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Maheshwar Gurumayum

Maheshwar Gurumayum, Sub-Editor of Imphal Times is a resident of Sagolband Salam Leikai. He has been with Imphal Times since 2013. An avid adventure lover, writes mostly travelogue. He can be contacted at [email protected]

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Wednesday, 19 May 2021 18:49

Equipments for Oxygen Plants Airlifted

Imphal, May 19


The State Government has been putting in all possible efforts to ensure there is no dearth of medical oxygen for the treatment of COVID-19 patients in the State. Today as well, equipments for the installation of oxygen plants at Churachandpur and Thoubal districts and 10 oxygen concentrators for distribution to different hospitals were airlifted to Imphal from Delhi by an Indian Air Force flight.

The consignment arrived at Bir Tikendrajit International Airport at around 4:30 pm. It was received by a team of the State Government led by Tribal Affairs and Hills Minister Vungzagin Valte. Advisor to CM (Health) Dr. S. Ranjan, Khurai AC MLA L. Sushindro, Principal Secretary (Health) V. Vumlunmang, Special Secretary (Home) H. Gyan Prakash, Imphal West DC Th. Kirankumar and other high ranking officials of the State Government also accompanied the Minister.

The two Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) oxygen plants are being set up with assistance from the Union Ministry of Health and Family Welfare. The Churachandpur unit will have the generation capacity of 200 litres per minute (LPM) while the plant of Thoubal will be of 100 LPM. The equipments which have arrived today included air compressors, air dryers, air receivers, oxygen storage tanks, air pipes, cable treys, earthing strips, electrical power panels, servo voltage stabilizers, servo oil, UPS, etc.

“Hum Jitenge - Positivity Unlimited” : Sant Gyan Dev Singh Ji and Sadhvi Ritambhara Ji addressed the nation on 4th day of lecture series
IT News
Imphal, May 15:

New Delhi, 15 May: On the fourth day of the series ‘Hum Jitenge - Positivity Unlimited’ - Sadhvi Rithambara Ji, Vatsalya Gram and Sant Gyan Dev Singh ji, Shri Panchayati Akhara -Nirmal called upon the Bharatiya society to invoke the rich spiritual tradition of India and thus awaken its inner strength to overcome the Corona crisis. They said that instead of feeling helpless in un favorable conditions, this challenge can be overcome only by taking a resolve with a strong mind. This five-day lecture series has been organized by the ‘Covid Response Team’ which has representation from all sections of the society.
Sadhvi Ritambhara ji said in her address, “The strength of a society is tested under adverse circumstances. In these adverse circumstances while our entire country is struggling with a strange pandemic, this is the time when we have to awaken our inner strength.’’
She said, “The biggest mountains can be moved by courage and determination. When the river flows, it has the ability to convert big rocks into sand. Therefore, feeling helpless in this challenging situation wouldn’t resolve the crisis, you have to awaken your inner strength to meet this challenge.’’
She said that every crisis has a solution, but it comes to you only when you trust yourself and your God. With this trust and belief, we will overcome this epidemic.
“I want to request all Indians that instead of accusing others, everyone should awaken their self-confidence, self-restraint and self-determination ... In the midst of all these circumstances, if our power is used only in negative thinking, then the ability to do and to think of something new will vanish.’’
Sant Gyan Devji Maharaj said in his address, “There is no need to panic. It is not only Bharat, but the whole world is going through a transition phase. Nothing is unchanged in this world. If sadness has arrived, it isn’t going to stay for long, it would go away as it has come. So, there is no need to panic.’’
He said, “If anyone gets infected, he should think about God, read Gita, read Gurubani. Keep your body healthy, your mind healthy. If you have won your mind, you have won over the world. If your mind is healthy, you will be healthy, there will be no effect on you.’’
He said that all those advises which are given by doctors during this pandemic have always been an integral part of Bharatiya lifestyle since ages. We can all stay healthy by following our rich cultural and spiritual tradition. Therefore, the need of the hour is that we identify these rich traditions and follow them in our lives.
This lecture series is being broadcast on more than 100 media platforms from May 11 to May 15 at 4:30 pm daily. On May 15 RSS Sarsanghchalak Dr. Mohan Bhagwat ji will address the nation.

IT News
Imphal, May 14:

Spiritual Guru, Shankaracharya Vijayendra Saraswati and eminent artist Sonal Mansingh gave the deliverance on 13 May 2021, the third day of ‘Hum Jitenge-Positivity Unlimited’ lecture series. In their respective lecture,they called upon the Bharatiya society to maintain confidence in itself. They said that ‘we should share around us more and positive thoughts as this would definitely help to win in the war against Corona’.
Pujya Shankaracharya Vijayendra Saraswati said in his address that,”today we are facing a crisis due to pandemic in the world. A year ago this problem came to Bharat. At that time this crisis was overcome by the hard work of the society, by the cooperation, by the sympathy of all. Now the same crisis has struck again but this time it is much more grave. But we should be able to overcome this crisis also. To overcome this crisis we should pray and remember what Sankat Mochak Hanuman ji said In Valmiki Ramayana. Hanuman ji says, there is sorrow, there is crisis, yet whatever is the situation, do not give up keep trying. No matter what the crisis is, if we work hard with confidence, we will get the results and we will be successful. In the last year’s crisis people speaking different languages and people from different states worked together, and the result was also very favorable. Two kinds of efforts are necessary to overcome the present challenge - One is to pray and practice virtue ... and second is to go for medical treatment to heal one self. But at the same time, patience and confidence also have an important place in the present scheme of things. If there is patience and confidence, we can come out of it, no matter what the crisis is. There is a need for personal faith, as well as to create a positive environment at the collective level”.
Eminent artist and Padmavibhushan awardee Sonal Mansingh while sharing her personal experiences in her address said that she had recently suffered from corona but she overcame it by positive thoughts, patience, self-confidence and prayer that drove away the despair. “There is a need to create an atmosphere of boundless hope and positivity in the society so that no one is despaired or disappointed.For this, we may take the support of creative pursuits and we should have a feeling of gratitude in the mind. We are all fighting this war and we will definitely get victory in it. But for this we have to make sure that we do not consider ourselves helpless, we must stay away from anger, frustration, disappointment and also share positive thoughts and support others to create an atmosphere of positivity at the collective level in the society.
Tomorrow, on 14 May, Didi Maa Sadhvi Rithambara Ji, Vatsalya Dham and Sant Gyan Dev Singh ji, Panchayati Akhara -Nirmal will address the nation.

IT News

Imphal, May 13:

Dr. Rajesh Kumar, Chief Secretary to the Government of Manipur was discharged from the RIMS Hospital today. Dr. Rajesh Kumar was admitted with COViD -19 Pneumonia, which involved major part of the lungs. After 24 (twenty four) days medications, Oxygen therapy at tapering flow and Physiotherapy, he succeeded in coming out of the crisis. He has been comfortable without oxygen support for the last 4 (four) days. He is weak because of the prolonged hospitalization but quick recovery is expected at home.

Prof. A. Santa Singh, Director, RIMS thanked the doctors, nurses and other staff who had worked tirelessly to fight COVID-19 pandemic and requested the public to follow SOPs and COVID-19 Appropriate behavior strictly.

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