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Imphal July 23,

Normalcy in Thangmeiband area has been severely affected as JAC formed against the mysterious death of Babysana intensifies its agitation demanding justice for the victim by shutting down Thangmeiband area.

The JAC, also called all Manipur Bandh from 6 am tomorrow till 6 am of July 25 after the government fails to fulfill the demand. 

During the total shut down today, all areas of Thangmeiband bore deserted look as shops and business establishment shut down. The streets were also empty as protestors prevented vehicular movement. Shops around Thangal Bazar were also deeply affected because of the bandh and were shut down.

Since early morning today women folks came to the street and blocked road. The passerby were made to return and some were diverged to pass through DM college.

Meanwhile huge numbers of student volunteers of All Manipur Students Union (AMSU) came from their office towards the streets of Thangmeiband shouting slogans demanding justice for Babysana who died at the hostel of Standard Robarth Higher Secondary School.

Later the students along with the women and the people of Thangmeiband continue to block the road and further they staged sit-in-protest at Thangmeiband Meisnam Leikai.

It was earlier mention that the JAC will intensify the movement for the justice of Babysana. 

Speaking to media persons President of AMSU Peter Laishram declared that they will support all the movements taken up by JAC to deliver justice and also will intensify it.

He further alleged that death of Babysana was a conspired murder by the authorities of the school as a child of 14 years was found dead in her dormitory and no one notice where 37 students stayed in it. He strongly condemned such act.

“There was no clarification by the authorities of Standard Robarth and also the government not even assured to give justice to find the culprit”, he added.

He strongly condemned the lack of rules and regulations for the boarding and hostel and added that the government should establish rules and regulations for hostels and boarding at the earliest.

Peter warned that they will intensify the movement until the culprit were found and deliver justice to the deceased child. 

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Imphal, July 23,

Communist Party of India members took out a march today around 2: 30 pm from its party office at Rupmahal Tank, Imphal to Chief Minister’s residence and submitted a seven point memorandum on the ongoing agricultural crisis and price rise that is gripping the state. CPI Manipur statement Council stated in the memorandum that the state is facing a severe agricultural crisis, drought, price rise and fear of scarcity of food in the coming year.
Given such a situation, the party urged that the food grains ensured by National Food Security Act must be delivered to the people of the state. The state should provide necessary cheap food grains to the people given the rising price of commodities. It also urged that the state should take some preventive measures and emergency meeting of all concerned departments should be called for forming a state task force to look into the matter. The memorandum urged that the government should help the movement to declare the state drought ridden.  
Irrigation must be improved and the water must be provided to the fields from rivers and other water sources and state forces such as IRB and MR must be tasked to carry these measures, the memorandum added. CPI asked the government that the peasant should be provided with seeds and fertilizers adequately in the memorandum. The concerned departments should take appropriate steps in this situation. MLA and MP local area development should be diverted to resolve this crisis.

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Imphal, July 23,

Socialist Students’ Union Manipur (SSUM), in a statement concerning the death of Babysana today, said that it respects the decision taken by Manipur Human Rights Commission (MHRC) on the matter of Babysana’s death and called off the decision to ban Standard Robarth School. SSUM stated that Manipur Human Rights Commission (MHRC) which was indifferent when it came to the death of a student and is now saying that it is wrong to ban the school. MHRC’s stand on the matter will surely wake the people up on what is going on.  SSUM’s statement asserted that the people will clearly see the truth behind the decision of MHRC. SSUM said that the organization will continue the movement using democratic means and is prepared for various movements concerning Right to Education in the state. SSUM, in the statement, said that the organization will make it known to the people that rich and power cannot do whatever they want.

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Chandel, July 23,

Due to the extremely bad condition of the 18 km long BRTF road in Chandel district, from Japhou bazaar to Old New Samtal road via Khongyun village, and the government’s negligence to fix it from a very long time, today, the villagers whose livelihood depends on this road are facing a great deal of suffering. The villagers are now asking if the Manipur government’s “Go to Hill” policy, which was meant to do something good for the hills, has gone to some other unknown hill. Since the government has not looked into the interior roads, it is not possible for the nearby villages to even build contact amongst themselves. On top of that, this condition of the road has added more trouble to the people of various villages residing near the road while trying to visit District Headquarter. Apart from facing troubles while commuting because of the rainy season, the situation has made the lives of the villagers all the more difficult at the time of medical emergency. Trying to go on the road itself has become an extremely time consuming and strenuous task for the villagers. In regards to the road, R. Angningden, chief of the village and chairman of Sulam Area Chiefs Association, expresses that since it is rainy season, the road condition has worsened, making it harder and inconvenient for those who rely on the road to transport food grains and for urgenct medical treatment. Adding to it, he said that the poor condition of the drainage system and unavailability of proper culvert have given rise to such problems that the villagers are facing. Therefore, he appeals for an immediate action for the state government to look into the matter and fix the road at the earliest.

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The first year of BJP led N. Biren Singh government gave  hope to the people of the state. Prolonged bandh, general strikes, school shut down, street protest were considered history and promises for development showed sign of relieve and hopes of the future generation enthralled every citizen of the state. The obstacles face by the students due to the disturbances from sections of society was also put in the archive when N. Biren Singh Government comes to powers.

Perhaps it was not N. Biren Singh which has engraved so much faith in the new government, but the well discipline structures of the BJP party that had made people believe that Manipur will see changes.

Two and half years have almost completed the picture of the government which the people had so much trust when it comes to power is lost. The similar regalia in the running of the government returns. Earlier, it was the issue of the anger of the peoples belonging to various groups. Now the issue is in the party itself that is ruling the government. The political instability happening in the state due to indifferences among the MLAs of the BJP is indeed an unfortunate event that maligns the image of the BJP which is considered as the most disciplined political party in the country. Prime Minister  Narendra Modi, National President Amid Shah,all are dedicated party man who always work to strengthen the BJP. Many strong men of the BJP who were capable of becoming Prime Minister and who had been in the parliament for over two three terms never question to the leader appointed by them. In politics everything happened and it is natural that there at be differences among the BJP MPs either in Parliament or in any of the state. But such indifferences and fight never comes in the public domain.

The crisis among two groups of BJP MLAs which is leading the state, perhaps is the first of its kind in the annals of BJP.

When one took a deeper look and analyzed the situation, one can easily noted that there is something wrong in the organization of the Manipur Pradesh BJP. President of the Party seems to forget that he is the sole person who is responsible for controlling the BJP MLAs. And that he should not be bias and sided with any group as he is the leader.

Why K Bhabananda, who is the president of the BJP Manipur Pradesh fails to initiate any measures to end the nearly two month old political crisis? Reason- K. Bhabananda seems to have committee a mistake by siding with another group.

As the president of the BJP Manipur Pradesh is incompetent to handle the presence chaotic state of the BJP MLAs, center should think of replacing someone who can summon both the conflicting group and settled it. Or if the center think the matter is state issue K Bhabananda , the president should be advice to act and solve the issue without favouring any of the conflicting parties.

What is disturbing is that after two and half years of BJP led government, people now face bandh called, minor girls died in hostel room of private schools or boarding which do not follow any regulations formed by MARC for running of hostels. Many married lady are thrown out by their in-laws leaving them helpless. Many married men are encouraged to marry two or three wives. Young girls are found murdered and the person who exposed the Indo-Myanmar border has been put in jail on other alleged charges of corruption. What surprised the people is – Why only ex-DC of Tengnoupal, why not those who were directly or indirectly involved in the appointments of 18 contract staffs of a MIFH project as gazetted officers in the horticulture department violating the rules and regulations of the Manipur Public Service Commission.

After 2 years, the N. Biren Singh government seems to be no different from the earlier government. And this is the most unfortunate part of not only BJP but also the people of Manipur as well.

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By- Ningthoujam Rameshchandra

Football (soccer) is not a new thing to the people of Manipur. It is as old as the British colonial period. The British colonial officers introduced it to the people of Manipur during the fag end of the nineteenth century.  Today we have ‘N’ numbers of international players, national players and local level players, retired or continuing. Somotai Shaiza, Khangembam Ratan, Khwairakpam Balin, Guanbir Singh, Mutum Bijen Singh, P. Renedy Singh, Gouramangi Moirangthem, to name a few, were among the most talented and popular names to every football loving households in Manipur. Today, we have Jackichand Telem, Udanta Kumam, Dhiraj Moirangthem, Amarjit Kiyam, Jeakson Singh, and so on, playing in different clubs in all over Indian cities. So many more are there to name, many more talented or extra-ordinary talented players are expected to come up to be the household names very soon.

Mention may be made here that these above-mentioned players were hardly trained and groomed in Manipur. They are all groomed/well trained in some other State’s academies like Tata Football Academies (TFA) or Chandigarh Football Academy (CFA) or somewhere else. Why? And why these boys all left Manipur for training to some other cities? Because Manipur doesn’t not have proper academies to train. Simple as that. Well, we have Sports Authority of India (SAI), but everyone knows how SAI runs and works. Except Mutum Bijen Singh (who was the product of SAI, that too during his school days at Sainik School Imphal), hardly any players came up from SAI to be the international player from Manipur.

It is of fortunate case that today, we have witness some football-academies in and around Imphal city or few at far off places that are run by some private agent or local clubs. But these are not function as residential one. The only residential football academy so far, is the Chakpa Football Academy (CFA), located at a village called Phayeng in Imphal West District of Manipur. The Classic Groups of Companies, Manipur, has started one to function as residential academy very recently. I hope this can be one of the best academies in Manipur. It is a sad news to learn that NEROCA Football Club gradually closing due to sponsorship issue.

Otherwise, it is quite exciting to see many such developments in terms of grassroots football in Manipur. In fact, escalation of football academies can be taken as the launching pad for the budding footballers of Manipur. These platforms can be used to become football stars at international levels.

However, on the sad note, it is quite disheartening to see how the state agencies and other related stakeholders run the grassroots football programmes in Manipur. Take for instances, the organising scenarios of the Subroto Cup Tournament for Schoolboys by the Youth Affairs and Sports (YAS). Mention may be made that there is “hardly any” tournament organised for the young budding footballers (this may applies the same for the whole Indian football scenario too). The Subroto Cup Tournament was and is the only tournament organised for younger age groups like Under 14 and Under 17, where the young boys compete and showcase their talents.2 If not, most of the state/national level tournament organised was and is mainly of “senior level” tournaments. 

So, I am sure, when such tournaments comes up “once in a year”, many of the young talented boys might be so excited to take part in it, as it might have a chance to flourish. The Subroto Cup has been considered as one of the tournaments in India, where boys get call up for national duty. It is a matter of pride for them to take part in it. However, it is quite demoralizing for these young boys as well as the private agencies or local clubs who groom these boys to take part in such tournament. Why? Because, age group is not strictly followed by the organiser (Y.A.S. in the case of Subroto Cup). It appears that cheating is openly promoted by the Y.A.S. Boys who are over-age are allowed to field-in into the match just by checking the numbers of tooth. What if, the over-age boys have extracted their tooth? Ultimately, the match is obviously one sided and eventually, demoralised the hope of the young boy and kill the local club’s aspirations. Thus, talents are lost in the nowhere.

Not only the Subroto Cup case, we witness many discrepancies in the selection process for the age group School Level trial selection to participate at National Level tournament, organised by YAS. There was a trial selection on 18th July 2019 for U17 boys at Khuman Lampak Artificial Turf Ground, Manipur. Boys who do not show up on the 18th July are allowed to participate on the 19th July, i.e. on the Final Selection process. My question to YAS is that, on what criteria you do such satanic/generous act? I am not quite sure whether such act will do “good” for those boys who follow the rule, or to those boys who do not follow rules.  But I am pretty sure that you are not doing justice to the grassroots football. You are not helping the Indian football.  

We have heard of Gaurav Mukhi’s case for age-fraud who claimed to be very young but actually not. Now he is suspended from playing football. To check such discrepancies Y.A.S. or other related stakeholders should do some homework. I think science and technology are not that remote to Manipur too. We have scanning technology to detect age and so on. I am not quite sure whether Y.A.S is that poor enough to acquire such machines and technology. If Y.A.S can do acquired such technology, it would be of immense step/help to groom the budding stars and I am sure Y.A.S will do that in future for the better future.

We must realised that every football clubs in India has minimum two (2) to three (3) players each from Manipur, and Manipur has been considered as the power house of Sports including football. I believe that everyone has taken this tag as a matter of pride. Therefore, every Manipuri including YAS, Manipur, may take this seriously to continuing to get this tag.

To wrap up, I appeal to all the football loving related agencies that we must realise that, to have a good National Senior Team/Squad, we required proper grassroots football development programmes at all age levels. And such development programmed be organised in such a way that all the age groups are strictly followed with proper mechanism/system. Otherwise, India’s dream of “FIFA World Cup Football Tournament” is a distant dream – an untenable dream.



Ningthoujam Rameshchandra  is a football enthusiast. He was a local level footballer during 1990s - and early 2000s.

He had participated the Subroto Cup at New Delhi, representing Sainik School Imphal as the Captian of the Team in 2002-03 tournaments.

He had also contributed many articles on the development of football in Manipur. You may reach him on  via e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Tuesday, 23 July 2019 18:17

Plastics should be banned

Respected Sir,

Through the columns of your esteemed daily, I beg to state that the careless use of plastics are damaging the environment.

These days many people chew, smoke tobacco products, pan masala, eat chips and kurkures and throw the plastic packets in the road. These packets polluted the streets and drain at rivers. As a result the waste water from the drain comes in the road. Many peoples take polythene bags and use them carelessly. They tie the vegetable peels and other things in the polythene bags and throw it in the roads or beside the roads. As a result, animals like cows are coming and trying to eat those vegetable peels, they aren’t able to open the bags and thus, eat the vegetable peels along with plastics which leads to death of animals. These happened just a few days ago in my locality.

Government should take necessary steps to prevent this harm to environment. I hope that you will grant my request and add it to your editorial columns.

Thank you

Your’s faithfully

Dhanapati Yengkokpam

Class XII, Yaikhom Mani Girls College

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Imphal, July 23,  

The 8th Annual Regional Principals’ Conference of Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan, Tinsukia Region began at Classic Grande, Chingmeirong, Imphal, today. The Conference will be held for 3-days i.e., from 22-24 July, 2019.
There are 1,290 Kendriya Vidyalayas in the Country and 38 Kendriya Vidyalayas are in Tinsukia region - 6 in Nagaland, 9 in Manipur, 16 in Arunachal Pradesh and 7 in Assam. The main reason for selecting Manipur is because of the excellent academic performances of the 9 Kendriya Vidyalayas in different districts of the State.
The Conference of the Principals is held annually to do SWOT Analysis wherein the strength, weaknesses, challenges among others of the Sangathans are assessed. New proposals are put up for discussion and plans implemented and adopted in the preceding year are also assessed to check whether it reached the set target. Discussion is also held on areas which will help in achieving goals set by the Sangathan.
B. K. Behera, Deputy Commissioner In-charge, KV, RO, Tinsukia speaking during the function said that Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan is the leading group of schools in the country. The pass percentage of students was 98.27 percent in Class XII and 99.47 percent in Class X which is the best in almost all groups of schools. In the last two years, the Sangathan have been continuously improving the quality of education and as a result the performances of the students in the examinations have been excellent across the country. The Sangathan is focused not only towards academic excellence but have also taken up steps for holistic development of the students. It is a matter of pride that the students of KV Imphal 3 will participate in the Subroto Cup in the 2019-20 National Games.
Speaking at the inaugural function as the Chief Guest, Th. Kirankumar, IAS, Director, Education(S), Govt. of Manipur said that Kendra Vidyalayas and Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalayas have brought laurels for the past many years. Appreciating the efforts of the teachers of the Sangathan of the State in making the academic atmosphere unaffected by bandhs and strikes, he said, it shows the dedication of the teachers towards education. He requested the principals and teachers of the Sangathans to give suggestions in drafting the National Education Policy to bring changes in the education sector in the State. He also added that with the increase in the number of Districts in the State, there is necessity to open more numbers of kendriya Vidyalayas in the State.
Speaking as Guest of Honour, Hmangte Lerte Kom, MCS, Additional Director, Education (S), Govt. of Manipur, said that the Sangathan have been rendering a good service to the people. He expressed hoped that the Principals will work wholeheartedly in taking the Sangathan as the top prestigious institution. He said that Thoubal Kendriya Vidyalaya is in the pipeline and the Government is keen in opening Kendriya Vidyalayas in every districts of the State.
S.V. Joglekar, Assistant Commissioner, KV, RO, Tinsukia, and Shri M. Paswan, Principal, KV, Imphal No.1, Lamphelpat were also present at the inaugural function.
Principals of Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan, Tinsukia Region, staffs of KV Lamphelpat and students were present at the inaugural of the 3-days Annual Conference. Cultural shows were also presented by the Students.  

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Imphal, July 23,

Export promotion Council for Handicrafts (EPCH) an apex body of handicrafts exporters for promotion of exports of Handicrafts from country and projecting India’s image abroad as a reliable supplier of high quality of handicrafts goods & services and ensured various measures keeping in view of observance of international standards and specification. EPCH has started a 20 days product development programme at Kakching Khunou Thingnam, Ningthou Leikai, Manipur from 20th July, 2019 to 7th August, 2019. The objective of the programme is to improve international competitiveness of locally produced exportable products and also to provide marketing platform to the lesser explored craft of the area which will enable the engaged artisans to improve their livelihood. From the cluster, Ten (10) skilled artisans has been selected and the team headed by one experience Designer of EPCH. Y. Jaghyashwori Devi, Assistant Director, O/o Development Commissioner (Handicrafts) also attended the program at kakching Khunou. High end prototypes will be developed during the programme and after completion of the programme; the developed products will be placed before the international buyers in the most significant and distinct handicraft sourcing platform in Asia - IHGF Delhi Fair (Autumn) 2019 from October, 16-20, 2019, at India Expo Mart & Centre, Delhi - NCR. This exposure will enable the participants from North East States to understand the needs, Marketing strategy, Design requirement, packaging specifications as required by the overseas for selling the product in the international stores. Further, display at International Trade Platforms will create continuous recall value and evokes interest amongst the target audience, which in our case includes buyers, wholesalers, retailers, chain stores and decision makers coming from all over the world. EPCH has engaged Ms Maibam Surjamala Devi for the programme and Surbala Weaving Unit from Manipur will market these products in various exhibitions and trade fairs organized by EPCH.
The artisans from NE States with the support of DC (Handicrafts) has given opportunities for participation in IHGF Delhi Fair organized by EPCH to explore exports & undertake Brand image promotion campaigns in traditional as well as non-traditional markets. Every year Council participates on an average 30 exhibitions abroad with exporters of handicrafts and conduct brand image promotion seminars for creating awareness and market intelligence & linkages.
EPCH has conducted 101 comprehensive capacity development programmes for the handicrafts of North East covering 4,323 beneficiaries (Entrepreneurs / Artisans). Further EPCH has provided retail and export opportunities on long term basis to the entrepreneurs & craft persons of the North Eastern Sates of India w.e.f. 2015-16 to 2019-20 (till date). The project focuses on entrepreneurs / exporters to withstand the fierce & competitive international market and increase employment opportunities, thereby improving livelihood of artisans of the region. EPCH has projected the NER handicrafts’ specific image by setting up of thematic display of North Eastern Handicrafts in international level exhibitions in India as well as trade shows of prime repute, overseas.
In addition to above, to promote the handicrafts of North Eastern Region, EPCH with the support of DC (Handicrafts) NER Office has started the Project “Promotion of North Eastern Crafts in International Market” to provide a direct market linkage to the artisans of the crafts clusters and promotion of their crafts in international market. The program has been organized by Export Promotion Council for Handicrafts (EPCH) with the support of DC (Handicrafts), North Eastern Regional Office, Guwahati. The program interventions are
1.    Development of Product Catalogue (for 3 clusters in 1stphase)
2.    Development of common website (details of the products will be made available)
3.    Promotional video focusing on the craft, production process and the lifestyle of the artisans.
4.    Registration of Artisans / Entrepreneurs in GeM Portal
For registration of artisans in GeM Portal, Export Promotion Council for Handicrafts (EPCH) has opened two help desk at Guwahati (Assam) and at Imphal (Manipur) to assist the artisans / micro entrepreneurs for registration under Government e Marketplace (GeM) with the support of DC (Handicrafts), NER. The help desk has been setup at the Regional Office of EPCH Guwahati and at Handicraft Service Centre, Imphal. For any assistance, artisans can contact Bhaskar Baruah (94018 44963) and Maibam Surjamala Devi (87876 30214).

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Tuesday, 23 July 2019 18:13

IFWJ seeks justice for Tiranga employees

By a Correspondent
Guwahati, July 23,

 Indian Federation of Working Journalists (IFWJ) has urged Prime Minister Narendra Modi to save the journalists with other employees of satellite news channel Tiranga Television who face
imminent dismissal. IFWJ president K. Vikram Rao in the appeal to PM Modi revealed that nearly 200 employees of the Noida-based English news channel presently face sackings without even a 6-month payout.
As the employees start resenting the channel that was launched prior to Lok Sabha polls and continued critical views on Modi  and Bhartiya Janata Party has disappeared from many platforms and no live programs have been telecast for few weeks now.
Earlier journalist Barkha Datt, who is associated with the Mrs Kapil Sibal owned channel, lashed out at senior lawyer and Congress leader Sibal (and his wife) on her Twitter account explaining an appalling turn of events at Tiranga TV and said, ‘Man who acts holier than thou in public has treated journalists in a hideous way’.
Barkha also alleged that seniors like her hadn’t been paid for a year, adding that she was being threatened with defamation and ordered to withdraw her emails comparing Kapil Sibal to Vijay Mallya (the liquor tycoon currently in the United Kingdom).
The IFWJ  chief also appealed to the UP chief minister  Yogi Adityanath to order his labour machinery to initiate legal action against the news channel owners and proper dues to the employees including journalists.

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