper strategy as the allocation neither is base on the population as well as for conveniences of the citizens in the respective district. Government authorities who were preparing the allocation seem to have forgotten to study the number of people in between the age of 18 plus to 44 in each district.
It may be mention that the Chief Minister of Manipur N. Biren Singh had announced that COVID-19 vaccination of people belonging to the age group of 18 to 44 years would commence from May 17. But those experts don’t seem to be serious to the intention of the Chief Minister. They way the planning for vaccination of the age group is likely to anger many people due to lack of proper strategy to assure that all people within the age group get vaccinated.
As per the 2011 census (as the 2021 census is not available) the total population of people between 18 years to 44 years is 14,29,503. And the total doses of covishield vaccine allotted for this population is 39,780. That means a total of 1,389,723 will not be able to vaccinate. May be the government will arrange for the remaining in the next few days after the Vaccination of this age group started. But then there is still questions from various section about the way of vaccine allocations to various districts as well as the opening of centers for the vaccination.
As per the official report the number of doses allocated for Imphal West is 5290. And the vaccination will be done at only two centers that is at RD Wing Lamphel and Iroishemba. Total population of Imphal West (2011 census) is 517,992 (all age), among this around 25% are between the age of 18 to 44 years. A lot of people of this age will be deprived of getting a jab not because of the non-availability of the vaccines but on the fact that people of this age group who are staying far from the two centers will not be allowed to get the opportunity for vaccination. This is because not all have private vehicles of their own or neither the public transport system is plying on the road. Those staying at Hiyangthang or Malom or other far area from the two center will definitely be deprived of vaccination.
The same is with other district such as Imphal East, Chandel , Churachandpur, Kakching , Kamjong, Ukhrul, Kangpokpi, Noney, Pherzwal, Senapati, Tamenglong , Tengnoupal , and Thoubal. Opening just two vaccination center will certainly make lot of inconveniences t the people.

IT Correspondent
Guwahati, May 15:

The incidents of post-poll violence erupted in West Bengal brings a grim reminder for Bharat (India) and if it is not contained duly gloomy days are ahead of the great country, commented  Dr Swapan Dasgupta, an award winning journalist and social thinker. Attending a webinar, organized by Vishwa Samvad Kendra on 14 May 2021, Padma Bhusan  Dasgupta also condemned biased roles played by the State government in Kolkata.
Speaking over the topic ‘Post-Election Violence in West Bengal and Media’s Response’,  Dasgupta also criticized the unprofessional attitude adopted by the mainstream media outlets of the Bangladesh bordering State and he remained unhappy with the civil society groups as those failed to maintain neutral impressions, thus losing their expected efficacies.
“Poll related violence is not alien to West Bengal as the tendency was grown since the Left parties started ruling the State. But this time, the incidents of violence were limited because of strict measures taken by the Election Commission of India. However, the post-poll violence broke all records,” commented the former Rajya Sabha member.
Dasgupta, who fought the recently concluded WB legislative assembly elections as a Bhartiya Janata Party (BJP) candidate from Tarakeswar seat, claimed that a large number workers of All India Trinamool Congress (AITC) began violent activities since the vote count day (2 May). A keen observer of political issues in the country, Dasgupta asserted that once the Trinamool members came to realize their electoral win, they became unruly over BJP workers and even supporters.
“Trinamool members attacked not only the individuals but also their residences and other properties. The unruly members were not satisfied with the idea of teaching a lesson to BJP supporters but to completely destroy their livelihood so that they cannot dare to oppose AITC chief Mamata Banerjee and her clout anymore,” stated Dasgupta.
He narrated the horrible story relating to thousands of Bengali families uprated from their villages as many of them entered into Assam and Orissa. According to Dasgupta, nearly one hundred thousand people were affected by the ongoing violence where at least 14 persons lost their lives to the hooliganism unleashed by Trinamool members.
“What is shocking and a matter of serious concern that as the violence erupted the miscreants took advantages of the situation and looted the BJP supporters. In many places, it ended up on communal violence exploded between Muslims and Hindu residents,” pointed out Dasgupta expressing his annoyances that the Bengal police and administration continue to put deaf ear to the disturbing trend.
A sensible journalist by passion, Dasgupta also expressed  anguish that  most of the Bengal media houses avoided reporting those incidents authentically. On the other hand, he added, social media
space flooded with inputs relating the post-poll violence only spoiled the image of West Bengal, which was once known as a land of intellectuals.
Finally the articulate speaker called on the participating over 55 working journalists from northeast India to remain alert over the impact of Bengal violence that has attained communal across the country and help the common people to understand the future course of anti-national elements so that every sensitive Indian can stand for a peaceful, progressive and development oriented nation.

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