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Items filtered by date: Monday, 07 August 2017 - Imphal Times

Incompetent administration takes out thousands on Chandel streets; cry for justice fills the air; submits memorandum to CM

Chandel, Aug 7: Non-availability of drinking water, non-maintenance of roads, transfer of lecturers from United College Lambung without any replacement and other negligence by the state government in taking up developmental works of Chandel districts today takes out thousands of students and civil society leaders on the road of the Chandel district head quarter carrying banner and placards drawing attention of the state government.
The memorandum drew the attention of the Chief Minister over the issue of non-availability of drinking water in Chandel district. It said the matter has been graved to the Deputy Commissioner many a times but no means to provide drinking water is initiated by the department concerned thus far. After the flood in 2015, people have been facing water scarcity literally, and with numerous memorandums submitted to the Government, yet all pleas & grievances were ignored. The Union has appealed for a siting with PHED Chandel to sort out the matter however the district administrator is adamant to arrange such meeting.
The memorandum also urged for immediate attention to the sorry state of the Chandel district hospital. It said the hospital administration is plague with the absence of Medical Superintendent and Nursing matron or Sister-in-charge besides the pathetic equipment being installed with Zero result eg Ultra sound & X-ray machine, etc.  

The memorandum also terms the transfer of 26 teachers from The United College Lambung Chandel as abrupt deprivation of the 626 students who are currently enrolled in the college.
It also denounced granting of non residence students to JNV Chandel.
The memorandum also drew the attention of the government to reorganize police jurisdictions in the aftermath of the new district creation. Besides, it also urged for construction of the FCI godown at Liwa Khullen which was already approved in 2013.

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Rape of small newspaper

 It is not only because of the passion for journalism, but also the differences on the idea of what actually should be a journalist between proprietors running big newspapers and journalist working under them that serves as the reason for some journalists to start evening dailies which have only one leaf and requiring minimal investment.
Those running printing houses with 15x10 inches size printing machine will take no time in reprinting or reproducing the kind of this small newspaper once they got a copy of it. Printing technology these days has developed and evolved tremendously. Everyone knows. Those running small newspapers (particularly the evening dailies produced here in Imphal) do have aspirations of producing multipage colour newspapers, but due to certain limitations and constraints, evening newspapers still continue the traditional style of one leaf print – (2 page paper). The critical point that needs to be highlighted here is not about why the evening newspapers are very very small. As we at the Imphal Times felt that almost all educated people particularly professors in the Colleges and Manipur University will certainly understand the reason.
In an issue about misappropriation of fund by certain authorities of the Imphal Municipal Corporation where opposing corporators alleged irregularities and misappropriation of funds over the auctioning of 8 vehicles, Almost all evening newspapers based in Imphal were raped by news reviewer/ critics .
Every learned people particularly those in the DIPR knows how an official advertisement will be done in newspaper as per rules of the Manipur Advertisement Policy.

When the Opposing Corporators of the IMC alleged that no proper guidelines were followed to the auctioning of 8 vehicles they have definitely point out the way that the Chairman of the IMC and his sub-ordinates had manipulated the procedural documents. They also showed two manipulated evening newspapers in which the advertisment was published.
As per record, any govt. advertisement should be done through DIPR. The opposition Corporators showed that there was no official intimation sent to the DIPR regarding publication of the advertisement. The Opposition Corporators also showed a forged document which tried to show that DIPR had received a notification regarding the same issue. There was no such record for received of the document at DIPR files. There is also another proof to show that the two newspapers produced by the ruling corporators for auctioning of the 8 vehicles could also have been a fake and forged one.
The matter was reported by Imphal Times as we believed that state government will initiate the needful until Prof. MC Arun brought up the issue during news analysis at All India Radio Imphal yesterday morning. As per our local adjustment we the journalists maintained respect for all newspapers and as a matter of fact we don’t mention the names of any newspaper until and unless they are proven guilty of doing something wrong. Just by stating that two newspapers with two publications on a same day without properly describing on how and why it happened had indeed raped all the evening newspapers of Manipur. Had he elaborated on how those things goes after analysing the news report published at each newspaper, than, Imphal Times would not have picked up this issue.
By the way Imphal Times was not the newspaper that the opposition produced in front of reporters that day, but the professor whom we hold in high regard had raped all evening newspapers. We don’t need any clarification from the learned Professor, but hope that he understands what the small newspapers are doing for the erstwhile kingdom which may be much more than the big newspapers or electronic media.

Will PM Modi betray Assam in ‘No ST, no rest’ or let Assam burn?

By : Ningombam Bupenda Meitei
In the recent Assam strike over ST (Scheduled Tribe) status, called by the state’s six communities [Koch Rajbongshi, Moran, Matak, Tai Ahom, Chutia and Adivasi (Tea Tribes)] of Assam, demanding Scheduled Tribe status for them, there was a slogan of “No ST, no rest”. Supporting the protest, the president of the Tinsukia unit of All Tai Ahom Students Union, told The Telegraph, “This is just the start. The BJP governments in the state and the Centre have betrayed us and we will not stop short of anything but ST status even if Assam has to burn. The governments shall be responsible for the consequences of their betrayal.” It was reported in The Telegraph, dated 4th of July, 2017. (Source: https://www.telegraphindia.com/1170704/jsp/northeast/story_160006.jsp )
To grant ST status to the 6 communities in Assam, the Modi government has set up a Committee, to be headed by Special Secretary (Internal Security) in the Home Ministry, which is to consult the Assam government and suggest the modalities for the required reservations and shifting the existing reservation for these communities from OBC to ST. It is to be noted that the 6 different communities are in OBC category of Assam, at present. The Committee is also to look into the modality to protect the interests of existing tribals and frame a mechanism to ensure fairness of reservations within these six communities and related security considerations, a Home Ministry official said. It was reported in The Hindu, dated 1st of March, 2016. (Source: http://www.thehindu.com/news/national/other-states/panel-set-up-for-st-status-to-6-obc-communities-in-assam/article8297458.ece ). The said Committee was formed in February, 2016 and it was expected to submit its report by May 31st, 2016. It was published in PIB, GoI, MHA, dated 29th February, 2016. (Source: http://pib.nic.in/newsite/PrintRelease.aspx?relid=137037 )
In 2004, the then Assam Legislative Assembly unanimously passed a resolution to accept and press to the then Government of India for the inclusion of the said 6 communities in ST List of India. In 2014’s Lok Sabha election, the then BJP Prime Ministerial candidate Shri Narendra Modi, during a rally in Bongaigaon, in Assam, acknowledged and promised for the inclusion of the 6 communities in the ST List of India. It was reported in India Today, dated May 27, 2016. (Source: http://indiatoday.intoday.in/story/narendra-modi-assam-elections-tribals-scheduled-tribes/1/678674.html). The Committee, or the ST panel on Assam -  which was later headed by Rina Mitra after the retirement of Mahesh Kumar Singla - missed the deadline to submit its report. Both Mitra and Singla chaired the Committee at the rank of Special Secretary (Internal Security), MHA, GoI. It was reported in The Telegraph, dated July 1, 2017.
(Source: https://www.telegraphindia.com/1170701/jsp/northeast/story_159515.jsp )
The Committee was formed as a result of a meeting held with the Union Cabinet Home Minister of India, after a meeting attended by the Union Minister for Tribal Affairs, India. It was carried in Sroll.in, dated 7th July, 2017. (Source: https://scroll.in/newsrepublic/842839?s=cm )
All three political parties (the Congress, the BJP, the AGP) have mentioned and supported for the ST status to the 6 communities in their 2014 Lok Sabha and 2016 Assembly election manifestos in Assam. The Singla Committee, set up by the Modi government on March 1, 2016, was to originally submit its report in three months, by May 31st, 2016 but was given time until October 15th, 2016. It was reported in The Indian Express, dated October 24th, 2016. (Source: http://indianexpress.com/article/explained/demand-for-tribal-status-assam-3099402/ )
The issue, today, is:  why should not the question – whether PM Modi will betray Assam on his promise made in 2014 over the matter of granting ST status to the 6 OBC communities in Assam – be raised?
If Narendra Modi government fails to grant ST status to 6 different communities (Moran, Muttock, Tai Ahom, Koch-Rajbongshi, Sootea and Tea Tribes) of Assam in 2017, then the people of Assam will never forgive the Prime Minister, the incumbent Chief Minister Shri Sarbananda Sonowal of the state and the party to which both belong to, because of the following reasons: (1) Prime Minister of India is from BJP;
(2) Chief Minister of Assam is from BJP;
(3) The largest party in terms of number of MPs in both Lok Sabha (where the Constitutional Amendment for inclusion in/ exclusion from ST List of India is to get passed) and Rajya Sabha is BJP;
(4) The then BJP PM candidate Shri Narendra Modi and his party’s manifesto in 2014 Lok Sabha election have promised for granting ST (Scheduled Tribe) status to the 6 different communities in Assam;
(5) Both the Government of India and the Government of Assam have expressed their commitment to granting the ST status to the 6 different communities in Assam in April, 2017.
Time has come for both the Prime Minister and the Chief Minister of Assam to convert their promises on the said matter into action, so that the same issue is again not repeated in 2019 Lok Sabha election by none other than the Prime Minister, the Chief Minister of the state concerned and the party to which both belong to.    
Unlike Assam; in Manipur, neither the Manipur Legislative Assembly (though, constitutionally the recommendation - on the advice or know of the state’s Cabinet - of the state’s Governor on the said matter to the Centre would suffice) has unanimously passed the ST status for Meitei/Meetei nor have the political parties (like the Congress or the BJP) in Manipur mentioned their support for ST status to Meitei/Meetei in their election manifestos published in 2017’s state assembly election. Their manifestos are available in Manipur’s CEO website (http://www.ceomanipur.nic.in/Manifesto_2017.html ).
The larger question for both Manipur and Assam is: when will the state governments of Manipur and Assam, and the Union Government of India led by the Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi have constitutional safeguards for Meitei/Meetei community and the 6 different communities of Assam? The reply to this question will justify the commitment of the party that is, currently, ruling in Manipur, Assam and India, and the party is the same – the BJP (Bharatiya Janata Party). The future of the history of Manipur, Assam and India will decide the destiny of the BJP, and that destiny will be the result of the litmus test – whether BJP governments in New Delhi, Imphal and Dispur can constitutionally safeguard, by granting ST status, the Meitei/Meetei community of Manipur and 6 communities [Koch Rajbongshi, Moran, Matak, Tai Ahom, Chutia and Adivasi (Tea Tribes)] of Assam in 2017?

Dhaka to open new diplomatic mission in India

By Siam Sarower Jamil,
Dhaka, Aug 7: Bangladesh is going to open seven new fully fledged diplomatic missions in Toronto, Sydney, Chennai, Freetown, Bucharest, Kabul and Khartoum in a bid to expand its export market.
The missions will also aim to strengthen diplomatic relations with the countries, said officials.
A proposal of the Foreign Ministry on the matter will be placed at the weekly cabinet meeting today with Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina in the chair.
According to the proposal, the Foreign Ministry has decided to set up new embassies or diplomatic missions in Canadian city of Toronto, Australian city of Sydney, Romania’s capital Bucharest, Sierra Leone’s capital Freetown, Indian city of Chennai, Afghan capital Kabul and Sudanese capital Khartoum. A senior Foreign Ministry official said the opening of new missions is part of the Awami League government’s plan to prioritise economic diplomacy in its foreign policy.
Upholding the government’s decisions, the official said it became necessary for Bangladesh to open more embassies to serve the growing number of expatriate Bangladeshis, raise exports and boost diplomatic ties with Europe, Africa and North America.
As per the Foreign Ministry estimates, about 7 million Bangladeshis now live abroad and send home around $12bn a year as remittance.
Currently, 72 Bangladeshi missions, high commissions, consulates, deputy high commissions, assistant high commissions and visa offices are operating in 56 countries.

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Five days National Training Programme on seed testing Kicks off at ICAR, Manipur Centre

Imphal, Aug.7: A five days long Special National Training Programme on “Advancement of Seed Testing” started at ICAR Research Complex for NEH Region, Manipur Centre, Imphal. The training was inaugurated by Y. Joykumar Singh,  Deputy Chief Minister of Manipur as Chief Guest; while Dr. Suhel Akhtar, IAS, Additional Chief Secretary, Manipur; Er. M. G. Viswakarma, NSRTC, Varanasi and Dr. S. V. Ngachan, Director, ICAR Research Complex for NEH Region, Umiam Meghalaya graced the function as Guests of Honour and President, respectively. In the inaugural function, Dr. N. Prakash, Joint Director, ICAR-Manipur Centre welcomed all the dignitaries and participants.
In his presidential speech, Dr. S. V. Ngachan, Director, ICAR, Meghalaya highlighted the importance of the training programme and achievements of ICAR in seed production in different NE states and acknowledge the contribution of different stakeholders in seed production in NEH region. He also mentioned the contribution of ICAR, Manipur Centre in supplying quality seed to Department of Agriculture, Govt. of Manipur during aftermaths of the current flood. He requested all concerned state departments to take up seed testing and seed certification programme for ensuring quality seed to the farmers.
The Guest of Honour, Dr. Suhel Akhtar, IAS, Additional Chief Secretary, Manipur emphasized that due to location disadvantages, Manipur should be self-sufficient in food production including horticulture and without a good seed production programme this can not be achieved. He also requested ICAR to solve the storage problem of Manipuri Black Rice Chakhao. The other Guest of Honour Er. M. G. Viswakarma, NSRTC, Varanasi expressed that the participants will be highly benefitted from the interaction with different resource person in this training. The Chief Guest of function  Deputy Chief Minister Y. Joykumar Singh mentioned his long association with ICAR. He stated that to bring development in the state agriculture sector is the first priority. He also opined that though Manipur has potential in tourism and healthcare, but agriculture should be the main backbone of state’s economy. He also emphasized on creation of irrigation facility to make the seed production programme successful. He requested the scientific experts to consider regional condition and agro-climate for devising agricultural strategy. He also highlighted the need for setting criteria for selection of seed for propagation of tree bean (Yongchak).
The inaugural function was ended with vote of thanks by Dr. I. Meghachandra Singh, Principal Scientist (Seed Technology), ICAR, Manipur Centre and the Course Coordinator of the training programme.
The event is being jointly organized by ICAR Research Complex for NEH Region, Manipur Centre, Imphal and National Seed Research and Training Centre (NSRTC), Varanasi, U.P. and sponsored by Ministry of Agriculture and Farmers’ Welfare, Government of India and Manipur Small Farmers’ Agri-business Consortium, Dept. of Agriculture, Govt. of Manipur. In this Special National Training Programme more than 60 participants covering scientists, academicians, seed analyst, state officials and extension functionaries from different North Eastern India and also from Haryana, Madhya Pradesh and Telangana are participating in the said event. Resource persons from different parts of the country will share their knowledge and experience with the participants in the said programme. The said training is aiming to impart advance knowledge in the field of seed testing to the participants.

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Silchar Based CSOs Decry Militant’s threat to AAMSU, MSPA functionaries

Silchar, Aug.7: Various Civil Society Organisations, Meira Paibi organizations have strongly condemned the threat allegedly served by an outlaw body to some functionaries of All Assam Manipuri Students Union, (AAMSU) Central Committee and Manipuri Sahitya Parishad Assam (MSPA).
A joint meeting of various organizations held on Sunday at Silchar Itkhola under the aegis of AAMSU took serious note of the threat served by the Manipur based militant outfit.
On August 4, one unidentified person claiming himself to be a man of KCP outfit called up AAMSU general secretary Khangjrakpam Krishnamohan through WhatsApp and alleged him of disturbing the activities of the outfit and working against the party.
The outfit warned Krishnamohon to come to Nepal and clarify his mistakes by August 10 failing of which the latter would face dire consequence. The outfit also threatened AAMSU president Pangabam Nilkanta, Manipuri Sahitya Parishad,Assam General Secretary Prof. Ngangom Basanta kumar on phone.
The outfit allegedly threatened Manipuri Sahitya Parishad,Assam General Secretary prof.Ngangom Basanta not to allow holding of AAMSU related meetings at Parishad office failing of which he too would face the music.
The meeting graced by AAMSU president Pangabam Nilkanta, AAMSU Advisor H.Babu, COCPIN chairman Saikhom     Kamlakanta, Manipuri Benevolent Society Assam president IS Thingom while taking serious note of the threat resolved that the interference by a Manipur based militant outfit in a conflict between All Assam Manipuri youths Association, AAMYA and some volunteers of AAMSU is unreasonable.
AAMSU, MSPA, Manipuri youths Front Assam (MYFA), CoCPIN, Athouba Ningsing lup,All Assam Manipuri Meira Paibi Apunba Lup,Barak valley apunba meira paibi lup have sought support from various Manipur based organizations in connection with the militant threat.

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Workshop on National Deworming Day

Thoubal, Aug.7: One Day Dissemination Workshop on National Deworming Day held at DC Office Counting Hall, Thoubal today.
The inaugural function was attended by L. Nabakishwar Singh, IAS, Deputy Commissioner, Thoubal as Chief Guest and  Ng. Bhogendro Singh, MCS, Additional Deputy Commissioner, Thoubal as President. Dr. N. Jayantakumar Singh, CMO Thoubal, N. Shyama Devi, DPO, ICDS, Thoubal and Shri S. Mangi Singh, ZEO, Thoubal were also attended as Guests Honour.
Ch. Basanta Singh, DPM, DHS, Thoubal welcomed all the participants. Dr. N. Akendra Singh, DFWO Thoubal explained about the workshop. Dr. Y. Nokul Singh, Senior Medical Officer in charge CHC Heirok was the Resource Person of the day.

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Need to bust the racket running inside MPSC

By:- Ch Bikram Singh
There is a racket suspected to be running inside the Manipur Public Service Commission (MPSC) which needs to be busted in no time. It will not also be difficult to bust the racket if the state Govt., has the will to do so as the racket seems to be confined within the examination section only.
Their responsibilities are the conduct of examinations held periodically and carry out evaluation of the answer-scripts thereof, by engaging experts. Instead, they are creating series of room for favoritism and nepotism through manipulation of marks. As also clarified by the spokes-person of the aspirant candidates at the panel discussion of “Impact TV” and “ISTV” held on 3rd Aug’ 2017 and 4th Aug’ 2017 respectively, the role of the Chairman and Members of the commission over the conduct of an examination are very much limited as they remain quite aloof from the day to day activities. The main responsibility lies with the controller of examinations and the examination section, under the supervision of the Secretary of the commission.
So, the first step for cleansing up should be hunting out the names of the responsible officers or staff working in the examination section whose family members, friends and relatives got top-most priority in every batch of selection. The 2nd step should be referring of the case to the police Dept., for booking those responsible officers and staff working in the examination section who possess disproportionate assets, as their ill-gotten wealth is presumed to be earned by way of manipulation carried out in the evaluation system. Unless the culprits are booked sooner or later, there is no future for the civil service aspirants of Manipur.
Let us have a glance at the most glaring facts of the ill-fated combined civil services main examination 2016, conducted by the MPSC as detailed below,-
(1) Mr. Shyamlal Pooniya, the previous secretary of the commission was acting both as “Secretary” and “Controller of examination” which created ample scope for manipulation in collusion with the officers and staff of the examination section:
(2) The final examination result was declared on 21st Dec’ 2016. Thereafter, the names of the successful candidates were recommended for appointment to the Govt., in the absence of the,- Chairmen who has retired, Members whose terms have expired and the Secretary who was transferred to another dept: and
(3) The fact-finding committee constituted by the Hon’ble High Court Okayed their report over such a serious and sensitive matter on the mere plea of random checking, while RTI report of the answer-scripts that also was furnished reluctantly after 7 months on the direction of the State Commission highlighted severe manipulation, under-marking and tempering of marks which is vividly seen in the answer-scripts.
Some vivid examples of manipulation are given below,-
(i) Overwriting and tempering of marks awarded by cutting the marks several times without putting the initials of the examiner, which a proper examiner should never do:
(ii) Marks are awarded on one-time, basis over split questions e.g. Question No. 1 (a) and 1 (b) carrying 30 marks each/- are awarded on one-time basis at the end of Question No. 1 (b), which a proper examiner should never do:
(iii) Marks are awarded at the middle of the answer but, not at the end e.g. marks for an answer to a particular question covering 5 pages is awarded at the 3rd page, which a proper examiner should never do: (iv) Marks for answer of questions for brilliant candidates over science subjects which may be compared to maths papers and deserving at least 80% marks are very much under-marked to the extent below 30%, which a proper examiner should never do:
(v) Signature of almost all the examiners are not regular and are suspected to be forged, faked and mis-matched, requiring comparison with the original signature records maintained by the MPSC:
(vi) In some cases, the answer-scripts bear no signature of the examiners and supervisors, needing review: and
(vii) There are gulp of differences in tabulation of marks e.g. the total mark in one particular geography paper of a candidate is shown as 32 only in the tabulation sheet while he actually got 129 marks.

The main examination commenced on 4th Sept’ 2016 and concluded on 23rd Sept’ 2016. The 1000+ plus, say - 1000 candidates appeared in 8 papers i.e. (i) English, (ii) Essay, (iii) GS-I, (iv) GS-II, (v)1st optional paper-I, (vi)1st optional paper-II, (vii) 2nd optional paper-I and (viii) 2nd optional paper-II, in the main examination, which altogether comes to a total of 8000 plus answer-scripts. The main examination result was declared only 10 days later, i.e. on 4th Oct’ 2016 under miraculous circumstances on the pretext of evaluating all the 8000 plus answer-scripts in just 7 available working days. It usually took 2 to 3 months to evaluate the examination papers in the past inclusive of the time to be consumed for moderation and checking by moderators or head examiners. Here arises a major reason for suspicion that evaluation of all the 8000 plus answer-scripts were not completely done, thereby leaving the answer-scripts of almost one-half of the total number of candidates remaining unevaluated.
This suspicion also arose from the fact that the roll numbers of all the successful candidates are found only at the beginning to middle portion of the order of roll numbers, thereby drawing the roll numbers of almost all the candidates falling from the middle to the concluding portion of the order of roll numbers as blank and unsuccessful. This suspicion is again confirmed with the failure to comply RTI queries for 7 months on the part of the MPSC. The same was furnished after 7 months, that also only after the State commission has ordered to do so. The photocopies of the few 20 plus answer-scripts obtained through RTI exposed mass manipulation, under-marking and tempering of marks vividly, in addition to suspected forgery of examiner’s signature. Many answer-scripts are also found without the signature of the examiner and supervisor.
Therefore, there is a profound suspicion that result-sheets of the left-out candidates were evaluated very hastily by some hand-picked staff of the examination section only with the view to comply RTI queries, that also well after the final result was declared. While doing so, they should have been making a rough calculation for putting the marks secured by the left-out candidates just below the marks obtained by the last short-listed candidate for viva-voce standing in 167th position. This is known as “pigeon-hole theory” in law and are liable to be very much erratic. This is the reason why all the discrepancies i.e. over-writing, tempering, under-marking, mis-tabulation, false signature, unsigned answer-scripts etc. etc. arise on the photo-copies of the answer-scripts obtained through RTI.
It is therefore, suggested that all the civic societies and students’ bodies should urge the State Govt., for probing the MPSC over the conduct of evaluation of all the answer-scripts in the lines stated below,-
1. Obtain the signature of all the examiners of the respective subjects for making comparison with the signatures displayed in the answer-scripts which are suspected to be forged.
2. Make a detailed review whether the answer-scripts of the successful candidates bear the signature of the genuine examiners and see whether the marks obtained are over-marked or over-tabulated.
3. It would also require to re-evaluate the answer-scripts of all the 1000 plus candidates by engaging experienced examiners and moderators quite afresh through a competent court of law and review the whole examination result as there is a profound suspicion that the left-out candidates getting 180 plus marks in English and Essay papers are awarded only 30% marks in optional and GS papers, while most of the selected candidates including position holders who secured just pass-marks, i.e. barely 120 marks in English and Essay papers are awarded above 80% marks in the optional and GS papers.
4. Either an FIR be lodged by the Govt., or a sou-moto case be taken up by the police as the case should be a State versus case.
5. The culprits as hinted above should be booked by busting the racket according to law with a view to ensure a bright future to all civil service aspirants of the state.

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