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Imphal July 19,

Condemning the suspicious death of N. Babysana at her hostel, JAC formed against the mysterious death of N.Babysana today staged sit-in-protest at Thangmeiband Meisnam Leikai.

Speaking to media persons Bina who is the Secretary of Thangmeiband Meisnam Leikai Meira Paibi contended that N.Babysana who was a student of Class7 and a hosteller of Standard Robarth Higher Secondary School was mysteriously killed yesterday though the School authorities claimed that she committed suicide. 

She strongly condemned the Principal for neglecting such a crucial issue even though she has a main role to play.

Claiming that the masses knew Babysana was killed but not died due to suicide as per the evidence regarding several bruises on her body Bina demanded the authorities to find out the culprit at the earliest and give befitting punishment.

Adding more points to her claim that Babysana was killed she said that they were not allowed to see the body and even the press were halted to report which made more controversial in her death and added that she was not in the state to commit suicide

Decrying for the silence of Education Minister as well as the Chief Minister for the death of a young student she said that death of the student is one such important issue and urge to find the truth.

Bina said that the statement of the warden as well as the student is a must and the government should plan to make it possible.

“Until the truth about the death of Babysana is brought to light, the people of Thangmeiband and the Meira Paibis will proceed various intense agitation”, she added.

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Imphal, July 19,

The All Tribal Rights’ Protection Forum Manipur (ATRPFM) had submitted ultimatum to the Chief Minister of Manipur threatening 24 hours bandh in the three National High ways from the midnight of July 23 if the state government fails to fulfill their demand by July 22.

The ultimatum was also submitted to the Minister for TA and Hills , Chief Secretary and Additional Chief Secretary TA & Hill.

The ATRPFM has been demanding   revocation the order dated 08.07.2019 issued by Chief Secretary (DP), Govt. of Manipur with regard to transfer and posting of a non-tribal as director in TA & Hills Department and to transfer MD. Rahimuddin Khan, LDC, TA&Hills, Department Engineering Section.

 The ultimatum stated that the Department of Personal and Administrative Reforms, (DP) Govt. of Manipur has a deafened ear to the hue cry of the tribal people despite of repeated approached and appealed. And, due to the negligence and non-positive response from the Govt to the demand of the ATRPFM, and as all peaceful means to secure the justice in the above-referred matter have been exhausted, we have no other options except to take up our own course of action of which for any untoward outcome the Government shall be solely responsible.

It said that the TA & Hills Department, Govt. of Manipur is responsible for many sub-ordinate Departments like MTDC, TRI, six ADCs of Manipur, and the Director itself is also an ex-officio member of the Manipur State Commission which clearly reflected that a post of Director, TA & Hills should be hold by a person who have well verse knowledge of custom, culture, and identities of tribal people residing in the State of Manipur. A Director of such a Department is also to handle tribal people with different conflicting backgrounds and mentalities and as such non-tribal officer may not be comfortable for all those things. We have apprehension that when a Director does not understand the conflicting interests of different tribal communities, conflicts between tribes may occurred within the tribal communities in the days to come.

It also stated that frequent transfer and posting of Director, TA & Hills has hampered the smooth functioning of the Department as every new Director does not know any files or works and he will solely depend on his staffs. Any officer on deputation is supposed to serve the Department for minimum of two years and can be extended upto 3 years. But these things are not observed at all in the Department, the statement added.

The ATRPFM said that they had even met the Chief Secretary of Manipur and have discussed in the matter, but even the Chief Secretary who is the Head of Executive has failed to keep his commitment.

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Imphal, July 19,

Khundrakpam Kendra Youths Organisation(KHUKYO) has alleged that the Dolaithabi Barrage which was inaugurated by the Prime Minister Narendra Modi along with other project has failed and officials now absconded when villagers tried to meet them.

Talking to Imphal Times, I. Tony, Secretary, Information and Publicity, KHUKYO, said that after Manipur face scarcity of water due to lack of proper rainfall the KHUKYO has been requesting the authority of the Dolaithabi Barrage to open the dam so that farmers could start cultivation from the dam water. However, the plea of the KHUKYO and the villagers were not listened by the Dam authority. Moreover the negligence of the Waters Resources department, CADA and Miner Irrigation department has made the thousands hectors of paddy field dry in the area.

Tony said that the reason for the absconding of the Dam authority may be because of the failure of the Dam. He said lack of proper quality may be the reason for the failure of the dam and the KHUKYO will go to the law court to punish all those responsible.

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Imphal, July 19,

Maoist Communist Party, Manipur in a statement said that due to hijack of the PDS rice by transport contractor in the name of revolutionary group local people are not getting their exact share and that to at a higher price.
The Maoist said that the Transport Contractor get the lion share to the PDS rice business by hijacking from the peoples’ share. The statement said that when calculated in the basis of the price of PDS rice available in the market, the amount received by one Assembly segment for a month is not less than Rs. 40 lakhs to 50 lakhs. When counted for the whole of 60 assembly segment the amount received in one month is Rs. 27 crore to 30 crore. The most unfortunate part is that these contractor have been spreading rumours about giving two months quota to armed rebel groups and one month quota to concern Minister by the Transport Contractor.
What the people are confusing is whether the rebel groups had deducted the 2 months quota or not. If what has been spreading is true and if the Transport Contractors deducted the rice quota and handed over to the Revolutionary groups which comes around 54 crores to 60 crores then people would not have been that much angry.
As for the Maoist Communist Party, they have no desire to deduct the rice quota of the poor people and does not care about the deduction.
But when investigated it has been found that the transport contractor are hijacking the poor peoples’ share in the name of the revolutionary group, the statement said and added that these contractor may have given some amount from the money them deducted in their name of revolutionary group but the lion share are being enjoyed by these contractors. Moreover people do not believed that these contractors may have handed over the money to the revolutionary groups.    
The Maoist statement further said that the present crises of famine is created by the transport contractors and the blame goes to the revolutionary group fighting for the freedom of the erstwhile kingdom. The Maoist appealed all revolutionary groups to jointly investigate over this matter. It said that the Maoist don’t believed that even fifty percent of the amount deducted by this contractor in the name of the revolutionary groups may reached to revolutionary groups. All groups need to ponder on how these transport contractors built their house like palace and why are the common people unhappy about it.
The statement said that the transporters contractor s while saying that they have given two months quota to revolutionary groups they have also maligned the image of the Maoist Communist Party, so the Maoist will keep look to the activities of the transport contractors. The statement also appealed the people not to act as shield of the contractors. It added that Maoist had its own resource to run the party and will never touch the peoples’ share.
The statement further said that if the amount of the two months quota has been actually received by the revolutionary party  for marching toward the freedom struggle the Maoist would have appreciated and support. However, as the contractors had tried to cover the Maoist in getting the peoples’ share when saying that the revolutionary group had deducted the money, Maoist will not remain quiet and will judge in public.

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Imphal, July 19,

Armed group Kangleipak Communist Party – Military Council (KCP-MC) in a statement said that they are not satisfied with the clarification made by Lamjingba Group (Lamjingba Finance), however, the outfit appreciated them for the clarification.
The outfit said that the clarification was made before the press statement of the party was published to the newspaper or electronic media. This may be because of the interference of some people to the  professional ethics of journalist working in both the electronic and print media of Lamjingba group.
The statement said that no matter people criticize the journalist of Kangleipak , there is still a room for respect to the Journalists fraternity. The KCP-MC said that the outfit would like the journalists to be more careful to maintain their ethics so that peoples trust continue.
On the other hand the KCP-MC said that the clarification by the Lamjingba Group did not contain any details. It said the clarification is more a makeup story to show that they are not wrong. For the government that clarification may be considered worth however as for the KCP-MC such makeup decorative but fabricated story will not be believed by the party, the statement said. It added that the KCP-MC had not communicated with any of the functionaries or staffs of the Lamjingba group, investigation is being on in the public domain.
The KCP-MC warned the Lamjingba group to put the details of the modus operandi of the running of the Lamjingba finance in public domain.
Regarding the Credit Society Micro Finance, Sangakpham, the KCP MC that they will not forgive them at any cost. Till today no clarification has been made by the Director of the society and the reason is known by everyone. The KCP-MC also blame the society for hiring a gang and made them released a press statement. The kind of act is to suppress the revolutionary movement. This gang which has been utilized by the security force to eliminate the revolutionary group is being used by the Director of the Credit Society Micro Finance to collect loan using the mask of KCP-MC.
The KCP –MC said that the Credit Society Micro Finance is now an enemy of the party. It appealed the employees of the Soiety to stay away from the bank within one week time and also appealed the loanee of the bank not to pay their debt or interest.

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Friday, 19 July 2019 18:11

Power of humility

Civility is being defined as the act of being polite and courteous. But it does not in any way mean to be observed only by the civilians- defined as a person not in the armed forces or the police.
The increasingly visible attitude of the armed forces and the state police personnel would suggest otherwise, with reports of high-handed and arrogant misbehavior against the civilians becoming an everyday inconvenience. It would be taking things too far, however, to generalize and categorize the armed forces and other state and para-military forces as such in their totality.
Having said that, it has become a de-facto prerogative of the well-heeled, the influential and the powerful (those with authorized weapons included, whether in uniform or otherwise) lot to impose their self-induced superiority on the common people, or even the not so common yet civilized citizens. Perhaps, the maddening race for power, influence and wealth has reduced the majority of us to mere servants of their wealth, their every waking hour consumed with the driving craze to amass more wealth, by means fair or foul.
The emerging trend of self-styled Social Workers, majority of whom started out as unscrupulous contractors and businessmen with a penchant for minting money through dubious means, and who are displaying their newly acquired role of messiah of the downtrodden, with an eye on the next election could very well be the only rational conclusion of such a system. That such social workers becomes inaccessible to the very public who voted them to power is another matter altogether, an aftereffect of the submission to greed by the public which always leaves a bad aftertaste. The game of one-upmanship being increasingly played out in the public life have relegated courtesy to a thing of the past and reduced the importance of politeness and civility, to such a point that politeness is being equated with weakness. Such misconceptions often lead to clash of egos and foster bad blood. Perhaps, setting an example by the powerful and the influential on the matter will go a long way in bringing to the fore the importance and necessity of adopting good manners and civility, and yet it is getting increasingly rare to find someone with that rare combination of power and humility.
Our society, impulsive and reactive as it is as a whole, failed to learn from the numerous unfortunate fallouts resulting from lack of manners and inconsiderations and are, therefore, condemned to repeat it. It is high time we get ourselves over the delusion of grandeur and superiority and take a long hard look at the crumbling social mores. Kindness and courtesy does elicit similar response, and our society will be the better for it. It is not our self-proclamations but our deeds that will judged. Being polite and humble takes lot more courage and personal integrity.

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By- Dr Sameer Kaul,

Sr Consultant Surgical Oncology & Robotics.
President, BCPBF-The Cancer Foundation

Health concerns are the greatest hindrance in the socio-economic progress of a developing nation. 90% of the oral cancers in India are attributable to tobacco usage in some form. Tobacco abuse affects almost all the organs and tissues causing morbidity and premature deaths. The major sites affected in the body include cancer of mouth and lungs.  Despite the government’s effort to control the hazards of tobacco, it is gaining more popularity among female, children and adolescents. This poses danger for the upcoming generations with elevated risk of COPD, cancer, heart diseases and stroke.
Tobacco is one of the major causes for preventable and premature deaths globally. According to the recent reports provided by WHO, India attributes to 20% of the global morbidity rate due to tobacco consumption. Over 22.5 lakh patients with some form of cancer have been battling with their lives for the past 5 years.  
The Indian stand – Tobacco and cancer
As per the recent data provided by Globocan 2018 India Factsheet, around 11.57 lakh new cases of cancer were registered last year. Out of which 5.7 lakh were males and 5.8 lakh were females. The mortality rate accounted for over 8 lakh cases that lost their lives battling with some form of cancer.  
Among the most preventable cases of cancer in India last year includes cases of Oral, oesophageal, pharynx, larynx, salivary glands and lung cancer. With oral cancer having the maximum number of cases registered in 2018, chewable tobacco and smoking both equally attributes to the number of cases. Around 3 lakh cases of oral and digestive tract cancer have been registered in India last year accounting for a mortality rate of 12%.
As most of these conditions are preventable, immediate cessation of smoking(tobacco products) and chewing tobacco will help to curb down the burden of cancer cases caused due to tobacco consumption.  
Tobacco – Addiction and ill effects
Nicotine is one of the harmful products present in all forms of tobacco that leads to habit formation causing changes in the psychological behaviour of an individual. It is the smoke that makes more harm than the nicotine and other harmful products present in smokable form of tobacco. Smoke leads to athelosclerosis ( a condition where the walls of the blood vessels stiffens leading to a number of conditions. Moreover the smoke along with the various other chemicals react directly with the blood depleting the Red Blood Cells count, ultimately causing permanent damage to the healthy cells.
It is not just the accumulation of tar and nicotine which is the prime reason contributing to the advent of cancer, but the variety of chemicals present, if consumed for a long time affects the different parts of  the body tissues and cells.  Around 90% of people dying due to cancer are diagnosed with cancer in the digestive tract, cervix and breast cancer among women. Apart from cancer, tobacco consumption also increases the risk of cardiac ailments, vascular disorders that can affect the blood vessels in the brain causing stroke, Aneurysm and AVM (Arterio Venous Malformations). Such conditions can cause hindrance to the CNS (Central Nervous System), gradually depletes kidney functioning, elevates the risk of COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease), and other respiratory tract related ailments.
Juvenile Addiction to tobacco in India – Increasing future cancer burden
According to National Sample Survey Organization, in India, 6000 children under the age of 14 years get addicted to tobacco every day. Female with tobacco addiction are likely to have 10 year less life span as compared to non-users. 40% of the Indian population over the age of 15 years use some form of tobacco. Tobacco related illness has contributed to around 30 lakh casualties per year, of which 6 lakh belongs to India. If the same pattern continues, the mortality rate is expected to increase to 10 lakh by the end of 2025. Almost 4 out of 5 cancer deaths in India is associated with tobacco and its ill consequences.
Tobacco in any form is dangerous for our health. All the manufacturers add chemicals and carcinogenic compounds. Tobacco contains more than 4000 types of chemicals that include more than 70 carcinogens and nicotine, which used for a period of time, is addictive and damages the health. Harmful chemicals including, benzene, Formaldehydes, Ammonia, Acetone, Arsenic and hydrogen cyanide to name a few are among the leading ones to cause health hazards. Most of the patients diagnosed with oral and throat cancers, usually have history of chewing tobacco products like khaini and gutka. Smoking increases the risk of developing oral, lung, stomach and oesophageal cancers and is susceptible among lower income group of the society.
Cancer prevention – quit tobacco products
Tobacco addiction is more of a psychological game; mind make up is the first step towards quitting smoking. Smoking on a regular basis or occasionally both has severe effects on the physical well-being of an individual. But there is difference between the overall health, especially lungs of those smokes regularly and those who smoke once a week. If one has the will power to quit smoking for 6 days a week, they must continue it throughout (for healthy and well being).
Tar from cigarette smoke forms a physical layer in lungs and disappears slowly after quitting smoking. For regular and long time smokers, increased coughing removes large amount of tar along with natural mucus. The remaining amount slowly breaks down and flushes out of the body. The tar accumulated for every 5 years of smoking takes around a year to clear up.
Remember the intense craving lasts only for 10 to 15 minutes. If you are unable to control the craving don’t fool yourself by saying just one. Instead of doing it wait for 15 minutes and try to indulge yourself in some activity. Drink plenty of water, have chewing gums with you in order suppress craving for cigarette or other tobacco products.

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