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Items filtered by date: Monday, 12 August 2019 - Imphal Times

“I will not participate Independence Day Celebration until JAC members are released”- MLA Joykishan

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Imphal Aug 12,

Demanding to release the arrested members of JAC formed in connection with the mysterious death of Babysana, Thangmeiband United Club and those who supported the movement by 14th of August, MLA of Thangmeiband Constituency Kh. Joykishan declare that he will not participate the Independence Day celebration until the said members are released.

Speaking to media persons in a press meet held today at his residence he said that the silence of the government and arresting the protestor who demand justice is a complete violation of the citizen’s right and making the state more like a dictatorship or under an emergency. And such act of the government defies the spirit of independence, he added.

He further said that there is no meaning to celebrate Independence Day even though being a legislature as the spirit of independence were snatched by the government and added that if the present government wants to celebrate it with the people than they should consider the voices of freedom of the people.

Joykishan further urged the government to free the arrested members and added that if they didn’t want the people to have the taste of freedom than they can still continue with their dictatorial government.

Pointing out that the stand of the government is on the wrong side Joykishan said that Thangmeiband BJP Mandal along with BJP Vice President even staged sit-in-protest demanding justice and also to handover the case to CBI.

He appreciates such moves from the opposition party even though they have ideological differences and added that he was a constructive opposition.

Condemning the act of the government where no women police were used in controlling women protestors, Joykishan questioned whether the state government doesn’t have any women police. He further said to stop such act and added that the present government doesn’t respect women though the government claims to respect them. He continued that such an act is a biggest exploitation of the decade.  

He said such acts are the signs of hampering the freedom and independence of the citizen.  He further asserts that there is no meaning of democracy if the movements of the people are controlled by fear.

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CM pays homage to the war heroes of 1891 on occasion of Patriot’s Day

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Imphal, Aug 12

Chief Minister N. Biren Singh today pay homage to the war heroes of Manipur who had sacrificed for the cause of the people fighting the British army on occasion of Patriot’s Day.

“Patriot’s Day reminds us of the supreme sacrifices made by our forefathers in defending the sovereignty of Manipur in the Anglo-Manipur War in 1891. On this day Yuvraj Bir Tikendrajit and Thangal General were hanged in public at Pheidapung (now Bir Tikendrajit Park)” , N Biren Singh said.

He further added that even as we pay tributes to our fallen heroes who fought the mighty British despite knowing that they would be defeated, we should take a pledge to stand as one to protect Manipur and prevent fragmentation of the state on community lines. The present generation should not forget the highest act of patriotism displayed by our forefathers. By imbibing these values, each one of us must work tirelessly to contribute in every possible way to the growth and development of our State.

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AR apprehends two HPC(D)(HQ) cadres with explosives

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Imphal Aug 12,

Assam Rifles Battalion under aegis of Red Shield Division conducted a successful operation in the remote areas of Parbung and Lungthullen (Pherzawl district) on 10 Aug 19, in which two hardcore cadres of Hmar People Convention (Democratic) (HQ Faction) HPC (D) involved in tax collection and several nefarious activities in the area of Pherzawl and Tipaimukh were apprehended. The apprehended cadres have been identified as Self Styled Sergeant Thangrosung Mengha, Commander of Tipaimukh Area and Self Styled Sergeant Lal Sanga Hmar. A large quantity of war like stores to include explosives, uniforms and important documents were seized during the operation. The documents recovered from them reveal the massive scale of extortion they were involved in the Pherzawl district. The apprehendees along with recovered war like stores have been handed over to  Police for further investigation.

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AISF slams government for not paying attention to death of Babysana

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Imphal Aug 12,

All India Student’s Federation (AISF) appeals government of Manipur to keep a close eye and resolve the case of Babysana’s death and not to take it lightly.

Stating in a press release signed by Naorem Rebidash Singh, Secretary, AISF/MSC said that the  people of Manipur wanted to know the truth behind the death, but it is evident from the current agitations that the government has failed to deliver it. It seems like the government is trying to mislead, which has further angered students’ organisations, Meira Paibi, CSO, JAC, and everyone else. As a result, the number of bandhs, strikes, and agitations have increased. In such a case, the government should take responsibility for its consequences. The government should also know that it might also ruin the career of other students in the school. The statement said, it appreciate the step of announcing Rules & Regulations for private schools, but it still has not been able to resolve the case. AISF is always there to support the JAC and is ready to face anything for Babysana’s justice.

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Jiri Ema Keithel opened today; No other such mothers market in the world: K. Sarat Kumar

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Imphal ug 12,

Jiri Ema Keithel, which was inaugurated by Chief Minister, N, Biren Singh, on 19 September, 2018, has been officially opened today morning. In today’s event Organised by Jiribam Municipal Council (JMC), 204 seats were allotted through a lottery process in the presence of K. Saratkumar Singh, Vice Chairman Food & Industry Co-op Ltd., Sangapam Shanti Devi, Chairperson JMC, and S. Wangoisana, Vice Chairperson JMC. K. Saratkumar said that Chief Minister, N. Biren Singh, along with other ministers had decided for every district to have one women’s market at the time of its completion of one year of governance. As a part of that, this market was constructed to hand over to the people of Jiribam. However, it was delayed due to incomplete construction of the toilet complex and other infrastructure, but Chief Minister insisted to complete it in this month and hand over it to the public. He further expressed that there is no other women market in India like the ones in Manipur. A woman vendor, S. Santirani Devi said that before the construction of this market, women used to sell under hot sun or pouring rain with a lot of trouble. When construction of this market was announced, various shops were demolished, creating a crowded place with lots of inconveniences for us to do business. However, we are fortunate that the Ema Keithel, inaugurated by CM N. Biren Singh, is now made available for us to use, she added. Stating further, she said that it lightened the burden of all the hardships they faced earlier and thank CM N. Biren Singh. She concluded by praying for good fortune for all the women vendors and for the market to remain in good shape.

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Public Meeting against Drug held at Yairipok

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Imphal Aug 12,

In continuation with its ongoing awareness programme conducted on different parts of the state to wipe out intoxicant from Manipur, Coalition Against Drugs  & Alcohol (CADA) organized a public meeting on the topic “NISHA NA KHUNNAI DA PIBA CHEITHENG AMASUNG MASIBU THINGBADA MEEYAM GI THOUDANG” at the ground of Social Economic Development Organisation(SEDO) in Yairipok, Thoubal District on 11th August. The public meet was organized by CADA Thoubal District Committee along with Joint Committee on People’s Welfare, Yairipok.

The meeting was attended by Dr. S. Ibomcha, Superintendent of Police, Thoubal,  Dipanjit Ningthoujam, Vice-President, CADA,  Maibam Ibotombi Khuman, President, Joint Committee on People’s Welfare, Yairipok, Khomdram Prafullo, Vice President, Joint Committee on People’s Welfare, Yairipok; Oinam Suraj, Major, 26th Assam Rifles and Asem (o) Ibetombi, President, Apunba Nupi Khunnai Lamjing Meira Paibi.
Dr. Kh Robindro, Specialist Mental Health attended the function as a resource person. Robindro speaking on the meeting said “Children mostly start using drugs and other intoxicants at the age of 13 to 17. This is the time where they often cannot take a positive decision and more prone to trying out new things whether good or bad and they started experimenting on new activities. If they move towards the good path, then all good for them in the future, otherwise if they happen to tread the wrong path, it may be difficult for them to bring back to the right path”.
Attending the function as Presidium member, Dr. S Ibomcha said “The police are thankful to organization like CADA, who along with their cooperation have been successful in its drive against Drugs and other intoxicant.”

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Alarming State of Students’ Life in Manipur; Schools and Hostels need (State) Intervention

The ongoing case of the suspicious death of Babysana in the boarding of Standard Robarth Higher Secondary School has brought to light a serious concern for the life and mental and physical health of the students of Manipur.
Concerning the toxic atmosphere of the school and its hostel/boarding recently surfaced, it reflects an alarming situation gravitating towards a collapsing education system.
 Expressed by its ex-students, the school has a history of its teachers and wardens physically assaulting, abusing, and mentally harassing its students. To top it all, the school has also been exposed for running a fake residential school under the same name with no valid permit. The given scheme of things pose concerning questions about the availability of such exploitative environment and toxicity in other schools and hostels in Manipur.

How many more such fake residential schools are in Manipur? Do all the schools and hostels follow proper guidelines of running an educational institution? How many lack the required facilities to run a school or hostel/boarding? Are there enough teaching and non-teaching staffs to address the academic and emotional needs of the students? Most importantly, how do the teachers and school authorities treat their students? After the uncovering of series of abusive events in Standard Robarth School in the past till now, there has also been a case of a teacher locking a student inside a classroom as a punishment a few days back.
The recent case is the 17-year old student of Royal Academy of Advance Learning, studying in class 10, found dead by drowning in a pond near the hostel he was staying. The cases of death and physical abuse seem to be accompanied by cases of sexual assault as well. A case of sexual assault in Jawahar Navodya Vidyalaya by its principal has also been filed. However, attempts to sweep it under the rug have been exposed, and charge sheets have been filed against two individuals. To everyone’s surprise, one of the accused is Sumatibala Ningthoujam, chairperson of  the Manipur Commission for Protection of Child Rights. Looking at the perpetrators and people involved in covering up such crimes, it does seem like the students of Manipur are in grave danger and not in the right hands.
 On the other hand, Government of Manipur has just sent out the notification regarding the Regulatory Guidelines for Hostels of Educational Institutions for Children, which was formulated by the National Commission for Protection of Child Rights in 2018. Even the notification states that it has been adopted in some schools/institutions. It is August 2019, now. Why is it so that the Government of Manipur took so long to even send out this notification, let alone an order for the implementation of the same? Why did it take the death of a 14-year old and an outrage of the people to take this simple yet important step? Is it the incompetency or negligence of the state government? The negligence is quite certain, so much so that even the official notification writes “The National Commission for Child Rights (NCPCR)”, missing out the “Protection of”. Now, it is the need of the hour for the concerned authorities to check if all the schools and hostels are valid, if they have mandatory facilities, if they are following the guidelines, and if they are violating the Right to Education, especially by physically punishing and mentally harassing the students. Apart from all the academic routines, at this point in time, it is also of immense importance for every school and hostel to have proper counselling sessions for the students in order to hear their grievances and address their needs before the issues go out of hands. It is also time that the authorities question and keep an eye on the behaviour of the teachers and wardens. Therefore, in order to protect the future and for the well-being of the students, it is necessary to put our education system in the right place with the right people.

Fortis Escorts Hospital, Faridabad inaugurates its first neurosciences OPD in Palwal

Palwal, August,12,

Pioneering in providing latest in healthcare across Delhi NCR and North India, Fortis Hospital Faridabad has now extended its services at Palwal with the inauguration of its first Neuroscience OPD at Apex Hospital yesterday. This is aimed at benefitting residents of Palwal and its neighboring areas.  
The OPD will be operational on second Sundays every month to allow ease of access for patients in and around Palwal for super specialist consultations. This will also drastically cut down on travels for neuroscience related consults for both patients and their caregivers.
The main objective of setting up such OPD services in Palwal is to extend best services to those where travelling for consults is not a viable option. Highly experienced and well qualified doctors from Fortis Escorts Hospital, Faridabad have already created their own milestones and are now inclined towards serving the society for ensuring better health.

Dr. Rohit Gupta Director -Neuro Surgery, Fortis Escorts Hospital, Faridabad, addressed the gathering and shed light on the growing incidence of neurological ailments including acute stroke, chronic migraine, epilepsy, Dementia, PD among many others amongst people in tier III cities. Emphasis was laid on the rising cases of neurological problems among all age groups and timely intervention is the key to treatment.
“Awareness about the symptoms of neurological disorders and importance of timely intervention should be made more prominent among the masses. Delay in treatment especially in cases of stroke, leaves more than one-third of the victims permanently disabled and over 25% die within 1 year. Patients suffering from acute stroke need to arrive to the hospital within the stipulated window period which makes them eligible for thrombolytic therapy, providing a likelihood of significant recovery in over 50% of the cases.” Said Dr Rohit Gupta.
According to the data provided by the Neurological Society of India, prevalence and incidence rates of common neurological disorders including epilepsy, stroke, Parkinson’s disease and tremors are found to be higher among the rural population. With over 60 lakh people suffering from epilepsy, high fatality rates of stroke (around 35%), calls for urgent strategies to establish outreach neurology services to cater to remote and rural areas.
“There is high prevalence of smoking, systolic hypertension, high fasting blood glucose level, and lower high-density lipoprotein cholesterol in our population at a younger age predisposing them to various neurological conditions at a younger age. Lack of awareness, lower rates of literacy and poor primary health care services are the key attributable factors. Advancements in neurosciences with the availability of thrombolysis therapy for treatment of stroke, Botox therapy for treating chronic migraine, Deep Brain Stimulation for treating Parkinson’s disease, etc have made it possible to treat any such condition thereby improving the victim’s quality of life.” Added Dr Gupta.
 ”It’s disappointing that most of us just accept the pain as a normal part of life instead of identifying and eliminating the root cause of the problem. Back or neck pain should not be neglected. Raising awareness among the masses about the symptoms of such neurological ailments will aid in early diagnosis of the condition and timely treatment will help in solving the complication within a short span of time providing complete recovery. Fortis Healthcare is determined to expand its reach and bring the best quality healthcare to the people of Haryana.” said Dr.  , VP/ Zonal Head, Fortis Healthcare Ltd.

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NRFM announces general strike on Indian Independence Day

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Imphal, Aug 12,

Armed rebel group, National Revolutionary Front Manipur (NRFM) announces general strike in Manipur and the North-East states of India on 15th August, 2019, through media by its information and publicity secretary Sanajaoba Meitei. Stating that India’s 73rd years of independence is not related to Manipur and the North-east states as the British ta