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Imphal, March 20

Chief Minister of Manipur N. Biren Singh said that the primary concern of the government, at this hour, is to protect and save the lives of the people, economy and others can be considered later on. This was stated by him at a press conference held at Chief Minister’s Secretariat today.

Addressing the media persons, the Chief Minister stated that the COVID-19 should not be taken lightly as it hasn’t reached Manipur instead people should follow the precautionary measures and norms laid down by the World Health Organisation (WHO) and the Government. He also added that prevention is the best way to fight the disease from spreading.

Chief Minister urged people of the State to give their full support and cooperation to fight pandemic coronavirus (COVID-19). He assured that all steps necessary are being taken to ensure that there is no shortage of essential items like groceries, fuel and medicines in the State. He urged the people to make purchases as normal, and not hoard essential items in panic buying.

Biren Singh maintained that the State government has already taken precautionary measures to fight COVID-19 since 18thJanuary 2020. He expressed his happiness that people have extended their support to the government to fight the virus. Chief Minister further appealed the people of the State to abide the precautionary measures announced by the Prime Minister yesterday.

The Chief Minister stated that the next 2-3 weeks will be very crucial for all of us and we must support and help each other to fight the deadly disease. He opined that we should stay away from crowds and gatherings, avoid leaving homes and maintain social distancing. He also appealed that the elderly, senior citizens and those above 65 years of age to remain indoors and not to leave their homes for the next few weeks.

Mentioning that people should support the nationwide ‘Janata Curfew’, announced by Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi, from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. on 22nd March 2020, Chief Minister said that during this curfew, no one should neither leave their homes, nor get onto the streets or roam about our localities. On that same day, at 5 p.m., we should also express our sincere gratitude and solidarity to those people such as doctors and nurses etc. who are working at the frontline to fight the disease by clapping our hands and cheering for them. He further added that this curfew will not be enforced using security personnel, rather it should be a ‘self-curfew’ which is being imposed by ourselves.

 The Chief Minister further maintained that in compliance with the Department of Personnel and Training (DoPT), Government of India, the State government will also initiate certain measures to decongest workspaces to prevent the further spread of Covid-19. The Chief Minister’s Secretariat will issue an order regarding departments to require only 50% of their employees to attend office on alternate days (except for those who are dealing with matters related to financial transaction for Financial year). The HODs are advised to prepare a roster that will require such employees to be in office, he added. 

Biren Singh also urged the people to avoid any unnecessary religious functions and rituals and avoid mass climbing of Cheirao Ching on Cheiraoba (Meitei New Year).He advised those persons who have recently visited the infected countries to follow self quarantine procedures at home. 

Clarifying on the steps taken by the state government to bring back the students from the State stuck at Philippines, Chief Minister said that the State government has already apprised the Ministry of External Affairs, Government of India to take necessary steps for evacuating the stranded Manipuri students. The State government has also asked the family of those students to submit the details and other information of the students to the government. 

Principal Secretary (Health and Family Welfare) V. Vumlunmang, Secretary to Chief Minister Ningthoujam Geoffrey, Media Advisor to Chief Minister Irengbam Arun and others attended the press conference.

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Three more suspected case of COVID virus have been admitted at Isolation wards of JNIMS and RIMS, a source said. Total number of suspected case in India reaches 206, while one more reportedly died in Rajasthan reaching the fatalities to 5.

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Imphal, March 20

Leader of the opposition and leader of Congress Party Okram Ibobi today appealed the government to take up extra precautionary measures to fight the COVID-19 pandemic which is killing people across the globe.

“It is lucky that as of now there are no confirmed report of COVID-19 case in the state of Manipur but as the pandemic is spreading across the country and the world and Manipur having porous border with Myanmar need to take up extra precautionary measures to make sure that people are safe”, Okram Ibobi said to reporters at his official quarters today morning.

Member of the Congress Working Committee Gaikhangam, MLA Joykishan, MLA Govindas, MLA Ranjit, MLA  AK Mirabai, MLA Meghachandra, among others were also present during the press conference.

Ibobi further said that this pandemic is a war against all human being and we need to fight this collectively. He said that Congress party will extend all possible help.

The former Chief Minister said that Bengal government had earmark a sum of Rs. 200 core to fight the coronavirus pandemic and as the issue is a serious one the state government should also earmark a specific amount to tackle the spread of the deadly virus.

The leader of the opposition while acknowledging the precautionary measures of the government to fight the corona virus however express displeasure to the way that the government is leaving people coming to Imphal at airport and other land route simply by checking their body temperature.

He said expert had already stated that the virus when stayed in a human body showed no symptoms for around 10 to 14 days and thus those with no symptom have the possibility of showing symptom of the disease after 14 days.

“Each and every person coming from outside the state and even those Manipuri who return should be quarantined at least for this stage”, Ibobi said questioning if the government had taken up any such measures. He however appreciated the government for opening some selected placed along the Tiddim line for quarantined.

On the other hand he also appealed to speed up expanding the isolation wards as there are possibility of outbreak unless the government take extra care.

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Imphal, March 20

Chief Minister N. Biren Singh today visited Khwairamband Ima Keithel to take stock of the situation in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic. Seeing the situation at the crowded area the Chief Minister along with all concern staffs first opined to make arrangement of the vendor stalls on roaster basis for reducing the large gathering.

However, the vendor ladies more experience in the management of Ima market rejected the idea of roaster style as it may create more problem and chaos among the vendor ladies. However the idea of taking up measures for prohibiting mass gathering is appreciated and leaders of the Khwairamband Ima Keithel suggested to shut down totally for around 1 or two months as it is a risk for all the vendors ladies.

“It is not possible for the buyers and the vendor lady to keep distance for neither even 1 meter, nor there are adequate water supply to follow their advisory of washing hand”, a leader of Khwairamband Keithel said while talking to media persons.

Following the suggestion from the Keithel lady the government is likely to shut down Ima Keithel for at least a week or perhaps 3 weeks.   

There is no official notification for shutting down of the Khwairamband Keithel at the time of filing this story but source close to Imphal Times said that a notification in the regard may be issued today evening.  


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Friday, 20 March 2020 17:52

Congress has still 28 numbers - Ibobi

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Imphal, March 20

Even though Forest Minister Th. Shyamkumar had boldly stated that he has not been disqualified from the post of MLA by the Speaker’s Tribunal, he had every right to enter the Manipur Legislative Assembly and had assured to cast vote in the upcoming Rajya Sabha Election, Congress Party firmly believe that the Manipur Legislative Assembly will be abide by the directives of the Supreme court to restrain him from entering the Assembly Premises.

Leader of the opposition while answering to a question on course of action that the party might take up if in case Th. Shyamkumar is allowed to caste vote in RS election, said that he didn’t expect the ruling government or even the speaker of the Manipur Legislative Assembly to go against the Supreme Court ruling.

Meanwhile, Ibobi said that Congress numbers in the state Assembly is still 28. In connection with a question to the status of the 7 defected congress MLA , Ibobi said that they have not been expelled from the Congress Party.   


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Imphal, March 20

After receiving written assurance from the government in connection with the demand for arrest and punishment of those involved in the arson of Chassad village in Kamjong district the Kuki Students’ Organisation GHQ have suspended the statewide bandh called from today’s midnight

The assurance were given in written by Health Minister Jayantakumar and Water Resource Minister Letpao Haokip during a talk with the representatives of the KSA GHQ.

A source from the KSP said that the government assured that action will taken up against the guilty as and when the report of the ongoing inquiry which will end within 10 days is furnished. The government also assured that the rebuilding and rehabilitation of Chassad village will be taken up earnestly apart from its assurance of arrangement to open the high school within 3 weeks. Other assurances such as providing adequate security to ensure peace and medical facilities have been promised by the state government.

Considering the earnestness and determination of the state government to rebuild and rehabilitate Chassad village the KSO defers the agitation forthwith, the source from the KSO said.

COCOMI extended assistance to victims of Chassad Village

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Imphal, March 20

Representative of COCOMI a civil body today extended help to the victims of Chassad village whose house had been burnt by miscreants allegedly by neighbouring villagers. Rice bags , cloths and other edible items were handed over to the victims for immediate relief.

Around 150 houses were turn to ashes after villagers from neighbours set on fire on March 16. Since then tension griped the Kamjong district and due to fear of spreading rumour that may sparked communal clashed the state home department had shut down mobile data internet for 3 days. 

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Number of fatalities due to COVID 19 today reaches 5 , with an Italian succumbing at Fortis Hospital in Jaipur. Total affected person also reaches 219 at the time of filling this story and in the state of Manipur 3 more suspected case has been reported, one has been reportedly admitted at RIMS isolation ward and another two at JNIMS. As of now whether these suspected has been confirmed positive or not is not officially known. Interestingly, number of blood sample collected and which finally turn out to be negative is only 15+3 including the new one and the initial report confirmed that the deadly virus has not reached the state of Manipur. Official statement is base on their record and they have not mentioned anything about the number of blood sample tested so far.
With a central team, along with a representative of the WHO visited the state yesterday, and the Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s special concern on this issue, the state government seems to accelerate the precautionary measures being taken up. Hours long meeting was convened at Manipur Secretariat conference and review the kind of precautionary measures being taken up by the state government. And today Chief Minister himself visited Khwairamband Keithel Ima Market area to take stock of the situation there.
Earlier he had brief reporters about the measures to avoid coronavirus from reaching the state and what is more interesting is the appealed by the Opposition Leader Okram Ibobi Singh to take up extra precautionary measures to prevent the virus from spreading in the state.    
India government seriousness to tackle the situation is well noted with its decision to ban all international flights from Sunday, March 22 for a week. The extreme step was taken to control the spread of COVID 19 from other countries. The seriousness of the union government should also be reflected to the state government and should take similar steps like the one taken up by the Union government.  It is suggested to bar all road transport for a stipulated time until a solution is discovered t cure the disease. There is high chances that a patient carrying the virus may not show fever during their entry to our state. If a total lockdown is not possible anyone coming from infected states should be kept in quarantine for 14 days. We should treat Manipur as a mini India and take steps similar to what Union government has taken up.
Saying so it will be next to impossible to even think about closing of the Khwairamband Keithel if it can be done to some commercialized shopping malls. The government should make temporary installation of hand wash basins in and around the Kwairamband keithel area and spread awareness to people to have compulsory hand wash at the basins. Hand sanitizers should be distributed at the women vendors if possible.
While taking up this measures, the government should also think of those living on hand to mouth. All know that these people is left with no option but to come out to the market place for a day meal. Government should try to take up some special programme to make sure that Rice being distributed under the PDS be reached at their door so that they can stay t home as desire by the state government.
It is also important that passenger vehicles like diesel auto should be check and bar from carrying passenger in limited numbers. Above all these government should clean the piled up garbage from crowded area as well as at other residential area. And a priority to test maximum people may be helpful.

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By:  Gitchandra Oinam

India has experienced both merits and demerits for using chemical fertilizer from the beginning of green revolution (1965). However, the founder of India’s green revolution Mr.  M.S. Swaminathan was aim at “Evergreen Revolution”. This was a part of the large green revolution endeavor initiated by Mr. Norman Barlague, an American agronomist, known as Father of Green Revolution, which leveraged agricultural researches and technology to increase agricultural productivity in the developing world. Mr. Norman Barlague was credit with saving over a billion people from starvation especially in developing countries like India and finally he received Nobel prize in1970 recognizing his work on green revolution.  Despite of many effort made by MS Swaminathan for sustainable development especially using environmentally suitable agriculture, suitable food security and the preservation of bio diversity, which called an “ evergreen revolution” could not achieved in his time because of chemical fertilizer .  60 p.c. of Indian farmers are still using chemical fertilizers and subsidised by government to increase yield, not nutritional value of the yield.  Chemical fertilizer was introduced during the time India was remained under developed in bio organic technology. But today, Nano technology in bio organic fertilizer has been developed with the collaboration of foreign countries like Israel and started using in 14 states of India. Using Bio organic fertilizers will have 50 p.c. cost effective and 20 p.c. yield effective other than high nutritional value of the food grains and soil health.
The concept of green revolution and greater productivity was borne long ago after principles of population was developed (1789) by T.R. Malthus, an English scholar. His principles of population is directly related to production. Though Malthus theory of population has many criticisms, it has given a major turning point in controlling population and increasing productivity as well. Population increases in geometrical ration i.e. 1, 2, 4, 8.. and production increases in arithmetic ratio i.e. 1,2,3,4,..If or unless control in time.  To bring an equilibrium point of welfare economy, planners has to think twice to control population growth and increase productivity as well. Though, India is still targeting zero population growth i.e two children per couple norms, Indian population growth is 1.1 p.c.  in 2017 and projected population of India is close to1.37 billion in 2019. To meet the food requirement of high nutritional value of World Health Organization (WHO) standard, Indian agricultural sector has to tilt using new technology of bio organic fertilizer and organic pesticides. Presently, India is using measurement of production in terms of yield per acre, not nutritional value of yield per acre.  This is the turning point for north eastern states introducing Brown Revolution, focusing on building soil ecology, thus enable local farmer to feed local communities, not just family. It does not require huge inputs of capital or high technology. The method can restore the land, and help it its food production that it is meant to produce.
 Green Revolution in India is a period when agriculture was converted into an industrial system due to adoption of modern methods and technology such as the use of high yield variety (HYV) seeds, tractors and other machineries, irrigation facilities, pesticides and chemical fertilizers. The green revolution within India led to an increase in food grain production and maximum use of chemical fertilizers, especially in the state of Punjab, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh, Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu.  42 p.c. of India’s districts are using 85 pc of its chemical fertilizers.  Urea accounts for most of the consumption of nitrogen (N)  i,e, 82 p.c. of the total consumption of fertilizers and DAP for most of that P2O5. Nitrogen(N), phosphorous(P) and potassium (K) are the big 3 primary nutrients in chemical fertilizers, and nitrogen considered to be the most important nutrient, and plants absorb more nitrogen than any other elements. Each Urea bag (50kg) cover upto 5000sq ft. This using rate may vary depending on the type of lawn we have and our targeted area.
Rainbow Revolution is one of the strategies to achieve the objectives of sustainable agricultural revolution, where equal focus is given on minimizing cost of production and increasing production, environment impact is also considering, and impact of fertilizers on consumers and soil health is taken into account. Everything that would take place due to excessive green revolution and reaction of using chemical fertilizers will be kept under consideration.
Rainbow revolution will not only work in cost effective and yield effective but it will also work on health related nutritional value of the food grains and soil health. 90 pc of our health problem is closely related with the food we consumed. Special train called caner train is running from Punjab to Rajasthan only because of enormous use of chemical fertilizers and its side effect to health after consumption of   food which contain chemical for a longer period of time. North east is highly prone for cancer because of food habits, Chemical fertilizer is toxic and it causes dangerous diseases like cancer and others. For example, breathing ammonium carbonate gas released by urea can irritate the nose, throat and lungs, causing a cough and difficulty in breathing. Long term exposure may cause lungs problems.
Inorganic fertilizers are not entirely composed of the nutrients needed by the plants. It also contains salts and other compounds which are not absorbed by the plants are left behind in the soil and build up over time. When salts are found in large amounts in the soils, these compounds can alter the chemistry of the soil that makes it less ideal for planting. It may even increase the pH level of the soil and make the land dead and barren if the PH level is more than 8.  Today, Soil testing is required for proportionate use of fertilizer and better production.        
 As an example, the first step in making the Nitrogen contain in Urea (46%), available to plants is in converting it to either ammonia (NH3) or ammonium (NH4+) and bicarbonate ions (HCO3-). During the nitrification process, i.e. while oxidizing ammonia to nitrite, there is an increase in the no. of free hydrogen ions (H+) in the soil, which creates acidity. Additionally, when plants take up ammonium ions (NH4+), they also release H+ into the soil. These chemicals  promotes leaching i.e. more than 50% of the fertilizers we put into the soil goes wasted either through evaporation into the atmosphere or runoff with rain water or irrigation or goes deep down into the soil and not available to the plants. There is a high chance of over fertilization. Nitrogen contains in Urea is only 46 p.c. and the remaining 54 p.c. are salt which are toxic particles. It destroys ecosystem of the soil, contaminates ground and surface water, reducing the nutritional value in the crops and it generates greenhouse gases & air pollution and destroying our Mother Nature.
By fertilizer, we mean any material of natural or synthetic origin that is applied to soil or to plant tissues to supply one or more nutrients essential to the growth of plants. Organic fertilizers or manure are fertilizers prepared from the animal or plant wastes after properly decomposing the raw materials which may contain all necessary plant nutrients in small quantities.
Bio fertilizer  are substances which contain living microorganisms, when applied to seeds, plant surfaces or soil, colonize the rhizosphere or the interior of the plant and promotes growth by increasing the supply or availability of primary nutrients to the host plant. Eg. bacteria, algae, fungi, etc
Atmospheric nitrogen cannot be used directly by plants. Certain bacteria in the soil trapped them and convert them into compounds which can be absorbed and used by plants. They are called nitrogen fixing bacteria or bio fertilizers (symbiotic and non-symbiotic)
Symbiotic type of nitrogen fixing bacteria or bio fertilizer is form in a mutually beneficial association with the plants. The bacteria obtain food (nutrient) and shelter in the plant roots. And in return, they give a part of their fixed nitrogen to the plants. eg. Rhizobium. Plant growth promoting rhizo bacteria are microbes that stimulate plant growth by improving nutrient availability. They are also effective as bio pesticides and bio protectants. Eg. Pseudomonas sp & Bacillus sp.
Non symbiotic type of bacteria or bio fertilizer is a type of living freely bacteria in the soil and these bacteria perform nitrogen fixation. Some of them like azotobacter and clostridium are saprophytic, i.e. living on organic remains while some of them are photosynthetic microorganisms.
 Phosphorous solubilizing bio fertilizer solubilizes the insoluble phosphates from various phosphate sources and makes them plant usable. It lowers soil pH by secreting organic acids and thus dissolve the bound phosphates. Examples are bacillus megatherium, bacillus subtilis.  Phosphorous mobilizing bio fertilizer stimulates the transfer of phosphorous ions and thus metabolic processes. Eg. Glomus spp. Bio fertilizers for Micro Nutrients are silicate and zinc solubilizer bacterial species and also degrade silicates and aluminium silicates. Eg . Bacillus spp.
Using nano technology in bio organic fertilizers has manifold advantages.  These bio organic fertilizers are biodegradable, living and non living organism, non toxic materials as they are made from organic things and so do not contaminate air, water or soil. It maintains the pH level of the soil and promotes ecosystem of the soil and it also promotes beneficial microbes and hence increases the productivity as well as nutritional value of the crops.
By using bio organic fertilizer, we improve the soil texture and water holding capacity of the soil and make the soil more friable hence the increasing problem of barren land is contained. There is very less chances of leaching and the requirement of organic fertilizers will be reducing as it will improve the soil texture. No greenhouse gas is released and does not cause any kind of disease to human beings.
 Bio organic fertilizers are cost effective and yield effective. The price of bio organic fertilizers is only half of the price of chemical fertilizers per acre and yield production is also increased 20 pc. For example- Atharav bio organic agricure product of AN84 liquid is costing  only about Rs 200 per 180 ml. per acre is equivalent to 3 bags of Urea (150kg) per acre and govt. subsidised price of urea per bag is Rs 242 without GST and transport cost i.e. Rs 723 per acre.  Using chemical fertilizers will not expand branches of the plant whereas bio organic fertilizers will produce many branches as an immediate effect. More branches mean more fruits or food grains. Farmers may get early result before harvesting. The crop value increases many times. Organic products are in highly demand in market and are sold at a very high price in comparison to the products of chemical fertilizers.
Adding chemical fertilizers in your agricultural farm means giving doges of addictive drug to farmers till complete addiction, because doges of chemical fertilizers has to increase in consecutive years in the same field  to produce more crops  whereas bio organic fertilizers are curative measures to improve soils and increase production.  Agricultural farm will reduce to use fertilizers if the farmers use bio organic fertilizers in their agricultural farm for the consecutive 8 & 9 years.  Farmers shall try to substitute the existing harmful chemical fertilizers with environmentally friendly and non toxic bio organic fertilizers to live in harmony with nature and make a lasting improvement in our own patch of earth for generations to come. Realizing the benefits of bio organic fertilizers, Government of India is promoting the uses of bio organic fertilizers, taking into consideration for a non toxic and long lasting sustainable method of agriculture.  It is the right time for all of us to be concerned about it for a healthy environment and a healthy and prosperous society. Era for using harmful chemical is come to an end by increasing research and new technology in the field of bio organic fertilizers. India’s organic mission in agriculture will hopefully successful.

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Friday, 20 March 2020 17:47

When Chassad Blazed Our Hearts Burnt

By: Shongminthang Haokip, UAE
When Chassad blazed our hearts burnt
All churches, schools and households
Set aflame by insatiable human’s greed
Firestorm ascend into the air far and high
Cries and prayers echoed across mountains
Instincts may urge to revenge but we don’t
As heaven’s witnessed is enough for us
For justice bringing in God’s timing
Mothers weep inconsolable once more
As memories unfold 90’s atrocities upon us
Heaven protects innocent lives this time
Merciful is His mighty hand, God of Israel
Every goods and chattels robbed
A grievous misdeeds of humanity
It pains even more to see innocent kids
Who doesn’t deserved aren’t spared either
Children find no more books and bags
But only tents and torments surrounds
Hoping to see their classroom and learn
As they play under the tent hopelessly
When Chassad blazed our hearts burnt
We mourn, we suffer and we loss
but we get stronger and find unity afresh
How good and pleasant it is when
brothers live together in unity!

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