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Wednesday, 19 December 2018 - Imphal Times

Contaminating self

With the increasing pace of life and the corresponding increase in social as well as work pressures, food habits of the people around the world have taken a hit for the worse. The most glaring evidence of this unfortunate changing trend is the gradual increase in the number of fast-food joints and ready-to-eat snack bars as well as local kiosks catering to the public with mostly fried stuffs to satiate the hunger instantaneously. Food that can be had on the go is being preferred over those which are healthy and wholesome but takes time to prepare. However, there is also an increasing awareness amongst the conscious and connected public cutting across age groups and professions regarding the need to inculcate a good dietary habit in order to combat the increasing stress and strains of our daily life. The general consensus amongst the conscious eaters is that fruits and vegetables play a vital role in maintaining the health and even reversing the harmful effects of work and environment.

A very disturbing news doing the rounds about some unscrupulous elements using unfair and potentially harmful methods of ripening fruits in the state have however put a question mark on the safety and reliability of the food products being sold in the state. However, the incident should not come as a surprise to many as the practice has been carried on for decades without any significant restrictions or objections from the authorities. The failure of those authorized and entrusted to ensure the safety and usability of foodstuffs for so long have only emboldened these elements who would not think twice about using any and all means at their disposal, fair or foul to speed up their earnings.

The menace of food adulteration and indiscriminate use of chemicals to either speed up the ripening process or to slow down the rate of decomposition is not confined to fruits alone. If anybody would care to recollect, there had been news of farmers using chemicals to increase their products both in size as well as quantity, or even halt the process of decomposition by using formaldehyde as reported in the case of fishes being brought into the state. On the other hand, there is also the disturbing report of plastic rice and even eggs being dumped into the country. While most of the chemicals used for such purposes such as Calcium Carbide have been banned by the government, their use is still rampant. There is still the danger of misusing those chemicals which are still not banned such as Ethylene (if used within certain limits) as there is every chance of the chemical being abused in the mad rush for quicker profit.

Today, the threat of harmful chemicals contaminating our foods on a daily basis is a very real and disconcerting one, and such practice cannot be allowed to propagate and continue any longer. However, the issue is a complex one especially in a state like Manipur where the mechanism to ensure safety of food is almost absent as of now, and any means or effort to check such unfair practices requires the combined involvement of the whole community, government agencies, policymakers, fruit-sellers, farmers, scientists and consumers to find an effective solution to this matter. Meanwhile, the best and most satisfying option is to start our own fruit and vegetable garden.

Seniority lists skipped in promotion of SOs to AEs in state PWD

IT News
Imphal, Dec 19,

Seniority lists of the Section Officers Grade –I (Civil Engineering) of the state Public Works Department (PWD) prepared by the Manipur Public Service Commission (MPSC) turns out to be a flop show as the department promoted 10 of them to Assistant Engineers (AEs) by skipping the senior SOs.
As per source with the Imphal Times;  of the 92 Grade -1, Section Officers (Civil Engineering) whose seniority lists has been prepared by the MPSC, serial number 3, 8,9,10, 12, 15, 21, 24, 29 and 89 were promoted to Assistant Engineers in Charge this December. The Promotion order was released separately for every SOs and one among them was released on December 15, 2018. The order was signed by Sheikh Abdul Hakim, Under Secretary Works, Govt. of Manipur. Source also added that the recommendations for promotion of the SOs were done by the PWD Minister.
The nature of promotion of the SOs to AEs by skipping the seniority list prepared by the MPSC showed some sort of discrepancies. Questions were being asked on the value of the Seniority list prepared by the MPSC. If the Seniority list is to be of no used in the line of promotion it is a waste for the MPSC to prepare the seniority list.   

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Rape accused convicted; sentence hearing on Dec 21

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Imphal, Dec 19,

Special Judge, POCSO, Imphal West has convicted Chongtham Ronald alias Rohit for raping a differently abled minor girl on July 1, 2015 somewhere at Imphal West district.
Sentence hearing of the convict is scheduled on December 19.  
Chongtham Ronald alias Rohit (28) s/o Ch Radhakanta, has been lodged in judicial custody at Manipur Central Jail Sajiwa since July 2015 in connection with the case.
The case began from December 2015, soon after the then IO of the case, SI Ksh Sanajaobi of Women PS, Imphal West, submitted the charge sheet before the Court against the accused under section 6 of POCSO Act 2012 .
The Court framed charges against the accused in February, 2016, and during the two year long trial, the Court recorded and examined the statement of numerous prosecution witnesses and defense witnesses.
The argument hearing between the Special PP and defense counsel was held on December 5 this year, as well as today.
It may be mentioned that the accused was caught red handed by the elder brother of the victim on July 1 (2015), at around 2.20 pm, and after the matter came to light the accused was handed over to Women PS, Imphal West, by locals on July 3 the same year.

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AR seizes smuggled gold worth Rs 1.8 crore

IT News

Imphal, Dec 19,

Tengnoupal Battalion of 26 Sector Assam Rifles under the aegis of HQ IGAR (South) apprehended one gold smuggler and recovered 36 Gold bars weighing approximately 5.982 kg worth Rs 1.8 Crore at  Permanent Vehicle Check Post(PVCP), Khudengthabi.

On 18 December 2018 at around 0700hr based on specific input, a Sliver Colour Maruti Omini Van Regd No MN06LA–6478 travelling from Moreh to Imphal was stopped for checking at PVCP, Khudengthabi by troops of Tengnoupal battalion. While frisking and carrying out thorough check of the driver and the vehicle, 36 Gold Bars suspected to be of foreign origin, were found hidden inside both the rear doors of the vehicle(eighteen gold bars in each door). During interrogation the driver revealed that he was given the said bars by an unknown individual from Moreh and was promised that the same would be collected at Imphal by someone. The contraband item was being smuggled by Mr Md Abdul Rajak, age 22 years, Moreh, Dist Tengnoupal. Recovered Gold Bars alongwith the apprehendee has been handed over to Directorate of Revenue Intelligence at 1030 hours on 18 December 2018.

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GoI, NSCN (K) hold informal meeting

IT News
Dimapur, Dec 19,

In a significant development, Government of India (GoI) and the NSCN (K) led by Khango Konyak Monday held an “informal meeting” at Delhi to chalk out the differences.
The meeting was held following Khango-led NSCN (K)’s December 6, 2018 declaration to revoke its decision of unilaterally abrogating the ceasefire agreement with the GoI.
Highly placed sources informed Nagaland Post that Deputy National Security Advisor (NSA) and GoI representative for Naga peace talks, R.N. Ravi and three members representing the NSCN (K) led by general secretary, Isak Sumi sat for an informal meeting at New Delhi.
Sources informed that both the sides had a “good meeting” and explored the possibilities to include NSCN (K) in the ongoing peace process. Sources also disclosed that the two parties were likely to meet for the second round of informal meeting during the first half of January 2019.
It may be recalled that the undivided NSCN (K) had unilaterally abrogated the ceasefire in March 2015, leading to multiple violent incidents, including attacks on security forces.
Acknowledging the efforts and appeal by NGOs and civil society organizations to restore the ceasefire agreement with Government of India (GoI), NSCN (K) led by Khango Konyak decided to revoke its decision of unilaterally abrogating the ceasefire agreement.
In a joint statement, NSCN (K) chairman and president, Khango Konyak and general secretary Isak Sumi had informed that the group, after holding wide consultations with civil society groups during the past one month and keeping in view the positive response by GoI, resolved to revoke the unilateral decision of abrogating the ceasefire.
It may also be mentioned that the Khango-led NSCN (K) had placed a four-point demand to the GoI for consideration— lift ban imposed on NSCN and removal of terrorist tag; rescind the bounties placed on NSCN leaders; repeal AFSPA/DDA on the enforced Naga areas and unconditional release of NSCN cadres arrested after the abrogation of ceasefire and undergoing trials or serving sentences in different prisons across the state/country.
The Centre in response to the demand had stated that as soon as NSCN (K) comes into peace process dialogue with the Centre, ban on NSCN (K), terrorist tag and bounties on its leaders will be automatically removed/close.
However, Centre said it was committed to solve the Naga issue with one comprehensive solution and therefore cannot have many agreements. Centre also categorically stated that it was not in a state to take up third party with fresh negotiation at this juncture. Further, GoI stated that there should not be any insecurity on the part of NSCN (K).

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Jhoupi students meet President of India

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Imphal, Dec 19,

The National Integration Tour(NIT) from Dingpi region organised by the Joupi Batallion of Assam Rifles visited Rashtrapti Bhavan and interacted with Honorable President of India Shri Ram Nath Kovind on 18th December 2018. During the interaction ceremony, two students shared their invaluable experience of the tour and expressed their heartfelt gratitude to the President of India during  the interaction. After the interaction students were also taken to various halls and apartments of the Bhavan and Mughul Garden. Thereafter NIT visited Rashtrapti Bhavan Museum wherein they witnessed glimpse of history of modern India and enriched themselves with the knowledge of Indian freedom struggle.
The Batallion part of 28 Sector Assam Rifles under the aegis of Inspector General (South) is organizing this National Integration Tour to Delhi-Agra and back. The NIT tour consists of 20 students (09 boys and 11 girls), 03 teachers and team of Jhoupi Batallion, and will be visiting various tourist and historical places in Delhi and Agra during  the 18 days long tour. The tour is aimed at providing an exposure to the students to the rich cultural heritage of the country and an opportunity to visit various places and interact with eminent dignitaries.
The team has already visited Taj Mahal in Agra and were mesmerized by the beauty of the World Heritage Site. The team also witnessed deadly unarmed combat techniques displayed by Para Commandos during a demonstration at Agra.

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Maoist vows to support all regional force

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Imphal, Dec 19,

Maoist Communist Party, Manipur (MCPM) in a statement says that the outfit will support all regional forces in the state.
The statement said that political forces like Manipur Peoples Party (MPP) and the Peoples Resurgent and Justice Alliance (PRJA) and religious and cultural forces who have been working for reviving of the Sanamahi Culture, those forces which has been striving hard for protection of the Kabui community and other indigenous culture and all those forces working for building of Manipur Nationalism instead of Indian Nationalism will be supported by the Maoist.  
The outfit however said that they will not directly interfere to the working the indigenous force. It said that they will not ask any person to vote for the MPP or the PRJA neither the outfit will force any person to convert into Sanamahi religion, but if any person ill treated them the Maoist will stand for them.
The statement further added that the regional force never get any funds for its activities from outside the state. For construction of Temple other religion gets fund from outside the state while there is no means for construction of Sanamahi temple other than contribution from among the people. Similarly when the Political parties from outside the state gets huge fund for contesting the election, regional political parties still have to fight from its own. The outfit also added that instead of supporting the ideology of Mahatama Gandhi,  Jawarhalal Nehru, Sardar Patel, Din Dayal Upadhya, Jhanshi Rani , the Maoist will encourage those spreading the ideology of Lamyanba Irabot or those upholding the spirit of Jadonang or the  Nupi Lal.
On the matter of North East India Development Party (NEIDP), the Maoist said that they are yet to make their stand as the party has been diving the Media community as well as the party is going hands in hand with the ruling BJP regime.

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Joint team apprehends UG

IT News
Imphal, Dec 19,

Thoubal Batallion of 9 Sector Assam Rifles under the aegis of IGAR (South), in a joint operation with Imphal East Commandos apprehended a cadre of UNLF from Andro. As per AR source the arrested individual confessed that he is an active cadre of UNLF and has been previously involved in various attacks on Security Forces.
The apprehended individual was handed over to Andro Police Station for further legal action.

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Haryana’s pugilists  start favourites in 2nd Junior Nationals

Boxers from 30 states in 13 weight categories to participate

By a Correspondent
Chandigarh, Dec. 12

Over 750 boxers, including 300 in the women’s section, will participate in the BFI 2 nd Junior National Championships, beginning at the Chandigarh University, Mohali, from tomorrow.
The event organised by the Punjab Boxing Association gives an opportunity to the young pugilists, representing 30 states in 13 weight categories, to come up through the ranks and enter the mainstream of boxing to be able to get noticed at the international level. 
The seven-day championships are expected to be as riveting as it can get with boxers from Haryana, Punjab, Tamil Nadu, Uttar Pradesh and Maharashtra, to name a few states, will vie with one another to win the team championships in both sections.
While intensity among the pugilists will be something to watch out for, Punjab boxer Khushi, a Silver medallist in the 2nd Nation’s Cup at Serbia, earlier this year will be packing punches in the 70 kg class while last year’s National Champion and Gold medallist in Serbia, N Baby Rojisana (52Kg) from Manipur; Arundhati Choudhary and Mitika Sanjay Gunele (66kg) from Rajasthan and Maharashtra respectively during the second edition of the Junior Girl’s Nationals.   
 On the other hand, the competition amongst the boys will be equally fierce. Vinit Kumar (75kg) medallist in Asian Junior Championship in 2017 will be representing Haryana while pugilists from other states will be up for strong challenges as SSCB boxers and gold medalists in Serbia, K Sanjit Singh (46 kg) and Biswamitra (48 kg) will aim for no less than gold at the second edition of the Junior Boy’s Nationals The nationals beginning Wednesday. Khelo India gold medallist, Ajay Kumar of Haryana will also be throwing in his punches in the 60kg category. 
The Boxing Federation of India since its inception in mid 2016, have ensured all age group nationals are staged with able participation in all weight categories. The first edition of the Junior Boy’s Nationals was held in Guwahati in 2017 and the girl’s nationals was held in Rohtak, last year. BFI has attempted to provide international standard of championship, referring and organization for all the domestic championships right from the sub junior to the elite level as all aspiring boxers learn to sustain and compete at the national level.

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