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Thursday, 06 December 2018 - Imphal Times

Forest team found distribution of Indian wild orange in Tamenglong

By a correspondent

Imphal, Dec 6,

 The Indian wild orange (citrus indica) which is believed to be progenitor of all citrus species in the world, endemic to northeastern states was found to be distributed in the forest of Manipur’s Tamenglong district bordering Nagaland and Assam.

The recent discovery of the wild orange was made by a forest team led by Divisional forest officer Arun RS of Tamenglong district while exploring Chingkao village forest  on November 30. The team comprised of the Honorary Wildlife Warden Tamenglong, Nehemiah Panmei, RFO Tamenglong and Tousem Kh. Hitler, RO Tamei, S Khogen, Harif Parengal from Salim Ali Centre for Ornithology and Natural History and Mordecai Panmei of The Corbett Foundation and member of Rainforest Club who spotted the wild orange and did possible documentation on the spot.

Informing this, Mordecai Panmei, member of Rainforest Club Tamenglong, an NGO working for wildlife and forest conservation in the western district of Manipur said that the wild orange variety was detected when the team was studying the possible tiger track in the village,.

The recent finding makes Tamenglong district another locations of growing wild orange in the region after Nokrek Biosphere Reserve (Meghalaya),he felt.

However Mordecai who is also presently working for The Corbett Foundation, lamented lack of proper documentation of biodiversity of Tamenglong forest which is said to be a living laboratory of the scientific community.

Meanwhile Divisional forest officer Arun RS when contacted on phone expressed the necessity for conservation activity of the rare orange species.

He said the discovery of this species on the western side of Barak river, a new location after it was reported from other side, shows that this wild orange grows across Tamenglong forest range.   

The germplasm of such wild species could be used for genetic resources for further breeding in case the existing orange varieties die because of disease etc,he added.

Before the recent discovery of this orange smelled fruit having sour taste at Chingkao village, a team of field biologists and researchers of Manipur-based Centre for Conservation of Nature & Cultivation of Science(CCNCS) had reported the same wild orange variety from Dailong village in May 2016. Both Chingkao and Dailong were located above 1000 metres above sea level.

This small sized wild orange was first reported in the country by a Japanese taxonomist Chozaburo Tanaka from Nokrek Biosphere Reserve in 1934,according to  CCNCS functionaries. The species was reportedly used for medicinal purposes by Garo people.

Similarly the village elders in Tamenglong district also used this species locally known as Biuriangthai for medicinal and spiritual purposes since olden days,sources from Tamenglong said.

Being the largest producer of oranges among all the districts, Tamenglong has been hosting state level orange festival every year in December since 2001.

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KTT media fellowship

IT News
Imphal, Dec 6,

With the formal launching of Khelen Thokchom Media Fellowships (KTMF) by holding a simple but historic function at Manipur Press Club on October 27, 2018, the Khelen Thokchom Trust(KTT) with the support of Manipur Cricket Association is inviting journalists who worked as a reporter/correspondents/contributor of newspapers/periodicals with 3 years of experience in print journalism to explore the issues and concerns of the game of cricket in Manipur, their prospects and other positive areas in the state, a statement by Sobhapati Samom, Secy. KTT said.
The KTT also invites application along with Bio-data, a letter of support from the editor that the output under the fellowship will be published (mandatory for all candidates), one samples of ‘published report’ on sports if any should be submitted to Coordinator, KTMF C/o Pureiromba Enterprises, Konung Mamang (Palace Gate) near Pureiromba Khongnang, Imphal East District - 795 005 (Daily office timing 10am - 5pm except Sunday) before December 17, 2018. So that selected applicants can generate five news stories (700-1000 word each), based on the research carried out under the fellowship.
Original clippings of these articles will have to be submitted on the completion of the fellowship programme. They are also expected to take and submit photographs of the areas they travel in for their stories.
For this the selected applicants will be provided a stipend ‘ 20,000/- (Rupees Twenty Thousand only) and the duration of his/her work will be from January - March 2019.
The selection of applicants will be done by a jury of eminent media experts and their results will be announced during December end, 2018 through the personnel contacts. The last date for submitting the application would be December 17, 2018.

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“Ethnic tribal communities who are honest are prone to be exploited by outsiders” - Manjit

IT News
Imphal, Dec 6,

President of All Manipur Students’ Union (AMSU) Manjit Sarangthem expressed apprehension about the protection of our ethnic identities of the NE people . Manjit said this while participating the  “Zofest” – the festival of Zo people for reconciliation of Zo people who have scattered at different part of the country. Other team of AMSU were also attended along with Manjit.
The first Zofest was held at New Lamka, Churachandpur, Manipur in 2002 this time the festival was held at Reiek of Mamit District in Mizoram.
“We all Know that North East is undergoing into a vast transformation but we don’t know what kind of transformation it is”, Manjit Sarangthem said while speaking on the occasion.
He further expressed unhappiness on the present standard of education, the present crops of political leaders or present activities of traders businessman.
“The army, the police and the central authorities who are ought to exploit the vast resources of the North Eastern region, either in water, forest, oil, natural gases, minerals and keeping the North Eastern divided, the mantra is development and look for the East and act for the east, the present age is the age of connectivity” Manjit said and asked - Connectivity for which purpose?
Expressing apprehension about the preservation of our identities , Manjit said that ethnic tribal communities who are honest are prone to be exploited by outsiders.
“We as North Eastern are proud of our identities and our rich cultural differences from those of Mainland. We are termed Chinkis. Our sister looked upon as object of desire, our youths who sought better education are porn to physical attacks, our food habits dislike by mainlanders. Though political leaders swear by great slogans of unity and diversity, we are being watched as strange others. We are mongoloid in racial origin but this fact of history remains suppressed in official discourse. Ethnic identities are unavoidable in this era of economic and political stress. But we have not able to discover those values which our investors had left for us”, Manjit said.
Our respect for elders of wisdom, our hospitality to others, our tolerance had been undermined by the culture of exploitation and manipulation  by crafty outsiders, right from the day of the British empire today under India’s new colonial policies, the North East is kept strangulated a huge military architectures is installed because of the fear of  China.
Manjit further said, The North East Generation of Youths Need a new agenda of understanding the truth of our lives, we need deeper examination of the realities so called development.

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PS to MLA Joykishan rubbishes Ch. Bijoy’s statement

IT News

Imphal, Dec 6,

 A statement by L. Parijat Singh, PS to the Congress MLA Khumukcham Joykishan today rubbished BJP spokesperson Ch. Bijoy’s statement terming it as totally false and baseless.

“If someone suspects the affidavit of the MLA, he should go to the court not to the media”, Parijat said.

He further mocks the BJP spokesperson Ch. Bijoy for having no knowledge that it is prejudice commenting about matters which is pending in the court of law. He also added that MLA Joykishan will not go down to the level of such spokesperson who cannot even listen carefully what others’ say.

“Our MLA still accept debate from any BJP member not less than the rank of MLA regarding the issue which the MLA claims that the present BJP led Manipur Government is unconstitutional”, Parijat said.

Meanwhile MLA Joyikishan extended his appreciation to the Press Council of India for taking up Suo-Moto case in Kishorchand Wangkhemcha’s arrest. He expects that justice will be delivered to the jailed journalist and his family at the earliest.

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Popular Front holds Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath responsible for Bulandshahr violence

 IT News
Imphal, Dec 6,

Popular Front of India General Secretary M. Mohammed Ali Jinnah in a statement issued here today held Uttar Pradesh chief minister Yogi Adityanath responsible for Sangh Parivar violence and killing of the police officer Subodh Kumar Singh and a youth named Sumith in Bulandshahr. “What happened there is not an isolated incident, but it is the latest in the series of cow terrorist acts that has become a routine ever since Yogi Adityanath government has assumed power in the state. It is also not first time that the Hindu Yuva Vahini goons, founded by Yogi himself are in the forefront of mob lynching of humans in the name of protecting cows. He has degraded Uttar Pradesh of the Indian Republic into an Animal Farm where Jungle Raj is the system, cows only are safe and human lives are the targets”, the statement said.
The statement further added that the Sangh Parivar sponsored cow terrorism has created a dangerous situation where any Muslim or Dalit can get killed by communally frenzied mobs merely on an allegation of cow trade or beef eating.  In this context, the complaint raised by the relatives of the officer that Subodh Kumar Singh was killed in a conspiracy as he was probing Akhlaq lynching case cannot be dismissed away. This new phase of cow terrorist killing spree has conveyed an added message that those police officers who honesty probe lynching cases also would not be spared.  
The preliminary investigations by police officials and eyewitnesses accounts of the Bulandshahr tragedy point towards a pre-planned attempt at spreading communal tension. All available evidences point to the hands of Hindutva elements themselves in hanging cow carcasses in the sugar cane field. The report of their ulterior motive to foil the Muslim congregation held in the locality has also to be probed.
Mohammed Ali Jinnah has demanded judicial enquiry by a panel of sitting judges to unearth the conspiracies involved in the incidence.  He also sought the intervention of President of India to save the state form the misrule of Yogi Government. 

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Debbie Stothard to interact with Guwahati scribes

By a correspondent
Guwahati, Dec 6,
Debbie Stothard, a pro-democracy human rights defender who used to work as a journalist, community educator and trainer in Malaysia, Thailand and Australia, will interact with the
member-journalists of  Guwahati Press Club on Friday. Presently the secretary general of International Federation for Human Rights (www.fidh.org) and a coordinator of Alternative ASEAN Network on Burma (www.altsean.org ), Debbie will address the city based scribes through video conferencing from Yangon, the former capital of Myanmar, at 3.30 pm  on 7 December 2018.
She is expected to speak about the state of journalism, ongoing democratic movement in Myanmar, the Rohingya controversy, New Delhi’s probable roles in building a democratic Burma and preserving historical ruins of India’s freedom movement in the southeast Asian
country etc.

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Intimidation to media person

The advancement in information technology has made today’s world a ‘Global village’ – the term first coined by Canadian-born author Marshall McLuhan. Man born at the extreme corner of Far East Asiatic countries knows, cry and pray for the kind of disasters that happen in Middle East countries or in Latin America. Installation of internet technologies to cell phones which every human being can afford makes the people of our Earth- whose circumference is estimated at about 40,075 Kilometer staying at a communicable distance. Now every human being equipped with cell phone can now talk or stay in touch with any of their friends or relatives staying thousand miles away. Point bringing here is about the changes in the theory of mass media in relevance to today’s journalism. The very concept at which the older generation considered ‘proximity’ as a characteristic of news is somewhat losing its foot.
Professor M.L Stein, the then chairman of Department of Journalism, California State University, Long Beach, Carlifornia in his book “Shaping the News” in 1974 wrote that people are more interested in what happens in their neighbours. The one time presumption that ‘a dog fight on Main Street is of more interest to our readers then fifty thousand foreign troops killed in battle somewhere’ seems to have no relevance in today’s society. Readers are now interested about happenings at distance places if the subject matters is his or her interest.
However, another characteristic of news - ‘Prominence’ on the hand is becoming a matter of more interested subjects for almost all readers. People now want to know what had happen to their leaders, celebrity or the bureaucrats irrespective of where they stay or which country they reside. Every news readers are eager to know the story of successful personality.
Points bringing up here are not to lecture on what is news and what should be reported but this is an attempt to make some of our critic to understand on why the newspaper especially the kind of ours often published story about real heroes or events that happen far far away from our state. Sometimes a mere insignificant event at which some people are of vested interested are often left of and the result is not always good for we in the media fraternity of Manipur state in particular. The other kind of pressure that the media persons sometimes remain helpless is their intentions to get publish their story.
Manipur or say Imphal is not a safe place for even VIPs who are escorted by security personnel days and night. It is an open secret that almost all the politicians including MLAs or Ministers or even the Chief Ministers have linked with the UGs , the only thing is that we don’t have any proof.
So, what would be the security of those working with the media if in case, some of the individuals or rebels force us to publish stories of their interest. Being taken up this profession, we always stand with our ethics and there is no question of compromising our ethics while publishing stories. But when the government said that this should not be published and this should be published then where is the freedom of speech provided under the constitution of our country. Government machineries can invite news editors and can discussed about the content on objectivity reason but should in no way dictate the media on what or what not to publish. Calls of bandh or blockade by any organisation are in some way an essential news items for media houses living in conflict zone – because it is for the safety and security of the common people that the government machineries cannot guarantee safety. We have PCI guidelines, local code of conduct and this should be respected.
One thing left out to mention is the threat intimidation to media persons using technique of different kind like the detention of TV journalist Kishorchand. This would only meant crumbling of the democracy.
Bottom line is that media should not be harassed at any cost for any reason because we chose this profession not merely to earn for living but with full intention to serve our nation.   

Is “Jago Grahak Jago”-a Mockery In Manipur?

By: Sanjenbam Jugeshwor Singh

Among all living components on this Earth, only we human being are consumer not producer. We human being consumes the products produced by other fellow components on this mother Earth. Though we learnt so many things from our fellow components about consumerism, making so many rules and regulations about consumers right etcbut who is taking care of consumers right in spite of being inked in the Constitution of India which were framed by our Godfathers or copy paste from our colonial masters? Let’s see few incidents taken place in very recent time in our state about the fate and fiasco of consumers. It was brought in media discussion in one of the local TV channel about the Medical clinical result for a particular person from two different clinical labs ,which were totally different as the person reported. The authorities of these two labs claimed that their result were very accurate and correct. Isn’t wonderful that for a particular person ,clinical result given by the two labs (sample taken within a period of half an hour) different? Then result from which lab is to be believed ? Isn’t a serious case in public health? Or shall we remain silent ? Who cares the prices of essential commodities in the Market? Who fixed the prices of these commodities? If Im not mistaken, the prices are being fixed by the traders or individual shopkeepers as they wish. We public also never cared about the MRP written on the packets, whatever the shopkeeper says, we simply pay and never see the  date of manufactured, expiry date etc.In very recent time the prices of potatoes, onion ,eggs etc changes every day, why and how nobody cares .It is also reported that actual price of an injection for heart attack is between Rs700 to Rs 900/-but in MRP it is Rs9000/,the cost of medicine of  a typhoid patient is about Rs25/in wholesale price but in Hospital it’s Rs53/,the cost of injection after dialysis for a kidney patient is about Rs1800/ but never found in pharmacy or wholesaler, it’s found only with the Doctors though actual price is Rs500/ and many others such are happening in Hospitals. What about the cost of clinical tests like MRI, Ultra sound, CT-scan etc in the clinical labs outside the Hospital? Who is looking after all these malpractices which  forfeit the right of consumers?
One very interesting incident happened few days ago in Travel /transport sector in Manipur which I never thought of. I went to drop my daughter at JIRI parking who had to travel to Mizoram for her official work .She went to one Travel agency ticket counter for her travel ticket, she took out one five hundred rupee note for the ticket. The person at the counter said, from today fare for Imphal –Jiri is increased to Rs1000/-.My daughter asked ,why? The replied was very simple and casual. The person at the counter said, Local body(Panchayat) election in ASSAM is on 9th December, so many vehicles from Manipur were seized for the election purpose because of which they hired private vehicle in the public interest so they are compelled to hike the fare. Is this reply justified without giving any prior public notification? What could happen to a passenger possessing only Rs1000/- just to reach his home place Jiribam ? He has to travel in fasting all the way. Isn’t again forfeiting the right of the passengers /consumers? My question is ,who is looking after all these affairs? Is it the duty of Govt/public? There may be many areas where anything is done at their wish by any individual/group of people/organization because of which common people are the sole sufferer. So let’s be aware of these and attention of authority is  also drawn in public interest so that such malpractices may be curved timely before it’s too late.

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Powerful Weapon

By: Arambam Bebina Devi
Senior Research Fellow,Department of Adult Continuing Education and Extension.

In Manipur, the most power ful weapon is money. If we have money then we can buy certificates, jobs and also to caste in Manipur firm by launching one film production. But this is not the right system of producing any film, we should respect the film makers but nowadays there is no exact system in Manipur.
For example in Education system too, if we want more/high marks in graduation then we need to go to some colleges which is not situated in greater Imphal. But such students getting high percentage from such institutions could not get seats in Masters entrance conducted by Manipur University.
On the other hand some teachers thought that if we speak English fluently then we are well educated and eligible for any job in Manipur. But without certificated fluency in English is valueless.
If people have enough money then he/she can do anything whatever he/she wants. On the other hand, anything which can be brought by money there is one thing which can’t buy by money i.e. education. We should have enough qualification to get proper job in our concern subjects.There is always strict rule for driving two and four wheelers in Manipur, but this rule is only for the common people not for VIPs. Not only this, Nowadays getting OBCs certificate also depend on the relationship with the concern authority, for the common people it is done slowly and for those who has link with higher authorities can get easily.  
There is a rule in Manipur Education system that is, teachers take one class in a month and get their salary and on the other hand others without taking classes get their salary at the last date of a month.
Nowadays teachers get their salaries without taking their classes, but if we had to go for some donations for the welfare of students and teachers community, they were not willingly given money. But they get their salaries by taking two or three classes in a month.
To sum up, rule is for all it is not for the common people, so need to speak whichever we want to speak. Teachers also need to focus on students welfare not in their salary. After four months strike in any institutions salary of four months were credited to their respected accounts of teachers but they are unable to  done one piece of their salry for the sake of students and teachers community or for the sake of society.

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Assam Rifles Organizes Medical Camp At Seikmaijin

IT News

Imphal Dec.6

Continuing with its welfare measures in the area of village Seikmaijin, Kakching Batallion of HQ 28 Sector Assam Rifles under the aegis of HQ Inspector General of Assam Rifles (South) conducted a medical camp on 05 December 2018 under Military Civic Action Project (OP Sadbhavana). RMO Kakching Battalion alongwith staff provided medical treatment to more than 202 people including 56 males, 101 females and 45 children and distributed free medicines. Apart from providing necessary medical assistance, basic knowledge on health education, hygiene and sanitation was also imparted. Emergency medicines were distributed to patients.

The medical camp received overwhelming response from local populace. Pradhan, Seikmaijin village alongwith the locals, especially from weaker section of society expressed their gratitude to Assam Rifles for continued support and noble effort being undertaken by Kakching battalion for this humanitarian act.

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