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Thursday, 16 April 2020 - Imphal Times

Chief Minister visits Old Aged home to ensure safety measures taken up to elderly people from the spread of Coronavirus

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Imphal, April 16

Considering vulnerability of pandemic COVID-19 to elderly people, Chief Minister N. Biren Singh visited Old Age Homes located at Kongba Nongthombam Leikai in Imphal East and Mongshangei in Imphal West District to assess the safety measures taken up in these homes. He interacted with the inmates and also presented ration items, hand sanitizers, masks, medicine etc. to them.
Speaking to reporters, the Chief Minister thanked the people and the media for extending cooperation to the Government in tackling spread of COVID-19 in the State. After April 20, the Chief Minister informed, the State Government may consider relaxations for some selected sectors after assessing the situation. However, no decision would be taken in a hurry because Manipur shares a long international boundary with Myanmar and even a slight laxity may lead to an unmanageable situation.
Urging the public and civil society different organizations to join hands in the fight of COVID-19 with the Government, the Chief Minister observed that now is not the time to indulge in blame game and unnecessary criticism. He also urged the public to immediately inform the police or call the toll free number of Common Control Room if anybody comes across sale of essential items in the price higher than the price fixed by the Government.
The Chief Minister also said that to hear the grievances of the State natives stranded in different cities, one IAS officer each had been appointed as in-charge officers of all the States. Stating that it is necessary to give priority to them because they are away from home and facing different types of difficulty including financial problem, harassment, racial attack etc, N. Biren Singh said that the Government had started transferring financial aid of Rs. 2000 each to the bank accounts of stranded people, who sought help through tengbang.in.
The Chief Minister further said that the Government is also considering to provide assistance to those who are now in different cities for medical treatment.
Yaiskul AC MLA Th. Satyabrata, Pincipal Secretary (Health) V. Vumlunmang and other high ranking officers of the State Government also accompanied the Chief Minister during the visit.

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MLA Kh. Joykishan points out loopholes in providing foods to migrant labourers; says local workers left out

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Imphal, April 16

Referring to a notification by the Chief Secretary of Manipur for distribution of essential food items to the migrant workers issued on April 2, MLA Khumukcham Joykishan today lambasted the incompetency of the Chief Secretary saying the there are certain loopholes to the planning for distribution of the essential food items to migrant labourers.
“The Chief Secretary has been arranging essential food items for migrant labourers who are from outside the state but have forgotten to mention about the migrant workers who are equally stranded at their rented houses from other part of the state”, Joykishan asked while stating that how could the Chief Secretary be competent enough in dealing with the public when the MLAs and local bodies are the one who are directly contacting the people.
“As per the notification by the Chief Secretary dated April 2 they have stated to make sure that every migrant workers gets 5 kg of rice as well as dal, however it is two weeks and there is no dal being made available”, Joykishan said while adding that how could the Chief Minister assume that the Chief Secretary is competent from the MLAs and local bodies.
Joykishan further said that many people, politicians and MLAs have come out to help the needy at their own capacity irrespective of differences in ideology.
Joykishan further said that it is a good idea of the state government to allow the  MLAs to utilized 25% of the local area development fund to help fighting the COVID -19. However, for many MLAs including him the 25% local area development fund have not been released and everything that those MLAs have been providing essential commodities to the people are from the pocket of the MLAsin addition to the material provided by the government.
Joykishan further said that rice quota under the Pradhan Mantri Garib Yojana has been released for his Thangmeiband constituency. However as the rice released has been deducted from the NFSA rice, the matter has been enquired to the Chief Minister. Later on his direction that matter has been raised and finally the DC had assured to release the deducted quotas.

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Education Minister Th Radheshyam launches e-book for Class 1 to 10 under BOSEM

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Imphal, April 16

State Education Minister Th. Radheshyam today launched e-book from class 1 to 10 which are being provided by the Board of Secondary Education Manipur.
Speaking on the occasion, Th Radheshyam said that there are 71 books for Classes 1-10 to be uploaded initially and out of which books for class 8-10 have been uploaded. It will take around 2 weeks for uploading entire books. Books of Tribal dialects too will be uploaded subsequently.
The textbooks will be available from the website bosemebook.in As well as through mobile application “Bosem eBook” which can downloaded from Google Play store.
The Education Manipur while highlighting the present education scenario all across the globe said that huge developments especially after the coming of computers and internet facility have been seen.
“Many states across the country as well as NCERT have taken up great strides along this line. It is also well known that in Manipur (Class 1-12) the textbooks are never made available in electronic platform”, Radheshyam said while adding that the non availability of the textbooks in electronic forms has hindered the development of e-contents as study material by various stakeholders.
He said that the availability of textbooks at times of crisis like present Covid-19, non competition of printing of textbooks that happened in the past, etc. and Provision for improvement of textbooks – seeking comments from public, Source of early printing of textbooks in times to come, and many more.
The Board of Secondary Education Manipur (BOSEM) does the printing and sale of Textbooks for Class 1-10. Books meant for class 1-8 are prepared by SCERT and the printing, sale takes place in BOSEM while Books for Class 9-10 are within the domain of BOSEM.
Looking into the gaps has come up with a decision to make textbooks available online in its website. The webpage will have other features (in addition to the textbooks) in days to come, Year-wise Instruction to examiners, Blue print, teachers guide book, Scan copies of Answer scripts of toppers and subject toppers.
Everything from the website to the mobile application are exclusively designed and developed by X-tremeWave, the Education Minister said.

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Donation to CM’S COVID-19 Relief Fund continues

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Imphal, April 16

Donations to Chief Minister’s COVID-19 Relief Fund continues to pour in. 

All Manipur Gorkha Students Union donated Rs. 60,000, Paite Tribe Council contributed Rs. 107,777, Kakai Singshit  donated 15,000, Huiyel Lalong and Thang Ta Lupsing donated Rs. 50,000, Lairikyengbam Leikai United Youth Club contributed     Rs. 20,000, Staffs of NABARD donated Rs. 117,000, RED/MSRRDA contributed Department    Rs. 565,000, Manipur Updates            donated Rs. 32,842, SLNA, Manipur    contributed Rs. 20,000, Shri Th. Sunil Singh donated Rs. 25,000, Universal Friendship Organisation contributed Rs. 33,320, Sanathoi Beauty Salon and Spa, New Checkon donated Rs. 20,000, Sri Sri Govinda Rasesmani Pala Marup contributed Rs. 30,000, Heritage Convent donated Rs. 100,000, Sangai Hr. Secondary School, Mantripukhri contributed Rs. 50,000, Indian Psychiatric Society donated Rs. 50,000, All Manipur Recognised Private Schools Welfare Association contributed Rs. 100,000, Ruichum Hao Machinao donated Rs. 10,000, 2nd Bn. Manipur Rifles contributed Rs. 11,44,945, Ningthoukhong Bazar Ima Iben Lup donated Rs. 10,000, Higher and Technical Education and SCERT contributed Rs. 7,107,080, Apunba Manipur Huyen Lanlong Lup donated Rs. 20,000 and Manipur State Rural Livelihoods Mission          contributed Rs. 107,971.  

Principal Secretary, officers and staff of GAD also donated one day’s salary (Rs. 2,590,607).

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Coronavirus: IIT Bombay start-up designs smart stethoscopes

IT News
Mumbai, April 16

In view of the COVID 19 pandemic, the “Ayu Devices Private Ltd”, a start up firm of  Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Bombay, has designed a digital stethoscope called “AyuSynk”  useful for remote auscultation (listening to chest sounds) of patients.
“Ayu Device” is a technology-based healthcare company spun out of BETiC, IIT, Bombay. It was founded by Adarsha K, Tapas Pandey and Dr. Rupesh Ghayar, SEO of BETiC,  
“ AyuSynk” permits storing the auscultated sound under the health record of the patient and sharing it with other doctors for confirmatory opinion. Doctors make use of a stethoscope to listen to chest sounds such as crackles and wheezing that reflects with the development of the COVID-19 disease. This poses a risk to doctors from probable infection.  
King Edward Medical College (KEM) Hospital which has joined Kasturba Hospital in  tackling COVID-19, has procured 10 “AyuSynk” Bluetooth Enabled Digital Stethoscopes, to ensure “Doctor Patient Distancing”. The COVID-19 patients having symptoms of pneumonia have characteristic lung sounds called crackles and wheezes. These characteristic sounds can be amplified and monitored using “AyuSynk”.
“AyuSynk” can convert any conventional stethoscope to an electronic smart stethoscope since it can easily be attached to any stethoscope and give it the capability to amplify the sound up to 16 times. It can be connected to any smart phone or PC wirelessly via bluetooth for visualization of phonocardiogram. It can also help predict the normal/abnormal heart sound.  
According to Adarsha K,  the “AyuSynk” can be linked with any conventional stethoscope, to magnify chest sounds and transmit them wirelessly from patients to doctors without physical tubing.  The advanced version of “AyuSynk” enables the transfer data from the stethoscope to mobile or laptop via Bluetooth.
In  2015, Adarsha K and Tapas Pandey teamed up with Dr. Nambiraj Konar from “Reliance Hospital” to come up with a solution that can facilitate early detection of heart and lung diseases through analysis of heart and lung sounds. They came up with a small device that can be attached to any conventional stethoscope to turn it into a digital stethoscope that features noise cancellation, sound amplification, recording and playback and precise visual representation of data to help doctors identify and analyze abnormal sounds. A regular stethoscope does not have these features.
At present over 1000 units of the digital stethoscope are in use across the country. Most of them are being used in primary health centres and in telemedicine companies. The Biomedical Engineering and Technology Incubation Centre ((BETiC), is located at IIT Bombay. It has satellite centres in six engineering colleges and seven medical institutes across Maharashtra. The initiative is planned and backed by SandT Council of Maharashtra Government and DST, New Delhi, to intensify indigenous development of reasonable medical devices appropriate for local manufacture and use.

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“Deadly Corona Unites Us”

By - Yaipharemba Keisham
Jorhat Assam

Corona virus or covid 19 has brought life to a near standstill in almost every part of the world. The virus originated in Central China’s Hubei province claimed more lives and continues to adversely affect many countries globally. The virus spares none in its course of action whoever may be rich or poor and PM or Peon. Everybody is on its radar. So, all are taking utmost precautions and safety measures. This is the first time we have seen the united efforts to combat the spread of this pandemic taken by the economic and non economic powers.
“All Hands should be on Deck” is the statement from the officials of World Economic Forum showing the instant necessity of reaction from everybody in order to curb this menace in time.
In India we have also seen many confirmed cases of corona. Unlike the earlier pandemics, this dreadful virus compelled us to work some fruitful acts for our own families, localities and State. As we know, our country is inhabited by different communities professing different religions and traditions. So misunderstanding arises sometimes among us for petty matters. It disturbs the unity and integrity of the nation. But this deadly disease comes up as a common enemy for us. It makes us fight unitedly. It can be considered good gesture of coronavirus.
Coronavirus reached almost all the states of India. In our state also, we already have confirmed cases. Everybody is in panic state at the beginning, for we don’t have sufficient testing labs, medicines, masks, sanitizers and medical experts. So we are in a confused state. Later on, steps taken by Central and state government with the moral support of our people minimised the panic to a large extent.  So, dreaded coronavirus could not extend its Empire in our State. Though COVID-19 is a deadlier one, it teaches us good lessons and sows the seeds of brotherhood. We are given the opportunity to serve each other. And we also see the rise of inter communities’ love and charity during the lockdown of corona. Here we can proudly share the contributions of our hilly brothers donating precious and essential edible items to their more affected valley brothers. It’s a historic moment for all. This tradition of lending helping hands to the brothers in more distressed should be activated and strengthened all the time. However, unwanted incidents such as social boycotting of confirmed patients and families, negation of Govt.’s  protocol, communalisation of virus and  fencing of roads are surfaced first time in our history. It is very unfortunate to witness thoughtless acts by our well educated people. We all have to condemn in Toto. In this war like situation, Mutual help and understanding is very important for us.
Corona revives the near lost relationship between the people’s representatives and the people. We see the unexpected good changes  of behaviour in almost leaders. All leaders in and out power are seen doing necessary duties for their people. It’s a good gesture from coronavirus. Besides them, our CSOs and others activities are also praise worthy. We should also cultivate the habit of appreciating our authority, frontline warriors viz.  medical personnel, pharmacists, transporters and police etc.
To sum up, let’s follow the safety n preventing measures laid down by the Government. And also the seeds of brotherhood sown by deadly corona should be reaped together for a peaceful and united Kangleipak.
 Long Live Eramdam!

Manipur Bhavan officials distributes ration to students, people in Delhi

By Sobhapati Samom

Delhi, April 16

The Principal Secretary PK Singh who is the present Resident  Commissioner of Manipur Bhawan, New Delhi under the guidance of the state chief minister has started to distribute dry ration to the students and stranded people in national capital.

When contacted through WhatsApp,   Resident  Commissioner  Manipur Bhawan Singh informed that they’ve covered about 200 students in Gurgaon and 100 in Delgi three days back. Even yesterday, they have distributed the dry ration to about 400 in Munirka area in Delhi, he said.

“Today we are going with 500 packets to Delhi university north campus. Items are being sourced through voluntary contributions from good people,” the senior IAS officer said.Each distributed packet contains 5 kg rice, 1 kg each of dal, potato and onion besides 1 litre cooking oil,mask and sanitizer.

The officer who was recently appointed as the State’s Nodal Officer to help and guide the stranded citizens of the state by contacting the concerned state governments, also informed that they have collected information including contact details of needy people from the State from almost 30 localities and are clubbing the groups and managing distribution. He further added that they intended to cover at least 4 to 5 thousand.

“Let’s hope more people donate.  I am using my Bhawan vehicles and some willing staff and some volunteers for distribution locality wise,” he added.

Last month end state government launched a website (www.tengbang.in) to reach out to its citizens stranded outside the state after the nationwide lockdown, apart from introducing another website (www.mncovid19.in) this month to provide the latest and authenticated information on COVID-19.

Maharashtra gears up for more COVID -19 test labs with AIIMS’s consent

IT News
Mumbai, April 16

Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) has designated All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) Nagpur, as the mentor institute for sanctioning Covid-19 laboratories and  all new labs in Maharashtra will come only through mentorship of AIIMS Nagpur.
“AIIMS Nagpur will serve as ‘Mentor Institute’ to 34 facilities in Maharashtra, Goa, Dadra & Nagar Haveli and Daman & Diu. These include 32 medical colleges in Maharashtra except Mumbai and Pune,” AIIMS director and CEO Maj Gen (Dr) Vibha Dutta said. Authorities need to apply with the nodal officer at AIIMS Nagpur, procure instruments, train their staff, and undergo inspection. AIIMS will mentor medical colleges and facilitate the establishment of Covid-19 diagnostic facilities.
The list of these 32 institutes include :NKP Salve Institute of Medical Sciences, Nagpur; Jawaharlal Nehru Medical College, Sawangi (Meghe), Wardha, Mahatma Gandhi Institute, Sevagram, Wardha; V N Govt Medical College, Yavatmal, Dr Punjabrao Deshmukh Medical college, Amravati and Government Medical College, Chandrapur. All these institutes will get mentorship from AIIMS.
Many more institutes in Nagpur and Vidarbha also have RT-PCR Machine with which they can start Covid-19 testing. These include Departments of Microbiology, Biochemistry, and Pharmacy RTMNU; Regional Forensic Science Laboratory, Nagpur and NEERI, Nagpur. “Regional Forensic Science Labs are doing such tests for many years. We have the RT PCR machines with us. We will be available, as and when the state government approaches us,”  Directorate of Forensic Science Laboratory Director Dr Krishna Kulkarni said. The regional forensic lab in Nagpur is in Dhantoli, where testing can be started, he added.
“RTMNU’s Department of microbiology is willing to join the fight against coronavirus, but we don’t have enough staff at the moment. This department has done significant work during the earlier epidemics,” said HoD of the department Dr Pradeep Tumane. Director General of Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) Shekhar Mande confirmed that NEERI, Nagpur will be carrying out Covid-19 tests in its lab. Their labs have to apply directly to the ICMR.-  
Many ministers and political bigwigs in Maharashtra have announced that Covid-19 testing laboratories will be established in their constituencies. Some have also sanctioned funds for them.

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PDS rice lifting continues under PMGKAY for public distribution

IT News
Imphal, April 16

To ensure that the people of the State are provided uninterrupted supply of foodgrains especially rice, the State Government is distributing PDS items to every household in all the districts of Manipur under Pradhan Mantri Garib Kalyan Anna Yojana (PMGKAY) on the backdrop of the outbreak of COVID-19 and lockdown in the State.
For Konthoujam AC in Imphal West district, 907.93 quintal of rice was lifted yesterday and for Khurai AC in Imphal East district a total of 801.1 quintal of rice was lifted yesterday.
A total of 14.35 quintal of rice under PMGKAY was lifted for Tamenglong yesterday, while 1182 quintal of rice  for Tamei Sub-division, 75 quintal of rice under (OMSS) for Nungba Sub-division and 700 quintal for Tousem Sub-division were lifted yesterday.
For Chandel district, 91.05 quintal of rice under PMGKAY (AAY) and 137.57 quintal under PMGKAY were lifted yesterday.
There was no lifting of rice today in the following districts, Bishnupur, Senapati, Jiribam, CCpur, Pherzawl, Kangpokpi  and Thoubal.

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