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Rinku Khumukcham

Rinku Khumukcham

Rinku Khumukcham, Editor of Imphal Times has more than 15+ years in the field of Journalism. A seasoned editor, was a former editor of ISTV News. He resides in Keishamthong Elangbam Leikai, with his wife and parents. Rinku can be contacted at [email protected] 

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Cracks visible between Dy. CM and CM amidst hectic preparation to fight COVID-19

IT News

Imphal, April 9

Amidst hectic preparation to contain the pandemic COVID -19 from spreading in the state of Manipur, a crack emerges between Deputy Chief Minister Yumnam Joykumar and Chief Minister N. Biren Singh.

BJP MLA S. Rajen while reacting to a statement by Deputy Chief Minister Yumnam Joykumar, who is also the legislature wing leader National Congress Party (NCP) today hit a slashing criticism over his mockery remark to the Chief Minister’s announcement for distribution of 4 Kg of rice at free of cost from the NFSA rice quota of April month.

Simmering tension between the Chief Minister and the Deputy Chief Minister was noticed by the people after Yumnam Devjit Singh , son of the Deputy Chief Minister Yumnam Joykumar was arrested in connection with his statement against the Prime Minister of India which was spread through social networking site. The matter was blanketed for some time until the Deputy Chief Minister yesterday openly called the assurance of 4 Kg rice to each person ‘a mad man promises’.

The Deputy Chief Minister was telling people that it is next to impossible of distributing rice to all the people as the rice is not sufficient.

Clarifying to the statement of Yumnam Joykumar, by terming it as ‘misleading’, S. Rajen said that monthly quota under NFSA for Uripok Assembly constituency is 1269.60 quintal. In this crisis time considering the Uripok Assembly constituency as urban area which is densely populated, additional 200 quintal of rice procured under market price has been allotted by the Chief Minister to make sure that every persons get at least 4 kg of rice per head.

“Total rice allocated was 1469.60 quintal and has been lifted from the godown by the Deputy Chief Minister on Monday” Rajen said adding that if the total rice is distributed 4 kg per head then a total of 36,740 will get the benefit.

He termed the statement of Deputy Chief Minister as irresponsible. MLA Sushindro (Yaima) was also present while giving the clarification statement.

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Besides COVID -19 , Mental health issue and other diseases should also be provided health care access

Fighting Coronavirus invasion is a top priority for all the countries across the globe with the number of fatalities reaching 88,528 and as many as 1,519,066 infected by the deadly virus. The number of fatalities in India alone reached 183 due to COVID -19 with active positive case of 5228 as recorded till today noon. Like every country, India too is gearing up every possible measure to contain the virus from spreading in the country and leaving no option the country has been put under complete lockdown.
For the state of Manipur, the kind of initiative taken up by the state government in compliance with the directives of the Central government is commendable. This newspaper yesterday reported that the state is prepared to face any challenges of COVID-19 if in case the number rises. And with the dedicated service of the health workers under the strict surveillance of the Chief Minister and his team, one among the two COVID -19 positive patients has been recovered. The recovery of the first COVID-19 case who has been undergoing treatment at JNIMS shows sign of relief to the people. Now the state recorded only one COVID-19 positive case and he is undergoing treatment at the RIMS isolation ward. Persons who have been speculated to have been communicated with the virus through the 2 positive cases were all under quarantined and what is important to note down is that no person who was closed to these persons was not affected by the virus. Still, then all those suspected are under quarantined. Besides, there are over 200 suspected persons who have a travel history of visiting the affected countries are being quarantined and so far no report of the positive case has been found.
Now, it is 18 days, that the state of Manipur has been put under complete lockdown freezing all movement and business transaction except for the essential commodities. Whether some people satisfied or not the state government is working with extreme seriousness to make sure that every citizen does not remain hungry during the lockdown period.
But one thing that the government seems to have forgotten is that before the invasion of the Coronavirus almost all hospitals including the private hospitals were packed many times. These people who visited hospitals either at RIMS or JNIMS or any other private hospitals have some kind of illness and for that matter, they came for treatment.
Why did all the hospitals bore with much fewer patients in these hospitals? Does that mean that after the Coronavrus there are no other illnesses in the state? Or is it because those patients in need of consultation from doctors do not know where to go as most private hospitals have been close for outpatient treatment.
Well, state health department authority under the supervision of Chief Minister N. Biren Singh and his team is doing well to deal with the COVID19 cases. While doing so they should plan alternative measures for common people’s health service excess that are not related to the COVID-19 cases.
Except for one private hospital – the Shija Hospital and research center, even the hospital run under the state government seems to have taken up measures to provide health service facilities to patients who are not related to the COVID-19 case. This newspaper today reported on how the Shija Hospital and research center has been taking up a measure to make sure that patients unrelated to COVID -19 case could be treated in the time of need. But the management of these private hospitals is taking the matter with extreme seriousness. For those emergency patients, they provide a phone no. +91 6033 834 723 for registering a patient first so that they make sure that people in their hospital complex are safe from the virus if in case.  Those with mild problems were advised through the phone.
The state health department authority should immediately take up measures to provide health care service which are not related to COVID-19 case. It’s better than the government authority makes no mistake even at the time of crisis.
Another serious problem that the state needs to prepare is to face the mental health problem of the people due to the prolong lockdown. Some country including India and states like Manipur seem to have forgotten about the impact on mental health due to the lockdown and social distancing. In New South Wales in Australia Psychiatrists and mental health-related consultants are working out to face the probable impact on the mental health of the public either during the lockdown period.
This part of the health issue should not be let down. Remember we are living in a society and lockdown is only a short term measure and the world will run again as soon a cure for the virus is invented. And people’s mental health status is an important issue in the running of society.

Disability on Betel Leaves

By-Birendra Laishram

The talks of betel leaves would have not been there had the incident occurred prior to the pandemic by COVID-19 leading to imposition of lockdown and curfew everywhere because there is no legal loophole in transporting these goods in the state. If the government wants to take action as demanded by the people from different sections, careful steps should be taken up as per Manuals of Disposal of seized/confiscated goods without any legal departure to avoid any consequential loss of money from government account/tax payers money.
Betel Leaf is perishable in nature may require special arrangements for their preservation and storage. Else  may be disposed of immediately after seizure by the Custodian with due notice to the owners and obtaining orders from the Competent Authority. If at a later stage, goods are ordered to be released to the lawful claimant, they would get the sale proceeds realized by the department after deducting the duty liability and other liabilities. Further, if the goods in this category have been seized and have to be destroyed because they have become unfit for disposal or for consumption on account of delay, the AC/DC in charge of seizing unit would be responsible for the lapse. In case any compensation happens to pay to the party by the government due to lapses/wrongful actions of government servants then, responsibilities must be fixed under existing Personal Liabilities Act and payments should not be made from taxpayers account.
What are the charges to be labeled?
1    If the case is to be taken up for violation of curfew whether the police stationed at the Airport has the right to cease the goods transporting through the fights within the Airport itself before violation of curfew was taken place? If not, the case reported to and taken up under Singjamei Police Station will it be correct? Only the violator is to be booked for violation of curfew, lockdown and non-compliance of government orders. Please see whether FIR is lodged against the person who is not in the case. The arrestees were not arrested from the public places to substantiate the violation of curfew.
2    It is said that some of the consignments were lifted to the nearby Storage located at Changangei during the curfew hour but there is not report of arrest of the violator/the driver at the spot.
3    Any lot of confiscated/seized perishable goods of value exceeding rupees five lakh shall not be sold directly to the cooperative societies/federation (functional for at least 10 preceding years) and shall be sold by e-auction or auction-cum-tender basis. Delay in disposal will attract legal actions from the party and other charges from the Airport Authority of India. Government may consult law department.
It may be interesting that even some cases reached Supreme Court disputing Tomato as Fruit or as Vegetable; Coconut a Dry Fruit or Fresh Fruit, sugarcane as vegetable, betel leaves a vegetable or medicinal herbs thereby taking years to decide thus if it once reached the Hon’ble court, it may take some time.
In common parlance:
It is said that betel leaves contain many curative and healing benefits and vitamins like vitamin C, thiamine, niacin etc. Water is good with its own and also has good qualities if with honey and bad qualities if with Alcohol. Betel leaf is despoiled as Jarda pan only after mixing with tobacco. Whatever it may be, it is not yet declared as vegetable or food items or essential commodities.
Everybody knows that betel leave means betel leaves to make Jarda-paan by mixing with tobacco and now for sales at higher price. This is known from the local dailies that the prices of Jarda-paan is 4/5 times higher than the price before this pandemic hence, importing betel leaves during this pandemic is with profiteering motive and also leading to intentional violation of ban of tobacco in Manipur. Moreover, all the passenger flights were suspended at this juncture and only the cargo flights are put to work only for ferrying essential commodities thus, bringing of non-essential items tantamount to misusing the cargo flight. Decide the charge to be framed carefully and the case be handed over to the CBI (to tone-down the voice of the CSOs in the state) to nab the persons involved for violation of government orders.
Everybody wants behind tobacco to save household economy, to save health to avoid family problems but legally we are handicapped.

Multi-Tasking Role of Hibiscus in Keeping Sound Health

By -Lata Sundari
IPR Department, Govt. of Manipur

Many of us are quite familiar with the hibiscus plant. Name any place : they are seen growing almost everywhere in the nearby orchards, gardens ,courtyard and far-away farms and fields. The flowers come in a variety of colors. They can be red, yellow, white, or peach-colored, and can be as big as 6 inches wide. Belonging to the Malvaceae family, this evergreen plant has strong branches and trunk with dark green, shiny, smooth, and oval-shaped leaves.
Apart from having a bright, colourful appearance, hibiscus flowers have medicinal properties like controlling cholesterol and blood pressure levels, treating cancer, heart disease and obesity. The calyces of the plant is the basic composition of the herbal drinks containing hibiscus. Going back to history, it is believed that the Egyptians used hibiscus tea to treat fever, heart and nerve diseases. It is also used in certain patients as a diuretic to increase urine production. The anthocyanins  present in hibiscus is the key ingredient giving the plant its anti-cancer properties. Reports found that the hibiscus extract might have an effect on metabolism, preventing obesity and fat buildup in the liver.
Hibiscus(Hibiscus rosa sinensis) is a wonder plant when it comes to beauty treatment for hair and skin. It is the basic composition of all hair cosmetics like oil, tonic, shampoo and conditioner. It is believed that hibiscus promotes hair growth and prevents premature hair greying by reducing excessive body heat, stimulating blood circulation to the scalp and increasing the supply of essential nutrients to the hair follicles. In addition to making the hair smooth, silky and soft texture, hibiscus is a good treatment for alopecia and hair fall too.
Hibiscus flowers are widely used in the treatment of pimples and bleeding disorders due to their pitta-pacifying action and anti-hemorrhagic properties. It also comes to the rescue for relieving painful menstruation. hemorrhoids, urinary disorders e.g. UTI, insomnia and skin disorders. As hibiscus has a cooling, diuretic effect on the body, it is normally prescribed by doctors as a natural remedy for hormone balancing, hypertension and better body metabolism. Aqueous extracts of hibiscus also appear to exert a slight antibacterial effect.
Components of hibiscus have shown potential as a chemopreventative agent against tumor promotion in laboratory and animal studies. These components also possess anti-inflammatory properties. Apart from the hibiscus plant been used as a mild laxative, research have been carried out relating to its use in preventing renal stone formation, as well as its respiratory and sedative effects.
Summing up, we find that the hibiscus is a wonder plant that has a multi-dimensional use when it comes to medicinal and health benefits. It is a boon when it comes to countering numerous diseases ranging from the very severe cancer to the lightest skin and hair ailments.

****The writer can be reached at - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.