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Items filtered by date: Friday, 04 August 2017 - Imphal Times - A Daily Eveninger

20th Manipur Integrity Day; AMUCO Re affirm stands for protection of territorial integrity

Imphal, Aug 4: All Manipur United Clubs’ Organisation (AMUCO) today called upon all the communities living in Manipur to stand together to protect the integrity of the state on the observance of 20th Manipur Integrity Rally Day at Manipur Dramatic Union (MDU) Hall.
Speaking on the occasion, Ph Devan, President of AMUCO recalls the historic mammoth rally held against the cease fire agreement signed between the government of India and NSCN-IM at Bangkok in 1997. “ It was not on the cease fire agreement but against the extension of the cease fire without territorial limit”, Devan said.
Devan said that the people of Manipur have been suffering after Manipur became a part of India.
Under the AFSPA and centre’s divide and rule policy, a misunderstanding has been created between the valley and hills, he added.

Devan accused the government for the MoU signed between multi-national companies to exploit the resources of the State.
Devan also said that the Meitei, Naga, Kuki and Pangal should remain united and all the communities should together as one to save Manipur.
Earlier, the participant of the observance offered floral tribute at the integrity pillar near Polo ground in the morning.

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For a clean future generation

People of the state call him ‘Kei Hanuba’ which literal meaning is ‘old tiger’. He is now 98 and is surviving without loss of any consciousness when it comes to the politics of Manipur. Yes Mr. Rishang Keishing, five times Chief Minister of Manipur 1st MP of Manipur, and before departing politics he was represent the state as Rajya Sabha Member.
Naturally the life span of human being is 100 years and some with exception live more than that and there name are often in the news. For the veteran politicians who had served the state and the country as representative of the people he had done a lot for his people. His name will be engraved and enshrine in the political history of Manipur. Other than Mr. Keishing there were also some leaders who had sacrificed everything for the development of the society. Those who serve the country, states and human being will be remembered by each and everyone of us. People of the next generation will pay their respect when they are no more among us.
Point that, Imphal Times wanted to submit is that human life span is only 100 years. And among these he will spend on learning at school, college and university for at least 24 years. Then his life for the people may begin after completing his or her studies. Then if he/her is a government employees his or her superannuation is 58 years now extended to 60 and for Professors in University and Medical Colleges, it is again in the process of extending their superannuation. Which means that the maximum time allotted for serving at his own capacity for a government employee 40 years (if one get the job in time). In case of MLAs it is only 5 years but depending upon his or her performance the number of years may be increased (if re-elected).
A sincere, hard work in the short 40 years by the so call government servant and those get elected during election for 5 years are the only hopes of the erstwhile Manipur Kingdom now become a part of Indian Union.

Everybody knows that wealth; money could not be carried away with us after left for heavenly abode. Some are of the concept that they need to accumulate (earn) as much money as possible using their capacity for their children. Doing so we have seen many children get spoiled with the money earned by their parent in black.
It is not wealth or money that parents need to accumulate for their children, but it should be good education, discipline and etiquette that will be the real treasure for their children.
Well some argument is that study needs lot of money these days. But if those in the government work with sincerity , with proper planning about improving the government schools, colleges and University than the future generation will neither need extra money for better studies.( As each and every one would rushed to government school instead of private run institution which need lot of money).
Human beings are not immortal, they will die one day another day and if lucky may survive for 100 years like Former Chief Minister of Manipur Mr. Rishang Keishing.
Let’s hope our next generation depends on their qualifications and not with the money (black) earn by their parents.

CM’s referring of Meitei ST demand to ST Commission is ultra vires

 By : Ningombam Bupenda Meitei
This writing of mine, which could also be perceived as a personal opinion, is indeed a matter of public importance. It is to present a constitutional argument on the basis of the statement made by the incumbent Chief Minister of Manipur in the ongoing Manipur Legislative Assembly’s session. The statement of the Chief Minister is reported in The Sangai Express (English Edition), dated the 3rd of August, 2017 (https://www.thesangaiexpress.com/st-status-meiteis-can-recommended-report-msc-st-biren-respect-elected-members-cm-bureaucrats/ ). The argument is: the Chief Minister’s referring of Meitei/Meetei ST demand to Manipur State Commission for ST is ultra vires.  Therefore, the withdrawal of the statement, stated by the Chief Minister of Manipur in the State Legislative Assembly with regard to referring the matter of Meitei/Meetei for ST demand to Manipur State Commission for ST, has to take place before this session of the House ends.
Manipur Cabinet under the state’s Chief Minister shall recommend for the state’s Governor to recommend Meitei/Meetei ST to the Government of India. In case of a need for a report to be submitted for the required facts, the Chief Minister may constitute a Committee headed by the state’s Chief Secretary to look into the matter to expedite the recommendation of Meitei/Meetei for the inclusion in the ST List of India to the centre.
It is in this regard, that the Chief Minister’s statement, on the floor of the House in the Legislative Assembly, on referring the issue to the Manipur State ST Commission, is constitutionally not viable. Therefore, to honour the House, the Chief Minister shall withdraw the statement from the House while the House is in session; otherwise, the statement, which cannot be prevailed upon by any executive order taken outside the House, has to go through for the next winter session, in December, to be looked into whether the statement ought or ought not to be there in view of the jurisdiction and powers of the said Commission, enshrined under the Manipur State ST Commission Act 2014, with regard to making any report on a community which is not yet enlisted in the ST (Scheduled Tribe) List of India. Therefore, in preserving the spirit of the Constitution of India, there needs to be a review or a discussion on the said statement tabled by the Chief Minister in the House with regard to the demand of Meitei/Meetei for ST.
The reasons why there needs to be a discussion on the Chief Minister’s statement in the House are;
(1) On National Commission for Scheduled Tribes (NCST):
On the 89th Amendment of the Constitution coming into force on 19th February 2004, the National Commission for Scheduled Tribes has been set up under Article 338A on the bifurcation of the erstwhile National Commission for Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes to oversee the implementation of various safeguards provided to Scheduled Tribes under the Constitution. (Source: http://tribal.nic.in/Content/National Commission for Scheduled Tribes Organisations.aspx )
(2) On Manipur State Commission for Scheduled Tribe (MSCST):
On the floor of the House in the last Manipur Legislative Assembly, the then Deputy Chief Minister & Tribal Affairs Minister stated in the House, while passing the Manipur State Commission for the Scheduled Tribes Bill 2014, that: “National Commission for Scheduled Tribes has already been set up at the national level. In line with this development, the need for establishment for the State Commission for Scheduled Tribes was also growing in the State.”
(Source: http://www.thesangaiexpress.com/house-okays-st-commission-bill/ )
In view of (1) & (2), it concludes that NCST is to oversee the implementation of various safeguards provided to Scheduled Tribes under the Constitution, and therefore, the establishment of MSCST, on the line of NCST, shall also be to oversee the implementation of various safeguards provided to Scheduled Tribes in Manipur under the Constitution of India. It is in this regard, that Meitei/Meetei community which is not ST, as yet, under the Constitution of India, is not sanctioned/ safeguarded/ constitutionally granted under the Constitution of India to refer its demands for the inclusion in ST List of India to the said State Commission for ST.
By referring the matter to the said State Commission for ST, Manipur Chief Minister, on the floor of the House, has dishonoured the Constitution of India - which empowers the Act on only ST’s safeguards - and therefore, knowingly (if so, then it leads to misleading the House) or unknowingly (if so, then officials reporting to the Chief Minister need to be corrected) has also misled the House. It is at this point, there arises a need to withdraw the statement stated in the House to preserve and protect the ethos and sanctity of the Constitution of India. And, the withdrawal of the statement has to take place before this session of the House ends, otherwise either the whole state has to wait for a Special session or the next session in the winter to discuss/ debate on or withdraw the statement.
The very act of the Chief Minister’s referring the matter on a community which is not ST to the State Commission for ST is beyond the Act established to form the said Commission. Neither the Chief Minister has an authority to refer the matter to the said Commission nor the said Commission is empowered under its Act, as per the Constitution of India, to even make any assessment on whether Meitei/Meetei is to be recommended for ST or not. Hence, the act and the aforementioned statement stated by the Chief Minister on the floor of the House stands ultra vires.

PREPAK expresses shocks over the rising crime against women and children

Imphal, Aug 4:  Proscribed group PREPAK expressed shock over the crime aginst women and children in the society. In a press statement, the outfit said that in the early days women irrespective of ages had been given high regards and respect but with the coming of the 21st century the incident of crime against women and children as happen in other part of the world have reached here in the state of Manipur.
The statement share its pain to the incident at which a 14 years old girl was brutally rape and left to die by hitting with a stone on her head recently. The 15-year-old Viewland Colony rape victim is presently undergoing treatment at Raj Medicity, North AOC, Imphal.
Taking the matter with undue seriousness the outfit blamed the Indian rule as the result of what we have been facing today. The outfit also reminded incident of rape committed by armed forces in the early days. Giving various reason for the rise of the crime against women and children the outfit appealed the people to jointly fight against such crime in the coming days
The outfit also warn those indulging in the crime of serious consequences.

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Punjab National Bank, Shamulamlan Branch opened 

Imphal, Aug 4: A new branch of Punjab National Bank was opened at Shamulamlan BDO/SDO office complex in Churachandpur district on thursday. This is the 4th branch of the bank in the State of Manipur. The bank has already opened over 80 Branches across Northeast India.
The inaugural function  was attended by Moirangthem Subhas Singh, Senior manager Punjab National Bank Imphal Branch, Paohminglel, Chief of Shamulamlal village, Mr. Mangpu, chief of Theikakbi and SDPO, Moirang Police Station.
Mr. Baite, manager, Punjab National Bank Irilbung Branch also attended the inaugural ceremony.
Moirangthem Subhas Singh, senior Manager Punjab National Bank, Imphal branch while lauding the hard works and efforts of all concerned to the opening of the bank branch at Churachandpur, solicited the cooperation and support of the locals for the successful and smooth functioning of the bank. Asserting that opening of the new Bank branch would help boost up the socio-economic status of the marginalised people, the rural farmers in particular, the bank manager said successful functioning of the bank would not be possible without support from the people.
Mangpu, chief of Theikakbi expressed happiness over opening of the new bank branch and assured that villagers would extend maximum support for smooth functioning of the bank branch.
It is said that the new bank branch of PNB would offer its customers world-class banking services under one roof ranging from basic services such as Saving Account, Fixed Deposits, Current Account, Mutual Funds, Recurring Deposits, DEMAT to sophisticated direct access banking channels such as ATM, Phone banking, NetBanking and International Credit and Debit Cards and all asset products.
It is reported that efforts are on to open more branches of PNB in other districts including Senapati.

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Cell Phone thieve arrested

Imphal, Aug 4: A team of Yairipok police arrested a cell phone thief and recover stolen cell  phone from his residence. As per source from the police the cell phone lifter Khoirom Sunil Singh(28) s/o (L) Kh. Ibopishak Singh of Yairipok Laimanai was arrested at 9.10pm yesterday. the source added Sunil disclosed that the stolen mobile phones were kept concealed at the back side of his house. So the police team went along with the accused person and some independent witness to recover the stolen mobile phones. At his instance, some stolen mobile phones were seized from the back side of his house by observing formalities. Further investigation is going on to recover the remaining stolen mobile phones.

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Non allocation of fund for bifurcated districts angst employees; staged protest

Imphal, Aug 4: Employees of Kaching SDO office and Waikhong SDO Office today staged a protest demonstration in front of Kakching SDO office over failure to clear 5 month salary for 64 staffs of the two offices.
An employee while speaking to media said that after bifurcation of the Thoubal district into Kaching and Thoubal district, DC Thoubal have stopped allocation of fund from march this year. Since then salary for staffs of both Kaching SDO and Waikhong SDO office has been put on hold and it has been 5 month that all the 64 employees do not get their salary.
As per Manipur Government Employees List (MGEL) certificate provided by the Manipur Finance department, Manipur revenue Department stated that staffs of both the Kakching and Waikhong SDO offices employees are under the Thoubal district administration. There has been no separation of head account for the bifurcated district neither there has been head for withdrawing of salary. The protesting employees blamed the Thoubal district DC over failure to work out procedure for the bifurcated district. They also question if there is any order from the Finance and revenue department to withhold the allocation of fund for the new district.
The protestors said that they have no complaints in the early days when salary are kept pending due to lack of fund in the state government however non-payment of salary with an intentional motives of the Thoubal district DC cannot be tolerated, a protestor added.
While demanding immediate clearance of the pending pay the employees of both the SDO offices threaten serious form of agitation beginning from cease work strike, a protestor said.

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