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Imphal, Jan 17

Free and compulsory education to all children in the country seems to have no significance in the state of Manipur as enrolment of children in pre-school is considerably lower than any other districts in the country.

The fourteenth Annual Status of Education Report (ASER 2019 ‘Early Years’) released in New Delhi on January 14 this year says that only 13.3% of 4 year olds and 1.2% of 5 year olds are enrolled in Anganwadis (pre-school) in Bishnupur district of Manipur. This number is considerably lower than the all-districts average of 44.2% children enrolled in Anganwadis  in age 4 and 26.2% in age 5.

The finding was conducted in 26 districts across 24 states in India using Probability Proportional to Size survey methodology. The survey covered a total of 1,514 villages, 30,425 households, and36,930 children in the age group of 4-8 years. Sampled children’s enrollment status in pre-school or school was collected. Children did a variety of cognitive, early language, and early numeracy tasks; and activities to assess children’s social and emotional development were also undertaken. All tasks were done one-on-one with children in their homes. In Bishnupur, a total of 1,202 households in 60 randomly selected villages were surveyed. 1,305 children in the age group of 4-8 were covered in this survey.

The report said that ability of the children between age 4 to age 5 to do all tasks is comparatively poor . It said, while 31% of 4-year-olds enrolled in anganwadis or government pre-primary classes were able to do a 4-piece puzzle, 45% of 5-year-olds attending these institutions could do so. In Bishnupur, almost none of the children in the age group of 4-5 years could correctly answer the listening comprehension questions. Only 1% of 4 year olds and 0.6% of 5 year olds could correctly do this task.

Enrolment of children as per the Right to Education Act, 2009 (RTE) are not appropriates in Bishnupur district. The ASER report said that the RTE mandates age of 6 years for entry to Std I. In Bishnupur, 62.6% of the children enrolled in Std I are of age 7 and 8 and 17.8% of the children are of the age 4 and 5. This shows that a major chunk of children in Std I in Bishnupur are not of the appropriate age.

The ASER report said that 47.2% of the children in primary grades at the age of 8   could identify all the four primary emotions compared to an all districts average of 60.5% covered in the survey.

In Bishnupur, in the emotion identification task, children found identifying the emotion ‘happy’ the most difficult among 4 primary emotions .

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Mumbai, Jan 17

Even as television broadcasters in India have challenged Telecom Regulatory Authority of India’s (TRAI’s) new order reducing tariff to give relief to consumers, the Bombay High Court has refused to grant interim relief to the broadcasters.
The division bench of Justices SC Dharmadhikari and RI Chagla at the Bombay High Court has not provided interim relief to the broadcasters till the next hearing of the case on  January 22, 2020, but it has issued a notice to TRAI to file an affidavit in response to the petitions filed by the broadcasters, by  January 20.
The petition has been filed by the Indian Broadcasting Foundation (IBF) challenging TRAIs’ order. Apart from the IBF, broadcasters like Star and Disney India, Zee Entertainment Enterprises (ZEE), Sony Pictures Networks India (SPN), TV18 and Viacom18, and the Films & Television Producers Guild of India have also filed petitions. In response TRAI has filed caveats in all major high courts against issuing a stay without hearing what it has to say in the matter.
As per the TRAI’s order-NTO- 2019, the TV channels cannot be priced more than Rs 19, if part of a bouquet of channels. There is no pricing cap on channels which are not part of any bouquet and are designated premium channels. Also, there is no cap on the amount of discount a broadcaster can offer on the sum of the MRPs of all the channels in the pack. TRAI has notified new rules that permit TV broadcasters to include a channel in a pack only if it wasn’t priced more than Rs.12. Earlier, this limit was Rs.19.
NTO 2019, was first issued in December 2018 and implemented in February 2019. Now the distribution platform operators (DPOs), (a term used for cable and DTH operators) are given 15 days to revise their packages. Ultimately, consumers will have one month to select channels or bouquets of their choice and the new rates will be effective March 1. The ground level cable operators have been given time till January 30 to make the new tariff public so that the customers can make choices.
When TRAI’s original NTO was implemented in February 2019, it received much flak as it raised the price for consumers for like-to-like entertainment. The NTO was aimed at allowing consumers to choose a la carte channels and hence bring their cable bills down as it mandated that each channel should be priced individually. However, it resulted in the opposite.
Media industry experts say that broadcasters priced their popular channels at Rs.19 and less popular channels at a very low price and then bundled and offered them at a steep discount. This led to consumers opting for packs rather than buying a la carte channels, defeating the purpose of the NTO.
The new order “NTO 2.0” as TRAI calls it, has also allowed the distribution platforms owners (or DPOs such as cable operators and DTH companies) to increase the number of free-to-air (FTA) channels in their bouquet to 200 with a network capacity fee (NCF) of Rs.160. Earlier, only 100 FTA channels were allowed in the bouquet for Rs.130.
Broadcasters argue against DPOs being allowed to charge Rs.160 for free channels. The owners of distribution platforms will not allow subscribers to choose their own channels as they will push their own set of FTA channels, which will be included on the basis of the carriage fee.
According to the broadcasters as per the new tariff the individual price of a channel will be Rs 12 from earlier Rs.19 which will hit them hard since cost of content acquisition has been growing over the past few years and this new tariff  amounts to 37 per cent drop in the individual price of a channel and estimated 10 per cent fall in subscription revenue.
TRAI Chairman R.S. Sharma said that NTO 2.0 is a fine-tuning exercise. “The purpose of NTO always was to ensure transparency and non-discrimination. We just felt a few things were either left out or distorted in the earlier provision and the idea was to straighten those out, provide more content to the consumer at the same price,”.

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Imphal, Jan 17
The Manipur Students’ Association, Pune (MSAP) while condoling the death of a class XII Manipuri girl at Pune on January 10 evening denied question of being gang-raped. The Pune based Manipuri Students’ body said that  the statement by the representatives of AMSU through leading Manipuri paper in connection with the death of the girl under the heading “A class XII student was found brutally murdered after being gang-raped near Khadki railway station, pune ….” stands as an imaginary and baseless.
The Manipuri student, Ms. Mahima Khan was found dead on the night of January 10, 2020near Khatki railway station.
MSAP statement said that the viral news circulation of the prejudice cause of her death through various social media like Facebook, WhatsApp including some of the Manipuri local print and electronic media and TV channels is unfortunate and heartfelt.
“The viral news circulated may be treated as the baseless and imaginary”, it added.
MSAP statement said that the deceased girl  Mahima Khan went to buy some eatables at around 6:40-6:45pm from her home on Friday, the 10th January 2020 and never returned back home. As per the SOS massage received from the driver of the Pune-Lonavala local train around 7:30 pm of Friday, the 10th January by the Khadki Railway station, two death bodies were recovered by the police from the railway track near Khadki railway station, as per the police report. The two unknown death bodies were then deposited to the morgue of the Sassoon hospital by the police team at around 10pm of Friday, the 10th January 2020.
On the other hand, the family members were searching whereabouts of her over the nearby areas till late night and finally lodged a missing report to the Khadki police station around 11:30pm on the same night. As a reply to the missing report lodged by the family, the concerned police informed about having a death body and further informed the family to visit the morgue of Sassoon hospital to identify the death body. The parents of the deceased who were in Manipur rushed to Pune by 11:30pm of Saturday, the 11th January 2020 and established the identity of their daughter. MSAP members and some of Manipuri elders working in Pune were with the parents till the identification process ends.
The lifeless body of Ms. Mahima Khan was claimed by the parents on 12th afternoon about 1:30 pm and brought at their residence. Afterwards, the final rites and rituals were performed in the evening about 5:30pm. In this juncture, the actual cause of her death could not be established yet.
MSAP and the bereaved family are in constant touch and demanding the actual SOS massage of the train driver as well as the detailed interrogation of the train driver in this regard.
“In case, there is any possibilities of criminal conspiracy and murder, MSAP and all the Manipuris in Pune will not spare any stone unturned to bring the justice”, the MSAP said.

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Tamenglong, Jan. 17

Vision 2020 for Tamenglong District was discussed during the District level officers (DLOs) meeting which was held at Deputy Commissioner conference hall Tamenglong district headquarter.
During the meeting the concern departments share their vision for the Tamenglong district.
In the 2020 vision, Tamenglong road will be monitored every week so that the villages in the district is motorable throughout the year.
In order to perform some major vital operations in district hospital, through HADP the hospital will get new equipment’s and not only that it will also ensure CHC and PHC are connected with tele-medicine facilities which will be linked with the district hospital.
Under the school “phagat hansi” mission two government schools will be selected for a good number of students with a maximum of 700 students. Since no kids are to be left out from schools, the district administration will also select 10 government schools for a model schools so that atleast 2500 students get the benefits out of it.
2020 vision also highlighted that in order to declare more forest under the community forest reserve project the forest department will target100 sq kms forest areas in Tamenglong town areas so that the people make a viable income from this project. To prevent the business of the timber cutting the forest department will also check the limit of the cutting in the district.
The district administration of Tamenglong will also make an effort to declare as the free use single plastic soon stated the DC of Tamenglong.
During the meeting it is also highlighted that by May 2020 the ongoing water supply project will be completed so that the residents of Tamenglong have a sufficient drinking water.
During the meeting the Deputy Commissioner of Tamenglong also share the good news in which the MNREDA will be providing 100 lamps each free of cost for Tamenglong sub-division for lighting up especially the old age and orphanage home, residential schools and hospitals.
Since sports play’s an important role in our society under the TATA Grassroots Football school’s projects it will continue to train to train at least boys and girls between at the age of 15 years in Tamenglong district.
Armstrong Pame, DC of Tamenglong also highlighted that ONGC will be funding about Rs 2.5crore for building up the Tamenglong ground in which PWD will be taking up this project which will be completed before 15th August 2020 if there is no problem in implementing this project.
Altogether 31 department took part in this meeting.

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Friday, 17 January 2020 17:32

Of our Responsibility and our Rights

Like the proverbial aim of the hunter, the focus of our society at present has been drawn to the issues regarding the Bills and its subsequent fallout, so much so that we seemed to have obliterated other equally pressing matters, if not greater.
The vagaries of nature that played havoc to crops in the state is bound to adversely affect the supply of foodgrains, and with the approaching winter, things are bound to get more difficult. The disturbances and disruptions in transportation, over and above the human-induced ones have made matters worse. Even with the two national highways becoming functional now, we still cannot say with certainty that things are back to normal, essential commodities beings almost as difficult to procure or just as expensive even now. There is also the very real danger of out breaks of various diseases due to the increase pollution level and climate change. Road connectivity in lot of places other than the two main lifelines of the state still needs to be improved fully, and even the ones which are still functioning are just so.
Fighting for a cause one believes is all very well, and demanding understanding and attention from those who are at the helm of affairs of the state is a prerogative for a citizen. But fighting for one’s rights without discharging our responsibilities is nothing short of demanding a signed blank cheque. We have become so ingrained with the idea and experience of existing on subsidies, handouts and quotas. No
one can present us a better life on a platter, and even in the unlikeliest event of such a thing coming true, we will not be able to fully utilize the present. We need to earn our keeps, and for that to
happen, we need to radically alter our present mindset from which a lot of the present tussles are generated.
Our state still has a lot to offer for those who seek to better themselves. Life very rarely turns
out to be the way we envisaged, but that is not an excuse to rebel or revolt. Only a mindset that can accept, understand and persevere can, and will overcome every difficulty life can throw at it. Manipur, as a state has potentials waiting to be tapped. If we can grow out of the narrow visions of caste, customs, culture or class, we can still turn this unique place into the paradise we have so often been told of. But time is running out- and fast. For all the prep talk by the government and the leaders, what is actually needed is the implementation of the lofty ideas and generous promises. The need of the hour is a leader who leads the way rather than one who shows the way. And we should be able to follow when such a leader emerges. That is our responsibility. That is our right.

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Imphal, Jan. 17

Education Minister Dr. Thokchom Radheshyam today visited Chadong Village and inspected the makeshift school built by the villagers following inundation of the entire village with the coming up of the Mapithel Dam.
The Minister was accompanied by the ZEO Kamjong, S. Mangi Singh and officials of the Engineering Wing of Department of Education (S). The team interacted with the villagers and heard their grievances. The Minister was apprised by the villagers about the hardships and lack of basic amenities in the village after they were rehabilitated to the new location.
Dr. Thokchom Radheshyam gave a patient hearing to the villagers especially about the need of a school. The villagers informed that the Chadong High School before it was submerged under water had more than 400 students studying from classes I to X. The villagers told the Minister that after rehabilitation although a makeshift school has been established there is lack of proper infrastructure and the number of student enrolled has decreased. Many villagers in order to provide basic education to their children have shifted to the nearby villages and neighboring places but it is becoming a burden for the parents and the guardians as they have limited source of income.
During the visit itself the Minister instructed the officials concerned present to build temporary arrangement of seven classrooms for the school to be completed by March 2020. The school will have classes from I to V. He assured that while the school is being managed in temporary arrangement for the time being, a proposal for constructing new school building will be put forward to the Centre. He also urged the people that a survey be conducted for the villagers so that eligible beneficiary could be identified and benefit from the government schemes of various departments could be provided to them.
He stressed that the government focuses to work for inclusive growth of the people of the country abiding the motto of Sabka Sath, Sabka Vikas. He said that the visit has been made as a part of the ‘Reaching the Unreached’. He expressed that he is saddened to witness that the economic activity of the villagers has been disrupted losing their means of livelihood and belongings because of the dam.
He assured that he will appraise the matter to the Chief Minister of Manipur N. Biren Singh and his cabinet colleagues and discuss for necessary steps to facilitate them with skill development training and provide them with economic activities so that they could be return to their normal economic activities. He also suggested that qualified youths of the area can be engaged for teaching the students.
Member ADC, Ukhrul Thanmi Kashung, teachers, students and locals interacted with the villagers.

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Imphal, Jan. 16

Information and Public Relations Minister Thongam Biswajit Singh launched a News Portal - The North-East Affairs today and said launching of such a portal in today’s digital world is very appropriate and should be encouraged by all.
Speaking as the Chief Guest of the inaugural function held at the Manipur Press Club building, the Minister raised the importance of a balanced report and said that media houses should ensure that their stories are verified and filtered. He continued that all media outlets including print, electronic and others should maintain quality news reporting to build credibility.
Journalism, he said is all about dynamism and responsibility. He stated that journalists provide information and create awareness among the public about their rights in a democratic society. He said that criticism is very important, but it should be in a constructive and positive manner,
Biswajit also said that one should not be demoralized due to one wrong, but instead work towards doing better.
In his Welcome Address, editor of the newly launched news portal, Wahengbam Tikendra said that the portal will be a first of its kind in the State. He said the difference between news portals and traditional media like newspaper is that reports in online news portal have the flexibility for updates, whereas in newspapers once it goes to print a report cannot be updated.
The inaugural function was also attended by ex-MP Lok Sabha Dr.T.Meinya, Editors’ Guild Manipur President Khogendra Khomdram and All Manipur Working Journalists’ Union President Bijoy Kakchingtabam.

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Guwahati, Jan 17

As Bharat (also known as Hindustan, India) is approaching  its 71st Republic Day on 26 January, the Patriotic People’s Front Assam (PPFA) has repeated its appeal to the people of northeast India  to pay tributes to countless martyrs of the freedom struggle hoisting the national flag in every nook and corner of the region.
The forum of nationalists, based in Assam, commented in a statement that as many people in the region are presently agitating to keep values of the Constitution of India intact and some are also demanding various benefits mentioned in different clauses of the Constitution  they would definitely come forward paying respect to the Tri-colour.
Bharat (as well as Pakistan and Sri Lanka) achieved independence from the British colonial forces in 1947 and adopted its Constitution on 26 January 1950. Since then it has been observed as R-Day every year, where all known and unknown martyrs of the freedom movement are remembered hoisting and saluting the national flag in private and public places.
“Prior to our independence, millions of freedom fighters symbolically set 26 January as our Independence Day and continued the movement. It is the moral responsibility of every Indian national to pay homage to those martyrs on both the R-Day and I-Day by hoisting the national flag as it symbolizes the suffering and sacrifices of those freedom fighters,” said a PPFA statement.

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Friday, 17 January 2020 17:27

Encouraging Women’s Cricket In Manipur

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Imphal Jan.17

To encourage women’s cricket in Manipur, a friendly match was organized by the Thangmeiband Athletic Union Women’s Cricket Academy at THAU Sports ground, Imphal supported by 165 Infantry Battalion TA(H&H) ASSAM. Commanding Officer 165 Inf Bn TA(H&H) ASSAM was the Chief Guest on the occasion. To boost the sports, the commanding officer donated a Cricket Kit to the Academy. While addressing  players, the Chief Guest highlighted the laurels women of Manipur had brought to  sports in the country. The president Thangmeiband Athletic Union Women’s Cricket Academy Col SK Sapam (Retd) and Guests of Honour Takhellambam Satyarani Devi and Jabed(Mamo) were also present during the match.

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