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Imphal, March 10,

President of the All India Congress Committee (AICC), Rahul Gandhi hits hard to Narendra Modi led NDA government saying that his government has destroyed 1crore jobs in 2018.

“The BJP led NDA government has destroyed 1 crore jobs in 2018 contrary to their promises of creating 2 crore jobs”, Rahul Gandhi said. He added that before 2014 Lok Sabha election BJP had promised 2 crore jobs for the unemployed youths and now they are destroying 30, 000 jobs every day in 2018.

“Youths of the country are facing job crisis and some students now started asking their parents whether they will get jobs or not “, Rahul Gandhi said while speaking to a election meeting held at Hapta kangjeibung in palace compound here in Imphal today.

The AICC president who arrived here in Imphal yesterday evening also targeted the BJP as fascist saying that the party wanted to enforce their ideology to all the people across the country. He also added that the BJP always spew hatred among the people.

“This upcoming Parliamentary election is between two different ideologies – one which impose their idea and the other in respecting ideology of all people across the state”, Rahul said.

He added that the BJP in collaboration with the RSS has been trying to impose their ideology to all the countrymen despite the fact that every state has their own ideology and have their own unique culture and tradition. The Modi led government is trying to eradicate the culture, tradition and history of other states.

“Congress Party’s ideology is to protect, preserved the culture, history of all states across the country’ Rahul said and added that Manipur should be ruled from Imphal and not from Nagpur.

The Congress President is also critical about the removal of the special status of the state. He said Manipur is a small state and need special care; Special status should be given to state like Manipur.

Regarding the Look East Policy Rahul Gandhi said that Manipur will serve as the Bridge between India and South Asian countries and for that Manipur need to be prepared.

On the issue of corruption the Congress President also criticize the central government of invading the institution like the Judiciary and educations.

“This BJP led government is keeping in its hand on all institution which are meant to be autonomy, they think any person who wear a half Khaki pant and a lathi on one hand is eligible for the post of Vice Chancellor of University”, Rahul Gandhi said referring to the appointment of RSS backed Vice Chancellor at Manipur University which spark series of agitation in the state putting halt to the academic atmosphere in the state.

The Supreme Court Judge have come out seeking public support for delivering justice and the BJP appoint its National President to a person which have murder charge.

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Imphal, March 20,

Finally BJP has finalized on whom to be nominated as candidate for the upcoming Lok Sabha Election in both the inner and outer parliamentary constituencies of Manipur. However the party has not announced the name of the candidates till today.

Source with the Imphal Times said that Central leaders of the BJP had decided to field Th. Basanta, the former IPS officer and also the son of former Union Minister Th. Chaoba for the Inner Manipur Parliamentary constituency after hectic discussion. As for the outer Constituency the BJP is fielding Benjamin, the source added.

The source further said that the state BJP submitted four names to the central BJP ticket committee for the inner Manipur Parliamentary constituency and among the four name Th. Basanta’s name was not included. Th. Chaoba who had played major role in strengthening the BJP reportedly met Ram Madhav at his New Delhi Residence and urged him to nominate his son when the meeting for selection of candidate for BJP was underway at Guwahati yesterday.

Meanwhile, Chief Minister N. Biren Singh too reportedly changed his mind during the meeting and stand in favour of Th. Chaoba, the source added.

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Imphal, March 20,

Congress party is likely to announce the name of the candidates who will be fighting for the upcoming Parliamentary poll either today or tomorrow. As per source, the former Chief Secretary of Manipur O Nabakishore is in the top priority as most of the Congress legislatures want him to contest the election.

9 candidates applied for Congress party ticket and all the contenders have excellent qualification. The youngest is one Ningombam Bupendra Meitei whose age is only 31 years. Dr. N Bijoy, O Joy, S Manaobi , K Saratchandra, Dr. Th Meinya , M Bishwajit and I Hemochandra have all excellent records in their political career. But source said that most of the Congress legislatures are in favour of O Nabakishore as the Congress candidate for the Inner PC.

As for the outer PC top priority choice for almost all legislatures is W Laikholam Hangshing . 7 applied for the ticket.

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Imphal, March 20,

Congress Legislature Party (CLP) leader Okram Ibobi, who was the Chief Minister of Manipur three Consecutive terms, today said that the present BJP led government is the government of the looters.

Speaking during the election campaign at Hapta Kangjeibung where, AICC President Rahul Gandhi attended as the Chief guest, Okram Ibobi said that during his time they called his government as 10% government , now until and unless 30% to 50% of the total amount of any  government works has been paid no fund entitled are released.

“I can openly said that this government takes 30% to 50% for every works”, the former Chief Minister now leader of the opposition Okram Ibobi said.

He also question the government of its achievement during the two years rule and ridicule the visit of the Union Ministers frequently but return back without announcing any developmental package .

CWC member, Gaikhangam while welcoming the gathering the AICC President also lambasted the dictatorial attitude of the present government. The intrusion to the freedom of speech, arrest of student for raising voice against the government and detention of Journalist under NSA for criticism to the government was severely criticized.


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Imphal March 20,

“Extra Judicial Execution Victim Families Association Manipur (EEVFAM) along with different civil Society Organisations will launched an intense agitation to bring justice to fake encounters victims”, says Edina, secretary of the Association.
Speaking to Imphal Times today on the sidelines of one day public meeting on silence of the government of Manipur on Prosecution Sanction in connection with Extra Judicial Execution which was organised by EEVFAM at Manipur Press Club, General Secretary of EEVFAM Edina Yaikhom said that after filing 1528 cases of fake encounter to the Supreme Court, the Supreme court told to take up 6 cases to clarify whether they were fake encounters or not. Mukun Sinha the counsel of EEVFAM fight the case and declared that the 6 cases were not related to any criminal cases and are the case of fake encounter against innocent civilians.
After that 42 cases were investigated by CBI where 9 of the cases were charge sheeted, she added. She further said that out of the 9 cases eight cases were still going on without any prosecution sanction but one case from Thoubal can’t go further due to the lack of prosecution sanction.
Edina further asked to the authorities to either clarify that prosecution sanction is not necessary or if necessary let the authority issue the prosecution sanction.
The meeting was attended by General Secretary of EEVFAM Edina Yaikhom, President of Nupi Samaj Ema Ramani and Co-convenor of MANPAC Ningthouja Lancha as the dais member.

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Wednesday, 20 March 2019 17:14

SVEEP campaign

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Imphal, March 20,

An awareness campaign on Systematic Voter’s Education and Electoral Participation (SVEEP) was organized by the Field Outreach Bureau, Ministry of Information & Broadcasting, Government of India, Imphal at Kha Manipur College, Kakching District, today.  Shri Pukhrambam Raghu Singh, Principal, Kha Manipur College, Kakching District presided the event.

During the interaction programme, the young and new electorates were requested to download cVigil App from Google playstore and be a part of the citizen vigilance for the upcoming election. An ex-tempore speech contest was held on the topic of ‘cVigil’ app, ‘SVEEP’ ‘Free and fair election’, ‘stop buying and selling vote’, ‘peaceful election’, ‘paid news’ ‘ECI’ etc. A quiz competition on the topic was also held and prizes along with certificate was distributed. The event was also attended by the members of the teaching faculty  and members of the student’s union of the college.

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Imphal, March 20,

109 Bn CRPF distributed sports dress to the inmates of All Manipur Handicapped People’s Organisation, Mongsangei today. The programme was organized on the eve of Holi festival in the fond memory of CRPF personnel who laid down their lives in the line of duty. The function was presided over by Shri. Vinod Kumar, Commandant and attended by Officers, Subordinate Officers, Other Ranks of 109 Bn CRPF and Smt. Ibechaobi Devi, Secretary and staff and more than 50 inmates of the All Manipur Handicapped People’s Organisation.
While speaking during the function, Vinod Kumar, Commandant stated that 109 Bn, CRPF is rendering its services to the people of the Manipur by performing highly sensitive duties like escort of IOCL and FCI vehicles between Imphal and Dimapur and area domination duties along NH-2 at Mao and Senapati area.  He further stated that it is the duty of each and every responsible citizen of the society to extend help to the specially abed children.   For use of the children of the institution during this summer season sports dress were handed over to the children. He said that smile on the face of these specially abled children  is the real support to us and it gives innate satisfaction while serving the nation.  
Y. Ibechaobi Devi, Secretary of All Manipur Handicapped People’s Organisation thanked the Commandant and all other ranks 109 Bn, CRPF for their kind gesture and much needed help to the children of their institution.

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Wednesday, 20 March 2019 17:12

Changing Trend of politics

“LIES” no matter how big or small always crack the foundation of “TRUST”. There were times when the candidates made false promised during election time and fooled the people to woes the voter. The moment they were elected they often forgot what they had promised to the people often led a live thinking that the general public who elected them are bunch of ignorant fools who can be driven at any direction. The sinister concept become phenomenon and now people (almost all) now started thinking that there is no true leader who deserve victory in any of the election. But as the hangover system still has to be followed and continue there cannot be a full stop to the ongoing process. Election is mandatory for a democratic country. And for that candidates are required. In-order to form government there again need political party and those candidates need to be attached to any of the political party to render their service with effective power.
We are not sure if God frequently surfaces in the form of man, as is commonly believed. But what we can be dead certain is the fact that his arch enemy Satan often manifests himself, especially in Manipur, in the form of politicians. These incarnations of Satan, who are now running amok with the people’s sensibilities, have cast such a nasty spell on the state that it is well nigh impossible for the people who elected them in the first place, to retain even a semblance of sanity.
There could be no other logical explanation to the goings on in the political arena than taking refuge in the unnatural and the irrational. And for the teeming millions who had inflicted this handful of pests on themselves, there could be no other option but to bemoan their fate. The curse, call it the millenium curse, is well and truly upon us.
It would be an understatement to say that there is something very basically wrong with our polity. Things have now come to such a pass that our state of Manipur can neither move forward nor backward but remain painfully suspended in a maze of anarchy and disorder.
The scourge of politicians have indeed taken a heavy toll, not only of the  riches but also of its psyche. The epidemic is now all pervading and has invaded the very roots of the country’s integrity and well being thereby impeding its prosperity and peace. Whatever the party, whatever their ideology and hue, when it comes to pursuit of power and pelf, our politicians are at their wily best and very united too in their mission.
If only these characters demonstrate the same solidarity and zeal in nation building, things would have been much different. But alas, their penchant for self-preservation has always won over patriotism, their quest for wealth has always been at the nation’s expense and above all their instinct for survival has always prevailed over the nation’s.
They have always prospered even as the state disintegrated, and they are always in a position of strength, be it ‘secularism or communalism’ that is at play. But what about the 30 lakhs people who elected them? They are never in the reckoning.

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By:-Sanjenbam Jugeshwor Singh  

In Manipur the root causes of chaos, unrest, mistrust, tussle & challenges among us in all possible sphere in our day- to-days life is due to communication gap among us. Irregularities, malpractices, open corruption in most of Government offices (established for the welfare of Public) in Manipur is due to not giving out the necessary information for the welfare schemes taken or to be taken  for the common people, instead few government servants in conspiracy with few other people does behind the screen in black & white for name sake’s only. Social crimes, violence, malpractices occurring every now and then in Manipur are due to the shameless hands of few hooligans who think this is an honored and respectable practice. If our people know that we all have the rights to know any information from any Government offices about our development and welfare schemes and use this right fully the irregularities and malpractices by these group of people can be easily stopped and prevented.  Our development will be progressive only when Bureaucrat officers and Heads of the respective departments exercise their duties sincerely, honestly and diligently. Our people can also obtain all our rights which are being taken away by those mischiefs. These will be possible only when we all know the provisions of     Right to   
Information (RTI) Act 2005    .This Act provides directly or indirectly to all the citizens to get to know  all the information from any Government Departments or offices. Government Dept. or offices should also provide any information pertinent to the respective Depts. or offices to the general public. However except few people, most of us are ignorant of what to do to get the right information.
Intent to know and try to know is the inborn character of we human being. It may be due to this that the right to information is taken as one of the fundamental right. After the     Universal Declaration of Human Rights by United Nations General Assembly in 1948    , different groups of People, Social Activist, Human right defenders Philanthropist, Media persons etc have been constantly demanding to include the Right to Information in the Constitution of India.
One of the supportive means to get the Right to information was the verdict of Supreme Court  of India in 1975. In a land mark judgment of Justice     Mediu     in a case between Uttar Pradesh Government and     Rajnarayan, said    ;” In a responsible Government like ours whatever all its  agent does should be done with highest responsibility and transparency “.Whatever the  Government employee does for the welfare of the state, our people has the rights to know it.
A judgment given by Supreme Court in 1981 in another case between  S.P Gupta and Union of  India again gave a big impetus in the movement of RTI. But one barricade in the RTI movement  was the report submitted in 1982 by Mathew Commission  to look after the amendment of  Official Secrets Act     of 1923.Later on when Prime Minister VP Singh Government came to power  in1989, he announced RTI will be a fundamental right of our citizens during 20th meeting of Ministers of Information & Cinematography in 1990.Gradually RTI movement became peoples
Movement. The role of     MAZDUR KISHAN SAKTI SANGANTHAN (an NGO) of Rajasthan  in this Movement is incredible.
In 1995, PCI (Press Council of India) framed first blue print of the Freedom of Information. In the blue print, it was mentioned that whatever information that a Parliamentarian and state Legislature obtain should also be obtainable to the general public. As a result Government of India had taken a resolution to frame an Act of the Freedom of Information in 1997.Due to the escalation of people’s movement, more aware by law courts about RTI, keen interest taken by Legislature in this regards and the assurance given by the subsequent Government, Freedom of Information Bill 2000     was introduced in the Parliament     in July 2000.The Bill was passed in 2002 and enacted. After UPA Government came to power the Right to Information Bill (amendment bill)
Version of Freedom of Information Act) 2004 was introduced in December 2004.The Bill was Passed by Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha respectively on 11th and 12th May 2005    .The President of India consented this Act on 15th Jun 2005     and implemented. This Act was fully enacted all over the Country from 12th  October 2005     with local adjustment of the respective States.     In Manipur
also this Act was fully implemented as per Manipur Government Gazette extra ordinary No99 of 20th  July 2005 with a notification by the Department of Secretariat, Law and Legislative Affairs on 12th July 2005    .
Enacting & implementing Right to Information (RTI) Act  in the largest democratic country like  India is a right step to achieve the real objective of Democracy. However every citizens of India should remember that Freedom of Expression and Right to Information has its own respective limitations. All rights are associated with a responsible (duty).All rights under this Act should be used with full responsible for a peaceful and progressive Society. Though a sharp weapon to obtain all possible information from authority is provided by constitution, our RTI activist are facing many dare consequences. Some activist even have been killed by state or non-state actors for seeking relevant information from authority for the wrong doing under RTI Act. If this the case, what is the use of RTI Act? This is the questions from general public and which provision and Act of Indian constitution will protect our RTI activist from such threats is the quest with no answer as of now.
Any suggestions & Comments can reach to:
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Or Whatapps No: 9612891339.

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Imphal March 20,

Keithelmanbi Battalion of 9 Sector Assam Rifles under the aegis of IGAR (South) celebrated Yaoshang festival with the children of Legacy Home, Ema Foundation and Ladies of  Dorcas Group on 19 March.
As part of the celebrations the Battalion organised a picnic wherein various events including games for ladies and children were organised. During the event a cultural program was also presented by the children of Legacy Home and Ema Foundation.  
Mrs Shubhra kabthiyal, President Assam Rifles Wives Association (ARWWA) and other members of ARWWA also joined the celebrations in which over 54 children and 27 ladies of Legacy Home, Ema foundation and DORCAS compassion home participated. The event was concluded with lunch followed by presentation of gifts and Assam Rifles souvenir badges to children and ladies by Mrs Shubhra Kabthiyal.
The earnest endeavor of the event was to bring joy to the hearts of the children and ladies of these NGOs on the auspicious festival. The NGOs expressed gratitude to the kind gesture shown by the Assam Rifles and requested for more such interaction in the future.

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