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Jeet Akoijam

Jeet Akoijam

Jeet Akoijam, Resident Editor of Imphal Times hails from Singjamei Liwa Road. Has been with Imphal Times since its start. A National level Rugby player and  a regular Trekker and Nature Lover, loves spending time in lap of Mother Nature. Jeet is the father of two lovely kids. Jeet can be contacted at [email protected]

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All India Tanzeem-e-Insaaf urges for fair delimitation process

IT News

Imphal, May 30:

All India Tanzeem-e-Insaaf questioned the ongoing delimitation process in their recent statement. It states that the Delimitation Commission Manipur State does not have representative from the Pangal community. The commission does not have an associate member from the pangal community which is essential to the unity of Manipur, the statement added. The statement also point out that learned representative from Meitei, Naga, Kuki and Pangal must be made associate members in the commission.

The present commission in Manipur state does not take into account the unity of Manipur, according to the statement. It only reflects that smaller ethnicities are discriminated by the larger ones and it is in general anti-people, it added.  The statement accuses that design of the commission is such that it is targeting a particular community. It is an attempt to clearly violate the unity and integrity of Manipur, it said.

All India Tanzeem-e-Insaaf demands that a leader  from the Pangal community must be made an associate member of the Delimitation commission Manipur State and claim that it opposes the attempt to harm the unity and integrity of Manipur through this delimitation process.

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Another blessing in disguise

COVID-19 pandemic turns out to be blessing in disguise for many including the mother earth. The level of pollution has been gone down, we she wild animals moving freely even on the road, birds chirping on the sky, various rivers across the world free from pollution. The ongoing lockdown that has been taking up across the country and in the state of Manipur also turn out to be another blessing in disguise for the N. Biren Singh led government. In addition to the lockdown the disqualification of Andro Assembly constituency Th. Shyamkumar, who was a Minister BJP led government in the state too also co-incidentally adds sugar to the fate of N. Biren Singh led government. The sequence of events that have been taken place in the political theater in the wake of COVID -19 pandemic is significant and if one dissects it is sure that N. Biren Singh led government will complete the term without much hindrance. The only problem that need to be tackled is the well balance treatment to all the ruling MLAs by allotting them their share without bias.
If one analyze the sequence of events in the political theatre of the N. Biren Singh government it is learnt that the BJP led government will get full support from the Naga Peoples’ Front (NPF) after the induction of Awangbou Newmai in the Ministerial Council. NPF, which have 4 MLAs in the 60 member state assembly had been demanding for increase in the Ministerial portfolio for quite some times and even threatened to pull out from the government if the demand that they put were not fulfilled. The party even field their candidate for the lone Rajya Sabha seat even after knowing that they have only 4 MLAs. That was perhaps the time that BJP shrewdly negotiated and following that the NPF withdrew its candidate supported the BJP.
The 60 member 11th Manipur Legislative Assembly now has 58 members excluding the Speaker of the Manipur Legislative Assembly. If in case the fate of Shyamkumar falls to the 7 other MLAs who had joined the BJP then the total seat in the 11th Manipur Legislative Assembly will be 51. Total number of MLAs required by N.Biren Singh government to continue is 26 which he had even without the support of the 4 (four) National Peoples’ Party (NPP) MLAs who are Ministers in the government as Congress now have 20 MLAs. It is likely that a major reshuffled may take place after the measures being taken up to contained the COVID-19 pandemic has been settled. If in case the NPP MLAs drop from the government due to misunderstanding the congress will have 24 MLAs that means BJP still will lead the number taking into account the BJP play well with the Independent MLA Ashab Uddin.
Moreover, it is just about 1 years and  8 months left for the N.Biren Singh government and it is likely that his government may not face that much problem as the BJP too needs to prepare for the next election. 

Contemplating on the impending changes

What next- a short question that needs a comprehensive answer, one that will determine the future of the state and mankind. With the rapid increase in the number of returnees, the number of Covid-19 positive cases in the state is on the rise correspondingly. No surprise there, but the growing concern is the increasingly frequent reports of inadequacies and mismanagement in a number of designated quarantine centres across the state save a few which are situated in and around the city. Regardless of the government decision on the lockdown, a new social norm is in the making, and the sooner we all adapt and embrace these norms, the safer we all will be as from now onwards, our social conducts and behavior will determine not only our own safety but that of others. Social change is the significant alteration of social structure and cultural patterns through time and the present situation is definitely proving to be a turning point- the beginning of an era if one may put it.
And as with any change, there will always be accompanying sociological and psychological impact which needs to be discussed and analysed in detail. There definitely will also be consequences of these changes which may be beneficial or detrimental to the society, and the outcome will depend to a large degree on the awareness and eagerness of the authorities to influence it. Social change is conceived mostly as an autonomously controlled and unidirectional process toward group change; these conceptualizations do not account for social changes that are outside of human control, such as natural disasters of which we are experiencing one. This is certainly a time of great opportunities and challenges depending on how one perceives the developments. We are indeed experiencing these changes in the way we conduct business to the way government departments and institutions are functioning. Another major change we are witnessing right now is in the education sector with almost every educational institution resorting to the internet to conduct online classes or distributing assignments and lessons through WhatsApp and other applications, an opportunity for children to take up other useful hobbies and pursuits which were difficult during the school going days.
Hygiene has become a big social concern and with the increase in social awareness, our collective outlook towards nature has taken a positive turn which is a very encouraging sign. We are also witnessing a positive change in the environment which is becoming more vibrant. The unfolding changes will run its due course and it would be impossible to revert back to our old ways, not that everyone is eager for it, but the change is certainly proving uncertain and unsettling for a few. The government needs to anticipate and prepare for the developments which will make an impact on the society as a whole and as well as on the different communities of the state on a broad spectrum ranging from business to health and education, among others. Verbal assurances must be replaced with concrete actions and sustainable plans must be implemented in time if we are to make the best of the unfolding change.      

Need for greater aggression and sterner actions against COVID-19 pandemic

“Attack is the secret of defence; defence is the planning of an attack.” - Sun Tzu, The Art of War

 It is often said that attack is the best form of defence. “The best defense is a good offense” is an adage that has been applied to many fields of endeavor, including games and military combat but most importantly to everyday efforts which could make our lives that much more satisfying. The present efforts towards combating the Covid-19 pandemic has evidently been focused on containment and harm reduction the world over.

To be fair, the scale of virulence and speed of transmission of the present pandemic caught the world unaware, and ever since have been eluding a cure despite the best and relentless efforts of the best minds and technologies. It has been almost five months since the outbreak, and even without a specific line of accepted treatment, there has been incredible progress and promising developments in the search for an effective antidote, and hopefully one could be found sooner than later. Even without a definite cure, experts have managed to study and understand a great deal about the virus and its characteristics- enough to formulae an effective defensive strategy which unfortunately a huge number of the public even in developed countries have so far failed to follow.

Meanwhile, the rate of transmission continues to grow in most countries across the world, and many are increasingly of the view that it is time to change strategy and adopt a more aggressive manner of combating the pandemic. This new wave of thinking is gaining wide acceptance as it has been proven more times than not that early detection and effective isolation has so far proven to be almost effective in fighting the pandemic, but unfortunately this understanding has not been able to be put to practice as the volume of testing of suspected cases is still very low despite the assurance of the authorities including the Chief Minister of Manipur.

 If the past is anything to go by in the state, these assurances and declarations will mean little until any concrete steps are taken up, as it has become an accepted practice for the government to equate assurances with actual accomplishments albeit without nothing much to show for it in terms of actual results. These practices and mute acceptances have a lot to do with the public perception or rather the lack of it, and if this is to change, the public needs to be more proactive and vocal about issues that needs concrete implementation. There also remains the immediate concern of dealing with those returnees flaunting institutional quarantine regulations which are unfortunately on the increase.

To sum up, the world and the state needs to adopt an aggressive approach towards fighting the present pandemic, and one of the most important aspect would be to sensitize the public in order to ensure their cooperation and support without which the best efforts of the authorities, even with the best of intents would prove to be an exercise in futility.     which are unfortunately on the increase. To sum up, the world and the state needs to adopt an aggressive approach towards fighting the present pandemic, and one of the most important aspect would be to sensitize the public in order to ensure their cooperation and support without which the best efforts of the authorities, even with the best of intents would prove to be an exercise in futility.