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Imphal, Sept 29

A one day meeting of the Social organizations organised by the Manipur People Against Citizenship (Amendment) Bill, (MANPAC) at Iboyaima Sumang Lila Shanglen, Palace Compound Imphal today reiterated its stand to oppose the Citizenship Amendment Bill (CAB) and resolved to endorse with the resolution of the meeting of the first Central Executive Council (CEC) of (North East Forum for Indigenous People) NEFIP held at Kohima on September 25.

The Central Executive Council (CEC) of NEFIP had resolved to launch mass agitation from October 3 across the North Eastern states. The meeting of the social organizations held today at Iboayima Shanglen also resolved to launch mass protest from October 3 across the state.

Various representatives from different civil society organizations and intellectuals attended today’s social organisation’s meeting. Speakers on today’s meeting expressed strong resentment over the India Government attitude towards the people of the North Eastern States. The Government of India has time and again stated that the government will introduce CAB soon.

Today’s meeting also deliberated thread bare on the recent development in regard to the very contentious Citizenship Amendment Bill 2016, the recent appeal by the Union Home Minister of India on Hindi Language imposition and the issue of UNDRIP (United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples 2007) and various other issues related with the functioning of NEFIP.

Speakers on today’s meeting demanded immediate withdrawal of Citizenship Amendment Bill 2016 and condemn the statement given by Amit Shah, Union Home Minister and Himanta Biswa Sarma, Finance Minister of Assam and Convener of NEDA claiming that the Union Govt. will reintroduce the very contentious Bill on November/upcoming parliamentary session.

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Imphal, Sept 29

Smaller communities need to fight unitedly the one nation, one language and one religion theory as such act will affect the smaller communities.

This was said by General Secretary of International Sanamahism Students’ Association (ISSA) Lourembam Kangleinganba during the 6th Foundation day celebration of ISSA held today at Lamyanba Sanglen, Konung Lampak.

Addressing the keynote speech Kangleinganba further stressed that such one nation one language is a frightful act for the smaller communities like Meetei and others.

Reminding the formation of their students’ Association he said that it was formed by the likeminded students with the will to safeguard the indigenous aged old religion of the Meetei, Sanamahi religion. 

Kangleinganba continued that several acts and laws were there to protect and safeguard land, plants and animals but unfortunately there are no laws to protect the people believing in Sanamahi and added that in order to identify a community there is a relationship of religion and its culture. 

He also said there is a need to conserve and protect the indigenous religion like Sanamahi religion.

Guest of Honour of the function who is the former president of REFORM Dr. N Birchandra said that the revivalist wave of Sanamahi religion is increasing and added that 30 percent of the total population of the Meeteis believed in the indigenous religion. 

He also said that in the court of Manipur the court doesn’t use any holy book of the Meetei to swear even though Meetei has its own custom and its holy book. 

Registrar in charge of Manipur University Prof W Chandbabu in his Chief Guest speech urged the need to groom knowledge about the various cultures and traditions of the small communities and also the system, ethics and moral values of the communities.

He added that several researches, discussions about the contemporary relevance of the indigenous religion is a must.

President of ISSA Khaidem Kangleingakpa said that the main objective of the Association is to occupy a space in international platform for the unique indigenous religion of the Meetei. He added that there is no enemity with any other religion and the Association moves forward in a progressive way. 

Later Prizes were also distributed for the written quiz competition which was organised by ISSA on 22nd September 2019 under the theme ‘know your Kangleipak’.

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Imphal, Sept. 29

In view of the 123rd birth anniversary observance of Lamyanba Hijam Irabot tomorrow and 150th birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi on October 2, a cleanliness drive was held in and around the Khwairamband Ima Keithel with an aim to keep the area neat and clean. The drive was jointly organised by the Municipal Administration, Housing and Urban Development (MAHUD) and Imphal Municipal Corporation (IMC) along with the Manipur Police Department, Manipur Fire Service, women vendors of Ima Keithel and different Civil Society Organisations.
Addressing the media persons at Khwairamband Ima Keithel, MAHUD Minister Thounaojam Shyamkumar said the task of keeping the Asia’s largest women’s market neat and clean is impossible without the support of all the stakeholders, including the women vendors and customers. Stating that cleanliness is next to godliness, he hoped that a clean Manipur will put the State in the tourist map of the world which can create more opportunities.
He further said the MAHUD and IMC are also carrying out the Swachhata Hi Seva (cleanliness is true service) campaign to create awareness on the nationwide ban of single-use plastics from the 2nd October, 2019. The campaign has been carried out across the State by the concerned District Administration, he added.
Stating that plastic has toxic pollutants that damage the environment and cause land, water, and air pollution, he said burning of the plastics in open air causes environmental pollution and releases poisonous chemicals causing deadly diseases like cancer. Appealing the citizens of the State to replace plastic by biodegradable items, he said the plastic pollution is a major cause of concern for the world that is why mass campaign on the ban is being held across the globe. He also appealed everyone to adopt a healthy lifestyle.
Replying to a query on the building and shop guidelines of the IMC, he said a survey on the buildings constructed in and around the Khwairamband Keithel will be soon over and drive will start after 2nd October, 2019 to check whether shops and buildings are properly following the guidelines and building bye-laws of the IMC. Legal action will be taken on the shops and buildings which are found violating the guidelines, he added.
It is worth mentioning here, that Manipur will join the nation in banning six items made of plastics in an attempt to scrap single-use plastic in the State from October 2, 2019 to coincide with the 150th birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi. Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who has set the goal to make India free of single-use plastics by 2022, had appealed to the nation to stop the use of single-use plastic in his speech on India’s Independence Day this year.
The banned items include plastic bags, cups, plates, small bottles, straws and certain types of sachets. The ban on the first six items of single-use plastics will clip 5-10 percent from India’s annual consumption of about 14 million tonnes of plastic. Single-use plastics, often also referred to as disposable plastics, are commonly used for packaging and include items intended to be used only once before they are thrown away or recycled.
Today’s cleanliness drive was also attended by Corporator Ward No. 25 Sujata Phoamei, Corporator Ward No. 18, Laimayum Inungnganbi Devi, MAHUD Commissioner M. Joy Singh, IMC Commissioner K. Chandrakumar Singh, IMC Administrator Ksh. Lemba Singh,  IMC workers, women vendors of Ima Keithel and officials of Police and Fire Service.

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Imphal, Sept 29

Chief Minister of Manipur N. Biren Singh wished the people of the state on occasion of the 123rd Birth Anniversary of Hijam Irabot.
In his message, the Chief Minister said that Lamyanba Hijam Irabot wa a towering figure and multi-faceted personality.
“He was a freedom Fighter, politician and social activist par excellence, a versatile personality, a gifted poet and an accomplished scholar”, the CM said.
He further said that studies continue to unravel the sterling qualities of Lamyanba Irabot. His effort towards maintaining oneness and emotional integrity among the people of different communities are still fondly remembered, N. Biren Singh said and appealed the people to follow the ideals of Lamyanba Irabot, who envisioned a united and new Manipur.  

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Imphal, Sept 29

Monika Devi Ingudam from Manipur was conferred the prestigious “National Youth Icon Award 2019” by the International Youth Committee at the World Youth Summit 2019, held at New Delhi.
Monika is among the 79 young leaders from across the globe were honoured National youth icon award 2019 by International Youth Committee, New Delhi on 27th Sept. 2019. She was conferred the award in recognition of her contribution towards attaining UN SDGs in India.
The National Youth Icon Award is the premiere and the highest youth award in India for Excellence in Development Work aim to raise the profile of young people and highlight the contribution they are making towards developing a fairer, sustainable, peaceful, and prosperous future for the nation. The National Youth Icon Award give international, regional and national recognition and support to those young men and women who have demonstrated young people’s capacity and potential to make positive contributions to their communities, nations and the world at large.
Monika is a development professional, currently working at ActionAid India. She is an agriculturist by training, since the last 4 years, she has been working with more than 10,000 farmers in the country to promote sustainable agriculture and entrepreneurship. Prior to joining ActionAid India, she was associated with ICCO corporation the Netherlands, Ministry of DoNER, and many other CSOs in promoting SDGs and supported many Agripreneurs by providing hand holding incubation support to Agri startups. She also went to the Founder school (Innovation & Entrepreneurship) StartAD, at New York University Abu Dhabi.
Monika has represented India at many international youth platforms as a youth delegate - namely IYC World Youth conference 2016, UNESCO World Youth conference on kindness 2019, Global Changemakers |Global youth summit 2018, commonwealth model conference 2017, SRCC global sustainability summit 2017, Asia’s Livelihood Summit 2017, South Asian Young Women Leadership Conclave 2018 etc.

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Sunday, 29 September 2019 17:54

Half Brother

By- Dr Nunglekpam Premi Devi
Independent Scholar

Mother all hail! Moms are lovely;
Woman and woman; woman and her bitch;
She knows all how she feels ‘atombi ema’
Wealth and power; money and love;
Cars and drugs; fancy and her language;
Brother and half brother; ema and ematon;
Oh! What a starry house, a family with emotions;
Feelings so different, likes and dislikes;
Adjustment and arguments; love and affairs;
His father and his mother and his others;
Sweetening and sharpening, all with instructions;
‘Your share smaller’ ‘his share is good’
Don’t talk and don’t share’ ‘eat alone and all yours’
Fusion and planning; he isn’t help correctly;
O mother! You aren’t a good teacher so sick;
No regularities taught; no manners shared with;
You show lights upon Grudging and greedy;
All’s well and all’s good bet on his own way.

His name isn’t that important to ‘name’,
His presence isn’t that encouraging holding on;
Seems like he’s busy like a humming bee;
Seems like he’s cool for a day, month and year;
Like a volcano, he boils and breaks through;
Half a brother; half a son and half a member;
All the discussions he knows without delay;
All the issues he knocks at the family door,
Aren’t that necessary to others, just a bet;
He prefers attending ‘attentions’ more of his needs;
He loves exaggerating more shares of his own;
He adores ‘silent’, his moody face a language;
Soft hearten insidious; tougher to his iron feelings;
One hell to believe; happy be a conquer;
All’s well and all’s good bet on his own way.

He’s the mom’s hero; he’s his own man tougher;
Guiding his will misleading, all mess up;
Teaching his life’s lessons all immoral;
No manners are culture; no habits are so deck well;
He calls no good ‘names’; he addresses none;
Fueling up all himself; hatred he understands all;
His women all his strength; his mother his sister;
Like a shining star; he whispers and he demands;
‘Good food, clean clothes, nice room’
‘Paddy fields, homestead, shared money’
‘Attention, First place in the house, more education’;
He cries his words are listening so closely;
He’s delousing with jealously ‘big brother’;
No words being heard arguments by arguments;
His feeling be numb addressing ‘eteima’
 His egos so high neglecting addressing ‘Tamo’
All’s well and all’s good bet on his own way.

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By - Dr. Aniruddha Babar,
Asst. Professor,Dept of Political Science
Tetso College, Dimapur, Nagaland
E-Mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

“No matter what people tell you, words and ideas can change the world.”
— Robin Williams

It is said that the discovery of WHEEL changed the fate of mankind, however, it is wise to accept the fact that it is the invention of writing that connected past-present and future of humanity with the vast expanse of TIME which resulted in the timeless revolution that impacted in greater quantum on the very fate of humanity than the discovery of Wheel.  Writing is necessary for the survival of humanity. The history of writing may not be very old, however, there have been evidences as to the smooth passage of knowledge which then required to be transmitted by generations of scholars for thousands of years orally in the absence of ‘Writing’. With the discovery of language, scripts, writing instruments and ‘need’ of writing; mankind entered into the next stage of evolution.  It has been more than millions of years since the mankind has inhabited the Earth. Considering this long time span, there is a scope to believe that mankind must have generated zillions of terabytes of information. Every generation has a story to tell and that story becomes an evaluable inheritance for the future generation. History of mankind is a collection of stories. Future of mankind is a lesson learned from the past and it is that past which gets revealed in the ‘writing’ of humanity.
Continuous generation of knowledge has been a major achievement of mankind. Much of the knowledge which has been generated by different generations has been disseminated to the subsequent generations. However, one significant fact that may be appreciated that it was ‘seed’ of ‘future’ knowledge that was discovered by the ancestors of present generation of humans. The current knowledge and understanding owe greatly to the principle discoveries of the past which are available to us in a written form, which further inspired us to build up structure of thoughts and ideas to form the seeds of thoughts for future humanity to be discovered and inspired from. Knowledge flows through the tunnel of the words which must be cemented by the process of ‘Writing’.
The writing basically connects the thoughts of people. No one thought could be similar to the other and no two thoughts exist separately from each other. The chain of thoughts which has come to the present humanity from far distant past not only needs to be preserved but also enhanced and strengthened. Present generation which is technologically driven and also materialistically smitten; somewhat not inclined to understand the importance to add up the links of thoughts to the ancient chain of knowledge. Undoubtedly humanity has been progressing rapidly in the fields of science and technology, however, this progression is linear. There is a false perception that the seed knowledge has already been discovered and there is nothing much left to be discovered.  There are millions of questions which have been haunting the minds of ‘intellectual adventurers’ silently working in every corner of this planet.
Writing is a documentation of thoughts. There is no quantification or qualification to the nature and identity of thought. Every thought is a result of a complex bio-chemical-electrical intercourse happens in brain hence deserves to be valued as a natural product of human existence. Here, the intention is to put ‘thoughts’ before the notions of morality, usefulness and political correctness. Every thought irrespective of its ‘nature’ need to be penned down and documented in the interest of the future generation. Writer does not have any right to judge or evaluate his work.
Writing is a gift that mankind has given to itself. However, writing has been put under the scanners and filters to find its political correctness. Information and its written expression have been categorized and judged on the basis of the preconceived notions and prejudices of the humanity. Invention of a science of writing and restrictions on free speech walked paralleled for thousands of years, because of which so many links in the chain of knowledge were broken and went missing causing irreparable damage to the evolution of mankind.
Every thought has life. It is said that energy neither created nor destroyed, similarly, thoughts too are nothing but emission of electromagnetic waves-energy; which are transformed into the language and words. The problem of ignorant evaluation of thoughts resulted into their destruction (however, in subtle forms they do survive). There is nothing like pure thought or impure thought, there is nothing like good or bad thought- every thought is a result of a mind that communicates with the source of life. Question is whether man is truly capable to decipher the meaning of his own thought or thought process? If he himself cannot decipher them then who are the others to do so? It has been often seen that the thoughts which has been considered as blasphemous or anti-social or demonic gradually came to be well accepted by the society. The Theory of Galileo that advocated ‘heliocentric’ theory of solar system which originally propounded by Nicholas Copernicus finally found universal acceptance after centuries. Copernicus and Galileo won only because of the written documentation of their thoughts which they somehow kept safe for the examination and judgment of future generations. This is what ‘writing’ has done to the ‘evolution’ of human civilization. Even the Philosopher Fredrich Nietzche also said somewhere about his writing that his thoughts are for the man of tomorrow. To supplement Nietzsche, it may be said that the writing is a documentation of today reflecting on the past for the generations of future to explore the meaning.
Man is a thinking Animal. The Gift of thoughts has not been bestowed upon any other living creature by the creator. Thoughts in the mind are like “interstellar dust”. Our mind is a vast universe. Thoughts are just dust particles in the mind characterized by electromagnetic activities. When those dust particles arrive through the Pen on the paper can change the destiny of humanity. Man is too less evolved to understand the complex realities of thoughts. Poor, ignorant man judges the ideas simply on the basis of what he was being taught by the man-made institutions throughout his life, which means his reference point will forever remained trapped in the social ‘baskets’ created by civilizations. Thoughts are always abstract, complex. There is no idea or thought which is simple to comprehend, understand, digest and reproduce without disturbing the core of it.
Therefore, let us be kind enough to allow humanity to speak. Let us be wise enough to allow humanity to write. Many a times the meaning of speeches, writings and intellectual ‘spaces’ are beyond our imagination. Let us accept this fact and let the future generations decide the fate of ‘worshippers of knowledge’. Let us write for tomorrow. Let us create inheritance of thoughts so that the future generation would not have to wander in the formidable darkness of intellectual vacuum. 

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Thoubal Sept. 29

District Administration, Thoubal organised convergent programme and sensitisation on “Poshan maah, Swachhata Hi Seva,  Beti Bachao Beti Padhao” yesterday at the Counting of DC complex, Thoubal.
The function was attended by Thoubal Zilla Parishad Adhyaksha Smt. Begum as the chief guest, CMO/Thoubal Dr. N. Jayentakumar Singh as the guest of honour and DC/Thoubal Smt. N. Bandana Devi as the president respectively.
In her speech, the chief guest thanked the district administration for its supervision to  sensitize people on the benefits of various schemes of the government.
While speaking, Deputy Commissioner N. Bandana thanked officers and all concerned for conducting successfully various programmes and activities on Poshan Maah, Swachhata Hi Seva and Beti Bachao Beti Padhao during the month long observation in the district. To acknowledge that a girl-child is not inferior, the DC also announced that mothers giving birth to a girl child in the district will be given certificate and a gift-pact.
Chief Medical Officer, Thoubal Dr. Jayentakumar also spoke on the occasion.
Dr. Ksh. Memcha Devi, district family welfare officer, Thoubal spoke on ‘Poshan maah & swachhata hi seva’ as resource person, N. Shyamo Devi, former DPO, Thoubal on ‘one stop center’ and Nonibala Narengbam, convenor, Childline advisory board, Thoubal spoke on ‘Childline Thoubal’ as resource persons. The seven steps of hand washing demonstration was also shown by Th. Ashalata Devi, Supervisor, CDPO office, Thoubal.
L. Radhakanta, ADM/Addl. DC, Thoubal gave the keynote address while vote of thanks was given by Smt  T. Anita Devi, DPO/ICDS Cell, Thoubal.

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Sunday, 29 September 2019 17:49

64th Wildlife Week celebrated in Tamenglong

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Tml, Sept. 29

Tamenglong Forest Division along with the Rain Forest Club celebrated 64th Wildlife Week under the theme “ The future of wildlife is in our hands” at United Builders School in Tamenglong District on Saturday.

Arun RS, DFO, Tamenglong, Poukinlung Gangmei, ADC member Khongjaron, Nehemiah Panmei, Honorary Wildlife Warden, Rain Forest Club, KH. Hitler and Khogen Singh, RFO Tamenglong attended the program as Chief Guest and President of the program.

Speaking at the program the chief guest stated that Tamenglong District has been widely recognised in the world map because of the Amur Falcon and we need to really conserved and protect the Amur Falcon stated the chief guest of the program. He also thanks the Chiulon village authority for safeguarding and protecting the Amur Falcon. He also assured the village authority that maximum developmental projects will be given to the Chiulon village from the forest department. Eco-tourism such as homestay which will generate revenues for the village as well as for the Tamenglong District as whole are some of the projects that the forest department is primarily focusing on said the DFO of Tamenglong.

As part of the program on spot drawing competition, Debate competition and wild life quiz competition was conducted for various categories of School students.

As part of the wild life week a One month long awareness campaign which include poster campaign was also kickstarted at Khongjaron village on protection of Amur Falcon where satellite was tagged last year.

One water storage tank constructed under springs had development was also inaugurated by DFO Tamenglong at Chiulon village which includes 1.2 km pipeline from the perennial water source where people are protecting the forests.

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