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Imphal, Aug. 7:  

The directorate of Handloom and Textiles celebrated the 6th National Handloom Day today at the Conference Hall, Manipur Secretariat with Textiles, Commerce and Industry Minister Thongam Biswajit Singh as the chief guest..

The National Handloom Day is being is celebrated in commemoration of the formal proclamation of the Swadeshi Movement and passage of the Boycott Resolution to boycott the Manchester cloth and Liverpool salt on August 7, 1905 in a massive meeting held in the Calcutta Town Hall. The Ministry of Textiles considers this occasion as a symbolic date for celebration of the National Handloom Day.          

As part of the celebration the State Award for Handloom and Handicrafts were also distributed. And a coffee table book on Manipur Handloom & Handicrafts and a guideline book for Exports of textile Materials were also released.

Addressing the celebration, Biswajit said that celebrating the day alone is not enough and that we should also understand the essence of the day being celebrated today. The main objective of this celebration is to create awareness on handloom, its importance, usage and the employment generation.

The Minister also said that the Directorate of Handloom and Textiles has already introduced a Buy Back Scheme for weavers through which weavers can contact the directorate through a toll free number and receive yarn at cheaper rates. The scheme has also buy back provision for the finished products.

Biswajit, who is also the government spokesperson, also said that the state cabinet had yesterday decided to extend the lockdown with some relaxation. He appealed to the people to follow the guidelines for relaxation.

He said we cannot predict when COVID will end and so we have to fight it by properly following the SOP issued by the government so as to not only protect ourselves but also our own family and society.

Biswajit continued that COVID doesn’t discriminate; however, we should not panic and also ensure that we don’t discriminate against anyone during this pandemic.

He continued that it is really unfortunate that some of our frontline workers like the doctors and police have been affected by COVID and we should also pray for their safe recovery and well-being.

He urged all to follow the SOP and wear mask, wash hands frequently, etc. The government, he said, needs the cooperation of all sections of the society in the fight against the pandemic.

Shri Biswajit also said that the Coffee table book released today as part of the celebration showcase the beauty of the state before the entire world by highlighting the traditions, culture, handloom and handicraft products of various ethnic groups of the State.

The coffee table book published in association with the Indian Express Group has photographs with brief history on traditional dresses and costumes of different communities of the State.

Further continuing that we should create our own platform to showcase and highlight our culture, tradition, beauty, he said that we should pledge to promote and use our local products.

Elaborating on the responsibility of every individual towards the development of the society, Shri Biswajit said that our contribution in the development of the society is our own achievement and will bring recognition to us that no one take away.

In his speech, Manipur Handloom and Handicrafts Development Corporation Ltd Chairman Shri S.Rajen Singh said the day is being observed throughout the country since 2015 with the main aim to promote our own products.

The celebration of the National Handloom Day will promote our weavers, artisans and craftsmen, he said adding that we can achieve a self-sufficient society only when we promote and start using our own products.

State Awards to outstanding three weavers and five artisans were conferred with cash award of Rs. 1 lakh each for 2019-20. Merit awards to three weavers and 15 artisans with cash award of Rs. 50,000 each were also conferred. Consolation Awards of Rs. 10,000 each were also conferred. Under the Scheme for Awardees, financial assistance at Rs. 4.40 lakh each were also distributed to two State Awardees of 2018-19 for producing their award winning products on commercial scale.

Commissioner cum Secretary Textiles, Commerce and Industry Devesh Deval, director Handloom and Textiles, K.Lamlee Kamei and other officials of the directorate also attended the celebration.

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Imphal, Aug.7:

A senior resident consultant at JNIMS, who has been assigned for duty at COVID Care Center JNIMS on rotation basis one week, today collapsed probably after he was exhausted after taking care of those COVID-10 patients at the center.

A video that was uploaded on social media showed the doctor nearly fall after he lost out of control in his PPE suit. A staff help him and was taken safely in a wheelchair.

When Imphal Times enquired about the matter, the source from JNIMS said that today is the last day for his duty at the CCC. Three consultants have been assigned every week on a rotation basis and after completion of the duty, those assigned for duty have to undergo for 7 days quarantine. Source further added that the doctor who collapsed is identified as Dr. Utthan, a Senior Resident consultant of JNIMS.

“Today is the last day of his duty and he has to go for quarantine, but while coming out at around 3.30 he collapsed, but he is safe now”, the source said. Maybe he was exhausted due to heavy-duty in the last 7 days.

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Imphal, Aug 7:

After people witness words of war between the NSCN-IM and the Government of India over differences on some issues which has been allegedly agreed between the two while signing the framework agreement on August 3, 2015, both the side are trying to sort out the differences by initiating another round of talk today at New Delhi.

Some media reports said that the talk held today discussed a final settlement of the 23 years old Naga peace process, however, a source close to Imphal Times said that the NSCN-IM collective leadership urged the central government to replace the interlocutor RN Ravi as he is now the governor of Nagaland.

Some media report said that the center invited the NSCN –IM for one last round of talks in New Delhi today to close the 23-year-old Naga peace process and ink a final settlement Independent day. But another source said that it is all about the war of words due to indifference between RN Ravi and the NSCN-IM .

Apart from NSCN - IM members the meeting has been reported to be attended by representatives of Manipur, Assam, and Arunachal Pradesh parts of which the outfit claims are Naga areas. However, there is no official notification of which stakeholders from the Manipur is attending the talk held today.

Its primary demand and the stumbling block in the decades long dialogue is territorial integration of all Naga-inhabited areas of the northeast. A top NSCN-IM functionary said on Thursday, “Our team will travel to Delhi tomorrow for the peace talks. Hoping for a positive outcome.” Naga National Political Groups (NNPG), a conglomerate of seven other organisations participating in the dialogue, said it had already closed its negotiations with the Centre. NSCN -IM’s 86-year-old general secretary Th Muivah, who has been in Delhi since July 20 for medical treatment, is likely to lead the negotiations at Friday’s meeting.

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Friday, 07 August 2020 18:33

Need for a suitable pandemic model

The Manipur government yesterday extended the lockdown in the whole of the state till August 15 amid an increasing incidence of corona virus cases, and a rising controversy over whether community transmission is already happening in the state. During the extended lockdown, home delivery of essential items will be allowed while local retail shops can open from 8 AM-12 PM. Wholesale shops, meanwhile, can open on all days, except Sunday, from 10 AM-3 PM so that retailers can replenish their stocks. This latest decision is just an extension of the earlier restrictions imposed on the public based on the recommendations of experts and guidelines from the centre.
Meanwhile, the total number of deaths due to the COVID-19 pandemic worldwide crossed the 700,000 mark on Wednesday with the US alone accounting for more than 160,000 deaths. However, in terms of fresh daily deaths, Brazil (1,322) nudged past the US (1,311) on Wednesday. In daily new cases, India took the top slot with 56,626 cases. However the US data is becoming increasingly dubious following the US administration’s insistence on taking over some aspects of data reporting from the US CDC, but the suspicion is also present in the Indian context as well, with the situation in Manipur getting increasingly alarming despite the continuing lockdowns and restrictions.
A big casualty of COVID-19 has been the education of children the world over. On Tuesday, United Nations (UN) Secretary-General Antonio Guterres warned that the world was facing a “generational catastrophe” due to shutting down of schools. According to UN calculations, schools remained closed in around 160 countries in mid-July, impacting more than 1 billion students, with around 40 million missing out on pre-school. This is accentuating the digital divide where relatively affluent children can often use PCs, tablets or smartphones to reach online learning resources, but many in families with marginal incomes cannot.
What work is being done to find treatments?
More than 150 different drugs are being researched in different countries. Most are existing drugs that are being trialed against the virus. The UK is running the the world’s largest clinical trial, called Recovery, with more than 12,000 patients taking part - it is one of the few trials to have given a definitive view on which drugs do and do not work. The World Health Organization (WHO) is running the the Solidarity trial to assess promising treatments in countries around the world. Multiple pharmaceutical companies are running trials of their own drugs
There are three broad approaches being investigated: Antiviral drugs that directly affect the corona virus’s ability to thrive inside the body; Drugs that calm the immune system (severe Covid-19 is caused by patients’ immune systems overreacting and damaging the body); and Antibodies that can target the virus, taken from either survivors’ blood or made in a lab.
The corona virus 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic has placed epidemic modeling at the forefront of worldwide public policy making. Nonetheless, modeling and forecasting the spread of COVID-19 remains a challenge mostly due to the wide variations in lifestyles and social habits the world over. It has also been observed that there cannot be a common solution or model that can be successfully implemented over a large area or country. Given the lifestyles, social habits and customs practiced in different parts of the state, it would be prudent for the state government to set up a panel and draw up a model which would best suit the state, based on the recommendations of the panel, and ensure that the protocols and guidelines are enforced strictly in such a manner that the rate of transmission is brought under control or halted. It would be pertinent to highlight the fact that the poorest of the common public are the ones who are impacted the hardest, and any policy or guideline that does not provide means for them to meet their daily basic needs will ultimately result in a revolt of sorts and prove every effort a waste of time and energy while throwing the state into jeopardy.

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By - Janghaolun Haokip

Life is a beauty to see; a blessing to live, and an opportunity to explore. It is a privilege we must hold on to. To be born and to be alive is an adventure we must learn to enjoy and make the most until we die.
Life is also rude and cruel; it is a curse to live, and a road to misfortune. It is a spell we cannot break away from. To be born and to survive is a tragedy we helplessly fall in as victims until we die.
Indeed, life is a mystery. It is an adventure to a mystery land. It is a ride to a distant place, somewhere that has remained undiscovered since the beginning of mankind –someplace we know nothing about.
Of course there are tales spoken of those who have once travelled this path, but unfortunately not where the path finally leads to. Because you don’t know where it goes until you die, and once you die you cannot come back to narrate the story of how it all went, how true or false it is the beliefs that we hold, the notion that we devote to, the concept of life, and most of all the entirety of existence.
We may then have every reason to wonder what is the meaning and the answers to living. Why do we come to the world, not because we want it but just simply as we do. It sounds weird and funny at the same time that someone’s humour had us coming to the world simply as a result of our parents love story and physical and sexual attraction. The true reason may not be as silly as this but the fact is that it remains unknown.
Such is life, which even the greatest scientists cannot entirely prove, or the greatest philosophers cannot fully understand. It is just too big an entity for us to comprehend. It is literally out of the capability of our minds to try to understand not the entirety of our existence but not even the existential nature of existence. Imagine the vastness of the universe; imagine it will take you a thousand lifetimes to explore the ends of the universe, just if in case there is an end. What do you say?
Live it still! In a big vast universe with a thousand question unanswered, don’t be that one person to fail to live. Why bother about the things we can’t change when we don’t bother about the things we can’t help? We know pain and joy, that’s enough, let’s struggle through pain and live through joy. Isn’t it as simple?
There is beauty to see and live. The mornings are particularly beautiful to me. The night as well with its silence and serenity are beautiful too. I promise also that it is a lot of fun to just stare at the sky and wonder how it had come about and what would exist beyond it. I remember a friend who told our younger children in the village that if the sky would be rolled away, lots of eatables would fall from heaven. I don’t know why he would say that, but it was fun for the children at least.
Even as we fight the pandemic today, it is still a beautiful life. The only problem becomes the fact that you can’t go out. But on the other side of perception, staying home is the only answer to spending more quality time at home. It’s just a matter of choosing our priorities. We just have to make sure that we choose our priorities with much care and concern and choose to be optimistic, to look for the best in every situation. Because once when you learn to be optimistic, you will always find a way; find a meaning in even the littlest things.
As much as we do not know most things in our lives, the universe, and the entirety of our existence, we know that life will always be a mystery. It will bring both tragedy and ecstasy, and both pain and joy. It will therefore remain up to us to decide or choose how our lives would be. If we cannot choose what must happen with us, we can still choose what can happen to us. These are entirely different concepts. In simple words, you will be hurt, and you can either cry with despair or simply cry because you know that it will go away. Which will be much easier in that situation?
COVID-19 will not be the end of tragedy, and it may surely not be the last pandemic. The Beirut blast can happen again somewhere else, the floods in Assam may take more lives –we will always be threatened somehow. But unless we die, we must live. Moreover, we will continue to be faced with threats if we wish to perceive so. But otherwise, every moment we live is an opportunity to better our lives as human beings or at least we can always save ourselves from being victims of the certain facets of life.
Live it still; the joy, the pain, the hurtful, the smiles, whatever it is in life, we got to live it somehow. We got to live until we die. We should always remember our entire existence is a part of the system of nature that we cannot change but only adapt ourselves to.
Live it still, even if there are endless battles to fight. Live it still because it is just this one life. Live it still, most of all Live to Live, but not just survive.
You are only one step away from living the life of your dreams, choose to live every moment.

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Friday, 07 August 2020 18:31

Truth Unearth By COVID-19 Pandemic

By: Bramhacharimayum Sadananda Sharma

A well known fact the COVID-19 pandemic has brought us immense suffering and pain around the world, many people who struggle for a meal during ordinary days in particular those who are daily wage earners. On top of this hard time it may be mentioned that in some states people are facing natural disaster including heavy flood even massive earthquake and political turmoil, over and above COVID-19 pandemic, which is quite an unthinkable situation. The gravity of the situation is not easy to speculate in those areas where one has to experience, a double burden, first the COVID-19 then massive acts of god situation is quite worst for a common people to handle, one may easily get cracked easily both mentally and physically due to all this problem all at a time. However, few people will realise the pain and struggle that one is going through and extend as much help as they could.
Covid-19 has brought immense suffering, pain and even death but this pandemic is unearthing many structural failures, issues and problem in our governance which is being deposited for many years. It is said that in order to create one has to destroy first, the old crumbled namesake government policies, personal interest projects and corrupted government machineries which is running a state like their own play ground, has to be stopped. Now is the time to wake up and fire up, now will be the perfect opportunity for rectification and self realization before it is too late for us to turn back for a fresh start.
It must be a nightmare for most of the people with the problems that are faced amid COVID-19, including financial, medical, manpower, social etc. There is also a problem of political tussle one trying to grasp power from another, trying to fish in troubled waters. It is the least that a common man expects from the leaders that they be enough sensitive to feel the pain and voice of their own people crying out loud for help each passing day. The problem of material existence- Birth, Old age, Disease and Death cannot be counteracted by accumulation of wealth and economic development also. We all are dying one day it is just a matter of time. Leaving the self serving and personal interest behind, we all can work together which will be remembered by the future generations in saving the society from this chaos and misery.
Apart from essential items and wisely prepared SOPs, peoples do also need a proper dedicated medical attentions regardless of whether a patients is COVID-19 positive or not. How can a doctor discriminate and lash out out a patient from a hospital’s access. If this is the situation prevailing in our state there cannot be anything worst than this. Trying to save a life from COVID-19 and losing an innocent life including newly born child’s mother or an expected mother’s life. Patients come with the belief that Hospital is a better and safe place but turns out to be most evil. A woman does not hesitate to cook in the kitchen even during the hottest months of year. Similarly, one should not deviate from his duty.
While thinking of all such unfortunate incident that happens due to the lack of hospital politeness and behaving in an irresponsible manner will surely takes time. In my state after few weeks or month this whole problem will become just a story that will slowly evaporate from our awareness, and the only remains will be in the newspapers and inside an investigation file. It is important to note that law ‘alone’ cannot bring change in society; it needs to be supplemented by other actions. Also collective work culture is a must needed principles in our present situation. Good population in human society is the basic principle for peace, prosperity and spiritual progress in life.
We have to bear in mind that everything has its proper utility, and a man who is situated in complete knowledge knows how and where to apply a thing for its proper utility. In proper applying or discharge of duty, one has to learn to tolerate non-permanent appearances and disappearances of happiness and distress. Most importantly public servants behaving like peoples got no option but to follow our policies and norms will never last in long run. And we should never lose faith in humanity, Humanity is just like an ocean; if a few drops of the ocean are dirty, the ocean does not become dirty.

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Friday, 07 August 2020 18:30

GPS to prevent misuse of ventilators

IT Correspondent
New Delhi, Aug. 7:

With a view to prevent misuse of ventilators the Union Health Ministry has created a dashboard for tracking the real-time status of ventilators dispatched, delivered, and installed and the indigenously manufactured ventilators are being embedded with Global Positioning System (GPS) chips to track if their locations in hospitals change as part of efforts to prevent their misuse.  
“We can track the location of each of these devices as each ventilator is geo-tagged. We will get to know in real-time if a ventilator is changing location,” Union health secretary Rajesh Bhushan  said and added that the government has constituted an empowered group to address issues and encourage the domestic industry to manufacture ventilators and ramp up their production.
Based on expert projections in March, the health ministry decided to procure about 60,000 ventilators for Covid-19 patients. About 18,000 ventilators have been so far supplied to states, central government hospitals, and Defence Research Development Organisation facilities. They have been installed in at least 700 hospitals across the country. Bharat Electronics Ltd (BEL) rolled out the first locally-made ventilator on 30 May 2020.
The health ministry has ordered 60,000 ventilators, of which 57600 are indigenous (as against 8500 machines in 2019).  This is a distinct shift from the pre-COVID days, when most of the ventilators were imported. Now with the government push, the prices of machines have dropped from Rs 10 lakh to Rs.20 lakh (imported) to Rs 1.50 lakh to Rs 4 lakh per unit(Indian supplies).
Major domestic players include Skanray (in collaboration with Bharat Electronics Limited), AgVa (in collaboration with Maruti Suzuki Limited) and AP Medtech Zone and Allied Medical. Public sector BEL has manufactured 30,000 ventilators and Andhra Med-Tech Zone 13,500.
The indigenous ventilators, are being funded by PM CARES Fund which comes to about Rs 2,000 crore in monetary terms,” Bhushan said and added that “The Make in India [indigenous] ventilators have a share of more than 96% by volume and more than 90% by value.”
Just about 0.27% of total active Covid-19 cases are on a ventilator across the country, according to government data. “At any given time, not more than 1% of patients are sick enough to need ventilator support,” said Bhushan.
The ministry’s technical expert committee has come up with minimum essential specifications for the basic ventilators manufactured in India. All the procurements are made based on the committee’s recommendations.
A critical care expert at a prominent government hospital said a ventilator is a complex machine with several features meant to perform specific functions. “It is not only about pumping in the air. There is much more to this machine.

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Imphal, Aug 7:

A historic Letter of Understanding (LoU) has been entered into between United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF), a subsidiary organ of the United Nations established by the General Assembly of the United Nations pursuant to resolution 57(I) of 11 December 1946, having its headquarters at New York, NY USA, and the *National Cadet Corps (NCC) with its headquarters in New Delhi, India.
UNICEF, in accordance to with its Charter and Mission Statement, works with governments, civil society organizations, and other partners in more than one hundred and sixty countries to advance children’s rights to survival, protection, development and participation, and is guided by the Convention of the Rights of the Child (CRC).
NCC is a youth development movement that provides opportunities to the youth of the country for their all-round development. NCC is open to regular schools and colleges on a voluntary basis and it aims at developing character, comradeship, discipline, a secular outlook, and ideals of selfless service among young citizens.
Within this framework, UNICEF and NCC, based on their respective mandates, both aim to promote rights of children.
This LoU shall aim to consolidate a long standing collaborative relationship at the regional level, by identifying specific areas in which NCC and UNICEF would like to enhance, expand and scale up joint action and partnership.
Driven by its mission to deliver results for young people, Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports (MoYAS) and UNICEF have come together to support the Generation Unlimited (GenU) partnership, called YuWaah in India. It is a multi-stakeholder platform that aims to facilitate holistic pathways to aspirations of young cadres, that integrate opportunities for education, civic participation, social service, skilling and employment.
In the spirit of the national partnership, NCC Directorate, North Eastern Region and UNICEF are committing to develop the potential of NCC cadets in the age bracket of 13 to 24 years by facilitating their meaningful engagement and participation in social, cultural, civic and economic initiatives.
NCC and UNICEF in the North East have agreed to pursue a project titled “YuWaah for Change” that will support efforts in Manipur, Arunachal Pradesh, Assam, Meghalaya, Mizoram, Nagaland and Tripura, with the aim to: Facilitate 1 million young people in the North East as change makers and create spaces for developing their leadership.
UNICEF and NCC will work on an annual Plan of Action, which will be developed
each year for implementation during the following year. The Plan of Action will address national initiatives and include local collaborations. It is understood that the agreed upon Plan of Action will be amended to incorporate additional local collaborations.
UNICEF will provide technical support in the form of resource persons, presentations, newsletters, videos /films etc. and will identify external platforms for participation by young people at the state and national levels.
Brigadier RS Sethi, Group Cdr NCC Group Imphal expressed his satisfaction at this development and remarked that this event shall result in a paradigm shift in the development of youth of the state of Manipur.

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Mumbai: Aug. 7:

The Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) registered an FIR in actor Sushant Singh Rajput death case against six people, including actress Rhea Chakraborty,  on charges of abetment to suicide on Thursday. 
Others named in the FIR are Rhea’s brother Showik Chakraborty, father Indrajit Chakraborty, mother Sandhya Chakraborty, Rhea’s associate and Sushant’s house manager Samuel Miranda and Shruti Modi. Rhea has been summoned to present herself before CBI on Friday. 
The charges levelled against them are that of criminal conspiracy, abetment to suicide, wrongful restraint or confinement, theft, cheating, intimidation, among others. The CBI took over the investigation of the 34-year-old actor on Wednesday, after the Centre handed them the case on Bihar government’s recommendation. 
Sushant found dead at his Bandra residence in Mumbai on 14 June. Bandra police recorded the incident as “accidental death”. The Bandra police had already recorded the statements of nearly 40 persons, who included actors, film makers and others.  
After the Centre consented to the Bihar Government’s recommendation to hand over the case of the Sushant’s death, the CBI formed a special team to investigate the matter. The special team is headed by Manoj Sashidhar, IPS, Gujarat Cadre. DIG Gagandeep Ghambir will supervise the probe, while Anil Yadav will be the investigation officer. The CBI team is already in touch with the Bihar police for documents pertaining to the case and their findings, to take the case forward hereon. 
The Enforcement Directorate is already investigating the money laundering angle in the death of Sushant, based on the FIR filed in Patna(Bihar) by his father KK Singh. ED has taken up the charge to probe if Rhea had in fact pocketed Rs 15 crore from Sushant’s account. ED has also questioned Sushant’s CA Sandeep Sridhar and Rhea’s associate and Sushant’s house manager Samuel Miranda. Rhea’s properties are also under ED’s scrutiny. 
In another development, Mumbai Police on Thursday said that the investigation in the suicide of Sushant’s manager Disha Salian (28) on 8 June in Malad area in North Mumbai, is still on. DCP Vishal Thakur said that information about Disha’s death is still subject to investigation and the Viscera report is awaited. According to police, Disha allegedly committed suicide by jumping from a high-rise building in Malad. 
On Wednesday, new information came to light with Disha’s post mortem report which revealed that she had unnatural head injuries and other multiple injuries which could be because she fell from a high rise building in Mumbai. She died by suicide at around 2 AM on 9 June, just 5 days before Sushant’s tragic demise. Disha’s father in his letter to police has already stated that his family does not suspect any foul play in her death and they are satisfied with the investigation conducted by the Mumbai Police and have faith in them. 
Former Maharashtra CM and present BJP Rajya Sabha member Narayan Rane had recently alleged that Sushant and Disha were ‘murdered’. He had also demanded that police should find out who all attended the parties held on the eve of each death..on 8 June and 13 June, 2020. However Mumbai Police Commissioner Param Bir Singh said that no such partied were held.

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Imphal, Aug 7:

Apunba Nupi Lup (ANUL) Bishnupur District has demanded to hand over the  Lhukhosei Zou drug haul case to cbi. In a press statement ANUL General Secretary said that the Government of Manipur should act by understanding the sentiments of the people by handing over the case of king pin drug lord Lhukhosei Zou should to Central Bureau of Investigation.  In the month of  January 2013 SI Ranjit arrested huge drug of core and cores from Imphal International airport for this the Government transferred  the SI Ranjit.  In that year February month huge drugs arrested from one Defence PRO Ajay Choudhry  at Pallel  .The government should not try to protect the drug lord who had attempted to spoil; the society, the virus of the society should be punished as per the law of the land. If the drug lord is not punished what is the use of the War on Drug. Government is trying to divert  the case of drug kingpin Lhukhosei Zou  . 

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