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Imphal, July 22,

The auspicious Jiribam –Imphal National Railway project is likely to delay for another 4/5 years after the contractor engaged for the work were not paid for the last six month.

Vensar Construction Company Limited and Coastal Project Limited are currently executing the NF Railway Tunnel Project of Imphal- Jiribam. A press communiqué stated that non-availability of fund in the NF Railways fails to clear the 6 months payment of both the contractors.

“The concerned contractors whenever approached the higher authorities of the NF Railway for release of their outstanding payments related to the works already executed, the concerned reiterated non availability of fund and expresses their helplessness with advice even to stop the works and that contractors will be intimated on availability of fund,” the press communiqué said.

It is even alleged that the concern authority didn’t consider to take up the matter with the Railway Ministry for intervention as well as placement of required fund. The state government too remains silence to the matter.

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Imphal July 22,

Higher Secondary Students of Lamlai Higher Secondary learn and appear their exams without any teachers as the government fails to send Higher secondary teachers.

Irate students of the school along with volunteers of All Manipur Students Union today staged sit-in-protest at Pungdongbam Lamkhai decrying against the total lack of the teachers.

Speaking to media persons Irungbam Alfred, a student of the school said that the lack of teachers of the Higher Secondary classes makes them useless to go to school. Even though the school was upgraded to Higher Secondary in 2016 and the admission began from 2018 the students didn’t have any teachers for them to teach since the inception of the Higher Secondary classes, he added.

Highlighting the lack of various other facilities he stressed that the students of Arts and Science students were all clubbed together in a single class. Moreover there are no laboratory equipments, no library facilities, desk and benches and also the toilet is in pitiful state, he added.

Alfred further said that the Education Minister as well as the Director has neglected the school for so long.

He urged the government to send the teachers at the earliest and also warned that if the government fails to sent it by the last week of July than they have no other option but to intensify protest.

President of Imphal East AMSU unit, Sanjoy Mangsatabam questioned the government about their School Fagathanshi Mission where Lamlai Higher secondary school doesn’t have any teachers for higher secondary Classes since its inception. He also said that several assurances were given by Education Director many a times but the authorities didn’t send any teachers till now which shows a complete negligence of the authorities.

He also warned that the authorities should send the teachers at the earliest and if they fail to send it by last week of July then they will intensify the agitations along with the students and the people. He also said that the government should hold responsible if any untoward incident took place.

Nongmeikapam Narendra who newly joined the school as the Principal from today questioned how the students of Class 12 will face their Council exam.  He stressed that the teachers cannot teach and complete the lessons at one go as teaching is a gradual process.

He further said that it was an irreparable loss for the students where they didn’t have the facility to have their classes.

“Students coming to school to study but were let go without classes because of the lack of teacher is injustice to the students”, he added.

Narendra further urged the government to send the teachers as soon as possible for the welfare of the students.

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Imphal, July 22,

Chief Minister N. Biren Singh distributed Chief Minister-gi Hakshelgi Tengbang (CMHT) cards to working journalists of the State. The CMHT card distribution function was held at Manipur Press Club today. 

Speaking as Chief Guest of the function, Chief Minister said that it is the bounden duty of every government to fulfil the aspirations of the people and make its people happy. He mentioned that to ease the hardships faced by the poor people for getting medical treatment in hospitals, the government had launched the Chief Minister-gi Hakshelgi Tengbang (CMHT) on 21st January, 2018. Almost 3.5 lakh people belonging to about 67,000 families have been enrolled under CMHT, he added. 

Chief Minister stated that around 12,000 beneficiaries have already been treated for free under the scheme. The Government has received and paid Hospital bills of about 14 crores so far. Similar to CMHT, the Government of India has launched PMJAY (Ayushman Bharat Yojana) under which an individual who is included in SECC 2011 list will get the benefits upto 5 lakhs for medical treatment. Chief Minister said that apart from getting benefits in empanelled and public hospitals in Manipur, CMHT card holders will also get benefits at renowned hospitals like Narayana Hospitals, Global Hospitals located at different parts of the country soon. Memorandum of Understanding will be signed between the government and the hospitals soon, he added. He mentioned that 18 Special Wards will be constructed at JNIMS, Imphal soon. 

Mentioning that there is economic growth in the State, he said that the New Development Bank has sanctioned a sum of about Rs 3400 crores for providing drinking water to the people of the State. 

Lauding the efforts and role of the media houses, Chief Minister opined that media plays a constructive role in creating awareness on the existing welfare schemes to the people. He appealed the media houses to extend their help and support to the government to achieve inclusive development in the State. 

Regarding the proposal to increase the number of media cards issued by DIPR to journalists, Chief Minister said that there is a need to need the number of media cards to working journalists as the number of journalists is increasing every year and directed the DIPR to look into the matter. He announced that the government will increase the maintenance amount of the Manipur Press Club Building from Rs. 2 lakhs to Rs. 5 lakhs from this year. 

During the function, Chief Minister handed over the appointment order to Th. Chinglensana, husband of Late Smt. Th. Rabina. Shri Th. Chinglensana has been appointed as Assistant Sub-Inspector in Police Department and posted at CID (SB). It may be mentioned that the State Cabinet in its meeting held on 22/12/2018 approved the appointment of Th. Chinglensana Singh, husband of Late Smt. Th. Rabina of Lamdeng Khunou to a suitable post. 

Later, Chief Minister along with the executive members of AMWJU inspected the condition of the Manipur Press Club Building. 

Deputy Chairman of State Planning Board, S. Rajen and President of AMWJU Bijoy Kakchingtabam were the Guest of Honour and President of the function. Principal Secretary (Health) V. Vumlunmang, IG (Adm) I.K. Muivah, Director IPR H. Balkrisna, officials of Health Department, media persons and others attended the function.

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Imphal, July 22,

KCP MC in a statement stated that the outfit will ban any private firm who are taking interest rate of more than two percent per month against the sum they loan. The outfit stated that private banks now cannot take extravagant interest rates and it also said that the processing fee which these banks take while giving loan is completely unjustified. Instead of help each other, these banks are sucking the blood of the poor, the statement added.
The outfit also stated that it will give appropriate answer to Lamjingba Finance. Lamjingba Finance should provide a proper answer to the outfit within 48 hours. Otherwise, the outfit will take appropriate action, the statement added.
The statement also stated that unemployed educated youths started private banks, microfinance groups and self-helps groups to provide self employment. However, a phase has come where these private firms are sucking the blood of the people and have turned into loan sharks. There are many cases where these banks have snatched the houses of people in the name of recovering money. The outfit will not stay mum on the actions of these private firms, the statement added.

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Imphal, July 22,

Armed rebel group Manipur Maoist in a statement said that the party will fight for justice in Babysana’s case. In this case, some of the parents whose children are studying the school are arguing that the matter concerns just the hostel and only the hostel should be closed and not the entire school. Manipur Maoist stated that these people are only concerned about their children. The outfit stated that the school authority should have called the police immediately after it discovered the dead body of the girl. Instead, a private school committee and a guardian association was informed first and the school authority also sent off all the students who are living with the deceased from the school. After that, the police was informed, the statement added. The school authority did not inform the family of the deceased immediately. These chains of events clearly show that the school authority is not honestly dealing with the matter. The government could book the school authority under section 204 of IPC for not informing the parents and police immediately but it is highly doubtful that it would do so. Given these misdeeds of school authority, Maoist Communist Party of Manipur has decided to ban Standard Robarth for a week so that the justice gets done soon. The parents of those children who were living with the deceased in the school should inform the party what their children are saying about this case. If this step is not properly taken up, then the party will be forced to ban the school for longer duration, it might take decision to ban the school forever, the statement added.
Manipur Maoist also stated that though the party will fight for justice in this case, the people should understand that the situation in Manipur is such that “rebels, police, CSOs, ministers and MLA all will be silenced with money.” In such a time, it is highly doubtful that we will get a clear cut in these kinds of cases. For instance, many CSO leaders who came out to fight for the integrity of Manipur and those who shouted that India has forcefully occupied Manipur have now joined BJP. They joined BJP not because they agree with the ideology of BJP but because BJP is in power and they want to get some benefits from it, the statement added. Manipur Maoist, in their statement, said that these opportunists have been selling the movements happening in Manipur staying between the state and insurgent groups.  

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Monday, 22 July 2019 17:15

The justice juggernaut

The state Government has unfailingly led the way in condoning acts of crime in the society as any righteous and sympathetic institution ought to do. The public even witnessed tears of indignation and frustration shed publicly accompanied by assurances of bringing the perpetrator(s) to book and to deliver stern and swift justice.
To be fair, the Government did send some criminals and rapists behind bars. Yet no one can deny the fact that such instances where criminals are convicted is too little, and too late. Crimes which could only have been conjured up by fiction writers have been committed in the state. Crimes that shook the collective conscience of the society have remained a mystery, and there are criminals who went scot free thanks to the incompetency of those handling the cases. On second thought, are they just being incompetent or a case of competent enough to deliberately botch up the issues to such extent that conclusions can never be reached?
The possibilities are so very real and suspiciously familiar with the public. Ministers and heads of state harboring criminals and trouble makers to do their dirty works is not a novelty. There had even been more than one occasion where such outlaws and wanted criminals were arrested along with unauthorized arms from the official residences of powerful Government officials and representatives. It does not, however mean to imply in any way that the Government is incapable of acting swiftly and decisively when it feels the urgency or the necessity to do so.
The implicit question now is: what is keeping the judicial and the executive machineries of the state from performing to the best of their abilities, with all the powers and authorities bestowed upon them? Has they been compromised or are taken up by the lure of personal wealth and benefits offered in lieu of their leniency or complicity? The society was shocked beyond belief with the audacity of crimes such as that of Rabina and Sanjit who were gunned down in broad daylight in the heart of the city, with undeniable evidences contradicting the blatant lies of the state security force broadcasted through national media and creating chaos and unrest in the state.
That very particular crime has lost its importance with the passage of time, and is bound to slip into oblivion. Can the government really afford to publicly discard such sentimental issues just because it has the wherewithal to fuddle things up? Is saving the skin of a few loyal and compliant employees mean more than denying timely justice to its citizens? What chances have the public to fancy when even such evidently cut and dried cases have been made to drag on without a befitting conclusion in sight? What are the chances of the victims from the state affected by racial crimes committed against them outside the state for availing justice and assistance from the state Government? Is the Government justified in portraying itself the victim of social outburst and defamatory allegations when its own machineries fumbles and twisted the system beyond redemption?
Action speaks louder than words, and justice delayed is justice denied. If the government values the trust and cooperation of the public, it has to vindicate itself through actions. Brute force, coercion and deception are poor substitutes for transparency, empathy and integrity.

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