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Monday, 24 December 2018 - Imphal Times

Detention of Kishorechandra is suppression of Freedom of Expression of the people –AMSU

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Imphal, Dec 24,

Reacting sharply to the detention of journalist Kishorechandra Wangkhemcha by slapping National Security Act (NSA) for voicing against the celebration of Jhanshi Rani, the All Manipur Students Union (AMSU) in a statement said that it is not only Kishorechandra that the government of Manipur is trying to shut but whole people of the state that they are trying to suppress.

The statement said that Kishorechandra had expressed his voice saying that the freedom struggle of Manipur has nothing to do with Rani Laksmibai and the statement stands true.

The statement of the Chief Minister in regard with the celebration of the Anniversary of the Jhansi Rani which tried to connect with the region with the mainland is nothing but an attempt to distort the history of the region.

“Manipur become a part of India only after 1949 and Janshi Rani had nothing to do with the freedom struggle of the region”, the AMSU statement said. Even as the AMSU denounced the use of vulgar and obscene language by Kishorechandra, it stands with the fact Kishorechandra had expressed and the AMSU will stand by it, the statement added.

The CJM Imphal West had already ruled that sedition is not attracted to what Kishorechandra had stated and thereby released him but again slapping of NSA to suppress him is nothing but a direct attempt to suppress the freedom of expression of the people of the region.

The detention of Kishorechandra Wangkhem has been condemned by the Indian Journalists Union (IJU) and more media houses from across the nation keep continuing to support Kishorechandra. National TV channels including the BBC have been questioning the rationale behind the detention of Kishorechandra under NSA.

The AMSU while joining the voice against the detention of Kishorechandra under NSA said that the government of Manipur should drop the NSA from Kishorechandra and release him immediately. The students’ body also threatens dire consequences if the government continues to shut the voice of the people.

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Customs Asst Commissioner was released on bail after real owner of the ammunitions turns up

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Imphal, Dec 24

Assistant Commissioner of Customs RK Darnedrajit who was recently arrested after a raid by Anti Corruption Branch of CBI was released on bail by the Duty Magistrate, Imphal East after the bullets confiscated during the raid were claimed by their rightful owners.

According to a source with Imphal Times, the raid was conducted as RK Darnedrajit was suspected to have amass wealth and asset more than his income. The raid was conducted at his residence Brahmapur Laljilakpa Leikai and his office and found a .32 Service pistol issued in his name and an excess of 20 bullets and 350 bullets of .22 Pistol whereas he was allowed to possess only 6 bullets of his issued Pistol. In this connection, the CBI team lodged a complaint with Imphal East District police and was arrested under Arms Act.

Further this source discloses that the excess bullets of .32 pistol which were in possession with RK Darnedrajit was of his onetime close college friend,  Manibabu Likmabam of Khongman and working as Programme Executive of DDK Imphal. The said bullets were left at the residence of Darnedrajit on the 19th of this month wherein the two had dinner together and Manibabu didn’t want to carry the bullets with him as it was late. In this connection, Manibabu has produced Gun License and Cash memo for the bullets. Also, Darnedrajit used to be the General Secretary of Manipur Rifle Association. The .22 bullets which were in possession of him happens to be the property of Manipur Rifle Association and several documents pertaining with the Association are with him and are waiting for a General Body meeting to surrender the said bullets and documents. In this regard, Manipur Rifle Association has sent a letter to the Imphal East Police station supporting Darnedrajit’s claim. The court taking in view of all this new development, has released RK Darnedrajit on bail.

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State Congress protest Rafale Scam case; Staged protest

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Imphal, Dec 24,

Joining the voice with its parent body, the Manipur Pradesh Congress Committee today staged a demonstration rally against the alleged misleading by the Central government to the ruling of the Supreme  Court on the multi crore Rafale scam case.

Congress Legislature Wing leader Okram Ibobi Singh, CWC member Gaikhangam, MPCC President TN Haokip and other MLAs and workers of the Manipur Pradesh Congress Committee join the protest rally which started from Congress Bhavan today morning.

Speaking to media persons leader of the MPCC said that the Rafale scam proves the insincerity of the Modi led government and as long as Congress exist such mislead will not be made possible as long.

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Student body demands resignation of Brozendra Ningomba on moral ground

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Imphal, Dec 24,

The Socialists Students Union of Manipur (SSUM) has demanded the resignation of All Manipur Working Journalists Union (AMWJU) President Brozendra Ningomba on moral grounds. The student body held a protest at Higher Secondary Madrassa, Lillong demanding the resignation of Brozendra on moral grounds.

The body said that it condemns the letter written by Brozendra to the Indian Journalists Union (IJU). It said that the duty of AMWJU President is to uphold the rights of journalists, but his action has shown the scribe body in a poor light to the public of the State. Under his leadership, the masses have lost faith in the scribe’s body.

 The media cannot be controlled by an individual or by a group, it should be sacrosanct and remain democratic. The present stance taken by him leads to muffling the voice of the media and true democracy is at stake. He should not remain a president but should resign on moral grounds.

It is a sad part in the history of the State that a protest is being held to demand the ouster of an AMWJU president and SSUM on behalf of the public urges Brozendra to resign from his presidency. It is high time that the public and concerned organisations demand for the rights of a journalist to be upholded. If not, then the media of the state will wither down and democracy will have no meaning. Rather, it will be left to the whims of individuals who takes media houses representatives for foreign trips. The student body urged that the government should not threaten the officials of Manipur Students Association Delhi (MSAD).The government should know how to utilise the social media, an unwanted comment can be hidden or deleted, or simply ignored. One cannot save the state or govern it through social media. The government should have a responsible political will and maturity and not try to stifle the voice of the public, a release by SSUM said.

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MHJU Condoles

Manipur Hills Journalists’ Union (MHJU) condoles the demise of Jacob Panmei, Jiribam Correspondent of The Cham.
Jacob Panmei is one among the senior journalists in Rongmei community. His untimely demise is an irreparable loss for the journalist community at large, a press communiqué from the MHJU said.
All Jiribam Working Journalists’ Union (JWJU) also condoled the demise of the the Rongmei Senior Journalist. In its condolence message the Union share its pain and sorrow of the family of the departed journalist.
The statement of AJWU further recounted the role taken by the departed journalist for lifting up of the journalist community of the region.
Team Imphal Times also condoled the demise of the Senior Journalists.

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RPF wishes on Christmas Day

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Imphal, Dec 24,

Proscribed group Revolutionary People’s Front wishes the people of Manipur on occasion of the Christmas Day celebration. A message by Y. Shyam, Secretary, Minority Affairs of the outfit wishes the people to live a peaceful and harmonious life with the coming of the Christmas.
The outfit appealed the people of the region to respect all religion and caution to stay away from falling as a prey to the kind of religious war carrying out. The outfit wished the people to come united with the coming of the Christmas Day.

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The dreamt merchant

Unexpected and often unwanted things keep happening here in the state of Manipur more than at any other states of the country. The impact of Demonetization killed thousands in many parts of the country while the very exercise transformed many into untouchables and made many more millionaires overnight. The Government of India under the leadership of Narendra Daodardas Modi announced demonetization all of a sudden on 8 November 2016 of all Rs. 500 and Rs. 1000 banknotes of the Mahatma Gandhi Series. It also announced the issuance of new Rs. 500 and Rs. 2000 banknotes in exchange for the demonetised banknotes. The government claimed that the action would curtail the shadow economy and reduce the use of illicit and counterfeit cash to fund illegal activity and terrorism. His expressed intention was to distribute the black money recovered to the poor people of the country. What is heartbreaking is that the Prime Minister’s aspiration to make every citizen of the country rich is never likely to become a reality. But demonetization brought good fortune for some exceptional people in the state. There are talks doing the round in the town that due to the demonetization some small micro finance runners who took risks became millionaires overnight and it was due to the many privileged class people who have plenty of black money contributed to the success of the micro finance bankers.
Unlike in other state, the demonetization is perhaps a blessing for the state. It raised a group of capitalist class people who provided employment opportunity to hundreds of jobless people. Even as it is against the socialist ideology, it did serve some people who are searching for job. The agenda of Right Wing ideologue is revealed even as it has always been working under the shadow of the Socialist ideology.
It is not a simple and baseless criticism when this newspaper states that a neo capitalist class has been born of demonetization but an open secret which happened in front of our eyes. The only thing is that Indian legal system is very complicated that sometimes a wrong becomes right due to loopholes to prove that it was wrong. Perhaps it may be not due to loopholes in the Indian law but lack of sincerity and commitment to prove that it was wrong among the legal practitioners or worse still, a deliberate obstruction/destruction of evidences to support proof of the crimes.
Well good things are always good. Everybody needs to encourage those who are successful in becoming employers. But what about the many hundreds of people who had uncountable amount of black money which makes things possible for some exceptional people?
So far, there hasn’t been any investigation into how a person have so much money beyond his known sources of income before the demonetization and how such individuals deposited huge amounts to the micro finance business establishments instead of depositing it to the banks. Why has the government agency still not looking into this matter?
While success needs to be appreciated and encouraged, the government machineries who are authorized and entrusted to keep a check and balance on such things need to put their acts together and place their responsibilities before the perks privileges of their profession if any semblance of financial order is to be maintained in the society failing which the whole system runs the risk of falling prey and giving in to corruption, black marketeering, extortions and blackmails becoming a daily affair. Strict vigilance and swift corrective measures supported by stern legal actions will prove to be a big deterrent for anyone indulging in public money for their own greedy and selfish end.

“24th December” NATIONAL CONSUMERS DAY By:Sanjenbam Jugeshwor Singh.

    Every 24th December is observed as “NATIONAL CONSUMERS DAY” with a specific theme in India. This year the National Consumers Day is celebrated with the theme “Timely Disposal of Consumers Complaint”. On this day the consumer’s protection Act 1986 was enacted on this day.
   The consumer Protection Act was enacted in 1986 with the objective of providing better protection of consumer’s interest. Effective safeguard are provided to the consumer, against various type of exploitations and unfair dealings, relying mainly on compensatory rather than a disciplinary or preventive approach under the Act. It applies to all goods and services unless specifically exempted, which covers the private, public and cooperative sectors. It also provides speedy and inexpensive adjudication.
    The rights under the consumer Protection Act 1986 flows from the rights enshrined in Articles 14 to 19 of the Constitution of India. The Right to Information Act (RTI), which has opened up governance process of our country to the common public also has far-reaching implications for consumer’s protection.
    The Act envisages the promotion and protection of following rights for the consumers:
i) Right to safety ii) Right to be informed iii) Right to Choose IV) Right to hear v) Right of Redressedvi) Right of Education.
    Observance of this day provides an opportunity for individuals to highlight the importance of the consumer movement and promote the basic rights and responsibilities of all consumers.
       According to a survey  conducted by the Consumer Protection and Action Committee (CPAC) , out of each twenty five lakh Gujarati people ,only one consumer goes to the court  to fight for his/her right. Out of six and a half crore population of the state, only twenty five to thirty approach the consumer court. Initiatives taken by CPAC to encourage and educate consumers about their rights. In Manipur also, due to lack  of awareness about our rights in consumers sector we are being easily deceived &exploited by certain individual or group of people, this has been and still going on.” CONSUMERS’ CLUB”  Manipur has been taking up a very proactive role to provide all the rights of consumers. In spite of their tooth and nail efforts, their toil is still not fruitful as common people are not well aware of our rights in consumer sectors. So taking the advantages of this day let us all aware about our right especially in consumer sector so that we may availall ourrights fully.
(The writer  can be reached at      This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or at Whatapps No:9612891339)

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“Delicieux” A Healthy  Rice Brand will launch in North East India in the coming New Year

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Imphal, Dec. 24

Meltwater Corp, a Multi National Company headquartered in Singapore and offices in Gurgaon, Hongkong and other parts of the world, will be launching for the first time, its own brand-”DELICIEUX”- the best quality Rice at affordable price in the remote North Eastern part of India. The Company has decided to make the rice products available in the market from mid January 2019 as a New Year gift to the people of North East India.

Delicieux will launch its products in the market with different ranges of Basmati Rice classified by its age and premium quality, which includes Platinum Extra Long, Ultimate Long Rice, Royal Biryani Super Long rice, Aromatic Pulao rice, Broken magic and Long Grain Basmati Rice. Besides these various ranges of Basmati Rice, the Company will launch a special “Regular Low Fat Rice” with high nutritional values, yet helpful for weight loss as it has a lesser “Fat” content and “Chained       carbohydrates”. 

The Company had invested its resources on R&D to improve soil fertility and soil quality to produce the Best quality rice. According to World Health Organization, the quality of any crop depend on its soil health, and the ideal organic carbon content of soil for cultivated land should be more than 2.5 percent. However, due to extensive use of fertilizers and pesticides to enhance production capacity during the last decade, the Soil quality has deteriorated across the globe and the agricultural land in most parts of India is left with just 0.28% of organic carbon content. Meltwater Corp has partnered with farmers to cultivate more than 1,05,722 acres of land in parts of Haryana, Madhya Pradesh & Uttarakhand  taking necessary measures to improve soil health. As a result of the continuous hard work and dedication, a considerably increased in improvement of the organic carbon content was seen in the recent test conducted on soil quality. The Company has been extensively working on improvement of Soil health across these farms in collaboration with farmers for the last 6 years to produce a wholesome nutritious healthy rice in the market and is committed to continue the same in future to meet the ever growing demands from the market. 

Mr. Prashant Rathee, CEO of the Company said, “Our aim is to provide the most healthy rice in the market across the globe. “Delicieux” is the produce of the most fertile soil in the market. The Company is gearing up to reach even the remotest parts of Northeast India through our supply & distribution channel partners and allocating significant resources to make the product available in spite of the geographic challenges, as Rice is the main Staple food  among the people in these regions. “

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WR Minister Letpao inspects Heirok River; Urges all to plant trees to prevent Water-related calamities

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Imphal, Dec 24,

Water Resources (WR) Minister Letpao Haokip today inspected various places along the stretch of Heirok river at Thoubal district. Heirok AC MLA and Education Minister Shri Th Radheshyam accompanied his Cabinet colleague in the inspection visit.

Shri Letpao said that check dams or catch pits will be built along the Heirok river to regulate water-flow and also appealed the public, especially river-bank dwellers to plant trees.

Also popularly known as the Wangjing river, this river is a tributary of the Manipur River and falls into the Loktak Lake.

The sites that were inspected today are the Heirok-II Wangpokpi bridge area and the Heingang Inganglok area. The later is the place of origin of this river.

Top officials of the Water Resources Department including Chief Engineer Shri Pritam were also present in the visit. It may be mentioned that the areas inspected today comes under the jurisdiction of the Office of the Executive Engineer, Flood Control Division (FCD)-III.

Speaking about the purpose of the inspection visit, the WR Minister said that the river flow of Heirok river has always been voluminous and wild, and is hard to controlled. With the rapid deforestation practices by the villagers alongside the rivers and in the hills, the volume and speed of the river has rapidly increased thereby causing flash floods and other damages to lives and properties. The sedimentary materials and wood logs that are carried along the way by the flow particularly have caused much damage, he added.

Considering all these inconveniences, the WR Department is initiating a step for the construction of a huge catchpit, or check dams and also any other viable alternative for regulating and slowing down the water flow of this river during monsoon in a long term manner, the minister further said.

Letpao expressed hopefulness that today’s inspection visit will bear fruit soon as his department is preparing a DPR to execute the plan and will shortly send the report for approval to the State Plan or NEC or NABARD, whichever will be earlier and the more convenient. The project will be a part of the ‘Critical Flood Control and Anti-Erosion Works Along Rivers in Manipur River Basin’ project.

Sending out a strong message that it will be impossible for the department or the government ‘solely’ to solve floods and other problems arising out of water bodies, the WR Minister appealed the public, especially those dwellers in the river banks and in hills not to fell down trees unnecessarily. Even though unavoidable situations led to the cutting of trees, all should be aware and should be conscious enough to plant back trees so that the ecosystem and the environment remain balanced.

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