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Friday, 24 April 2020 - Imphal Times

Tension erupts at Mantripukhri area after Forest Dept. authority evicted encroachers from Langol Reserved Forest land

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Imphal, April 24

Tension erupted at Macheng village in Mantripukhri area under Heingang Assembly Constituency of Imphal East district after large number of people protested eviction of 3 houses by Forest Department authority from Langol Reserved Forest area amidst lockdown in the fight against COVID-19 pandemic.
Police team who were assisting the Forest department authority in the eviction drive as per an order by the Imphal East district magistrate fired several round of tear gas shells to disperse the protestors. However, the scene turned ugly after the protestors strike back with sling shots and by pelting stone. A police personnel was reported injured after he was hit by a slingshot.
Report said that large number of people of the Macheng Village block road at Lamlongei Macheng area at Mantripukhri while a team led by RK Amarjit, DFO, Central Forest Division and Executive Magistrate of Imphal East along with a police team led by Additional SP of Imphal East went to evict the houses at around 8.30 am today. The government authority convinced the villagers however as they protested the eviction of the houses the Executive Magistrate order to disperse the protestors. Following the order the police fire several round of tear gas shells and Rubber bullet and disperse the protestors and evicted the encroachers.
The three houses constructed inside the Reserved Forest Area belong to one Khonthuingampou Panmei H/o Gaingamliu Malangmei. Two of the houses have been rented by him.
Talking to reporters, RK Amarjit, DFO, Central Forest Division said that a total of 1346 houses have been constructed inside the reserved Forest land and a case is pending with the court for eviction of the houses. Above this there is an office memorandum which stated that no new houses can be constructed inside the forest reserved land.

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Shiv Sena attacks Centre for buying faulty COVID-19 test kits from China

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Mumbai, April 24,

Maharashtra Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray’s party Shiv Sena has attacked the Centre for buying expensive, low quality and faulty COVID-19 sample testing kits from China.
In an editorial published in its mouthpiece ‘’Saamana’’, the Shiv Sena has questioned the Centre’s decision to buy the Rapid Testing Kits from China, which is being blamed for the COVID-19 outbreak. The “Saamana” editorial said that the Centre has made it clear that the states will buy medical kits, relief materials from it, but the first consignment of 20 lakh rapid testing kits from China proved faulty and it is of no use. 
The editorial stated that US President Donald Trump calls the coronavirus as ‘Chinese Virus’ but India still chose to trust China over testing kits. “As per the Centre’s policy, the states should rely on the Centre for materials needed in the war against the COVID 19… but how will this war be won, since the Chinese materials are of low quality and faulty? The first batch of rapid testing kits ordered by the Modi government from China turned out to be useless. When the Chinese goods finally went to the wreckage, the Centre had to inform the states to use the kits made by the National Institute of Virology, Pune (Maharashtra) instead of the current “bogus” kits!”,
It continued by saying, “It’s no coincidence that Trump is calling it the ‘China virus’, since because of China, the world has plunged into a crisis. Nobel laureate scientists claim that the Coronavirus, which spread from China to the rest of the world, is man-made. There is no certainty as to what China will do next. Despite this, nations like India are taking large quantities of rapid test kits of the COVID-19 from China. In a way, we are working to strengthen China’s economy. That is why it is time for us to dispose of millions of rapid test kits purchased from China.”
Lashing out at China, the “Saamana” editorial said that Maharashtra has received 75,000 Chinese rapid test kits from the Centre. Rapid tests started in corona hot spots like Dharavi in Central Mumbai, but the Brihan Mumbai Municipal Corporation(BMC) administration stopped the tests, since Chinese goods were scrapped. Not only in Maharashtra there are complaints about the defective Chinese kits all over the country.
 ”All this confusion is raising concerns about Corona. It is a confusion that shows how serious we are in this battle and how there is no unanimity in the decision. It is shocking that China, which cannot be trusted, and which has plunged the world into an epidemic, has joined hands to fight the same virus,” it said.
In similar way the Shiv Sena had attacked Modi, in an article in ‘Saamna’ for his China visit in April 2018 saying Modi skipped discussing important issues with Chinese president Xi Jinping and Modi was following Nehru’s ‘no war policy’ on China.
In related development the United Kingdom has already dumped the Two million home test kits worth $20 million, bought from two Chinese firms, namely, “AllTest Biotech” and “Wondfo Biotech”, since they proved to be faulty and insufficiently accurate by a laboratory at the Oxford University.

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Education Minister inspects checking of examination papers for class X and XII

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Imphal, April 24

Education Minister Th. Radheshyam today inspected the checking of final examination papers for class X and XII at various centers here in Imphal. Checking of the examination papers for the two examinations began yesterday at TG Higher Secondary School, CC Higher Secondary, DM College, office of the Council of Higher Secondary School and Board of Secondary Education Manipur.
Talking to reporters, the Education Minister said that in view of the career of the students who had appeared the class X and XII examination the government in consultation with the COSHEM and BOSEM, felt it necessary to declare the exam on time and does started checking of answer sheets.
The education Minister appreciated the teachers who are checking the papers for their dedication and concerns for the students and for maintaining the social distancing norms while checking the papers. He said that the government will look into the matters on the problem being face by the teachers who are assigned for checking of the answer sheets. He appealed the police to coordinate to the teachers who came for checking the papers and to allow them passage even though curfew has been imposed.
The Education Minister also assured to open a separate petrol pump for the teachers to fill fuel to their vehicles.    

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25 attendees of Tablighi Jamaat gathering arrested in Mumbra

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Mumbai, April 24

Twenty five attendees of Tablighi Jamaat, including 13 Bangladesh nationals, 8 Malaysians and four Indians were arrested from Kausa-Mumbra area and remanded to judicial custody by the Thane Crime Branch (Maharashtra) after end of their quarantine period on Thursday.
The accused were booked on first April on charges of attending the Tablighi Jamaat’s gathering in Delhi earlier this year. They were initially quarantined and were arrested on Thursday, on charges of over staying in India, even after expiry of tourist visa.
The event, which was held at Alami Markaz Banglewali Mosque in South Delhi, in March, soon found itself in the centre of controversy after scores of the attendees started testing positive for the novel coronavirus. The police in several states have registered cases against participants.
According to the police, 25 of the attendees were traced to Mumbra and booked on April 1. “The accused included 13 Bangladeshi nationals, eight Malaysians and four local residents. As they had all exposed themselves to the infection, they were quarantined in a government facility at Shil Daighar,”(Navi Mumbai)  a Crime Branch officer said.
The officer said the quarantine period ended on Thursday, after which the Crime Branch Unit I arrested them. “The accused have been charged with disobeying an order promulgated by a public servant and negligent act with respect to an infectious disease under the Indian Penal Code, along with sections of the Disaster Management Act 2005. Additionally, the foreign nationals have been charged under the Foreigners’ Act 1946 for violating the terms of their tourist visas,” the officer said.

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Seized Betel leaves disposed at Lamdeng

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Imphal, April 24
Betel leaves which has been transported during curfew and lockdown in the state due to the COVID-19 pandemic at Imphal Airport through Cargo flight on April 4 have been disposed at the Solid Waste Management complex located at Lamdeng as per an order by the Court. SP of Imphal West Police and official of the Pollution Control Board were also present while disposing the betel leaves.   

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Relief items distributed

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Jiribam, April 24

MLA of Jiribam Assembly constituency Md. Asabuddin handed over 2 bags of rice to the working journalists of Jiribam districts as a mark of respect to their hard work during the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown. The Rice bags were handed over by the brother of the MLA  Md. Bahar Uddin.

On the other hand Member of the Patsoi Part -1 GP , Wahengbam Lily Devi distributed edible items including Potatoes, fermented fish etc to around 300 houses as relief items for COVID-19 lockdown.

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26th Raising Day of KYKL : Chairman N. Oken greets people with critical review of Manipur’s society today - (1)

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Imphal, April 24

Armed rebel group Kanglei Yawol Kanna Lup (KYKL) is observing its 26th Raising Day on April 25. In connection with the Raising Day, Chairman of the proscribed group N. Oken greets the people of all sections of WESEA region particularly to the revolutionary groups of the region, CSO, Public intellectuals and media. The Chairman also appreciated to health workers who had been fighting the invasion of COVID-19 by risking their life.  
In his message in connection with the raising day the Chairman of the KYKL critically examine two burning issues that Kangleipak is presently facing. The issue about Manipur King’s decision to contest the election of Rajya Shaba and that of the invasion by COVID-19 in Manipur has been deliberated.
“We need to study the attitudes of our leaders as well as the people’s opinions on both historical occasions, which are heavily inconsistent with Kanglei national values. At the same time, it also calls for a philosophical and objective interpretation of the same. This will tell us know how much we are disintegrated. It is, therefore, time for us, the people, to think about what to do to protect ourselves and to reaffirm our historic or epochal task. While some dub him as a paper tiger, he is a figure respected by more people than the MLAs and the MPs. Even the chief minister of Manipur kneels down before giving him respect. But what is most astounding and outlandish is that even he wants to become an MP. It is more than obvious that even our leaders are not concerned about our traditional values. Some close to the King were of the opinion that our King could become an MP, but that he should not address the Chairman/Vice-Chairman as ‘Chairman Sir.’ Nothing could be more self-contradictory or illogical than this. In other words, we all, from the most important persons to the plain folks, have become an opportunist. It can be seen as a warning bell that alarms us that we are on the brink of extinction,” N. Oken said.
He further added that with the CVID-19 approach, all of our ugly aspects have been disclosed. Sir James Johnstone once said, “… certainly, the Manipuris have stable and industrious qualities…”. What he meant by his words was that our forefathers were calm and not trepidations in trying times and that they weren’t too happy when success came.
During the period of the COVID-19, all these national characters seem to have vanished. Irrational fear, senselessness and complete madness are being manifested. After hearing the news that a man has been infected, a stable community will not close village lanes without taking into account what may have an impact on society tomorrow. He also gave an account of an event that he had encountered in 1880. At that time, an epidemic called cholera that did not have a vaccine attacked Manipur; many were killed. The Darbar was closed down, too. When he investigated why the Darbar was closed down, he came to know that the nobles were busy cremating the dead bodies of his relatives and friends. He also wrote about how our people behaved during that time of the epidemic, “…there were no cases of sick being deserted and everyone appeared calm and collected.” Where did all those behavioral traits gone?
COVID-19 is a disease that cannot be spread from person to person when we stand 6 feet apart. Without thinking about this small fact, some protested not to open a quarantine center near their village, so absurd. This isn’t anywhere near our traditional values. Rather, it is a great sign that shows that the idea of social responsibility, once embodied in every Kangleicha, has been lost.
Both issues show that our culture is becoming less influential and that our identity is being diluted. As we know, our culture and our identity are historical products meaning that the loss of our culture and identity is nothing but a product of Indian colonialism forcing us to accept Indian culture. What we can see here is that what we are doing today will determine our future course of history. If we cannot correct what is going on now, our history will be in the dark. We’re like standing in our own tomb. The act of finding the main reason why our culture and identity are diluted is the first way to stop the same thing. One of the many causes of cultural dilution is our complete economic dependence on Delhi as a product of our ever crumbling economic base. Culture, identity and history of a human group develop anchoring on the economy they are living with.
Amilcar Cabral wrote, “‘Like history, or because it is history, culture has as its material base the level of the productive forces and the mode of production.’ As world history has shown, we can say that a society that is totally dependent on others can not follow the right course of history. Abject poverty and complete economic dependence on India is clearly seen in what is happening now. We no longer care about COVID-19, social or physical distancing and curfews. What is more vital to us is to make sure that we get the rice (Kg 5-10) free of charge from the government. We have no shame in fighting each other to get a free ration. Even the MLAs and ministers are fighting for this. We don’t care about self-respect in trying to get something free. We can see such social phenomena only when people are living in extreme poverty. This is the product of the incorrect policies we’ve had in the last seven decades. Before 90 years, we’re a rice exporter. But today we feed ourselves on imported rice.
There are some of us who said that no one comes to help the king when he faces financial difficulties. It’s more like saying that Iningthou (our King) can contest MP election if it’s to eliminate his poverty. Instead of thinking about saving national values, culture and identity, he was using his position to gain some monetary advantage. This is the way of thinking of a people living in critically dependent societies. In short, the root cause of our leaders’ desire to be assimilated into the culture of Mayang can be traced in our shattered economic base and critical dependence on the economy of Mayang. So our epochal or historical task is to build a self-sustaining Kanglei economy. If we have a strong economic base, we can protect our culture and identity — the dialectical relationship between the base and the superstructure. We will also be respected at that time. We can only make our people rich if we can make native national capitalism happen. In addition, it can bring back to us our lost national characters. I would ask the people of Manipur to analyze and criticize the ideas I have put forward here in order to make it more complete.

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By Marjing Mayanglambam

My opinion on this article is solely written from experiences and stories or events that occurred in the society of Manipur. Generalization of how a family is, in Manipur can’t be said by one individual, but a brief explanation can be given in an average and acceptable way. The descriptions may sometimes seem like stereotyping strongly, but it is to be noted that those clichés are true to a far extent per personal experiences and reports throughout history.

            In ancient stories, myths or folklores of Manipur, there are several mentioning where setting of rules and regulations on how to live a life as a social being which was compulsory and not abiding by them means dishonor to family and the society. Let’s do a case study in the Meitei community.

            In average, most of the families of the Meitei community of Manipur are traditional and orthodox in nature. For instance, belief in myths/taboos and superstitious in many aspects are seen. There is still the tradition of considering menstrual women as impure and not allowed to enter the kitchen or do religious activities in the household. Women are still looked down upon, restrictions imposed against them and considered to end up in the kitchen, and also given more extra rules to behave like a typical Woman which the society requires. But, exceptionally, we have many Meitei Chanuras who stood strong, did the forbidden or manly activities, and sought equality in this patriarchal society.

            We Meitei have the lunar calendar system and some days, such as the First day or Ninth day of the lunar month is considered bad for doing any activities outside the house, like spending a night at someone else’s place or doing a work/job and such. “I wonder if a son would be allowed to accept the opportunity to work at the US or Germany and he has to leave home on the First day of the lunar month, which was also his birth day and someone from his family just came back from someplace else, and it was a Thursday too, and he tripped at the door”. Some do say that following these ways of superstitions and taboos feels right and would abide by it. I don’t feel angered by them but pity them. Don’t be offended dear orthodox parents and grandparents, for the year is 2020 and one has the right to do whatever one likes or prefer, but if this freedom is too contradicted, outdated and psychologically harmful for the coming generations, one must try to adapt to the modern era.

            The world has developed so fast and many new educational fields or scopes are everywhere, but the tradition of parents wanting children to become ‘Doctor - Engineer’ still exists at large. In a positive sense, being a developing country, we need these two professions for progress too, but, destroying their children’s dream and passion for the sake of what the parents want is sort of a slow killing, and sometimes murder, seen in the form of ‘suicides’. It is not uncommon to see many families seeing ‘arts, music and dances’ as inferior and lowly, which I do agree and is not just a mere assumption but due to the fact that in the past, artistes/artists have bad/gruesome life in many ways. In a close study, there is the case, where western or foreign art forms are considered to be more of high class and neglecting the traditional art forms, for they seem less interesting and downgraded. I also know this case, for once someone told me that marrying to a Pena player will bring disgrace to the bride and family. Frankly, I got an advice from a traditional folk musician that, “When there’s a concert having guitars, pianos, violins and Pena, the camera and audience’s attention is more focused towards the rare and unique instrument, Pena”. Quite a confidence booster for a soft-hearted person like me.

            Finding a family which is very open minded, modern, non-orthodox and liberal is very hard, but there are a few which are countable. Children in their puberty period have lots of questions, and if the parents are too outdated to talk about it, there’s high chance of getting the wrong knowledge from the bad source. Teach, talk, and understand what your children are feeling and happening with them for some may have confusions with their sexuality, aims in life, girlfriend/boyfriend relationships and many others. Don’t just scold them with harsh words saying, “That’s not allowed or That’s stupid or Nang mee oiraroi”, please c’mon, it is purely biological to have these feelings and its not like you jumped their phases. Be the parents you didn’t had in your life and try to be more ‘Open’.  Please, don’t bring up the comparison between an American Modern family, for their society is too advanced than ours, but we still can learn a few which can go along with our traditions and social norms. Note that stating these various behaviors of families does not mean that one must forget the basic ‘Meitei gi Chatnabi’ (Meitei’s Tradition), but rather discard the unnecessary and unhealthy lifestyles and open up ourselves and be liberalistic in good senses/nature.

And of course, Stay safe and Stay at Home.

The writer is a student of DM University and may be contacted at +91 9862008163

Break the silence on the arrest of activists and innocents under the cover of corona lockdown: Popular Front

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Imphal, April 24

Popular Front of India Chairman O M A Salam in a statement condemned the ongoing arrests of human rights activists and innocent Muslim youths in Delhi under draconian charges.
The Delhi Police Special Cell investigating the riots happened in North East Delhi has arrested Jamia Millia Islamia students Meeran Haider and Safoora Zargar and charged the draconian provisions of UAPA on them. It is learned that former JNU student Omar Khalid is also named in the FIR.  This witch-hunt of student activists who took part in anti-CAA protests by using draconian laws is nothing but communal and political vendetta.  By such acts, the Delhi Police controlled by the Central Government is trying to pointedly suppress any voice of dissent against the ruling class.
North East Delhi riot was clearly an anti-Muslim pogrom planned and executed by Sangh Parivar. While BJP leaders like Kapil Mishra who instigated mobs to attack Muslims still roam free, Delhi Police as per dictates of their political masters is engaged in fixing the responsibility of riots on leaders and laymen belonging to Muslim community.
It is reported that AAP leader Tahir Hussain who was arrested earlier is also now charged under UAPA.  Later Popular Front activists in Delhi including District President Pervez Ahmed and   District Secretary Mohammed Ilyas were arrested under false charges alleging involvement in riots. Serious sections are added in their FIR also.  Many innocent Muslims of the locality still languish in jail. Unfortunately, the Delhi civil society could not rise to the occasion adequately so far.
O M A Salam stated that while the entire nation is indoors to prevent the catastrophe of Covid-19, the BJP government has never quarantined its treachery and wickedness.  Rather, it is misusing the helplessness of the people to suppress dissent and undermine democratic values. In such a serious situation, Popular Front Chairman called upon political parties, community organisations and civil society groups to break their silence, raise their voice and act together against the injustice being committed against targetted Muslim groups, activists and local victims in riot affected Delhi.

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Distribution of PDS rice under PMGKAY continues in the state

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Imphal, April 24

State Government continues to distribute PDS rice under Pradhan Mantri Garib Kalyan Anna Yojana (PMGKAY) to the beneficiaries of the State to ensure uninterrupted supply of food grains, during the ongoing lockdown to contain outbreak of COVID-19. For smooth continuation of such distribution, allocated PDS rice for April, 2020 under PMGKAY and Open Market Sale Scheme (OMSS) for several Assembly Constituencies(A/C) in the State are being lifted from FCI Godowns located at different parts of the State.
In Thoubal District, a total quantity of 2796 quintal of rice was distributed, yesterday, to the beneficiaries of Khangabok A/C i.e. 2234 quintal under PMGKAY and 562 quintal under OMSS. Apart from this 2.5 quintal of rice under OMSS was distributed to DAPCU, Thoubal. There was also lifting of rice in the district. The lifted rice included 1007.7 quintal under PMGKAY and 205.975 quintal under OMSS for Lilong A/C and 2020.50 quintal under PMGKAY and 479.95 under OMSS for its Thoubal A/C.
Moirang A/C of Bishnupur District had completed lifting of its allocated quantity of PDS rice for the month of April with 2107.30 quintal under PMGKAY and 769.50 quintal under OMSS lifted yesterday. Jiribam A/C also reported complete lifting of its allocated quota for April with 198.21 quintal of rice under OMSS procured from MLALAD Fund lifted from Jiribam FCI godown ..
In Kakching Disrict, there was lifting of 200 quintal of rice under OMSS for its Wabagai A/C yesterday completing its allocated quantity under OMSS quota for the current month.
Tamenglong District reported lifting of 300.35 quintal of rice under OMSS for its Tamenglong A/C today from FCI godown located at Sangaiprou. Lifting of rice under OMSS was also done on 21st April, 2020 in the district for its Tamenglong A/C- 462 quintal and Tamei A/C- 845.50 quintal from the same godown.
In respect of Senapati District, 1248.09 quintal of rice under PMGKAY and 271.29 quintal under OMSS were lifted today for its Karong A/C. Kangpokpi A/C reported lifting of 866.40 quintal of rice under PMGKAY for Kangpokpi A/C on 22nd April, 2020 from FSD, Senapati.
PDS rice was also distributed in Tengnoupal District on 22nd April,2020. The distributed rice are 784.30 quintal under PMGKAY and 318.75 quintal under OMSS covering a total of 4887 household families of Tengnoupal A/C. Lifting of 784.30 quintal of rice under PMGKAY and 373.75 quintal under OMSS procured from MLALAD Fund was also done for the A/C on the same day.

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