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Rinku Khumukcham

Rinku Khumukcham

Rinku Khumukcham, Editor of Imphal Times has more than 15+ years in the field of Journalism. A seasoned editor, was a former editor of ISTV News. He resides in Keishamthong Elangbam Leikai, with his wife and parents.

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Power of humility

Civility is being defined as the act of being polite and courteous. But it does not in any way mean to be observed only by the civilians- defined as a person not in the armed forces or the police.
The increasingly visible attitude of the armed forces and the state police personnel would suggest otherwise, with reports of high-handed and arrogant misbehavior against the civilians becoming an everyday inconvenience. It would be taking things too far, however, to generalize and categorize the armed forces and other state and para-military forces as such in their totality.
Having said that, it has become a de-facto prerogative of the well-heeled, the influential and the powerful (those with authorized weapons included, whether in uniform or otherwise) lot to impose their self-induced superiority on the common people, or even the not so common yet civilized citizens. Perhaps, the maddening race for power, influence and wealth has reduced the majority of us to mere servants of their wealth, their every waking hour consumed with the driving craze to amass more wealth, by means fair or foul.

The emerging trend of self-styled Social Workers, majority of whom started out as unscrupulous contractors and businessmen with a penchant for minting money through dubious means, and who are displaying their newly acquired role of messiah of the downtrodden, with an eye on the next election could very well be the only rational conclusion of such a system. That such social workers becomes inaccessible to the very public who voted them to power is another matter altogether, an aftereffect of the submission to greed by the public which always leaves a bad aftertaste. The game of one-upmanship being increasingly played out in the public life have relegated courtesy to a thing of the past and reduced the importance of politeness and civility, to such a point that politeness is being equated with weakness. Such misconceptions often lead to clash of egos and foster bad blood. Perhaps, setting an example by the powerful and the influential on the matter will go a long way in bringing to the fore the importance and necessity of adopting good manners and civility, and yet it is getting increasingly rare to find someone with that rare combination of power and humility.
Our society, impulsive and reactive as it is as a whole, failed to learn from the numerous unfortunate fallouts resulting from lack of manners and inconsiderations and are, therefore, condemned to repeat it. It is high time we get ourselves over the delusion of grandeur and superiority and take a long hard look at the crumbling social mores. Kindness and courtesy does elicit similar response, and our society will be the better for it. It is not our self-proclamations but our deeds that will judged. Being polite and humble takes lot more courage and personal integrity.

Bomb threat to Deputy Manager of Babina Diagnostic Center

IT News

Imphal, July 18,

A bomb was found at the gate of the residence of Thingom Sukumar, age about 50 yrs , son of Th. Shanti at Yaiskul Hiruhanba Leikai in Imphal West at around 5.30 am today.

Thingom Sukumar is the Deputy Manager of Babina Diagnostic Center. Family members said that the explosive was found lying at the gate when Th. Shanti was cleaning the area as usual.

Police team which was informed by the family members rushed to the site and with the help of Bomb Disposal Squad picked up the bomb and defused it at around 8.30 am.

Speaking to media persons Sukumar said that he had never received any threat from any persons or armed group. He said it may be a mistake of those persons in placing the bomb. He however, said that such act is condemnable and should not repeat in future as it is residential area.

Meanwhile, source of the police said that the bomb was planted in such a way to explode as it was fitted with Agarbati and the lever was tied by a thread.

So far, no group has claimed responsibility but the police had started investigation over the placing of the bomb.

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Blowing the gaff on greed

Perhaps the worst attribute that has debased saints and sinners alike is the almost unquenchable desire to have more regardless of the actual need hence the accepted concept that men’s greed knows no bound.
The urge to take in that bit more than what is rightfully ours has been the genesis of so much evils and ills in the society. Such a habit also infringes on other’s rights and privileges. Yet almost always, it turns out that it is those who are more knowledgeable and informed individuals who are doing the dirty deeds of infringing.
The issues of kickbacks and underhand deals in Government contracts and supplies are nothing new. It has been the bane of many otherwise respectful and well-meaning leaders and powerful figures. But when such issues do break out, it never fails to elicit amazement and anger from the public, and are also a source of amusement for many, given the efforts and thoughts that is being invested in pulling out such schemes and also the ingenious ways employed for the same- tactics, had these been utilized legally and for the good, would have definitely made a visible positive impact on the development of the society. For every act of misappropriation, favoritism and underhand dealings, a few in power and influence must have bypassed the law of the land went ahead- with an arrangement which would definitely have enriched them and their near ones who were privy to the whole operation. Handouts must have been made to ensure silence. It would not be possible to carry out such feats without the consent and collusion of minister/s and departmental heads.

The sheer audacity of inflating the cost, as is almost always the case, way above the market price also signals a deep and critical rot in the financial control and management that has been going on for years, if not decades. The public, which are left seething with anger are waiting and watching for the damage control exercises that is bound to follow suit eventually with or without the agitations, sit-in-protests and demonstrations, and it would be foolish and physically risky for the Government and the perpetrators to assume that they will continue to be mute spectators forever.
There had been instances when the public spontaneously decided to set things in the right order, unable to wait for the reluctant enforcers and judiciary to sit up and act. These instances clearly underline the inefficient and ineffective methods of reigning in its employees and controlling the affairs of the state. There has not been any exemplary punishment which only emboldens the unscrupulous people to commit bigger and more serious hoaxes and crimes given the uncomfortable fact that the risk of being found out can be negotiated. The onus to prove its honest intentions of bringing in better Governance should be put squarely on the Government. There had been enough promises and empty assurances. It is time to shut up and act out.
The public now will not have it any other way. Not when the time to choose their next representatives is just about a couple of months away.  

Indo-NSCN-IM deal HM says disclosure of the details of Naga Political Negotiations ‘Premature and Prejudicial’

IT News

Imphal, July 16,

Even after twenty two years of political dialogue, the National Socialist Council of Nagalim (Issac Muivah) group and the Government of India is yet to reach an agreement where the issues can be amicably settled.

Union Minister of State for Home Affairs, G. Kishan Reddy said that any disclosure to the details of the Frame Work agreement signed between the Government of India and the NSCN-IM on August 2015 will be premature and prejudicial to the final settlement.

The Union Minister of State for Home Affairs in a written reply to a star questioned by MP Manish Tiwari during the Parliament session today, however said that the Naga Political Negotiations are in advance stage.

In his question, Manish Tiwari sought the details of the Framework agreement signed by the Government of India with the Naga Underground groups in August 2015 along with the complete text of the said agreement, he also sought information from the Union Home Minister of State if the government is ready to consider a Naga Flag for a Pan-Naga Cultural body and term the final agreement as the “Naga Constitution” as reported in Section of Press on March 5, 2019.

The Union Home Minister did not answer the question on whether there will be a separate flag and constitution for the Pan Naga Cultural body but answered in a shrewd manner saying that disclosure of the details will be premature and prejudicial to the final settlement.

This means the eight point agreement signed between the NSCN-IM and the Government of India as reported in this newspaper time and again since the signing of the Framework Agreement in August 3 , 2015 and which was later carried by other newspaper has not been rule out.

As per this newspapers’ report the agreement signed between the GOI and the NSCN-IM are
1. A separate constitution for Nagaland.
2. Separate Flag
3. Separate Naga passport
4. Permanent UN Representative

5. Joint Foreign Affairs
 6. Joint Defence/Military
 7. Use of Currency Rupees (Right to use Naga Currency) and ,
8. Pan Naga Government to cover all Naga inhabited Areas.

As the Union Home Minister of state did not say that the reports are false it is likely that the Framework Agreement contains the eight points.

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