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Imphal, Aug 10:

At a time when there are allegations about doctors refusing to provide medical service to patients in need, a COVID-19 positive mother safely delivered a baby at Regional Institute of Medical Sciences (RIMS) gynaecology labour room early today morning. Interestingly, the pregnant lady was brought on the previous day under emergency condition with a certificate showing that she was tested COVID-19 negative from Lilong Primary Health center. However, due to RIMS SoPs the pregnant lady was tested again at RIMS with RAT and found positive.

Considering the emergency condition of the patient, gynaecologists and nurses at the hospital took extreme care for the patient by taking up extra measures to make sure that no one got contracted the virus from her, a source from RIMS said.

In a briefing sent through Whatsapp by Media Advisor RIMS, HOD, Gynaecology Dept. RIMS Dr. Ranjit Singh, said that the pregnant lady from Lilong was admitted on emergency condition.

“During this crisis time due to COVID-19 pandemic, RIMS Gynaecology department has been opened and has been providing all sort of medical treatment”, Dr. Ranjit said.

In connection with the COVID-19 positive patient who delivered a bay at the RIMS Gynae labour room, the doctor said that she was tested Covid-19 negative at Lilong Primary Health Center and admitted to RIMS on August 9. As per SOPs of RIMS she was once more tested with RAT but found positive with COVID -19.

However, there were no sign of symptoms to her but doctors and nurse took extra care to make sure that she and others are safe.

The 20 years old pregnant lady from Lilong than was taken to labour room due to its emergency nature on the following day, that is on Aug 10 and doctors and team delivered a baby.

“Both the child and the mother are safe”, Dr. Ranjit Singh said.

On consultation with pediatrician , it has been told that nothing will harm the child when breast feeding .

The mother will be shifted to COVID care center but as of now the hospital authority are trying its best for both the mother and the child.

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Imphal, Aug 10:

In a twist to the much talk about opposition Congress party moving no-confidence motion, the ruling BJP led government spoils the political move by moving a motion of confidence to the one day 11th Manipur Legislative Assembly session today.“Moving the motion of confidence, leader of the house Chief Minister N. Biren Singh said that even as there are some misunderstandings and differences among the members of the coalition government, the government needs to prove its majority. “Those are family matter and we are still together and no differences among members of the BJP and the ally partners”, the confident Chief Minister said moving the confidence motion. “The representatives of the house still have confidence in the government. Giving a reason for moving the motion of confidence, N.Biren Singh said that the opposition Congress party has been spreading propaganda to distract the trust of the people of the state by spreading rumours about whether the government will survive or not .“The one day session begins with a hectic debate between the opposition leader Okram Ibobi and the Leader of the House N. Biren Singh on whether the no-confidence motion moved by the Congress should be taken up or the motion of confidence should be taken up after the obituary reference. “However, Speaker of the house intervene the matter and took up the agenda by making the members understand that the agenda of the house has been prepared under rule number 355 and should be taken up as per the rules. “BJP led coalition government under Chief Minister N. Biren Singh has completed 3 years and 5 months. Moving the motion of confidence, the Chief Minister said that since the government led by the BJP comes to power, relationship between the hill and plain people have been bridged, many programmes to ensure health care facilities to poor people have been taken up by distributing CMHT cards.“In connection with the development works, the Chief Minister said that Barak Bridge being constructed along the Imphal –Jiribam road has been nearly completed, Recently the Prime Minister has announced Rs. 3000 crore for Water Supply and other development schemes.

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Imphal, Aug 10:

HAOMI today said that demanding the government to stop issuing of ILP is sidelining of the responsibility of the people of the state.
A statement by the Vice president of HAOMI Hera Kabui said that sue to the outbreak of the COVID-19 Pandemic , issuance of ILPS has been suspended since March 18and on July 21 issuance of the ILP permit started again by an order of the Special Home Secretary. The statement said that eve n as various Civil society bodies have been appealing to stop issuing of the ILP pass , the authority turn debt and continue to issue the ILP permit to outsiders.
Federation of Haomi said that urging authority to stop issuing of ILP pass is lost of self confidence to the people .
Who are transporting the outsiders, who are keeping them and who are using them have been use , is known to each and everyone of us. The HAOMI Vice President said that we should not let the issue of ILP to government alone , we all should take equal responsibility to implement ILPS. He also question about the influx of KUKI outsiders who had been mixed with the people of the state . He said identification of outsider is the duty of the people and issuing of pass is the duty of the government.
Meanwhile, The Oriental Leveler Association has stated the government to stop issuing of ILP during COVID-19 pandemic.

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Imphal, Aug 10:

A total of 50 more people from the state of Manipur who have no travel history has been tested COVID-19 positive in the last 24 hour, a statement from the State Health Department said. Total number of people tested positive with the virus is 90 in the last 24 hour . Among them 57 are from among the general public of which 50 have no travel history. The remaining 43 tested positive with the virus are from the Central Armed Police Force.
The state of the Health department said that among them 38 are tested at VRDL RIMS, 18 at JNIMS VRDL AND 1 AT Babina Dianostic center at RTPCR. Others are tested using TruNat and Antigen at different centers and district hospitals.
Total number of people tested with the virus has reached 3853 including 876 central security forces. Today 78 has been discharged today . With this total number of discharged person is 2122. The number of active case at present is 1720.

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A senior resident, who has been known for his dedication to the cause for the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic, was seen collapsed, perhaps due exhaustion while on duty to save COVID-19 infected patients at JNIMS. The modus operandi of how health workers have been assigned to provide all available health care facilities at CCCs at both JNIMS and RIMS as well as others have been known and this newspaper had also highlighted few.
Lately, a COVID-19 positive pregnant lady delivered a baby at RIMS hospital under strict measures to ensure that no health workers in the team got infected with the virus. There are many pregnant ladies in the hospital where gynecologists and nurses are keeping an eagle eye round the clock to make sure that those under health care services are safe and sound taking all risks during this pandemic.
A few days back Sky Hospital, a private run cardiac treatment center in a press statement said that their hospital is open and not included in the containment zone announced by the district administration. The press statement indicated that even during the COVID-19 pandemic the hospital is not close and still is open for the needy patient.
A similar announcement is made by Shija Hospital and Research center by its managing Director. After all, this hospital has proved that they care more to save the life of patients in need by performing surgery without waiting for test results for COVID-19.
When many of the health workers have been performing duty taking all risk as it is their performance, many so-called self-style intellectuals, or social workers brought up issues that may defame the life saviors. Well, not every doctor may have the same feeling of risking their lives to save the patient, but there are countless of them working with dedication.
Sometimes, people seem to have forgotten that doctors are no lesser God. They are a human being with no difference from others. The only difference between other people in those in the medical profession is that they wanted to serve and save human lives.
Well, criticisms from those who have fewer ideas of the difficulties faced by doctors and nurses is normal, but when a doctor in the same profession mock and criticize the dedication of a doctor, than it is jealousy. The person, a doctor, and who is also a senior most doctor of RIMS mocking Dr. Uthan who collapsed due to exhaustion is very unfortunate.
If senior doctors, who mock the hard work of a junior doctor is let free, then many who had wanted to serve the people may be discouraged. It is expected that junior doctors of his institution (RIMS) may have been discouraged by this doctor, and authorities of RIMS need an immediate inquiry into this matter. Or else there are also possibilities that he being ahead of the department may advise students and junior doctors at RIMS not to render their valuable service during this crisis time. If the comment by him at FB was a doctored one than he needs to take the help of the cybercrime police.

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Monday, 10 August 2020 19:20


By - Pakinrichapbo, Advocate
Samziuram Village, Peren

The Naga peace talk is on the edge of conclusion as reported in the Nagaland post dated 15.07.2020. It goes further to state that in a major breakthrough Government of India Representative and Interlocutor, Mr. Ravi, and also Governor of Nagaland and the Working Committee of NNPGs agreed to finalize draft agreement for early settlement to the decades old Naga Political issue. The said press statement also mentioned that both the parties have chalked out action plan for impending final agreement, so the negotiation is closed between Interlocutor and WC of NNPGs as per the deadline of the 31st October 2019.
However, the narrative on the other side is different with the GoI and NSCN-IM failing to break the impasse on the issue of co-existing as two entities and share sovereignty with IM still not giving up on separate flag, constitution, and territorial integration .The question as to what makes the results of Naga peace talks more so connected with the Zeliangrong people comprise of Zeme, Liangmai, Rongmei and Inpui tribe, living in three state of Assam, Manipur and Nagaland. Zeliangrong people were recognized under different names by the Schedules Tribe Order 1950 and its subsequent amendments. This article is an attempt to illustrate how the results of the current peace talks will have a huge implication on the Zeliangrong people and their ancestral lands. The irony is that the Zeliangrong people are so politically divided thanks to individual and local interests, crude regionalism, and blind loyalty to their own factions without prudently discussing how to secure the best interests for the people.
In modern political sense, Zeliangrong consciousness as one unit started with Haipou Jadonang 1905 -1931. After his untimely death the burden of fulfilling Zeliangrong political interests was passed on to his successor late Apeh Gaidinliu (1915 -1993). In Nagaland context, fellow Naga tribes often question Zeliangrong existence in Nagaland without bothering to find out its historical backgrounds. Late Gaidinliu though born and raised in Longkao Village, under Tamenglong District Manipur, had huge followers from her kindred tribes living in several villages under Tening Sub-division (Peren) and also from Zeliangrong people living in Dima Hasao formerly North Cachar Hills, which is one of the main reasons why Zeliangrong entity exists in Nagaland.
Followers of Naga political history will be aware of the fact that when Naga Movement gained momentum across all Naga villages from middle part of 1950s, Apeh Gaidinliu met Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru at Imphal (in 1953 ) and made him conscious of her people living conditions and also to do something spreading across the three States. She soon mobilized members of the Zeliangrong who believed in her cause to fight for Zeliangrong homeland under the Indian Constitution. When the Naga National Council (NNC) authority was in its peak, Gaidinliu had to suspend Zeliangrong movement for homeland due to intense pressure from Zeliangrong leaders working in NNC. The Zeliangrong leaders felt that it would not be right to go against the Naga cause spearheaded by NNC as it might create a sense of betrayal by the Zeliangrong. Soon after suspension of the Zeliangrong movement, the talks between Naga People Convention and GoI, resulted in Naga hills being upgraded to full pledge statehood in 1963. Even though NNC condemned the statehood, their condemnation could not save the Zeliangrong people from physical disintegrations, blood brothers land boundaries with few inch apart became state boundaries further severing their historical ties and sympathy for each other. This was the first setback to Zeliangrong fraternity. Even after the Statehood and Shillong Accord under the Indian Constitution, the Zeliangrong community still believes in the Naga cause and continues to support the Naga cause carry forward by NSCN and thus suspended their movement for homeland. The Zeliangrong people especially living in Assam and Manipur still believe in the results of Naga Peace talks with the hope of integration.
Forlornly, the Naga movement had come a long way crossing 70 years now and counting, in these long years Zeliangrongs faith in Naga cause remain as strong as it was in early NNC days, even overlooking the reality that the Naga tribes leading the movement now seems to have different aspirations to achieve from the peace talks, as most of the leading tribes lives within a single state and have nothing much to lose but to gain more after the final agreement is executed. While for the naive Zeliangrongs their faith in Naga cause could not shake them out unless the contents of impending final agreement do the talking.
As an ardent believer in Naga unity, I still hope the peace talks will deliver something to all the Naga tribes, but I’m left with little hope as Interlocutor R. N. Ravi said even territorial integration is dropped from the demands of Naga negotiators. With GoI and NNPGs agreement, it is very likely that the agreement would extend only within Nagaland state. And if speculations are true, Nagaland will see increase of State Legislative Assembly seats and parliamentary seats, establishment of legislative council. Not discrediting the influence of NNPGs outside Nagaland, but I wonder if any arrangement made for Nagas in neighboring states would see the light of day. Time and again NNPGs have stressed that they speak and remember the welfare of Nagas in other states, but it is hard to comprehend that NNPGs will fight tooth and nail to secure interests of Nagas outside Nagaland, even when the so-called Naga nationalists has taken regionalism to a new level. In such a reality, Zeliangrongs have very nominal or nothing to achieve from GoI and NNPGs solution for the Nagas.
With GoI and NSCN IM, the situation is not better, may be even worse. The NSCN-IM has said they have not given up on integration, but Interlocutor had time and again maintain integration of Naga areas is out of the picture. How can Nagas get separate flag and constitution even when GoI is not willing to redraw state boundaries, which is legally permissible within the constitution? From the time of the formation of NSCN in 1980 and later split of NSCN to NSCN-IM and NSCN-K in 1988 to 2020 (which comes to total of 40 years and still counting), Zeliangrong people have given its due share of cooperation to IM, so what more one could anticipate if the peace talks fail to integrate Zeliangrong people and their lands? Or one expects all Zeliangrongs to fully cooperate if IM decides to resume their guerrilla warfare against India in case the peace talks break down.
As for myself being a part of the Zeliangrong, I will be more than content if any group in peace talks could bring some sort of administrative autonomy outside the administrative control of present states government in Assam and Manipur context, even when full integration of Zeliangrong people could not be achieved straightaway.
However, failing to achieve even administrative autonomy from the peace talks, the Zeliangrong people need to seriously re-examine the sacrifices of their people to Naga cause by not only studying the present social, economical, and political conditions of the Zeliangrong people living in the three states of Assam, Manipur, and Nagaland, but also studying whether continuing to sacrifice for Naga cause will integrate its people. Lastly Zeliangrong people need to realize India’s political realities before it is too late, that India will remain a difficult place for the minorities to survive, and worst in tribal state.

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Imphal, Aug 10:

The Youth’s Forum for Protection of Human Rights (YFPHR) has urged the Registrar, Manipur Medical Council, Imphal to initiate urgent inquiry as per the Section 13 (f) of Manipur   Medical Council Act, 2009 for the Refusal by the Hospital Authorities to   provide emergency medical attention which led to death.
In a letter submitted to the Registrar MMC, the     Youth’s Forum for Protection of Human Rights (YFPHR) said that gross misconduct and negligence by the practitioner along with the hospital authority has been reported during the COVID -19 pandemic.  
It said that Kanpatliu Kamei (20 years), a resident of Puichi (Makuilongdi) village is a pregnant woman who died along with her unborn baby on the morning of 6th August 2020 at the entrance of Shija Hospitals Casualty. She had been denied of medical treatment by various hospital including  JNIMS and RIMS. 
On the afternoon of 5th August 2020, Kanpatliu’s family took her at Senapati District Hospital as she was expecting to deliver a child. At about 10.30 PM, without giving any valid reason, the doctors on duty at Senapati District Hospital told her family that she should better be taken to Imphal. Consequently, her family rented a private vehicle and reached JNIMS at around 12.30 A.M. However, she was refused to admit at JNIMS despite having a Covid-19 Negative Test Result issued by Medical Officer In-charge, Noney District. Her family had no other option except to find other hospital and therefore, Kanpatliu was taken to RIMS. RIMS also refused to treat her despite knowing her serious medical condition.  In route to Shija Hospital, her family tried to seek medical assistance from couple of hospital, in a same manner, she was refused to admit there. On reaching Sija Hospital,  Kanpatliu  died along with her child. 
On 31st July 2020, a 3 (three) years boy namely, Md. Himmat, s/o Md. Helaluddin, a resident of Santhel Mamang Leikai was evacuated to Mayang Imphal Primary Health Centre (PHC) after he was drowning. However, a lady doctor who was stationed at the health centre refused to provide any medical attention and treatment. On refusal to treat him at the PHC, the boy was taken to Mother’s Care Children Hospital at Sagolband Moirang Leirak, Imphal. The doctors and staff at the hospital tried their best but couldn’t save him. Md. Himmat was declared dead at around 11.45 am on the same day.
Md. Iqbal Haque is a resident of Lilong. On 24.07.2020, he had a complaint of abdomen pain. He was immediately taken to JNIMS Hospital Porompat to seek emergency medical attention. Thereafter, he was admitted there. The doctors concerned were expected to ready to conduct surgery after necessary testing including Covid-19 test. In an utter surprise, the patient party was asked to treat him at Lamjingba Hospital, Imphal which is private hospital. As told by doctors concerned, Md. Iqbal Haque was taken to the said private hospital. But the said hospital refused to treat him. Thereafter, he was taken to RIMS Hospital.  RIMS also refused to treat him. Having no other alternative, he was brought back to JNIMS again. But on reaching the hospital gate, he had his last breath.              
On 10 June 2020, Mrs. Longjam Basanti, a resident Thiyam Leishangkhong was taken to Community Health Centre, Wangoi as she was to give birth. She used to consult one doctor Tampha who is a Medical Officer posted at the said CHC. On reaching there, the CHC administration refused to admit her on the pretext that the said CHC had been converted into Covid-19 isolation centre. As a result, the family of Basanti was compelled to admit her nearby hospital. The family tried to admit at Ragini Memorial Charitable Clinic, but no doctor was available there. Thereafter, Basanti was immediately taken to JNIMS which JNIMS authority declared her brought death.  
On the 6th of August, 2020, 5 days old infant boy died due to negligence and refusal for treatment by the authority of the District Hospital, Churachandpur District. At evening the infant child was brought to the District Hospital and sought for the diagnosis to the Medical Officer on duty, however, they were neglected by the doctor on duty by not attending the infant child. Later after sometime, the nurse on duty checked the temperature of the boy and the doctor on duty randomly prescribed some medicines while inquiring about their travel history. On seeing the negligence the family members were compelled to return home, which later the infant child succumbed to his illness at around 8:30pm. 
As the facts and the circumstances has been highlighted it is observed that the RIMS, JNIMS, District Hospitals, PHCs and CHCs have violated fundamental rights of the patients guaranteed under Article 21 the Constitution of India. Article 21 of the Constitution guarantees protection of life and personal liberty to every citizen. The Hon’ble Supreme Court of India has held that the right to health is an integral part of Article 21 of the Constitution. Therefore, failure on the part of a government hospitals and practitioners in charge of the Hospitals and Health Canters to provide timely medical treatment to a person in need of such treatment results in violation of right to life guaranteed under Article 21 of the Constitution.
YFPHR, demands :
1. Initiate an inquiry under Section 13 (f) of the MMC, Act 2009 for the gross misconduct or negligence committed by the medical practitioners in charge of the RIMS, JNIMS, PHCs, CHCs and others for utter denial to attend critical case as cited above. 
2.  Direct the Director, JNIMS, RIMS, CMOs of PHCs, MOs of CHCs etc of the aforementioned Health Centres  to furnish and submit a detailed report in a week time from the date of receipt of this complaint,
3. After due process of inquiry, we urge the Manipur Medical Council to award a fair compensation for the damage caused to patient family members and the amount for the said damage shall be recovered from concern administrations of health care centres as cited above

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Mumbai, Aug. 10: 

In a massive haul of drugs, 191 kg heroin worth Rs 1,000 crore, smuggled from Afghanistan, via Iran, as imported ayurvedic medicine, was seized at the Nhava Sheva port, ner Navi Mumbai, by officers of the Mumbai customs and Directorate of Revenue Intelligence on Saturday. 
Two customs house agents (CHA)- Meenanatha Bodake of “MB Shipping and Logistics Solution” and Kondibhau Pandurang Gunjan were arrested from Nerul and Mumbra respectively, for their involvement in the case and were remanded to judicial custody for 14 days, by the court, on the condition that their COVID-19 tests are negative. 
Arrested CHA Bodake told investigators that one Mohammed Numan had introduced him to Delhi-based importer Suresh Bhatia of ”Sarvim Exports”. Bhatia was arrested in drug peddling case earlier. Four more persons including an importer and a financier have been picked from Delhi and are being brought to Mumbai, sources said. 
“Sarvim Exports” is a proprietorship firm registered under Companies Act 1956 having registered office address at Derawal Nagar in North West Delhi and has been engaged in importing ”Glycyrrhiza glabra”, from the ”Baradaran Keyhanzai Ltd” and “Mohammad Dawood Abdul Hakim Ltd” based in Afghanistan. The ”Glycyrrhiza glabra”, commonly known as Liquorice (Jeshthamadh) is used as a flavouring agent in foods and medicinal remedies. It is widely used to treat cough. 
Acting on the tip off, officers of the special intelligence and investigation branch (SIIB) of the Customs, sought the help of DRI.  When the officials examined the container, they noticed orange-coloured gunny bags that had been imported by “Sarvim Exports”. The goods inside the gunny bags were labelled as “Glycyrrhiza glabra” extract. 
The drug was inside gunny bags, hidden in plastic pipes which were painted to make them look like bamboos. The contraband was declared an Ayurvedic medicine. The wooden pipes were covered with bark that appeared to be pasted on them. When the officials removed the outer bark, they noticed that it was a pipe with a powder stuffed inside it.  An NDPS test was conducted to ensure that the powder was heroin. After the test confirmed that contraband was  transported into the country, the NDPS confiscated it. 
“A larger syndicate is involved in the distribution of the narcotics. Some of the accomplices of the accused, who had abetted the crime, are yet to be apprehended. Ongoing investigations seem to suggest that the accused had smuggled similar quantities of drugs in the past as well. Officials said this was the biggest haul in Mumbai adding that a larger syndicate is involved in the distribution of the narcotics. Some of the accomplices of the accused, who had abetted the crime, are yet to be apprehended. Ongoing investigations seem to suggest that the accused had smuggled similar quantities of drugs in the past as well. 
In a similar seizure, on 31 January, the special task force of Punjab police had seized 194 kg of heroin and other contraband from a rented house in Amritsar district and arrested six persons, including an Afghan national and a woman. 
Afghanistan has been the world’s illicit opium maker since 2001. The country’s poppy harvest produces more than 90 per cent of illicit heroin globally and more than 95 per cent of the European supply. From Mumbai, the target areas of distribution by local networks are the ma9in metropolitan cities including Mumbai.

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Monday, 10 August 2020 19:17

Spike in Country’s unemployment rate

IT Correspondent

Delhi, Aug 10:

Due to COVID-19 induced prolonged long lock down, there has been unprecedented spike in India’s unemployment rate particularly during the months of April and May, as per the data from the Centre for Monitoring Indian Economy(CMIE). 

According to CMIE, India’s overall unemployment rate for the month of July stood at 7.43 per cent. Among its major states, there is still cause for concern in Bihar (12.19 per cent), Andhra Pradesh (8.35 per cent), Rajasthan (15.23 per cent), Telangana (9.05 per cent), and Delhi (20.3 per cent), all of which have recorded rates markedly higher than the national average.  

The CMIE calculates its overall unemployment rate by conducting a survey of over 1.74 lakh households over a four-month period. Around 43,600 households distributed all across the country were surveyed each month to determine the monthly joblessness rate. About 10,900 households, translating to 35,900 individuals, were surveyed on a week-to-week basis. 

With the lockdown measures instituted, businesses shuttered causing a huge wave of reverse migration, the country’s overall unemployment rate rose as high as 27.11 for the week that ended on 7 May. 

It is worth noting that India had been facing a crisis of employment even prior to the pandemic. According to government figures, India’s unemployment rate for 2017-2018 fiscal year was pegged at 6.1 per cent, the highest in 45 years.  

The massive layoffs and furloughs that have taken place since the start of March have highlighted the financial vulnerabilities of India’s heterogeneous MSMEs that form the spine of the country’s economy. India’s MSMEs are spread widely across the country with 63 million or 50 per cent of such firms, contributing to 30 per cent of India’s GDP, located in rural areas.  

While some experts have contended that an economic recovery may be, largely, driven by a revival in the agricultural segment, according to a Credit Suisse analysis dated 20 July,  agriculture accounts for just 29 per cent of the rural economy. The rest of the rural economy consists of manufacturing, construction, public sector work, communication and financial services.  

The Centre has responded to the economic crisis triggered by the pandemic with a stimulus package, largely, focused on putting income into the hands, and food on the table of the country’s worst affected communities. As far as employment goes, this has meant increased investment into the government MGNREGA scheme. According to some reports, as many as 125 million households had applied for work under the scheme between April and July, compared to 90 million households during the same period last year, signifying a rise of nearly 40 per cent.  

The increased work under the scheme has contributed markedly to the reduction in the overall unemployment rate from alarmingly high levels in May to the single digits it currently stands at. While further investment into the scheme is certainly warranted, it is also important to note that employment opportunities under MGNREGA are not equally distributed across states. In fact, fewer opportunities exists under MGNREGA in states like Uttar Pradesh and Bihar, two of India’s most populous states. 

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IT Correspondent
Mumbai, Aug 10:

 After questioning the rapper “Badshah”, in connection with the fake social media followers case on Friday, the officers of the Mumbai Police crime branch said that the rapper confessed to buying fake views for his video song ‘Paagal’ for Rs 72 Lakh in a bid to break a viewership record. 
Aditya Prateek Singh Sisodia, alias “Badshah”, confessed that he wanted to set a world record for the most number of viewers in 24 hours on “YouTube”. That is why he paid Rs 72 lakh to this company,” DCP Nandkumar Thakur said. 
Badshah, who has several Bollywood hits to his credit, was first summoned by the Mumbai police on 3rd August. However, he could not record his statement on the said date after which he was asked to appear on Thursday. He was questioned again on Friday. 
But Badshah, denied the police’s claim, and said that he had made it clear to the Mumbai Police that he was never involved in such practices. “Following the summons, I have spoken to the Mumbai Police. I have aided the officials in their investigation by cooperating and carrying out the due diligence on my part. I’ve categorically denied all the allegations levelled against me and made it clear that I was never involved in such practices, nor do I condone them,” he said. 
The said song had garnered 75 million views in the first 24 hours of its release and defeated the previous record for the most views in 24 hours set by “Taylor Swift” and the Korean boy band “BTS”. The Mumbai Police officials have claimed that Badshah confessed to paying for 7.2 crore views.
Aditya Prateek Singh Sisodia, alias “Badshah” is being investigated, since his official Instagram account @badboyshah has witnessed a huge increase in the number of followers. He has many hits to his credit including ‘Taarefan’ and ‘DJ Wale Babu’. His video ‘Genda Phool’ has been a remarkable hit.
In their investigation so far, Mumbai Police officials have found that a few Bollywood stars, sports persons and high profile people have allegedly paid to get fake followers on social media.
Last month, CIU busted a racket, where fake followers and views were being bought by several celebs, in violation of the Information Technology Act (IT Act). The matter came to light after singer Bhoomi Trivedi registered a complaint with the police on 11 July, about a fake Instagram account, she found on social media. The investigation led police to a business based on identity theft.
So far two people have been arrested and a total of 20 people have been questioned by the Mumbai police so far in the Fake social media followers case. After the scam surfaced, a Crime Intelligence Unit (CIU) comprising of Mumbai Police Crime Branch and Mumbai Police Cyber Cell, was formed. The investigation is headed by DCP Nandkumar Thakur with former encounter specialist Sachin Vaze as the chief investigating officer.

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