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Covid 19 test within five minutes

IT News
Mumbai, April 3

The Central Government has allowed Maharashtra to conduct rapid,  mass-scale  “Covid 19”  test by using  blood samples to expedite the detection of coronavirus cases, Health Minister Rajesh Tope said.
The State government will use blood samples instead of swabs in rapid tests through which it can be ascertained “in five minutes” whether the person has developed anti-bodies for the disease or not.
“The Prime Minister Narendra Modi has informed us that the State can now carry out rapid tests for early detection of coronavirus cases. We will be using blood samples for the early detection of Covid 19 infection,”  Tope said and added that mass-scale testing will expedite the  screening procedure. Within five minutes of collection of blood sample, the government will come to know whether the person has developed some anti-bodies (which indicates presence of virus). Earlier the Centre had not allowed mass-scale tests.
“Our health department has prepared online training module for ASHA (accredited social health activist) workers as well as multi-purpose workers registered with the State who will be trained for treating Covid 19 patients,”  Tope said.
“There are over 3.25 lakh migrant labourers in various state-run facilities. Modi has asked us to not only take care of their food, but also provide them TV sets so that they can have some entertainment and do not leave the shelter. The PM has also advised the State government to sanitize containment areas strictly. Containment zones are created around the localities where significant number of infections are found. There are 146 such areas where sanitisation will start soon, Tope said.
About Tablighi Jamaat congregation, Tope said that Maharashtra has traced out 1,300 persons, out of around 1,400 persons who attended the recent congregation in Delhi, Tope said.
In another development Maharashtra Government has decided to convert 30 district   hospitals as special hospitals to treat “Covid 19” patients. With this the capacity will be increased by 2305 beds.  Some of the hospitals include:  Thane district hospital, TB Building (100 beds), Pandit Bhimsen Joshi Hospital, Mira Bhayander (100), Vashi General Hospital (120), Shastri Nagar dispensary, Kalyan Dombivali Municipal Corporation (100), Pune district Hospital, Aundh (50), Kumbhmela building, Nashik (100), municipal Kathada Hospital, Nashik (100) and Ahmednagar district hospital (100).
 In another development Indian Medical Association (IMA) has asked general practitioners (GP) to keep their dispensaries open at least for three hours in a day so that routine patients wanting medicare, are not inconvenienced. However GPs above 65 years and those suffering from diabetes have been exempted from this. The IMA has issued these guidelines in view of the government’s direction to suspend licences of doctors keeping their dispensaries closed fearing coronavirus.
In the meanwhile the number of active Covid 19 cases have climbed up to 423, with 21 deaths in Maharashtra, while 42 fully recovered patients have been discharged till now.

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IT News
Imphal, April 3

Social Welfare Minister Nemcha Kipgen today informed that funds will be released through PFMS - Direct Benefit transfer (DBT) for Old age pensions – Manipur Old Age Pension (MOAP), Indira Gandhi National Old Age Pension and for all the newly selected beneficiaries of MOAP received in Go to Village mission.
Social Welfare Minister stated that funds for most of the governmental schemes of the department are now given through Direct Benefit Transfer (DBT) with an aim to avoid any misappropriation of funds by any third party and to directly reach the beneficiaries in their bank accounts.
Minister further informed that sometimes pending in payments of the pension amount may arise due to incorrect bank account number and Aadhaar not seeded with respective bank account.
In view of the prevailing lockdown situation to contain and combat the COVID-19 pandemic, she appealed all to follow orderly disbursal of pension amount while maintaining social distancing and avoiding overcrowding in banks and ATMs to ensure safety for all.

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Friday, 03 April 2020 18:52

Donations to CM’S COVID-19 Relief Fund

Imphal, April 3

Donations to the Chief Minister’s COVID-19 Relief Fund are coming from different sections of the society. Several individuals and organisations have contributed a sum of           Rs. 41,89,174 to the fund.
MSCB Bank  donated Rs. 500,000, Manipur Child Rights Commission Rs. 100,000, Manipur State Women Development Corporation Limited donated Rs. 100,000, Hindustani Samaj donated Rs. 101,000, Devalaya Committee Sujit Kumar Das donated Rs. 100,000, Ch. Debala Devi, Wife of RK Ranjan, MP donated Rs. 150,000, Mayang Imphal Municipal Council donated Rs. 50,000, Dr Rashini Yengkhom, Dy. Secy. (Home) donated Rs. 10,000, Luwangshangbam Awang Leikai Leishabi donated Rs.20,000, Pitambara English School donated Rs. 100,000, Lions Club of Manipur      donated Rs. 150,000, Lions club of Manipur    donated Rs. 150,000, Bhagwati Prasad, Telepati          donated Rs.20,000, National Sports Academy Guardian Assn   donated Rs.  10,000, Pradhan, Hiyanthang CD Block donated Rs. 50,000, Maibam Joykishor Singh donated Rs. 100,000, All Manipur Forest Rangers Association donated Rs. 100,000, Y. NIlachandra, Secretary of THOUNA MANIPUR Rs. 30,000, Govindas Konthoujam, MLA of Bishnupur AC Rs. 80,000, Nongmeikapam Rebjit Singh donated Rs. 10,000, President, AMJOA donated Rs. 152,228, ICAR donated Rs. 50,000, Director, Art & Culture donated Rs. 255,000, Advanced Hospital donated Rs. 100,000, Director, Social Welfare donated Rs. 500,000, Ksh. Premjit, Tera Loukrakpam Leikai donated Rs. 10,000, Kangleipak Students’ Association donated Rs.  51,150, Moreh College donated Rs. 300,777, IRB 1994 Batch donated Rs. 20,000, Dr. Ch. Chandramani & Dr Bilashini of City Hospital donated Rs. 200,000, MD Sharma of Satguru Sadafal Deo Dhyanasthal Kendra donated Rs. 100,000, Chairman of Council of Higher Secondary Education donated Rs. 219,173, Moirangthem Gulamjat Singh of Rs. 10,000, Mini Elangbam,Nagamapal Lamabam Leikai         donated Rs. 100,000, Directorate of Handloom and Textiles donated Rs.  209,846.

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Ghukha Chophy, 6th Sem,
Political Science Hons.
Tetso College, Dimapur, Nagaland.

“If you’re going through hell, keep going,”
~ Sir Winston Churchill

The world we see today is like in horror movies fighting the unseen object, not sure of real enemy, still holds the doubt whether it is reality! It’s sad for the 21st century people as whole who has experienced two bloody world wars are now experiencing such a heavy pandemic covid-19. As we need to know what level of understanding we have about the present situation and where exactly we are standing.
First and foremost to all the fellow world citizens for a moment let’s first start at least keep ourselves updating on the current issues and show our concerns to at least spend some time in examining latest news on covid-19. This helps us to have an idea about our enemy and helps us to prepare for the worst. There are people who are still ignorant about the grave impact that covid-19 has brought in our lives, moreover they also doesn’t know what steps are taken by the government at national as well as local level, and this is one reason why it is affecting the daily lives, increasing more panic in society and losing the hope of the people.
Let me say this to the people looking out for hope and praying to get things  better, in case you have not realize many people around the world has slowly stepped out each day to help the world to heal in every ground by feeding the poor, helpless and those need in help.  Let me also tell you this when we are talking about losing hope look at the brave doctors and nurses what hope or guarantee do they have of not getting infected, some cases where doctors or nurses are being infected while treating the patients yet they still carry the responsibilities on their shoulders risking their lives on the battle ground.  It’s not only the doctors or nurses but also all  those brave warriors including common concerned citizen, Police, government officials, NGOs, social organizations who are entering in scary battlefield infested and infected by deadly Coronavirus and helping others in times like this are the real heroes of our society. Do not be under impression that they are doing it for some name or fame, do not get blinded or get the wrong ideas about them in case if you see on any news or heard any nonsensical rumors or gossip. Remember to look on every side, remember, a common man still extending hand of help to other common man in the darkest of the times. IF we cannot develop enough compassion to help others in the darkest of the time, then at least let us sit silently at our home and pray for those who are doing it by risking their lives, without spreading unwanted rumors and gossips about them. This is not a time to criticize, rather support each other, and support all those who are on the ground.   
It seems it has now become a fashion to criticize government every now and then. See, constitution of India has given us every right to hold government accountable for its failures however, I fail to understand, how can we be so blinded by our prejudices that we are not hesitating to bombard shells of criticism against government when every part of government machinery day and night is busy fighting with Covid-19? You may have your issues with the government, I may also have mine, but for God’s sake this is not the time to ask government questions or criticize its policies.
The situation in world is no different. People are mindlessly criticizing their governments for not doing much to save people’s lives. Why? For what? Entire world has come in stand still. No production is happening. No foreign trades are happening. Stock Markets have crashed. Major currencies have collapsed. International Borders have been sealed. People are in lockdown and government machineries are fighting an epic battle with whatever weapons they have. Moreover, in all this chaos, we are witnessing a game of blame. Countries are blaming each other for e.g. U.S blaming China and china blaming U.S and Italy blaming China. Iraq blaming U.S and Israel etc. This is not the right time to play this petty politics. The time has become to unite and fight this Coronavirus. Government of each and every country need to look out for help and also should not hesitate to offer help.
However, the real culprits behind this international chaos which now has put big question mark on the very survival of human race should be dealt in harshest possible ways. Whoever is behind such darkest crime, challenging the human emotions and existence of everyone’s creator and deciding the fate and lives of the people needs to be answered to the people and must be held accountable for their evil wrong doings. Government of India has promulgated and has been successfully enforcing Sec. 269 & 270 of IPC, Sec. 144 CrPc, Epidemic Diseases Act 1897 and Disaster Management Act, 2005 to discipline the people in the time of Covid-19.
Those who are ignoring government directives and violating the laws of land are definitely paying the heavy price for their deeds. Questions around the Islamic religious gathering organized by ‘Tablighi Jamaat’ at Markaz at Nizamuddin Delhi getting darker and darker in the shadow of ever rising Covid-19 infected people through the ‘Superspreaders’ who evidently were part of the said gathering. Law of the land is very clear. Section 269 of IPC which says- Negligent act likely to spread infection of disease dangerous to life.—Whoever unlawfully or negligently does any act which is, and which he knows or has reason to believe to be, likely to spread the infection of any disease dangerous to life, shall be punished with imprisonment of either description for a term which may extend to six months, or with fine, or with both & 270 of IPC which provides-Malignant act likely to spread infection of disease dangerous to life.—Whoever malignantly does any act which is, and which he knows or has reason to believe to be, likely to spread the infection of any disease dangerous to life, shall be punished with imprisonment of either description for a term which may extend to two years, or with fine, or with both. These two powerful provisions of Indian Penal Code are more than enough to tackle people involve in incidents which has threatened the life and survival of 133.92 Crore population of India.
Moreover, the Covid-19 pandemic tragedy during the course of this time; people, thoughts and philosophies are leading to changes in impacting in good and bad side influencing in every human perspective whether religious, political, racial, or any other major phenomena. One of the major reasons to back this statement is the certain events happening in India, Northeast people are called Coronavirus because they look like Chinese, and such a derogatory identification tag is completely racism. Moreover, it has been seen that many Christians are confused whether to believe in science or miracles, as their faith is being challenged and also we see Churches are ready to receive donation but in times like this most of the churches are ignoring the fact that people are homeless, they are thirsty, dying with hunger, how long can we afford to keep this dual face? Churches need to do something super-constructive with the collaboration of the government or by themselves but they MUST do something for the society, for God’s words are for helpless, poor, innocent and needy people. The generous will themselves be blessed, for they share their food with the poor. — Proverbs 22:9. I wish to remind churches and ‘Holy People’-the regular church goers their godly responsibility.  
Covid-19 has not only created the negativity but also if we look on the brighter side, the mother Earth is healing rapidly. All this change has also led to some unexpected consequences. As industries, transport networks and businesses have closed down; it has brought a sudden drop in carbon emissions. Compared with this time last year, levels of pollution in New York have reduced by nearly 50% because of measures to contain the virus.
In China, emissions fell 25% at the start of the year as people were instructed to stay at home, factories shuttered and coal use fell by 40% at China’s six largest power plants since the last quarter of 2019. The proportion of days with “good quality air” was up 11.4% compared with the same time last year in 337 cities across China, according to its Ministry of Ecology and Environment. In Europe, satellite images show nitrogen dioxide (No2) emissions fading away over northern Italy.  A similar story is playing out in Spain and the UK.
The world may undergo even worst, but this will never be an end for this is what the lessons are being given to us. We should declare this as a challenge to make the world a better place for the younger generation and for us, those who have been positive and helping hand in crucial times shall never be forgotten and blessings be upon them.  More or less people are going through some thought process looking at the positive sides and lifting and responding to the needy people I hope this things will set our eyes as an example even for us to be a one helping hand at the end.
What will be the cause of resulting the loss of lives of the people I have no idea. However in times like this if we bring out the hatred in us instead of humanity, I believe it will do nothing better in our lives rather than a bad luck just like the covid-19 virus infecting everyone that comes in their way. So let’s all have patience and be more rational and look everything deeper to curb of the problems rather than creating one. Let’s all be helpful by educating each other rather than promoting hate. Be positive because positivity will help you look for hope for better tomorrow. And, the questions which have been haunting my restless mind since ‘Markaz’ incident, I am sure will be answered in a befitting manner by the Legal system of India. We will win the battle against Covid-19. Amen!

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By -M. Asnikumar Singh
State Vice President/
For Combat Covid -19 Team
BJP Manipur Pradesh

The BJP Manipur Pradesh highly appreciates the cooperation, cohesion and support shown by the people of the state so far in the fight against COVID19. The selfless duties performed by the state’s medical professionals and security personnel in such uncertain times is nothing short of heroic.
BJP Manipur Pradesh earnestly appeals to the fellow citizens of the State to maintain  SOCIAL DISTANCING and regular HAND HYGIENE to combat the deadly COVID-19. It is an earnest appeal to the people of the State to support and co-operate with the nationwide lockdown and comply with the guidelines and preventive measures laid down by the World Health Organisation (WHO), Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Government of India , Govt of Manipur and medical experts to fight the deadly disease. We empathise with the hardships faced by certain sections of the people of the state due to the lockdown but it is in the interest of general public safety.
We would like to place the following detailed status of the Relief work undertaken by BJP Manipur Pradesh on COVID-19 in Manipur:
•Till now, 4 State office bearers meetings in presence of State Party President, K Bhabananda Singh have taken place regarding the COVID-19.
•A 24*7 control room is functioning from old party head office Nityaipak Chuthek, Keishampat Imphal.
•A monitoring team of party workers led by a team under S Joy Singh, Vice President of state unit is overseeing the relief work being undertaken by the party as well as the State Government machineries at various level across the state .
•’Feed the Needy’ under the supervision of M Asnikumar,Vice President of the state unit - the party has already decided to mobilise a minimum of 10,000 dedicated karyakartas from across the state. Each karyakarta is to support one distressed family with essential commodities like rice, dal etc in their respective polling booths on their own. Till now, 5500 low income households have been covered by the party karyakartas. This is still in progress and will be accelerated. Reaching out to shelter homes for the elderly, working women, orphanage, disabled children, destitute and stranded students from far flung areas of the state;
providing them with essential commodities and logistical support has already commenced. This is being assisted by two Vice Presidents of the party’s state unit Z Kikhonbou Newmai and Benjamin Mate.

•Call for volunteer- 10 volunteers from every mandal to help facilitate distressed fishermen, farmers and livestock owners with putting their products in the market in coordination with the government agencies. This is being undertaken by a 5 member team under supervision of Kh Jibon Singh, State secretary in coordination with State Agricuture and Animal Husbandry Minister,V Hangkhalian.

•Helpline numbers have been opened for 24 hours at district and mandal levels in all the districts and mandals of the state.
•Distribution of masks, hand sanitizers, gloves by party karyakartas at state, district, mandal and booth levels in coordination with state government agencies and local authorities.

•Support and relief to migrant labours; provision of essential commodities as well as logistical support led by the following members - Premananda Meetei, Sangathan Mantri , Jyotin Waikhom, Vice President, Robin Blackie, Treasurer in coordination with Seva Bharti Imphal.

•The party is coordinating with different social organisations to combat covid-19 in the state .
•Reaching the issues of common people to the right platform: constant touch with the Chief Minister and Chief Minister’s Office, Minister of Agriculture, V Hangkhalian who is the party in charge minister for COVID-19, other concerned ministers, State and district administration. The party is working hand in hand with all the aforementioned individuals and apparatus to fight the COVID-19 pandemic and provide relief to distressed people.
•STATE CENTRAL COMMAND CENTRE under direct supervision of the Chief Minister Shri N. Biren Singh  is functioning 24*7 at the CM Secretariat, assisted by Chief Secretary and other senior bureaucrats and a dedicated team of experts.
•Regular reporting: day to day activities undertaken by the party and its karyakartas in relation to COVID-19 are reported to the Party Head Office, in charge central leaders.
•M.Asnikumar Singh, Vice President and Premananda Meetei, Sangathan Mantri are available 24*7 for any assistance related with relief work of Combat Covid-19 in the state.

PM CARES fund for the battling COVID19 pandemic has been set up for Manipur as well. A committee has been set up by State Party President with Shri P Somojit  Singh, President Yuva Morcha as the convenor. It is a humble, honest and heartfelt appeal to anyone and everyone who are willing and capable of donating, to start contributing to the fund. Each and every contribution to the PM CARES fund will make a difference in India’s battle against COVID-19.
It is now clear that the Tablighi Jamaat Congregation is linked to the newly reported cases in the Northeastern States of Manipur, Assam, Arunachal Pradesh. This is an earnest appeal on behalf of the party to those individuals from our state who attended the congregation in Nizamuddin, Delhi. It is in the interest of general public health safety to voluntarily report themselves for testing to the concerned authorities. There is no stigma attached with the virus, it does not discriminate amongst its victims. Unwillingness or hesitation to come out voluntarily will further endanger public health safety.
The BJP Manipur empathises with and stands with the people of Manipur in the battle against COVID.

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Friday, 03 April 2020 18:00

KSA disinfected MU campus

IT News
Imphal, April 3
Volunteers of Kangleipak Students’ Association (KSA) sprayed disinfection solution at the surroundings of all Hostels of the Manipur University today. The student body also sprayed the disinfection solution at almost all area inside the Manipur University complex.
Spraying of the disinfection solution is a measure taken up to prevent spread of novel Novel coronavirus which is spreading like wild fire across the globe, Toijam Ratan Kumar , Public grievance Secy of the KSA said. He added that in addition to the measures being taken up by the government it is the responsibility of all CSOs, students’ bodies and every individual to join the fight against the spread of the deadly virus.

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IT News
Imphal, April 3
The Manipur Pradesh Congress Committee (MPCC) has urged the Government of Manipur to increase monthly ration quotas of daily wage earners and labourers by 50% for the period of COVID-19 pandemic.
In a statement released by Kh. Devabrata, General Secretary cum Spokesperson of the MPCC, the party showed serious concern about the terrible statewide financial stress particularly among the poors, widows, daily wage earners, safai karamcharis and labourers during the nationwide lockdown to contain the COVID-19 pandemic.
“Workers of these sectors are facing very difficult livelihood challenges at this time and they cannot overcome it alone”, the statement said.
The MPPC further demanded the government of Manipur to release pending wages payment to MNERGA Card holders, Safai Karamcharies in the Municipalities, district Council, Small towns, Panchayats, Nagar Panchayats etc. The party also demanded the government to release the yearly pensions of widows old aged persons and differently abled persons

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IT News

Imphal, April 3

Unskilled labourers who live on income earned by working the whole day have been facing extreme hardship during the lockdown called by the government not only because they have nowhere to work but because they cannot afford to pay interest of the money that they borrowed from moneylenders.

A lady – who live as sand mining labour , from Nongdam area in Imphal East district while calling up to Imphal Times said that a money lender from their area have been harassing them every day for not paying the interest that she had lended to her.

“I borrow a sum of Rs. 5000/- and pay Rs. 1000/- every week as interest without affecting the principal amount, but now as there is a total lockdown called I have no means to pay the interest as I have no work and I am scare of going out as government says the virus may be contacted from person already affected”, the lady told Imphal Times.

She further said that some NGOs running micro finance have stopped collecting money at this time of crisis but the lady keep harassing us everyday for not paying the interest.

“We are around 10 ladies who borrowed money from her ranging from Rs. 5000 to 10000 at the interest of 10% per week keeping intake the principal amount. We request her to exempt the interest until the lockdown is lifted assuring her to pay as soon as we start working”, the lady said.

He appealed authority to look into their suffering and urged this newspaper to draw the attention of the government.

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As according to information available from the number of confirmed COVID-19 case reaches 2640 in India. Of these 192 patients have been recovered and 74 died. Total number of active positive COVID -19 case stands at 2374 as recorded at 3.30 pm today.

North East states of the country which was exempted from any cases till March 23, now have 20 COVID-19 positive cases with 16 in Assam, 2 in Manipur and 1 each in Arunachal Pradesh and Mizoram . That means in 10 days the number of COVID-19 positive case rise to 20. Maximum positive case in the North East state spread from Delhi’s Nizamuddin area from those persons who had attended the religious congregation from March 12 to March 13.

According to the central government, as many as 16,000 people – including 2,100 foreigners from Canada, Nigeria, China, South Korea, Singapore, Indonesia, Brunei and Australia – visited Malaysia for the Tablighi Jamaat from January 1, before arriving in India and attending the event held from February 27 to March 1 in south Delhi’s Nizamuddin.

From there, as many as 824 devotees dispersed to Markaz in different parts of the country, and 216 of them stayed at Nizamuddin Markaz. Fearing that travels will be restricted, others might have left the country before the 21-day lockdown was announced on March 24.

Subsequently, it was found that many in the gathering showed symptoms of the contagious disease. Many tested positive, but it was only after the deaths that the cases were traced back to the event earlier this month.

A tweet from Health Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma of Assam says that all the 16 COVID -19 patients had attended a congregation organised by the Tablighi Jamaat in Delhi’s Nizamuddin West last month.

The First COVID -19 case in Manipur was reported on April 24 after a 23 years old girl who return to Manipur UK on March 21 was reported positive. The girl followed strict regulation advice by the government and even her father was not affected leaving aside her other family members who were also tested negative.

The second patient tested positive was a person who attended the  religious congregation organised by the Tablighi Jamaat in Delhi’s Nizamuddin West last month. Unlike the 23 years old girl who have maintain strict regulation by isolating herself even from her family members and reporting timely to the health department, the 2nd person tested positive just two days back reportedly violated all health advisory issued by both the Union and state government.

According to a highly reliable source Imphal Times reported that during the religious congregation as many as 85 persons from the state of Manipur either attended or loiter around the area as per tracking record by telecom department, instead of trying to verify and co-operate with the government pour angry to the media report.

Later, some civil society leaders comes up saying that the number of persons attended the religious congregation was 10 while 9 have returned and 1 still staying somewhere outside the state.

Chief Minister N. Biren Singh also stated that his government received information from the Union Ministry about the possible presence of over 100 people from the state of Manipur in the religious congregation at South Delhi. The Chief Minister however said that as it was track through mobile phone 10 persons have been confirmed returned while the location of others are not found at Manipur, even though authority are still tracing them.

Novel coronavirus spread from China in December last year and was reported middle week of January this year. The whole world was alerted and measures to contain the spread of the virus had been taken up almost at every country. Manipur government took up precautionary measures from January 18. All passengers at airport and other land route entry have been screen. And awareness programme have been taken up by the state government. When the number of positive cases case was on the rise Prime Minister Narendra Modi called Janata Curfew on March 22 and it was followed by 21 days lockdown in the entire country from Midnight of March 24. Manipur government already impose curfew and locked down Khwairamband Ima Keithel before the Prime Minister announced “Janata Curfew”.

It was at these juncture when the state government has been taking up measures to fight the COVID-19 that those people attended the Nizamuddin Markaz at Delhi returned Imphal. The 2nd person who was tested positive reportedly return on March 9. What this person was doing all this days? Why he had not reported his travel story to the Government authority as soon as the report about Nizamuddin Markaz spread like wild fire? Now there is a possibility that whomever he contacted in the last 10 days have the virus. But how many of them?

People in the state are lucky that there is a total lockdown for 21 days as the number of person that the person contacted is confined to only some place but can’t guarantee about his contact since March 9 till March 21 as there was no lockdown called.

Now, as per advice of medics , the window period of the virus from showing symptoms is 14 days minimum and may extend till 27 days. That is why the medical expert suggested that by April first week or second week many persons in the state may show symptoms of the disease. WE CARE OUR PEOPLE, no matter they are Muslim, Christian, Hindu or any other religion.

Instead of trying to communalizing the issue let us find out the reality and trace out whoever may have been infected by the disease.

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