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(in picture : MI canal  stated to have constructed at Top Siphai, Wangoi )

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Imphal, July 1,

Team Imphal Times continue to investigate on whether works approved for construction under the Rajya Sabha MP K. Bhabananda’s Local Area development Programme are judiciously executed or not. Of the 54 works approved for taking up in the year 2017-18, second installment fund which is about 80% of the total cost has been released. Surprisingly some of the constructions like Community Halls have not even started its construction even as the 2nd installment fund has been released which is a blatant violation of the guidelines for taking up developmental works under the MPLADS.

Imphal Times visited Porompat Kshetri leikai to take stock of the construction work of a community hall whose estimated cost is of Rs. 15 lakhs. Of the total cost Rs. 13.50 lakhs rupees has been released. As per guidelines the release of second installment amount is done after completion 80% of the construction. Team Imphal Times however could not found any such construction of Community Hall at Porompat Kshetri Leikai under Kshetrigao Assembly Constituency. When enquired to the locals of the area, Imphal Times team has been informed that the construction of the Community Hall under the RS MPLADS has not been started due to dispute among the local in choosing the site for construction. It is also told that the MP had handed over some amount to a committee entrusted for the construction.

In another case, a community hall under the RS MPLADS is found constructed inside the private plot of a person at Naharup Mayai leikai in Imphal East. Source said that the Land which the community Hall is constructed belong to the Organisation Secretary of the BJP Manipur Pradesh however the land still is not donated to the public, the source added. The sanctioned amount for construction of the community hall is Rs. 15 Lakhs and so far as per completion an amount of Rs. 13.50 lakhs has been released. The question now is that how a construction meant for the public could be constructed inside the plot of an individual before it is being donated to the people of the area.

Teams Imphal Times also learnt from reliable source that a Water Reservoir Tank at Yairipok Bishnunaha Mayai Leikai has been constructed at the cost of Rs. 5 Lakhs under the Rajya Sabha MPLADS.  Rs. 4.50 lakhs has been released for the construction. But when Team Imphal Times inspected the site there was no such water reservoir tank constructed at the area. Councillor of Ward No. 2 of Yairipok Municipal Council while talking to team Imphal Times said that he had no knowledge of any such Water Reservoir Tank being constructed at the area under the RS MPLADS.

At Wangoi Assembly constituency too, Imphal Times have report about construction of MI canal from Awang Hithangpham  to Nambul River and Hiran to Nambul River at Top Siphai, Wangoi. The sanctioned amount for the construction was Rs. 12 lakhs and a sum of 10.80 lakhs has been reportedly released. When team Imphal Times visited the area no such construction was noticed at the said site. Team Imphal Times when contacted to some of the Councilors of the Wangoi Municipal Council, it has come to know that no such work has been taken up during 2017-18 till today.

Imphal Times had reported the misappropriation of MPLADS of the Rajya Sabha MP for the years 2017-18 highlighting the facts. No proper implementation of some works were noticed and reported. The Editor of this paper also received intimidation for highlighting the misutilization or in other words misappropriation of public money.  

Meanwhile, a local cub of Khwai Thokchom leikai – The Manipur People’s Club in a press statement said that The RCC road at Keishampat Thokchom Leikai which was reported not constructed by this newspaper in its earlier report as incorrect. It said the RCC road started construction on March 2018 and completed in May of the same year. But RCC road with bitumen covering it is the first of its kind Imphal Times felt.  

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Imphal, July 1,

Health and Family Welfare minister L. Jayantakumar Singh today urged the people of the State to avail benefits from the newly introduced schemes of the government specially in the health sector. He was speaking as Chief Guest during the inaugural function of the Health and Wellness Centre, Thambalkhong in Imphal East. He maintained that without public support and cooperation the welfare schemes initiated by the Government will remain meaningless.
He said that health sector is one of the most essential services for human beings. The aim is to reach out to the needy ones and provide health care services through the health facilities set up by the government. The health services staffs including doctors, nurses, paramedical staffs and ASHA workers should maintain continue in maintaining professional ethics. They should keep in mind that health service is a service for humanity. For a healthy society, the staff should work with outmost dedication in rendering their services, he added.
The Minister also assured to provide required necessary equipments and machines on priority basis for the newly inaugurated Health and Wellness Centre. The new concept of health and wellness focuses at not only establishing a hygienic atmosphere in the health sector but also welfare of the people.
Speaking at the function as guest of honour, State Mission Director, Dr. S. Manikanta Singh said that the newly inaugurated Health and Wellness Centres will give both primary and secondary health care facilities to the people especially in Thambalkhong and surrounding areas. He also appealed to the locals of Thambalkhong to take care and maintained the new health centre.
The inaugural function was also attended by V. Vumlunmang, IAS, Principal Secretary (Health & Family Welfare), Govt. of Manipur, Xerses Sidhwa, Director (Health Office), USAID India Mission, as president and special guests of honour respectively. Health Department staff, doctors and staff of PHC Akampat and others also attended the inaugural function.

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Imphal July 1,

Nagaram Women Society along with the locals of Nagaram today staged sit in protest against physical assault of a local by police personnel.

Speaking to media persons General Secretary of Nagaram Women Society (Meira Paibi) Rintharyao Zazo said that they strongly condemned such physical assault and the use of offensive language to the common public.

She added that the said incident occurred on the evening of 27 June where personal security of the Proprietor of Little Clinic who was a head constable identified as T.A Meitei of Chingmeirong outpost threatened using offensive language against Peter Kapai, Kennedy Kapai, Mahaimi Zimik and physically assaulted Kennedy Kapai with his service gun.

Angered by the way how the police harassed and threatened to the victims she said that the police person even said that he can kill them at the moment.

Showing gratitude for opening the clinic which helped the people, Rintharyao said that even though the clinic is very useful the personal security of the Proprietor of Little clinic has caused a fear psychosis among the people of the locality. 

Further she demanded for immediate termination of the police personnel involved in order to avoid the repetition of such intimidation to random people and also demanded a public apology.

Recalling the incident Peter Kapai who was the victim said that on the evening of 27 June he went to his neighbour rice hotel and asked to give some rice and also to add more for his dog. During that time two police personnel was also there and they said that it was disrespect to them. The police further said he disrespects them and further the police assaulted him with his gun. 

Peter further said that after he tried to call higher authority for intervention, the police then came back and search for him. Later his brother came out to intervene and told that it was his brother and questions why the police did such assault as if he was a criminal. The police then physically assaulted Kennedy Kapai with the revolver and then were taken by the police including the two friends of Peter, Mahaimi Zimik and Albert K along with his brother Kennedy.

He strongly condemned such actions and demanded to terminate the police who assaulted them.

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Imphal, July 1,

Under the supervision of Social Worker, Maibam Surchandra Meitei, Sekmaijin Khunou,  Youth Development Club (YDC) in collaboration with Arong Development Association and Arong Kangjeibung Committee, launches “Green Hiyanglam Kendra Campaign” at Arong Kangjeibung, Kakching District, today as part of Van Mahotsava,.
At launching of the campaign, people of the area planted around 200 tree saplings at Arong Kangjeibung surrounding.
Social Worker, Maibam Surchandra Meitei said that, in collaboration with Clubs, Meira Paibi and students, “Green Hiyanglam Kendra Campaign” is launched to prevent the area from global warming and make it a green place.

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Imphal July 1,
Decrying over the complete failure of governance as most of the ministers and the chief minister ran to Delhi because of the crisis inside the party racing for the leadership and as no one was there to listen the grievances of the public, Dr Nara asked the central government to either dismiss the government for a fresh mandate.
This was stated in a press meet held today at the office of CPI Manipur state council.
Speaking to media persons National Executive of CPI Dr Nara said that even though there were several issues of price hike of rice, non availability of the rice which was to be given under the scheme of National food security act and draught like situation. There was no one to hear the grievances of the public as most the cabinet ministers and Chief minister were not there.
He stressed that the price of rice was hike up to Rs 50 per kg which was never in the history of Manipur and such price rise was to be supplemented by the NFSA rice which can be bought at Rs 3 per kg and unfortunately the rice which was to be given under food security act was never made available for the public even though they were all lifted from the godown.
Focusing on the non availability and price hike of rice Nara said that a movement will be there by the angered people and added that it was one of the worst practice where the government neglected the voice of the people where they never tried to find solution for the grievances of the people but done only the politics of opportunism.
He said that the present government was an illegal government and questioned why the speaker was a mute spectator neglecting the anti defection law.
Meanwhile a memorandum was submitted to the governor and met him along with seven members of CPI Manipur State Council yesterday regarding the miserable failure of National food security act in the state and discuss the issue. As there was no one to hear out the grievances CPI members asked the governor to pull up the chief Secretary.

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Monday, 01 July 2019 17:54

Giving life to Nambul River

The ailing Nambul River, which is the face of the Imphal city, finally sees hopes of restoring to its normalcy with the kind of work being taken up to rejuvenate it under the supervision of some committed government officials. The river was life for the people in the once upon a time but it has converted to killer river for the people of today. According to Deputy Director of the Directorate of environment, Dr. T. Brajakumar, the pollution level at Nambul is so high that even scientists fears skin damage while collecting the river water from various places for laboratory purpose.
As per report of the Assessment of Water Quality Index of Nambul River published at International Research Journal of Engineering and Technology (IRJET) in December 2016, the WQI value for the water samples collected ranges from 103.89-115.34. The highest WQI value of115.34 was recorded from Hump Bridge site which is in the dense populated area of Imphal city. The WQI value which crosses 100 is unsuitable for human use. Even aquatic life doesn’t survive.  Two years after the condition is worsen. The Water Quality Index (WQI) is crossing 200, at some place the WQI reaches 253 (subject to correction about the exact figure as it was informally procured from Environment department authority).
Every citizen of the state knows that Nambul has become one of the most polluted Rivers not only in Manipur but also in the entire planet. What is worrying to the people if that the present condition of Nambul River has also become a threat to the one and only fresh water lake Loktak, a Ramsar Site and the largest freshwater lake in North East India. Nambul River drains into the Loktak Lake. As per scientific findings Nambul river generates about 72.23 tons of solid waste and 31.207 cubic meter of sewage every day in (the data has been increase this year).
Even after knowing all this facts, people continue to pollute the river. No citizens, no matter how literate they are or how knowledgeable they are, about the impact of spoiling the Nambul River, almost all sections dump the waste garbage in River.
Some few years back, short term measures like construction of retaining  wall at both the river banks or imposition of certain laws to punish those who throw garbage at the River bed or bank were seen taken up. However, the state government this time seems to be serious. They are making a long term plant to make sure that Nambul River is useable once more. With the kind of project take up to rejuvenate the Nambul River, people now sees hope that aquatic lives are seen after so many years. But then, this dream of making live the Nambul River depends to the citizen. Without the support of the people it will be next to impossible to either save the Nambul River or the Fresh water Lake – Loktak.
The government team which is implementing the works for treatment of Nambul River, has wisely invited community to participate in the making of Nambul River a clean one. It is also learnt that the govt. team under the initiative of the Environment Department is appointing some people on payment basis to clean the river bank from Keishampat to Khwairamband Kithel Thong Nambonbi is an appreciable attempt. But then, it should be remembered by the authority that such measures should not be simple for getting appreciation from the people. It should be with clear motives to clean the river bank. Once the river bank is maintained and keep clean there will no better place for people to enjoy evening walk. For this too the river water need to be keep clean.
Hope the ongoing rejuvenation works at Nambul River gives life to the dying river which is the face of Imphal city.  

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Monday, 01 July 2019 17:50

Digital India-A New India

By: Sanjenbam Jugeshwor Singh
Faculty , NIELIT Imphal.

    Digital India with “POWER TO EMPOWER”motto was launched by PM Narendra Modi on 1st July 2015, which is a campaign launched by the Government of India in order to ensure the Government’s services are made available to citizens electronically by improved online infrastructure and by increasing Internet connectivity or by making the country digitally empowered in the field of technology. The initiative includes plans to connect rural areas with high-speed internet networks. Digital India consist of three core components: the development of secure and stable digital infrastructure; delivering Government services digitally and universal digital literacy.
       Launched on 1st July 2015 by Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, it is both enabler and beneficiary of other key Government of India scheme such as BharatNet, Make in India, Startup India and Stand up India, Industrial Corridors, Bharatmala , Sagarmala, dedicated to freight Corridors, UDAN-RCS and E-Kranti. As of 31st December 2018, India had a population of 130 crore people (1.3 billion), 123 crore (1.23 billion) Aadhaar digital biometric Identity cards, 121 crore (560 million) internet users up from 481 million people (35% of country’s total population) in December 2017 and 51% growth in e-commerce. The vision of Digital India programme is inclusive growth in areas of electronic services, products, manufacturing and job opportunities. It is centered on three key areas- digital infrastructure as a utility to every citizen, governance and services on demand and digital empowerment of citizens. Some of the facilities which will be provided through this initiative are BharatNET, digital Locker, e-education, e-health, e-sign, e-shopping and national scholarship portal. As a part of Digital India, India Government planned to launch Botnet cleaning centers. National e-Governance plan aimed at bringing all the front-end government services online. is a platform to share inputs and ideas on matters of policy and governance. It is a platform for citizen engagement in governance through “Discussion”, “Do” and Dissemination approach. UMANG (Unified Mobile Application for New-Age Governance) is a Government of India all-in-one single unified secure multi-channel, multi-platform, multi-lingual, multi-service freeware mobile app for accessing over 1,200 central and state government services in multiple Indian languages over Android, ioS, windows and USSD( feature phones) devices, including services such as Aadhaar, Digital Locker, Bharat Bill payment system, PAN,EPFO  service, PMKVY services AICTE, CBSE, tax and fee or utilities bills payment, education, job search, tax, business, health, agriculture, travel, Indian railway ticket booking, birth certificate, e-District, e-panchayat, police clearance, passport, other utility services from private companies and much more. E-sign framework allows citizens to digitally sign a document online using Aadhaar authentication. Swachh Bharat Mission (SBM) Mobile app is being used by people and government organizations for achieving the goals of Swachh Bharat Mission. E-Hospital application provides important services such as online registration, payment of fees and appointment, online diagnostic reports, enquiring availability of blood online etc. Digital attendance was launched by PM Narendra Modi on 1st July 2015 to keep a record of the attendance of government employee on a real time basis. This initiative started with installation of a common Biometric Attendance System (BAS) in the central government offices located in Delhi.
       The 2016 Union budget of India announces 11 technology initiatives including the use of data analytic to nab tax evaders, creating substantial opportunity for IT companies to build out the system that will be required. This is a means to eradicate Black Money rackets. Digital literacy mission will cover six crore rural households. It is planned to connect 550 farmer markets in the country through the use of technology. Digital Locker facility store their important documents like PAN card, passport, mark sheets and degree certificates. Digital Locker will provide secure access to Government issued documents. It was authenticity service provided by Aadhaar. It is aimed at eliminating the use of physical documents and enable the sharing of verified electronic documents across government agencies. Three key stakeholders of Digital Locker are citizen, Issuer and requester. The government is planning to create 28,000 seats of BPO in various state and set up at least one Common Service Center (CSC) in each of the gram Panchayat in the state. E-Sampark is vernacular e-mail service. Out of 10% English speaking Indians only 2% resides in rural areas. Rest everyone depends on their vernacular language for all living their lives. However as of now, e-mail addresses can only be created in the English language. To connect rural India with Digital India, the Government of India impelled e-mail service provider giants including Gmail, Office and Rediff to provide the e-mail address in regional languages. The e-mail provider companies have shown positive sign and working in the same process. An Indian based company, Data Xgen Technologies Pvt Ltd has launched world’s first free linguistic e-mail address under the name DATAMAIL which allows creating e-mail ids in 8 Indian languages, English and three foreign languages –Arabic, Russian and Chinese. Over the period of time, the e-mail service in 22 languages will be offered by Data Xgen Technologies.
       Pradhan MantriGramin Digital Sakshartaabhiyan is being executed by PMGDisha with an outlay of Rs 2,351.38 crore with the objective of making 6 crore rural households digitally literate by March 2019. Pradhan MantriGramin Digital SakshartaAbhiyan is an initiative under Digital India program, approved by the Union Cabinet chaired by the PM Narendra Modi. The main objective of the Pradhan MantriGramin Digital SakshartaAbhiyan is to make 6 crore people in rural areas across India digitally literate, reaching around 40% of rural households by covering one member from every eligible household. Common Service Centers (CSC) creates a conducive environment for the private sector and NGOs to play an active role in implementation of CSC scheme, herby becoming a partner of the government in the development of rural India. The PPP model of CSC scheme envisages a 3-tier structure consisting of the CSC operator (Called Village Level Entrepreneur or VILA),the Service Center Agency (SCA) that will be responsible for a division of 500-1000 CSCs and a State Designated Agency (SDA) identified by the state government responsible for managing the implementation over the entire state.
        Manipur State IT Society (MSITS) is the designated Agency. Towards successful operations of these CSCs Government of Manipur has provided VSAT and solar Power packs to resolve the internet connectivity and power issues. As of now, 995CSCs are fully functional in Manipur. State Government had authorized and declared all CSCs to be permanent Aadhaarenrolment center. Pradhan Mantri Digital SakshartaAbhiyan is being taken up at these CSCs to provide Digital Literacy in the rural areas of the State. To provide Banking Services to the unbanked areas in Manipur, CSCs has appointed Business Correspondence under SBI, Vijaya Bank and Punjab National bank. Digital finance inclusion Awareness & Access is being carried out at these centers to promote cashless economy. The Union Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology under its Digital India program have announced “KARANG” as the first cashless Island in India on 13th January 2017. Commissioner (Finance) Government of Manipur along with Department of Information Technology has implemented Jeevan Pramaan in the state of Manipur and on boarding treasury/Sub-treasury officers to the Digital Life certificate in Jeevan Pranaam portal for the pensioners. G2C( Government to Citizen)  services available at these CSCs are-Aadhaarenrolment, updating and print, PAN Card application, Jeevan Parmaan GST fillings and registration, Legal literacy project(LLP) PMGDisha, passport application Pradhan MantriAwasYojana .Digital transaction from CSC portal are: agriculture service, e-recharge, Educational service,FSSAI, health care services, cattle & livestock Insurance and many others. In fact “Digital India “is a dream for Prime Minister Narendra Modi to transform a new Bharat in this era of globalization.

  Writer can be reached to:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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Monday, 01 July 2019 17:45

AMAND Pune launches ASHA

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Pune, June 30,

The Association of Manipuri Diaspora (AMAND) Pune formally launched ASHA (AMAND Shiksha Abhiyan)- an educational initiatives of voluntary coaching of students, at the premises of Golwalkar Guruji 54b English Medium High School, Aundh yesterday.

The inaugural function was attended by Archana Musale, Corporator, Pune Municipal Corporation as the Chief Guest, Vijay Shewale, Corporator, PMC along with Advocate (Dr.) Madukar Musale, Vice President, BJP Maharastra (Legal) as Guests of Honour.

 Dr Huidrom Narendra Singh, President, AMAND, Pune also graced the inaugural function as the president of the function along with Maj KY Singh, ex-President of AMAND, Pune.

Students of the school presented a special song especially composed for the ASHA program. Dr Meitram Niraj Luwang, Gen Secy, AMAND Pune highlighted about the ASHA program and the about AMAND to the gathered audience. About 50+ students and their parents attended the inaugural program. Dr Madukar speaks about the importance of quality education in the present system of PMC schools and how such noble approach from a community organisation like AMAND is going to benefit the students of the governments’ schools. He also mentions that if the present scheme is successful, it will be a model program which can be implemented in all government schools and also gave emphasis for other community members to stand up and be a part of similar program. Smt Archana also wishes the team of AMAND and the ASHA program to be a successful program and also promise to render any support from her side. Dr Narendra enlightened the students about the differences in the facilities between the schools of today and 50 years back. After a detailed deliberation about the ASHA program, from the coordinator from school side by Madam Sonal Yadav, the first session was conducted by Prof Kh. Somorendra, Director, ICM, Guwahati, GoI on the topic “Motivational Talk cum Personality Development”. Participating family member of the students were highly enthusiastic about the program and looking forward for the chances it will bring to their wards career. AMAND, Pune also appreciated the able leadership of the ASHA program coordinator, Dr K Kiran Sharma for initiating the program for the session 2019-2020.

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