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Monday, 17 May 2021 17:56

Voice of Imphal Times

Fighting the Covid-19 Pandemic: Is the Manipur Govt. on the right track ?
IT Desk

Every one is talking about Covid-19 today. Almost all citizen who have some knowledge of the virus and those who had felt the hit of the pandemic after one of their near and dear ne or themselves have been, now prefer staying at home. The government of Manipur understanding the possible catastrophe, which the society of Manipur is almost at the stage have also been trying everything. The last couple of day show almost all authority of the government including the law makers and the ministers working out to fulfill the demand of oxygen. Many have been procured from the neighbouring Assam, even as the state too have been severely hit by the pandemic. More individuals have also comes up and started donating medical oxygen cylinders to the needy and some have started donating Oxygen concentrators. Dr. Elangbam Bishwajit and his team have already started donating oxygen cylinders to major hospitals and a young environmentalist Lucipriya Kangujam also is donating oxygen concentrators to the needy across the country including Manipur. Lok Sabha MP of the Inner Manipur Parliamentary constituency have even appealed the government to donate to Chief Ministers Covid -19 relief fund for procuring oxygen and also for providing assistance to the victims of the Covid-19 Pandemic. Moreover, MLA Joykishan of Thangmeiband Assembly constituency had openly announced to spnd Rs. 20lakhs for procuring of Oxygen from his local area development fund and MLA RK Imo have started donating Oxygen concentrators to JNIM hospitals.
Now, it has been informed that in addition to the two private Cryogenic medical oxygen plant in the state one more oxygen plant have been started commissioning at Shija Hospital and Research Institute and as per the Managing Director of the Institute , the oxygen generation plant open has the capacity of producing 250 D-type Medical Oxygen Cylinder. With the procured cylinders from outside the state as well as with the increase in the number of medical oxygen generation in the state, it is obvious that hospitals in the state – including private and government should have some relieved
Now the question is – there seems no change to the order issued by Principal Secretary Health & Family Welfare dated May 1, 2021 Ref. No. MED-1706/15/2021 –HS-Health in connection with the allocations of medical oxygen Cylinders. As per the order RIMS which need at an average of around 270 D-type Oxygen Cylinders have been allocated 120-D type Cylinder and the same has been also allotted to JNIMS, where even a prestigious Doctor who had been engaging for treatment of Covid-19 patient, identified as Dr. Robert succumbed to the Covid-19 day before yesterday.
So far the state of Manipur recorded a total of 39,729 covid-19 positive cases since the beginning of tis pandemic since March 2020. As per official statement from the Covid-19 Common Control Room the number of death so far is 578. The total number of positive cases of Covid -19 so far is 32,729. And the total active cases of Covid-19 stands at 6477. One good news is that the recovery rate is told to be 82.24%. But the raise of the Covid positive cases in the last 15 days is alarming. Starting from May 2 till May 14 the total number of people tested positive is …….. and the total number of people succumbed to Covid -19 is …… This report is based on the official statement released by the Covid -19 Common Control room. However as per medical experts the number of casualty due to Covid -19 cases may have been more then the number provided by the government authorities, as there are report of many died during this period without coming to the hospital or without having tested.
Now with the spike of the positive cases and the rise in the death toll the government had open 14 (fourteen) Covid Care centers at some districts. The CCC open by the government are at BalBhan in Imphal East, National Sports University, Lamboikhongnangkhong KKK in Imphal West, RD Wing in Imphal West, Lanva TD Block in Churachandpur district, Government College in Churachandpur district. Jiribam, DIET in Kangpokpi, TML Hr. Secondary School in Tamenglong district, Th. Tengkhojang in Noney district, GNM Hostel in Thoubal district, Kakching Higher Secondary school in Kakching district and Transit Hostel in Ukhrul district. Beside these, some of the Community Care center has also been open at various assembly constituency under the supervision of the respective MLAs of each constituency as directed by the Chief Minister of Manipur.
Now many people as well as MLAs and Ministers have spared no pains to procure oxygen as the state is in need of oxygen. The CCC open by the government has been reportedly empty with few people only. As per a social media pot uploaded by Dr. Ranjan Sapam , who is also the health advisor there are 1094 beds available vacant in all the 14 government opened CCC.
According to the government statement 1488 D type oxygen cylinders and 568 B type oxygen cylinders have been made available to different Health Institutions. If this is true and if the news about the procurement of oxygen from outside the state is true, than definitely the state authority can new arrange some oxygen cylinders to at least the those 14 CCC opened by the government. Besides , the State health authority should assigned some health workers by providing proper PPE kits for emergency calls at each centers. In addition to this, the government can spare some money from the Chief Minister’s Covid Care Fund for at least two meals to these centers or else the government can organized fund drive separately for those inmates at CCC.
With all the facts, the government is nearing on the right track but due to lack of something which the common people cannot expressed something still is not on the right track.
We suggest the government hand this matter to Dr. Sapam Ranan and let him start planning with the help of experts to make sure that the CCC open by the government serves the people.

IT News
Imphal, May 17:

The state of Mizoram seems to be a step or two ahead form Manipur Government when it comes to the preparation of containing the Covid 19 pandemic. The state which have just one medical college have decided to form a research team comprising medical experts and scientists to conduct a scientific study on the second wave of COVID-19. This was officially announced by the Mizoram Government authority last Saturday. Mizoram have one medical College called Zoram Medical College headed by former Director of RIMS Dr. Fimate.
The College has very new and few facilities. The VRDL was established just last year. However, scholars from the Biotechnology Dept, of Mizoram University trained the medical staffs in RTPCR and other logistics, said professor Robert Thangjam of the Mizoram University.
Manipur which have two major medical Institute – JNIMS run by a society established by the Manipur Government and RIMS, one of the premier institute of the North East India with all facilities including well equipped pathology departments and the recently opened Virology department are being occupied on testing of COVIS -19 suspects and slow pace of vaccinations besides running here and there for getting oxygen support, no initiative for study of the wide spread of the 2nd wave of the Covid -19 has been started.
On the other hand, the Mizoram government in a meeting of officials from health, disaster management, and rehabilitation departments, police officers, and representatives of Zoram Medical College (ZMC), Indian Medical Association (IMA), and Non-Government Hospital Association presided over by Health Minister Dr. Lalthangliana decided to form the team has taken a decision to form a research team comprising medical experts and scientists to conduct a scientific study on the second wave of COVID-19.
According to a report given by the Mizoram police contact tracing team, COVID-19 positive cases were reported from 65 villages or localities in all 11 districts between May 1 and May 14.
The infection rate was highest among persons in the age group of 21-30 years as at least 587 people in this bracket were found infected with COVID-19 during May 1 and May 14, it said.
Besides, 249 children below 10 years, 13 elderly people above 80 years, 113 people in the age group of 61-80 years, and 352 in the age group of 11-20 years have also tested positive for COVID-19 during the same period, it said.

IT Correspondent
Guwahati, May17:

Tragic death of 18 wild Asiatic elephants due to electrocution by lightening within seconds can be justified only with an absurd argument, asserted All Assam Engineer’s Association (AAEA), demanding a high-level scientific investigation into the Nagaon incident that took reportedly place on 12 May night. The forum of engineering graduates termed it as a matter of concern (caveat) for the wildlife and entire human race, if such a massive thunderbolt hit the planet.
As the State government in Dispur, precisely the forest minister and the preliminary findings of a probe committee, claimed that it might be a thunderbolt that killed all 18 bulky animals within seconds, the debate needs to focus on the essential volume of energy to strike on the jumbos at a time. Even if, it is assumed that the animals were close to each other during the incident, they needed more than 100 square-meter area to accommodate themselves (means the area of impact), pointed out the AAEA statement.
Engineering science narrates that a lightning strike, created by the electrical discharges due to imbalances caused between the Earth and storm-clouds (or sometimes within the clouds), can produce  40 Kilovault to 120 kV and 5 Kiloampere to 200 kA. Hence in an average a lightning bolt (from cloud to ground) may generate around 1,000,000,000 Watt (around one billion volts of electricity) and it can heat the surrounding air to 53000º Fahrenheit (5 times hotter than the Sun’s surface).
When the cloud-to-ground lightning hit an animal, it creates sudden disturbances to the internal electric signals of a living being, which is necessary for functioning of organs like heart, lungs and the nervous system. Normally the affected animal faces a cardiac arrest, brain Injuries, spinal cord damages or even severe burns and subsequently it succumbs to wounds. Worldwide around 2,000 people are killed every year by the incidents of lightning, where of course many survive with long lasting injuries.
“Hammering all the elephants within seconds demands a huge volume of energy that could have generated a massive thunder and light. Hence the news of such a thunderbolt in the Nagaon locality could have preceded the actual happening,” claimed AAEA  president Er Kailash Sarma, working president Er Nava J Thakuria and secretary Er Inamul Hye, adding that there was no major burns on the site and none in the locality admitted that they heard such a massive sound of thundering during the last few days.

New Delhi, May 17:

The first batch of the drug 2-deoxy-D-glucose has been released for Covid patients  today. The first batch was released by the Defence Minister Rajnath Singh and Health and Family Welfare Minister Dr. Harshvardhan.
Health and Family Welfare Minister Dr. Harshvardhan appreciated the efforts of the scientists of DRDO and Dr. Reddy’s Lab for the development of this anti COVID drug. He said, this medicine is the result of one year of hard work by scientists. He said, this medicine has a huge potential in preventing corona virus growth.
The drug has been developed by the Defence Research and Development Organization, DRDO which recently got the approval for emergency use from the Drugs Controller General of India, DCGI.
All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) DrRandeep Guleria and Lt Gen Sunil Kant of Armed Forces Medical Services(AFMS).More will be handed over to different hospitals across the country for emergency use.An anti-COVID-19 therapeutic application of the drug 2-deoxy-D-glucose (2-DG) has been developed by Institute of Nuclear Medicine and Allied Sciences (INMAS), a lab of Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO), along with Dr Reddy’s Laboratories (DRL), Hyderabad.
Speaking on the occasion, the Defence Minister congratulated DRDO and DRL, Hyderabad for manufacturing the drugthat will help the COVID patients to reduce oxygen dependency and recover quickly. Hedescribed the drug as a perfect example of the country’s scientific prowessand a milestone in the efforts towards self-reliance. “2-DG drug is a new ray of hope in these challenging times,” said Rajnath Singh, expressing confidence that the medicine will play a crucial role in winning the fight against COVID-19.He said, the development and production of the drug is a shining example of public-private sector partnership to help the nation in these challenging times. He furthersaid when the situation improves, he would personally like to honour the scientists who played a major role in the development of the drug as they deserve credit for this achievement.
In his address, Health Minister Dr Harsh Vardhan termed 2-DG as an important developmentby DRDO and DRL, Hyderabad that will reduce the recovery time & oxygen dependency in COVID-19 patients. He hoped that the drug will go a long way in defeating the virus in not just India but across the globe. He congratulated DRDO and its scientists for playing an important role in the fight against COVID-19.         

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