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Imphal, April 2

The number of positive COVID-19 case reached 2 here in the state of Manipur with a person from Lilong area tested positive today. 10 (ten) persons who have attended the religious congregation held at Nizamuddin area in Delhi from March 12 to March 15 have come up voluntarily after report about people attending the gathering spread across the country with 6 people died in Talengana and as many as 200 of them including 13 from Assam tested positive till yesterday.

“We have received report from the Union Home Ministry saying that 105 persons from the state of Manipur have attended the gathering or were passing close to the place, but on further investigation we have learnt that 10 people who have joined the gathering have returned and 35 identified persons are staying outside”, Chief Minister N. Biren Singh said in a recorded message sent to media houses.

He further said that among the 10 people two are suspected and when tested one among the two who is at JNIMS tested negative. The other 8 have also been tested negative however, they will be kept in quarantine as the window period is 14 days minimum.

“When we found our 23 years old girl tested positive we were worried but after confirming that there was no community transmission from her as all her family members are tested negative we were somewhat relieved as her health was improving”. The Chief Minister said that when the report about the  religious congregation held at Nizamuddin area in Delhi reached with report about many people from Manipur attending the mass prayer we were worried”. He further added that all the family members of the second COVID-19 positive case have been brought for quarantine at RIMS. Besides, the authority concerned is taking history of the patient to make sure that that virus didn’t go out.   

The Chief Minister appealed the people to follow the social distancing by staying at home assuring the people that no person will remain hungry during the total locked down call.

“We will make every effort to make sure that each family get minimum food supply”, the Chief Minister assured. 

Meanwhile, following the report of one person from Lilong area tested COVID -19 positive on April, the district administration had contained the area under the Manipur Epidemic Disease, COVID -19 Regulations 2020.

In an order issued by the Thoubal district Deputy Commissioner, N. Bandana Devi, the geographical area of Lilong in Thoubal district has been shielded. All entry and exit had been restricted at the containment area. No individual including vehicular movement has also been banned and schools, offices and public gathering of any type have also been totally banned.   

On the other hand a shocking post uploaded at Social networking site Facebook said that the affected person had admitted at a private hospital before he came for testing at RIMS. He reportedly stayed at the hospital from March 20 and discharged on March 22. The matter is however yet to be confirm.

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Thursday, 02 April 2020 18:05

Ode to the silent angels

For long, despite the obvious virtues and sacrifices their work entails, the medical profession and professionals have been regarded as soft targets. Innumerable accounts of unfortunate incidents where aggrieved individuals and parties of the sick and the deceased have summarily held doctors responsible for the misfortunes to their dear ones are still rife the world over. In places such as ours, armed terrorists and banned extremist groups have been targeting the medical professionals for ransoms and monetary demands, often resorting to violent means to intimidate and frighten them into submission. These medical professionals have so far bore the brunt of such unwarranted and often violent intimidations with quite calm and dignity, instead focusing on the very responsibility of saving lives they have been trained and sworn to perform.
Cut to the present- the world is in the midst of an unprecedented crisis and people the world over are bracing for the worst which is yet to come. While the frantic rush to find a cure is on, these silent angels are at the frontline of a war whose enemy is unseen and hitherto unknown. Many of these medical professionals have already lost their lives while many more are fighting for their lives. Amidst the chaos and already overstretched capacity for equipments, provisions and manpower, these brave souls are standing as a bulwark against the onslaught of COVID 19 with nothing much more than their unshakable moral strength and professional courage. The scenario in the state at present is slightly better, but tension is already mounting and there is a growing sense of concern with one more confirmed case of the dreaded Coronavirus infection. The unfortunate development which could have been prevented points to the fact that even with the strictest and most severe steps by the authorities, the ultimate decider of our own fates are ourselves. The present lockdown is expected to be imposed more severely and stringently, and should be so as some of us have failed to perform or neglected our social responsibilities in this time of great crisis thereby putting others at grave danger.
There is however a silver lining to the dark cloud of fear and uncertainty hovering over the state with proactive measures being taken up by the state government as well as the heads of the medical institutions. For instance, at the Regional Institute of Medical Sciences (RIMS) which is one of the premier medical institute in the NE region, with the arrival of 15 ventilators which are a necessity in the treatment of COVID 19 patients during the later stages, the total number of ventilators have been pegged at 35, with another 35 arriving within a couple of days. A new ICU, SICU and new Trauma Centre have also been completed as well as a new dyalysis unit while a new Dental College building and a new Nursing College has also been completed construction. Various essential and improved state of the art equipments like X-ray machines, neurosurgical equipments, Ultrasound, MRI etc just to name a few have been procured. New premier and special wards have been prepared while new coursed in DM Nephrology and MD in Sports Medicine has been added. MBBS seats have been increased by 25%. A large number of Personal Protection Equipments (PPEs) which are vital in the treatment process of COVID 19 infected patients are already with the state authorities and provisions for procuring additional quantities to meet any eventualities are already made. In addition, the Chief Minister has announced the construction of a dedicated hospital for treatment of COVID 19 patients.
While the proactive steps taken up by the state government and the medical professionals have helped ease the rising concern to an extent, these should not be cause for neglecting personal hygiene or disregarding the lockdown which is in effect at present. Meanwhile, regarding social distancing, in the USA and European countries, the distance between two individuals have been revised to be two metres as per recommended by experts. We should therefore keep in mind the dos and dont’s and follow then strictly as the outcome of the ongoing war against this deadly and highly contagious unseen enemy will ultimately depend upon the diligence and discipline of each and every one of us. We will be contributing to the fight by remaining indoors and keeping social distancing strictly. Let us show our respect and appreciation for the tireless efforts of the silent angels and others who are out in the streets so that the rest of us can be safe from harm’s way.         

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Imphal, April 2

Until recently, the Regional Institute of Medical Sciences (RIMS) has always been in the news for bad reasons. Today things have changed and the people of the state particularly the doctors’ community as well as the government of Manipur has reason to celebrate even amidst fight against coronavirus pandemic.
A web portal – one among the largest student guidance portal, which published report of the best educational institutions for guiding students, the Regional Institute of medical Sciences (RIMS) is one among the top 30 Medical College in India.
The Institution which has been in the news for wrong reason almost all the time in the past few years now is listed at Rank 28 of the best medical College.
All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi, still is at top rank while Post Graduate Institute of Medical Education and Research, Chandigarh follows at 2nd rank. Christian Medical College, Vellore is at third rank.

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Imphal, April 2

The Polit Bureau of the Communist Party of India (Marxist) has stated that the meetings of the Tablighi Jamaat in Delhi  which spread coronavirus was an irresponsible on the part of the Jamaat  leadership to have organized the meeting in mid-March when  restrictions were already in place about size of gatherings. The left party also questioned on how the authorities allowed a second gathering on  March 2O-21.
A statement said that the  CPI (M) condemns the efforts and the campaign in social media to give this a communal color and to target a community. The Coronavirus  does not differentiate on the basis of religion. All efforts to  communalise the issue must be rebuffed. All big gatherings, social,  religious and political, that have been held in many parts of the  country after the March 13 order prohibiting assembly of more than 200  people must be investigated thoroughly. Those attending must be traced  and tested. We must learn from South Korea and Singapore in  meticulously tracing all those attending large congregations,  isolating them after aggressive testing and containing the community  spread of COVID-19. India today has a very low testing rate i.e. 241  times lower than South Korea. This must be rectified urgently.
This is India’s war against COVID-19. All efforts to communalise this  fight will only undermine our early triumph in containing the virus. 
This would be self-defeating and all efforts must be made by the  government to end the spread of such dangerous communal polarisation.
The PB appeals to all not to fall prey to provocations and strengthen  our united efforts to defeat this pandemic.

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New Delhi, April 2

Prime Minister Narendra Modi today held a video conference with all chief ministers to discuss ways to check the spread of coronavirus. Defence Minister Rajnath Singh, Home Minister Amit Shah and top bureaucrats were present along with the prime minister.
This is for the second time the prime minister is holding a video conference with the chief ministers after the spread of coronavirus. He had interacted with the Chief Ministers on the 20th of March.

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Tml. April 2

The district administration of Tamenglong comprising the Deputy commissioner, CEO/ ADC, Superintendent of Police and the Chief Medical officer are in a war footing combating the dreaded COVID-19.

As of now a total of 119 persons are being kept under Home quarantine while 2 persons are under institutional quarantine. Out of these, 53 persons are from Tamei Sub-division, 13 from Tousem sub-division and 53 from Tamenglong sub-division. Both the institutional quarantine persons are being kept at JNV Tamenglong. Some persons have been released after completion of the quarantine period. All entry points to the district have been sealed except for some exceptional cases, according to Dr. Chambo Gonmei, Chief Medical Officer Tamenglong.

The district administration is providing free vegetables to the town dwellers by organizing villagers from different villages situated in the vicinity of the town. Today villagers from Tabanglong and Lamlaba brought home grown as well as wild vegetables in mini truck loads during the curfew relaxation period. The same provisions were managed by the district administration to see that both local and non locals people are benefited without any distinction. Another supplies of vegetables are coming again tomorrow from Khangchiulon, Chiulon and Duigailong for free distribution to the public.

Gaijinlung Thaimei, EE/PHED Tamenglong is also doing his bits by distributing water using the water tanker as water could not be supplied through the water pipelines due to water scarcity. The PHED also provided hand washing facilities in the town to facilitate people doing groceries during curfew relaxations.

Rice under NFSA meant for the month of December 2019 were distributed in the district through the rationing agents. However, rice being the staple food of the people are running out in the district. All rice stocks have been shifted from the shops to the Deputy commissioner’s office so that sales may be regulated. Kajaigai Gangmei, CEO, ADC Tamenglong who is also the ADM Tamenglong is leading an official team looking after the distribution of rice. There is no supplies of superfine or cheaper qualities now forcing the poor people to relish higher quality rice like Parmal and Andhra for Rs. 1000 or Rs. 1100 per 25 kilo packs.

Armstrong Pame, DC Tamenglong has assured that enough foodgrain would be provided and appeal the denizens not to panic over food. He also appealed the public to remain calm, follow instructions and cooperate with the authority in the fight against the pandemic.

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Imphal, April 2

Encouraging the government decision for construction of a quarantined center, students’ body Kangleipak  Students’ Association (KSA) donated a sum of Rs. 51,150 which they contributed from among the members of their association . The amount was handed over to Chief Minister N. Biren Singh today morning.

The student body appreciated the effort of the Chief Minister while trying to break the chain of coronavirus pandemic. They assured to extend every possible help to the government while taking up any work to contain the spread of the deadly virus. 

Earlier, the KSA had extended all possible help, who have been staying indoors at rented room or hostel due to the lockdown called by the government to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 at different places of Imphal area. As those students were found out of money due to loss of connection with their family, the KSA volunteers distributed edible items to such students . Yesterday the KSA distributed edible items at Thangmeiband Hijam Leikai, Uripok Hijam Leikai, Manipur University Ladies Hostel, Thangmeiband Lourel Purel Leikai, Kwakeithel, Chingmeirong , Keisamthong, Langthabal Kunja, Kyamgei and Khumbong.

While distributing the edible items to the students the KSA found to family who have been deprived of all facilities provided by the government at Mayang Imphal Bengoon and Haobam Marak Chingtham Leikai. One rice bag along with vegetable were handed over to each of the family.


Meanwhile more and more colleges extended support to the Government in fighting the spread of the corona virus.

The Department of Chemistry, Oriental College (Autonomous), Takyel, Imphal has prepared Alcohol Based Hand Sanitizers under the sponsorship of Department of University & Higher Education, Govt. of Manipur and distributed the sanitizers to the local clubs and Member of Zila Parishad as a part of sanitisation fight the spreading of COVID -19 in Manipur.

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Imphal/ Ghy, April 2

With stringent measures being taken up by almost all government of the North East Indian states people of the entire region finds somewhat relief with no case of positive COVID -19 reported till March 23. The entire region was shocked after 2 (two) persons coming from abroad were tested positive, but luckily in both the case doctors and medical experts found no community transmission and the fear of adding the number was subsided with the Prime Minister of the Country announcing a total lockdown in the entire country for 21 days started from March 24 midnight.

The entire region once more is shocked with the exposure religious congregation on day 5 of the total locked down which was held from March 13 to 15 at Nizamuddin area in Delhi  as mobile tracker suggested 465 people from North East including 85 from Manipur and 7 from Meghalaya either attended the religious gathering or loitering around the area.

Among those attended in the religious congregation 13 are reported affected by COVID -19 while one is reported affected in the state of Manipur. 9 persons who had reportedly attended the gathering have been reported negative but they are under quarantined.

Till yesterday, the State reported only a positive case  as a middle-age individual from Barak valley was diagnosed with the deadly virus. State health minister Dr Himanta Biswa Sarma confirmed, “A 52-year old man from Badarpur in Karimganj district in south Assam has been found positive for Covid-19. This is the first positive case of Covid-19 in Assam. He is undergoing treatment at Silchar Medical College Hospital.”

The individual, reportedly a cancer patient, was suffering from  high fever for some days after returning from New Delhi. The attending doctors at Srigouri PHC near Badarpur sent his blood sample to Silchar Medical College Hospital, where it was found positive for the virus.

Later the Pune based National Institute of Virology  confirmed the report.

Earlier, Assam chief minister Sarbananda Sonowal asserted that norms of the 21-day nationwide lockdown declared by Prime Minister Narendra Modi till 14 April have not been relaxed in the State.  The State government has taken only some measures to   ensure availability of

essential items & services to the people, added Sonowal asking everyone to strictly follow the norms of social distancing and make the lockdown a success.

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Rama Navami celebrated on subdued note

By Raju Vernekar

With rising graph of active Covid 19 cases, the Rama Navami, a Hindu festival that celebrates the birth of Rama on the ninth day of the Hindu month of Chaitra, was celebrated on subdued note in Maharashtra on Thursday.
The 109 th  Rama Navami was celebrated at famous Saibaba shrine in Shirdi in Ahmednagar without “Gangajal abhishek” and in absence of devotees since the temple has been closed for devotees since 17 March. A few trustees and priests were present. The Ram Navami is being celebrated at Shirdi shrine since 1911.
At Kalaram Mandir in Nashik, the pooja and other rituals were performed only by four priests. The temple is dedicated to Lord Rama, enshrined inside the sanctum sanctorum in the form of a black stone idol. Besides, the idol of Lord Rama, are those of Sita Mata and Lord Lakshmana, both of them sandy black and adorned with ornaments.  90 year ago Dr. B R Ambedkar had launched a satyagriha for the entry of Dalits into the Kalaram temple.  
A Mahaabhishek was offered to Lord Ram in Sri Sri Radha Rasabihari Temple at ISKCON, Juhu in North West Mumbai in presence of limited number of devotees.
Prime Minister Narendra Modi greeted people on the occasion of Rama Navami on Thursday. “Heartiest greetings to the countrymen on the occasion of Ram Navami. Jai Shri Ram!” the Prime Minister wrote on Twitter.
The number of active Covid 19 cases rose up to 335 with 19 death in Maharashtra on Thursday. The positive cases included a mother with her newly born child. The tally of active coronavirus cases stood as : Mumbai 181, Pune (city and rural) 50  Sangli 25, Thane circle 36 (2), Nagpur 16, Yavatmal 4, Ahmednagar 8, Buldhana 4  Satara 2, Kolhapur 2, Aurangabad 1, Ratnagiri 1, Sindhudurg  1,Gondia  1, Jalgaon 1, Nashik 1, Outside Mah (Guj) 1=335/12 deaths.
In the meanwhile Jaslok Hospital located in South Mumbai, has suspended OPD services and  cancelled new admissions for a few days after one of the nurses and a patient, who had come for treating bladder cancer, tested positive.

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Secretary General


It is with a heavy sense of disappointment that we are coerced to issue this Statement. It pertains to the recent statement issued by Ms Linthoingambi Laishram aka Lin Laishram daughter of Laishram Chandrasen Singh of Palace Compound, Wangkhei , Imphal. In a film  event hosted at Pune recently she had stated that the Manipuri Meiteis are also “Racists” by their own right. With this one statement she has justified the over 70 years of Cultural subjugation and racial attitude of the Indian Mainlanders towards not only the Manipuris but to the people of the entire North Eastern region of India. Her assertion was that the Meiteis are “Racists” because they use the term “Mayang” to describe “Mainland Indians”.

It is most unfortunate that she not only failed to understand the term Mayang but went further to misinterpret the meaning to heap insult upon the entire race into which she was born into.

For the kind information of Ms Lin Laishram Mayang is a collective term used by the Meiteis of Manipur to describe any Indian Mainlander  be it a Tamil from South India or a Sikh from  the North or a Maharashtrian from the West or a Bengali from the East. The term applied by the Mizos of Mizoram is “ Vhai” to connote the same meaning. The individual reference to a “Mayang” or a “ Vhai”  in person is Bhaiya or brother

What connotes racism is the fact that the  “Mayangs”  ranging from Bangalore to Delhi has been constantly using the term “ Chinky” ,”Momos” and more recently “Corona “ to describe the North-easterners. Perhaps if she had read the Newspapers she would have realised that a Manipuri Lady studying in Delhi University was spat upon with Pan( Kwadang) by a Mayang calling her Corona.. Will she justify this insult on the collective body of the North Easterners because she believes that we are “Racists”.

Racism as understood by sociologists is a specific cultural ideology invented to justify slavery  and other forms of systematic institutionalised inequality. It’s a very powerful instrument to frame a particular cultural group of race as superior to others. E.g. framing of Aryan race as  superiority to others such as Hitler’s Nazis upon the Jews in Germany, the Dravidians or Mongoloids in India. Racism   manifest in a variety of ways differences in culture perceived as superiority and inferiority, imperialism and political subjugation of a community in the name of law and order. E.g.. AFSPA Act in North East India.

We would like to inform Ms Lin Laishram that the Manipuri Society although conservative in nature is indeed very tolerant and that is the reason that no one murmured a word of protest when she exhibited her body almost full naked on the ramps of her modelling shows and silently we were proud of the fact that she got two supporting roles in the Bollywood productions of “Mary Kom” and “Rangoon”.

But that doesn’t mean that she can cross the line.It is akin to the Blacks of South Africa being termed as “Racists” or that of the Jews six millions of which were killed by the Hitler and his Nazis trying to establish Aryan Supremacy over them as also being Racists.

Having failed to get a response from her, we would like to inform Ms Lin Laishram that she should give an Unqualified apology to the people of Manipur and the rest of the North Eastern region within a week from now, failing which we regret to inform her that she would not be allowed to return to Manipur again till further notice. And she should also be prepared for a possible Police case to be filled against her for her  demeaning an entire race of people, namely the Manipuri Meiteis and the entire North Eastern people of the region as a whole.

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