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Rinku Khumukcham

Rinku Khumukcham

Rinku Khumukcham, Editor of Imphal Times has more than 15+ years in the field of Journalism. A seasoned editor, was a former editor of ISTV News. He resides in Keishamthong Elangbam Leikai, with his wife and parents. Rinku can be contacted at [email protected] 

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Tourism trauma

 The recent controversies arising out of reports of non-completion and the subsequent failure of the state government to furnish Utilisation Certificates for various time-bound development projects in the state, as well as the counter claims of Manipur Development Society (MDS), the implementing agency alleging non-release of funds on time has proved to be yet another debilitating blow  to the efforts to boost tourism in the state and a  major detriment to the much awaited and needed step in the right direction as the region, lagging behind in almost every sphere of development due to the unique and difficult geographical situations, has been facing increasing number of disturbances and unrest, not to mention the deteriorating financial conditions and dwindling job opportunities with limited resources and an almost non-existent industrial atmosphere adding to the woes. Despite the overwhelming prospects favourable for development of tourism in the region as it has been endowed with an amazing variety of natural resources and favourable conditions which will positively mitigate, if not remove, a major portion of the problems the region is facing. The ugly and murky administrative mismanagements have hampered a very real and inviting prospect of alleviating the financial and social conditions of the state, as with the development of tourism, one can expect better public amenities and improvements in infrastructures, better roads and transportation systems, cleaner environment, higher and better opportunities for works and earnings, not to mention the increased interaction and connectivity with people from different parts of the world, thus broadening the understanding and tolerance of different cultures and traditions, among other things. But all these prospects need to be based on concrete steps by the Government towards building the right atmosphere and facilities. Until and unless the Government works in right earnest, the potentials will remain untapped. Planning and actual action on the groundwork has
to be taken up immediately. The practice of stashing away huge portions of the funds meant for public development activities even before the commencement of the actual work on the ground have made every project or scheme, however beneficial and empowering each one of them might have proved to be if implemented properly, a mere opportunity for enriching themselves at the cost of the society at large. These blatant acts of vandalism have even spawned various groups of social parasite who takes extreme risks to snatch a bite of the loot, and having has their share, turns a blind eye to the goings-on. Enough have been written, discussed and verified about tourism in the state, with nothing much to show for it till now, except for a few haphazard, disjointed and abrupt excuses for activities. What we need is results of their long-drawn discourses on the ground. The public will not settle for anything less.

Health Minister clarifies over recruitment advertisement; says ‘printing error’

Health Minister Pungzathang Tonsing today clarified that there were some mistakes to the advertisement for recruitment of various staffs in the State Health Mission Society. Responding to a calling attention motion moved by BJP MLA Khumukcham Joykishan, in today assembly session, Phungzathang Tonsing said that regarding the printing error the State health Mission has issued a corrigendum on February 8.
Moving the calling attention motion Joykishan said that February 21 issue of Imphal Times daily and February 22 issue of Huieyen Lanpao daily had reported about the suspected nepotism to the recruitment of the certain posts as the required qualification mentioned for the post of Psychologists and Clinical Psychologists is not relevent with the post.
Joykishan said that the report appeared in those newspaper shocked him as he had full faith in the state health mission.
After the Health Minister clarified that a corrigendum has alredy been notified, Khumukcham Joykishan again said that he is happy that the department had realised its mistake but expressed surprised on how the corrigendum which was notified on February 8 was published to only one paper on February 22 when the malicious advertisement was published at most of the local papers.
Joykishan further said that the minimum qualification mentioned for the post of RMNCH/FP Counsellors is also mentioned to be either MASCOM or MA, Psychology or MA Sociology. When the later two subjects are relevant for the said post, Joykishan questioned on how a student who passed MASCOM can be recruited to the post could. He drew the attention of the Health Minister to correct for the specific subject if that is also a printing mistake.

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Sharmila produced before CJM I/E court; judgment reserved

Chief Judicial Magistrate Imphal East has reserved the judgment of Irom Chanu Sharmila after final hearing was held today. The judgment will be announced on February 29.
 43 year old Irom Sharmila has been undergoing a fast-unto-death protest since November 2000, demanding repeal of draconian Act Armed Forces Special Powers Act (AFSPA),  1958. Since then she has been detained and force fed under judicial custody on charged of attempt to commit suicide.
Every year Sharmila was produced before court and released but as she continued her protest she was re-arrested every time. The last  she was arrested was on January 23,  2015 but court set her free on January 22.
Speaking to reporters at Chierap Court Complex today Irom Chanu Sharmila questioned on why the government cannot run the society withour AFSPA 1958. She said violence act are not going bring any peace in the society. She however expressed faith in truth saying that truth will win someday no matter how long it takes.
She said that her struggle is not for personal benefit and people need to stand united if they felt that the draconian act should be repealed.
She further added that she would like to continue her agitation at under kanglasha of kangla along with at least one member from each CSO even if she was released again.

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Open Letter to Naga Students’ Federation

Dear Naga Students,
        Your statement carried in today’s papers that if the Manipur government does not comply with your demands, you would ban the movement of all Meitei vehicles in all Naga inhabited areas is shocking. Dear students it is time for you to learn the nuances of life, if you aspire to become the leaders of your state. You must prepare yourself to take over the reins of your society’s leadership. Do not get misguided by hatred and emotions, because that will lead you nowhere. And do not forget this is 21st century.
        That fact that you were accosted by some rogue commandos of Manipur Police at Mantripukhri on your way to Ukhrul was only condemnable. But that did not mean that Meitei had tortured you, as you had conceived it true. Do not try to be ultra-communal, because your parents would not expect you to emulate the hated Taliban or the dreaded ISIS, or would they?
        As for the O. Ibobi government of Manipur, there may be some truth in the allegation that Ibobi government is communal or may be worse than that. Because Mr. O. Ibobi do not look beyond Thoubal, as one Congress MLA have said “Manipurgi lairik heibasi Thoubalda loina leiramalle” – it seems educated people of Manipur live in Thoubal only, while pointing out that eighty percent of Ibobi government’s recruits belong to Thoubal – Mr. Ibobi’s hometown.
        But this fact does not give you the moral authority leave aside right to brand the Meitei as communal. Because Meitei as a community is not communal. True it has its own intra-community contradictions and conflicts,  that you probably do not understand. But this has nothing to do with any other community.
        Therefore, dear students please come to your senses and withdraw your threat/ban against Meitei vehicles or whatever.

Yours sincerely,
Heikrujam Nabashyam
Singjamei Super Market Manak