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Rinku Khumukcham

Rinku Khumukcham

Rinku Khumukcham, Editor of Imphal Times has more than 15+ years in the field of Journalism. A seasoned editor, was a former editor of ISTV News. He resides in Keishamthong Elangbam Leikai, with his wife and parents.

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Something more needed

The one basic thing that could make much of almost everything much easier, simpler and smoother, yet seemingly impossible to accomplish is the act of coming clean. It would indeed take a much greater strength of character to own up to our mistakes and shortcomings, and still greater willpower to refrain from deliberately committing acts we consciously know is wrong and false.
The few fortunate ones who have the grit and will to transcend these urges are acknowledged and respected, even revered. On the other hand, a new breed of “Go-Getters” who would not stop at anything to achieve their goal is on the rise- the pressures of present day society helping in developing and pruning such mindset to perfection.
They are the restless, hyperactive and aggressive ones who do not cater to emotions and aesthetics. Modern parents and guardians are increasingly urging their wards to adopt the letter approach towards life in order to carve out a place in the society that invariably results in a level of respect- respect that again is dependent on the earning capacity, the social circle adopted and living status maintained. Increasing compulsions for security in terms of food, shelter and a step towards a more secure future could be the factors that prompted the collective thinking towards adopting such an attitude towards life. But then, does that justify the adage “All is fair and love and war”? Is our life becoming a daily struggle, a battle- if not a war, we are destined to wage every single living day of our lives? Where does that leave us with any room or opportunity for improvement- not the financial kind, but a more rounded and holistic one as a person? The present developments in the society – particularly that of mindless atrocities and lack of considerations that is becoming rampant would be, to a large part, a spill-off of this new approach towards life. Greed takes precedence over everything else, making our lives worse off than when we started. What then could be the panacea for these aberrations that has come to plague our lives of late?

The answer lies within us- common knowledge which just needs to be acknowledged, and more importantly to act on. Putting up a façade of make-believe and a show of benevolence and righteousness will not absolve anyone of the crimes and wrongs.
This is of utmost importance for everyone, and more so for those who are donning the role of public representatives. Concepts like beauty, peace and harmony can only be experienced if we can rise above our petty urges and look at life- that of ourselves and the ones around us in a different and totally new perspective- one that does not have anything to do with wealth, power or fame. But how does one explain these “abstract” concepts, even after knowing them to be true, to someone struggling to earn a square meal on a daily basis? Aren’t there adequate schemes and programs to alleviate these basic sufferings being borne by a majority of the people in the State? How do these people who are consistently trying to find any menial job just to earn enough to eat come to know of these schemes if they are not informed, and more importantly, assist them in getting their fair share? Who would not want a little extra, even inspite of having more than everything they could possibly ever need in life?
 The best persons to validate this observation will be in the performance of those in whose hands are the reign of power and affairs of the State. “The earth has enough to satisfy man’s needs but not man’s greed”: Mohondas Karamchand Gandhi.

Political uncertainty in N. Biren Singh government; But nothing is impossible in Politics

Everything is fair in love and war. Chief Minister N. Biren Singh anguished and seemingly frustrated announcement at which he stated that – “I will get the result for what I did; they will get for what they did” indicated possible change in the government soon. For the first time in Manipur’s political history, a Chief Minister announced the media that reshuffle in the government will be done within this month. The announcement by Chief Minister is significant as it coincided with rumours talking around about the anger of some BJP top profile leaders on the differences of opinion regarding the allotment of portfolios in the propose reshuffling of the Ministry.
The apprehension among the coalition partner NPP – as there is a possibility of dropping some of the Ministers, all this development in the post 17th Lok Sabha Election says that there is political uncertainty in the N. Biren Singh led government.  
Now, political analysts saw two groups emerging in the BJP led government. When media speculated a crisis over the allotment of portfolio, political analysts on the other hand are serious over a probable change of Chief Minister. However, they are of the opinion that such a change could only be happened as per the wisdom of the Central leadership.
The downfall of the Congress party across the nation is also one factor that is giving impact to the Manipur’s political theatre. The resignation of the top profile Congress MLAs from their respective post at the MPCC also talks volumes even though they declared they will continue to work for the congress party.
“Nothing is impossible in politics and this is politics”, former Chief Minister of Manipur Radhabinod Koijam once said while talking to reporters soon after he joined Samanta Party to become the Chief Minister of Manipur in early 2000. And the then Chief Minister is still right, nothing is impossible in politics, particularly in Indian politics. The tenth schedule of the Indian Constitution is now converted as a toothless tiger. The person in the chair of the speaker of the house who is the guardian of the constitution and legislative affairs is now above everything – on whether to follow the Tenth Scheduled of the anti defection law enshrine in the constitution of India or not.
People appreciated when law makers they elected no matter they violated the constitutional provisions, nobody showed seriousness when MLAs illegally defected from their party to get benefit of their own by joining other political party.
‘Ideology’ is a joke of the Manipur’s politicians and anything they did is forcibly justified as everyone is after money and power.

Points wanted to bring here is that will there be a change in the leadership of the BJP legislative wing by replacing the present one? Or will the matter settled after the visit of central BJP leaders?
BJP National Secretary, in charge of North East states, Ram Madhav   has arrived in the state along with organization Secretary Ajay Jamal to take stock of the new development in the state.
Interestingly, Ram Madhav is the one who announced N. Biren Singh as the leader of the BJP Legislative Party during a crucial party meeting held soon after the Assembly election at Hotel Classic Grande. In that meeting Prakash Goel, Ram Madhav , Prakash Javedkar and Prahar Patel were the main decision makers of the BJP.
The crack in the state BJP which emerges in the BJP led government need to be mended, but how? Will it be the top profile BJP leaders from the state or will it be those Central leaders who will decide on how to mend the crack? This is a million dollar question.
As for the present Chief Minister N. Biren Singh , he is aware of what is a happening in his government. His frustrating announcement regarding reshuffle after the cabinet meeting held at Ukhrul this week can be interpreted in two ways. One – he is confident in protecting his seat;  Two-  he want to sent message to dissidents on how hard is him. But both showed that his chair is shaky.
A stitch in time save nine, remember the proverb – and instead of hot decision better remain cool and stitch the crack by understanding the anger of his colleague , or else – people will only say that ‘Everything is fair in love and war’ if in case there is a change in the leadership.

Of our identity

One would not need to struggle to find appropriate adjectives to describe the state- except for descriptions like “Dull” or “Normal”.
The slew of activities keeping the public on tenterhooks, albeit for reasons seemingly unrelated for the last couple of days is not something out of the ordinary in this place. It might even be called the eternal spring of delusion- for all the expectations, hopes and opportunities that has been dashed and wasted. It would not be an exaggeration to state that the present social developments, as had always been in the past, present a dual aspect, depending on one’s perspective.
One is the unfortunate yet necessary reorientation of social priorities and order, as would the authorities and administrators put it. The other would be the festering law and order situation which is slowly yet surely morphing into a collective attitude of suspicion and mistrust made worse by a sense of alienation and demarcation between the influential and the powerful on one end with the commoners on the other.
Perfection is often said to be an impossible ideology- proven more often with glaring shortcomings by even the most well-meaning and more resourceful states and leaders. Yet it is not the failure to achieve perfection that is picking at the conscience of the public and stirring undesirable emotions, but the failure of those who have been entrusted with the power and the authority to make a sincere and determined attempt at making the best out of whatever is being received or offered, or is endowed as the case may be. While the law and order situation in the state, or more precisely, the cause of it is very much debatable, it is beyond the comprehension of one’s rationale when a government fails to even sit up and take notice, much less act on it, when its existence is  threatened. The succession of incursions and intrusions into the territories of Manipur either by Myanmar or neighbouring Indian state on various instances is but a manifestation of the persistent effort of a greedy entity taking undue advantage of a lethargic and reluctant authority which is still not able to make up its garbled mind on the sequence of actions to be taken up, if it is to be taken up at all.
The acute indecisiveness of the state government has become rather viral, seeping down to every ancillaries of its machinery.
Then again, the uncomfortable development is the recent threats to the existence of the identity of the state and its people due to various policy who are in power at the center. The identity of the indigenous people is at stake with the government planning to introduce certain legislation in their effort to make sure that India of today will by a Hindu nation tomorrow. No doubt many or say majority of the Meitei follow Hindu religion but it should be noted that being Hindu does not say that we are part of their culture. Manipur adopted Hindu in late 17 century but then it had its own history and religion.

Crisis over leadership in BJP led govt. looms

IT News

Imphal, June 6,

Political theatre in the N Biren Singh led Government is landing in serious crisis after the reality of the crisis among the BJPians over the race for leadership comes up at public sphere.

The announcement by the Chief Minister for reshuffling of the Ministry within this month and simultaneous reaction to some of his cabinet Ministers, at which he stated that “they will get the result for what they did and I will get the fruit for what I did”, sparks anger to some BJP high profile leaders.

Source said that N. Biren Singh is trying to reach out the Central leadership over the new development. The Chief Minister also called on the Governor, Dr. Najma Heptulla at around 7.30 pm yesterday. The purpose of the meeting is stated to be a courtesy call in connection with Id-Ul -Fitre, but source said that the Chief Minister might have been consulting with the governor for the reshuffle of his Ministry

Post Lok Sabha Election, major shifts in the state political theatre was witnessed and the rumours about reshuffling and dropping of Ministers from coalition NPP partners emerges. But source added that not all the four of the NPP will be dropped out. Crisis between BJP leaderships too comes up in the public domain.

Whether there will be dissidents against the Chief Minister N. Biren Singh or not is a matter need to be watched, but for sure there protest from the Ministerial colleague over the allotment of portfolio if the Ministry reshuffled. 

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