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Maheshwar Gurumayum

Maheshwar Gurumayum, Sub-Editor of Imphal Times is a resident of Sagolband Salam Leikai. He has been with Imphal Times since 2013. An avid adventure lover, writes mostly travelogue. He can be contacted at [email protected]

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Saturday, 05 September 2020 13:02

Rapism even during the Pandemic

By Richard Huidrom
(2nd year student, Imphal college)

Many of us are suffering with anxiety and stress issue due to the pandemic. The virus has been spreading like wildfire globally for the past few months although Manipur just started burning up recently. There has been on and off lockdown ever since the month of March.  It is much of an obvious fact that everyone is suffering and amidst all this situation a young 16 year old teenager died after she was raped by her boyfriend and his friends on Thursday 3rd  September. The girl is informed to be from Mayang Imphal. She was found  unconscious near her locality. Unfortunately she was unable to be saved and passed away at ICU ward, RIMs.

As hearing the news many people out there will be shaken up and start informing their daughters and sisters to be vigilant of such situation and men. Once again blaming the victim instead of the rapist has been internalized.  The fact that the situation has been internalized can been seen in every local household.  This obnoxious behaviour has outgrown the mindset of people helps in the continuation of similar events. This 16 year old girl rape case has also a very close re-enactment of the Disha's gang rape case which happened in Hyderabad in 2019 and also to Nirbhaya's case of 2012.

 The rape culture is actually an expression of brutalization of our culture.  It has it's own roots. It started out at the time of our birth when we came out from our mother wombs with different sex organ. The sex and gender which has different meanings is very much underestimated by the people and society. The ignorance of the society has outgrown ever since.  We have been told by our mother and father, and even in schools the norms of being a boy and a girl in the society. Unknowingly we have accepted the awkward relation of men-women and internalize it within ourselves. 

We can also see that manhood in our culture is defined on how much abusive control and dominant power that a man has over his woman; and those who actually treats woman and other equally are told be impotent. This barbaric cultural notion needs to be clean out.

It is a very high time where everyone needs to indulge with zero tolerance of abuse of women at home and at public domain. Anti-woman abusive culture is a barbaric act and no women deserves it.

IT News
Imphal, Sept. 3:

Textiles, Commerce and Industry Minister Thongam Biswajit Singh, today distributed cost of handlooms and handicrafts products procured during the lockdown from weavers and artisans of the State.
The formal function launching the distribution of costs for handloom and handicraft products was held today at the Conference hall of the Minister’s New Secretariat Office.
Speaking at the function, Shri Biswajit said that Handloom and Handicraft is our alternative means of livelihood. He said considering that weavers and artisans are facing acute hardships during the present lockdown, the department had decided to procure their finished products during the lockdown so as to provide some relief to them.
Biswajit said that weavers and artisans can highlight any grievances to the authorities through the toll free no. 18005720906. He said that handloom and handicraft is our tradition and we need to preserve and promote our tradition.
He continued that the weavers and artisans should also appreciate the government for the initiative taken up by the government for their welfare during the lockdown period.
In his welcome address, Director of Handlooms & Textiles, K Lamlee Kamei said that the department under the initiative of the Minister was preparing a buy-back policy to support and help artisans and weavers of the State during the lockdown period. He said during preparation of the policy, the department receive instructions from the central ministry to implement a similar scheme.
It may be mentioned that during today’s formal function 11 out of 70 beneficiaries from Imphal East district receive their amount for their finished products. Weavers and artisans from all 16 districts will receive benefits under this flagship programme. It may also be mentioned that around Rs.1.17 crore (approx.) has been utilised to procure the finished products from the weavers and artisans during the period.
The flagship programme is part of an arrangement to assist and provide support to weavers and artists during the lockdown period. In view of the Covid-19 pandemic and its subsequent lockdown from March 23, 2020 till July 15, 2020, the Department of Textiles, Commerce and Industry, Government of Manipur in association with the Manipur Handloom & Handicrafts Development Corporation Ltd, MHHDC will continue to purchase the handloom cloths and handicraft items lying unsold with weavers/artisans due to the lockdown till July 15, 2020.
Today’s function was also attended by Joint Director of Handlooms & Textiles, Manipur E.Jiten.

IT News

Imphal, Sept. 2:

In a simple function held at Manipur Press Club today, L. Ashok kumar, Dy Director (DIPR) hand over 20 Hand sanitizer and 300 Face mask to Bijoy Kakchingtabam, President, AMWJU. The items were meant for distribution to the media fraternity in Manipur.

It may be mentioned that the items distributed to the President of AMWJU were provided by Deputy Commissioner, Imphal East Dr. Rangitabali Waikhom, IAS from the district’s Food Bank.

AMWJU President thanked the sincere efforts of Director, DIPR, Manipur and the generous contributions of the Deputy Commissioner, Imphal East District in containing COVID 19 by providing face mask and hand sanitizer for the media personnel who are working in the frontline.

IT News
Imphal, Sept. 1:

Rashtriya Poshan Maah 2020 under Poshan Abhiyaan Scheme was launched today for Imphal East district. The scheme that aims for a malnutrition free India, is a month long celebration starting from 1st – 30th September, 2020.
The main objective for this years’ celebration is the tracing and identification of SAM (Seven Acute Malnutrition) Children and plantation drive for promotion of kitchen gardens at all AWCs (Community land and at homes). Due to the pandemic, the activities of the celebration was held in digital mode of Jan Andolan. Line departments have also been encouraged for convergent efforts and fulfilment of the celebrations in the district.
The scheme was launched by Dr. Rangitabali Waikhom, Deputy Commissioner, Imphal East in the presence of the officers and staffs of the office of the Deputy Commissioner, Imphal East District.

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