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Rinku Khumukcham

Rinku Khumukcham, Editor of Imphal Times has more than 25+ years in the field of Journalism. A seasoned editor, was a former editor of ISTV News. He resides in Keishamthong Elangbam Leikai, with his wife and parents. Rinku can be contacted at [email protected] 

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IT News
Imphal, April 17:

There is no official record of how many of them are taking refuge in Indian border states, but as many as 15 of them all under 18 years including some school children who are below 14 years of age are found hiding inside Indian territories of Indo –Myanmar Border villages. These children whom our representatives accidentally came across are sent by their parents in Myanmar to escape from the claws of the Military Junta who are picking them for force recruitment to the Military (Myanmar Army).
Imphal Times representatives along with a team of ITV News later went to the border villages and investigate why and how they cross the border.
Our representative managed to interview two youths who had escaped from Myanmar identified as Aung Lin (13 years) and Kyaw Lin (15 years). Both are brothers.
They want to go back as they miss their mother but their mother told them to stay until the crisis in Myanmar is settled.
“The situation is very volatile in our town and the army is continually raiding houses. So don’t think of even coming soon,” said the weeping mother on the other side of the phone.
Both brothers were studying in the local school of a small Myanmar town and were living with a family of six after the death of their father.
After their father died, their mother began working hard in their fields to ensure a proper education for her sons.
After the coup on February 1, the Junta started facing massive civilian protests all across the country, and at many places policemen revolted and ran away to India, leaving behind their jobs and families.
Most of these policemen were not willing to shoot the pro-democracy supporters and have joined a civil disobedience movement called by ousted leader Aung Sang Suu Kyi.
Faced with its depleting ranks in the armed forces, the Myanmar army started recruiting young children.
As per a report, Myanmar has the largest number of underaged child soldiers. Aljazeera had reported the number of child soldiers in Myanmar to be over 50,000.
15 years old Kyaw Lin told the reporter’s team, “ “They began searching for young boys in the day time and they would come in the night to pick them up for forcible recruitment in the army,”
“They searched for us as well. So me and my friends ran away from there and have taken shelter in India.”
Many families are hiding on the Indian side to avoid the daily violence and the army’s brutality in Myanmar.
A source said that children are running away from the country because the army is using its muscle power to recruit them. So boys aged 12-15 are running away from their homes and hiding in other countries and in jungles.
Myanmar is thought to have up to 50,000 children serving for its armed forces, one of the largest numbers of underage soldiers in the world.
The military and its trigger-happy soldiers are ruthless and renowned for their brutality and these kids have seen their brutality and exploitation of children with their own eyes.

IT News
Imphal, April 17:

Former general secretary of the All Manipur Students’ Union (AMSU) today calls on the students leaders of the state particularly the leaders of the AMSU to ‘act’ and not to remain as leaders who only serves lip service like politicians. Speaking on the 41st Realisation Day observance held at Manipur College campus today, the former general secretary, who is presently working as the head of the Law department of Manipur University expressed displeasure to the lack of unity among the Manipuri community.
“Unity and discipline is the only way out to serve the cause of the people”, Dr. Yumnam Premananda said.
He said that the sacrifices by Huidrom Loken and Potshangbam Premananda who were killed during the anti foreign movement spearheaded by AMSU in 1980 should be remembered and should not be let in vain.
While advising the students to stand up for the cause , he also appealed the students to use law of the land as weapon of the agitation.
“It is time to unite all students’ body and struggle for the same cause and we fall if divided”, Premananda said.
While appreciating the introduction of ILP ( The Bengal Frontier regulation 1853), Premananda observed that regulation as a name shake tool which is not effective to deal with the illegal influx in the state.

He further said that the ILP in other states like Mizoram, Nagaland etc. have certain provision to effectively protect the indigenous people of the state, while the ILP of Manipur is like a permission for earning revenue and not exactly for protection of the indigenous people.
YK Dhiren for leader of the AMSU and presently the convenor of the COCOMI also term the ILP of Manipur as not the one that people have been expecting.
Former Prsident , Dr. Gojendra and Present president of AMSU Chalamba also share the dais today.
Earlier, floral tributes were paid to the portraits of the two who had sacrifices their life during anti foreigner movement in 1980.
The All Manipur Students’ Union (AMSU), Jiribam District Committee also observed the the day at the AMSU office, Jiribam.
At the onset of the programme, the flag of AMSU was hoisted followed by floral tribute paid to the portrait of Huidrom Loken and Potshangbam Premananda who were killed during the anti foreign movement spearheaded by AMSU in 1980.
Unlike every year, the AMSU observed the day with few members and sympathisers paying tribute to the two martyrs Students.
The observation was attended by H. Priyananda ,Secretary Jiri Development Organisation, L. Veerjeet Singh, Ex General secy AMSU H/Q, Y .Romio Singh , Ex- President AMSU D/C Jiribam and A Anita Devi, General secy JIMPAL.

There is no official report on how many youths and teenage as well as minor students had fled their country Myanmar and are presently taking shelter in Manipur, Nagaland, Arunachal Pradesh, even as the number of Myanmarese taking shelter at Mizoram is estimated to be over 500.
The instruction of the Indian government to prevent entries of Myanmarese to the Indian soil even though assuring all humanitarian assistance has left the Government of all border stated neighbouring Myanmar to follow the instruction of the Indian government as the matter is in the Union list and state has no power.
A news report about many Myanmar citizens trying to enter the country through Moreh side had been courteously made a return to their country, even after knowing that they have been sent to die to the bullets of the Myanmar Army – the Tatmadaw. The world knows Myanmar is even worst than the wartime situation as Tatmadaw fires live bullet killing over 700 people, by not sparing even 6 years old kids. The whole of Myanmar is in chaos with the Pro Democrats coming to the street and protesting the military coup.
Almost all western countries, including the EU and US as well as Australia, have imposed sanction on the Military junta. India still has not openly given any remark over the development in Myanmar, thinking that a little mistake would affect the internal security of the country. However, China’s stand is made clear as they are in the upper hand to play anything in the political theatre of Myanmar no matter the democracy come to power or the Tatmadaw overthrow the democrats.
The United Nation has condemned and had all records of the barbaric killings happening in Myanmar, Japan and South Korea had taken the development with extreme seriousness and has even condemned the Military action in the most heinous way.
There may be technical reasons for the UN Security Council to directly intervene as China and Russia are permanent members of the UN Security Council.
It has been nearly 2 and half months that the crisis in Myanmar continues and it is likely to go on more days, weeks or perhaps months. Or in another sense, the Tatmadaw may rule the country for years as they seem to have the resources and weapons to kill and challenge the civilian movements.
The latest news received here in the border area is that as many as 100s of youths below the age of 18 has been made an escape from their Country and are illegally taking shelter at various villages in the border. They were forced to escape their country as the Military pull up from their respective home and force them to join the Military force.
Talking to some media representatives, who met them at some undisclosed villages in Indian site, those children who are presently taking shelter said that some of their friends have been forcefully recruited to the military. Some manage to escape and are taking shelter in border villages in Indian site.
Those who manage to escape while talking to the media stated that the newly recruited youths were provided, alcohols, drugs and guns and were let free to act – even at the cost of killing lives of those protestors.
According to Aljazeera reports, the Myanmar military has the highest number of Child Soldier. This was, however, denied by the Tatmadaw. Still then as we now have factual evidence of Child (under age) being recruited as soldiers, it is time that the world community act by interfering with the happening in Myanmar.
India as a neighbouring country should be the main campaigner as the idea of India is to promote and safeguard Democracy.
Instead of keeping silent, the need of the hour is to provide shelter at some specific areas at Border states to make sure that the government of India has been providing humanitarian service to the people of the neighbouring country.
As for border state, allowing the people of Myanmar to take refuge until the crisis ended is a much by framing some regulation. The Union Home Ministry order to seal the border and to send back those escaping from the bullets of the Myanmar Military will not help those entering the country using any means. If they mixed and settled among us it will again be another problem for all the border states, which have been facing an influx of illegal migrants.
It is already 2 and half months and Now India should immediately announce its clear stand that is feasible in implementation.
Watching a neighbour’s house burnt for some personal gains will make India a bad name in the near future. IN the present crisis inside Myanmar- India should not remain as a mere spectator. It will affect in the near future.

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Positive Attitudes - The Key to Success

By- Harkirat Kaur

Commitment and positive behavior are the foundation of success. You can only win if you are determined to win. A person with a negative attitude cannot even dream of success. Everything has a beginning and a good start is a sign of potential success. A person with a positive attitude will always think like this: I want, I can do, I will do. People with a positive mindset and a strong outlook can develop more meaningful and satisfying relationships with others. They are more capable of dealing with isolated situations. They can use the powers of the unconscious mind more efficiently for themselves, their family and the society as a whole. Positive and positive thinking are complementary. Positive means constructive or positive and determination means strength of will. These words are a symbol of encouragement and faith. Positive thinking is another name for faith. Yes, positive people are always more transparent. He has the courage to assert his rights at the right time, in the right place, in the right circumstances and in the right way.
Yes, who are the positive and determined people? These are people who try to find good even in bad situations. Such people look at life from a positive perspective and adopt a positive mental outlook. They do not look down on anyone but keep doing their work calmly. They do not consider it necessary to comment on such fabrications. These people are always willing to give something when they don’t expect to get anything in return because they believe they will get many times more in the future.
Determined people keep their minds open on all issues and do not make any decision unless they seriously consider all aspects of the issue concerned. Determined people guard their thoughts and their words and deeds. Express their positive image. Everyone wants to be on the list of successful people, but that requires our determination. We are much more than we think we are. When we are active and conscious and think about our possibilities, our subconscious mind becomes active in itself to find solutions to problems. It is very important for us to be like this to ourselves before we can be positive and committed to others. Because positive thinking and determination are the key to success.

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