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Items filtered by date: Monday, 28 August 2017 - Imphal Times

UPF observes 19th Foundation Day

Imphal, Aug 28: Imphal based civil society body United Peoples’ Front (UPF) today observes its 19th Foundation Day at Manipur Press Club . Former Convenor of the Joint Committee on Inner Line Permit System (JCILPS), Khomdram Ratan ,who is also the ex-president of UPF,  graced the occasion as Chief Guest, while President of the UPF Soraisham Ratan presided over it. General Secretary of United Committee Manipur, YK Dhiren attended as guess of Honours.
UPF is a civil society body which has been playing vital role in any issues of the state that concern with the freedom and dignity of the citizen. The organisation was established by a group of like minded youths on this day of 1998. Since then the civil body has been taking active role in building peaceful atmosphere in the state of Manipur. During the great June 18 uprising of 2001, he UPF played important role in retraining the people from being influenced by communal card players.

The UPF is also one of the important organisations which form the United Committee Manipur (UCM)- a conglomerate of Major civil society bodies in the state. Besides political issues UPF also played important role in nurturing youths of the state to become a successful person either in sports or in education. Every year the UPF organised Mega Marathon to encourage sports persons.

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Women still insecure

Recent news about attempt to rape of a minor girl, and a house wife, and the law enforcers failure to deal such heinous crime amidst public hue and cry is something that strike to everybody’s mind on whether  the women and minor girl are safe or not. The time consumption in awarding such rapist is one by the judiciary despite establishing of first track court for many to lost faith in the system.
Almost everybody is hoping and shouting for an exemplary award which would mark the beginning of a change in the implementation of the law of the land. Crimes against the weaker and most vulnerable sections of the society of whom children and women are the chief constituents are on the rise despite the innumerable discussions, debates, slogans, agitations and protests. This calls for a deeper look into the loopholes or other defects which is preventing the law and order system from being effectively utilized or implemented. The dismal track record of conviction of crimes needs to be altered drastically for the legal system of the country to have any impact on the society.
The present opportunity for the Government and the legal system to make that much needed image makeover should not be allowed to go scot free. However cruel it may sound, the criminals need to be dealt with according to the severity of the crime, as well as the degree of brutality of the act.

The perpetrators clearly acted beyond humanly possible acts of perversion. Considerations of leniency on any moral or physiological ground does not merit mentioning, nor should it be a factor in awarding the sentence. The State authorities who are concerned with safeguarding the rights and safety of the children and women, who at the moment, are apparently taking things too easy, should be infused with a sense of direction and purpose if we are to expect any sort of positive change from the present scenario.
It would not be an exaggeration to point out that the disorganized and disconnected manner of implementation of schemes and other development projects has a lot to do in confusing and confounding the public. Till now, the general public is in the dark as to the working or any other detail about special schemes such as the Integrated Child Development Schemes which is supposed to be running smoothly in the State. Making the general public aware of the means and system of protection and redressal along with a strict system of implementation will go a long way in mitigating the social evils, if not totally eliminate them.

Don Bosco High School -2002 Batch Alumni Association formed

Imphal, Aug. 28: Don Bosco High School class of 2002 batch alumni association was formed with a formal gathering at the banquette hall of Nirmala Hotel,. 70 (Seventy) ex-Bosconian attended the formal gathering and new association called the “DON BOSCO , IMPHAL 2002 BATCH ALIMNI” was formed . The newly formed association unanimously elected Shri Rajeev Thokchom as President, Shri Pramesh Arambam as Secretary and Shri Maradona Okram as Finance Secretary. They will hold the post until next general body meeting. The association also hold a minute silence in memory of their lost batch mates.   The newly formed association pledge to promote brotherhood and comradery in the society and help in promoting peace and harmony in the state. Corpus fund from the association  will be used in social causes and social upliftment as  per press released report.

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Kh. Ratan disappointed to the freezing of ILPS issue

Imphal, Aug 28: Former convenor of the JCILPS Khomdram Ratan who was arrested on charged of having nexus with an armed rebel group but later released today expressed disappointment over the slow move to the demand for introduction of ILPS in the state. Talking as the Chief Guest 19th Foundation Day held at Manipur Press Club today Khomdram Ratan said that many false allegation has been framed to sabotage the movement for introduction of ILPS but those attempt will not be able to suppress the peoples’ movement. Regarding rumours about huge amount of money found in his personal bank account, Ratan said that the money was donated and deposited by the government authority for assistance to those injured in the ILPS agitation. He said the money is deposited in his personal account as there were no joint account for the ILPS at that time. Lately, after challenging the matter to the law court it has been proved and as per the directives the money will be distributed to the victims of the ILPS movement. Ratan also added that the money have been deposited to the JCILPS account and the functionaries of the ILPS had assured him to distribute the money by September this year.

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Border Guard Bangladesh sends back 171 Rohingya refugees

By: Siam Sarower Jamil
Dhaka, Aug 28: As hundreds of Rohingyas continue to enter Bangladesh through different unguarded border points of Ukhia, Teknaf and Naikhyangchhari in last two days, Border Guard Bangladesh today detained 171 Rohingya refugees and sent them back.
They were detained from different border points when they were trying to illegally enter the country, said Director of BGB Teknaf Battalion-2 Lt Col SM Ariful Islam.
BGB provided the Rohingya refugees with some food and medication before sending them back, the official said.
Meanwhile, police detained 75 Rohingya refugees near Kutupalong Rohingya camp in Ukhiya upazila since last night when they were trying to illegally enter the camp, said Officer-in-charge of Ukhiya Police Station Md Abul Khair. They were later handed over to BGB’s Battalion-34, the police official said.
Many hundreds more also took shelter on no man’s land after failing to cross the border since the last two days.
Although BGB and the local administration denied entry to Rohingyas, residents and elected representatives in those areas said refugees were coming through six unprotected points.
Bangladesh saw a fresh exodus of refugees after at least 89 people were killed as Rohingya militants besieged border posts in northern Rakhine State of Myanmar on August 25.

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AMSU 52nd Foundation Day

Imphal, Aug 28: All Manipur Students’ Union (AMSU) has celebrated its 52nd Foundation Day today at AMSU Headquarter, DM College Campus, Thangmeiband.
The celebration began with hosting the flag of the students’ body by the Vice President with homage to the departed souls who have sacrifice for the cause of the state Manipur.
Mohen Lourembam, Former Secretary General of AMSU; Laishram Peter, Vice President of AMSU; RK Itocha Singh, Former President of AMSU and MS Helien Lupho, Former Secretary General of AMSU graced the function as Chief Guest, President and Guest of Honour respectively. Other dignitaries and invitees present at the function shared their experience and thoughts about AMSU.
Showing their sincere gratitude and acknowledgment, the students’ body presented small token of appreciations to former office bearers of AMSU.
Various civil society organizations and students from different schools participated in the occasion.

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M. Diana crown as most courageous women

Imphal,Aug. 28: Manipuri Native, Mayanglangbam Diana, a citizen of India, represented the nation to bring back honour to the subcontinent by stepping at the top of the Mrs. Worldwide International Beauty pageant Contest 2017 held at Singapore by becoming the most courageous woman of the year. In the contest held yesterday at Singapore Island Country Club, was crown the Mrs Empowering title- The tittle is usually conferred on to the most courageous woman of the year by the organisers. Contestants from over 32 countries are taking part in the contest

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Awareness Program on “Empowering Towards Disable”

Imphal, Aug 28: Fund allocated by the state government for the Disable Persons in the budget is lower than the food arrangement made for Non-Manipuri officials visiting the Sangai Festival, said Tongbram Romio Singh.
Speaking on one day awareness program held under the theme “Empowering Towards Disable” held at Meitei Christian Church in Patsoi Lamkhai today, Tongbram Romio Singh, President of All Manipur Handicapped Persons Welfare Association (AMHPWA) expressed that the support from both the public and government is a must for the welfare of disable persons.
However, whatever the state government has done for the disable persons is just for the namesake, he added.
Romio said that a minimum budget for more than fifty thousand disable persons in the state is allocated by the state government while crores of rupees is spent on food arrangement at Sangai Festival for Non-Manipuri officials. MLAs’ and Ministers have even brought up the issues of the disable persons during the state assembly session, however, none didn’t bother to raise their voice to make an increment in the allocated budget.
Seems emphasis towards the Non-Manipuri people is more important than the disable of the state, he added.
Romio also said that disable persons of the state must not feel any kind of discouragement by the act of the state government, instead work hard to live independently.
Parents of the disable children’s also need to expose the talent of their children to showcase it to the whole world rather than keeping it hidden, he added.

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One Thief arrested

Imphal, Aug 28: Personnel of a night Quick Reaction Team (QRT), has arrested one thief identified as Khupkhanlian Valte (29 yrs), son of (L) Lalchung of Headquarter Veng, Churachandpur early morning at around 4 am today.
The QRT personnel arrested Khupkhanlian along with some stolen items from Churachandpur New Bazaar. It has been found out that Khupkhanlian has been involved in many petty theft cases in the past and also a habitual drug abuser.
He has been kept at Churachandpur Police Station for further legal action.

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Animation Film ‘The Tales of the Tribes’ screened

Imphal, Aug 28: The Tales of the Tribes’, a 38 minute long film of five animated Indian tribal folktales was screened today and afterwards discussed at the Conference Hall, Anthropology Department, Manipur University (MU) at 1.00 pm. The programme started with the formal interoduction of Tara Doughlas, Secretary, Adivasi Arts Trust by Prof. MC Arunkumar, The Head of Anthropology Dept., MU. Taraq Doughlas presented a PowerPoint preview, then followed with a  screening. tara Doughlas ias also associated with the film as Coordinator, Producer and Co-animator. The stories in the Tales of the Tribes series are: 1. The Story of the Peacock from the Pardhan Gonds of Madhya Pradesh; 2. Man Tiger Spirit from the Angami tribe of Nagaland; 3. Abotani from the Tani tribes of Arunachal Pradesh; 4. Nye Mayel Kyong from the Lepcha of Sikkim; 5. Tapta from Manipur.
1. The Story of the Peacock from the Pardhan Gonds of Madhya Pradesh
When Bara Dev created the peacock he first made all the parts – the head, feathers, tail, legs and crown separately. The Lapwing decided that she would take the legs for herself.  
This film was developed by Gond artists and students of the National Institute of Design (www.nid.edu) in 2012.  The production was completed in 2015.
2. Man Tiger Spirit from the Angami tribe of Nagaland
Spirit, Tiger and Man are three brothers born from a union between sky and earth.  The three were unable to live together in harmony, and Man used his cunning to outwit Tiger, forcing him to live in the jungle.  Man is separated from Spirit but becomes an important chief who remembers his dependence on nature.
Man Tiger Spirit was completed in 2011 with support from the Government of Nagaland. The film was premiered at the Hornbill Festival 2011.
3. Abotani from the Tani tribes of Arunachal Pradesh Abotani is a story about the mythical hero Abotani and his relationship with his brother, a spirit or Yapom.  Pre-production for this film took place in Arunachal Pradesh in early 2013 in collaboration with the Centre for Cultural Research and Documentation and Rajiv Gandhi University, Itanagar. The  production was completed in 2015, and the film was premiered at RGU with HE J.P. Rajkhowa in 2015.
4. Nye Mayel Kyong from the Lepcha of Sikkim
A Lepcha folktale of an adventure in a mythical place called Nye Mayel Kyong was chosen for the first short animation film from Sikkim.  This is a story of a hunter who stumbles upon Paradise while he is hunting a wild boar in the forest.  
Pre-production for this film took place in March 2010 in Sikkim in collaboration with the Nyamgyal Institute of Tibetology (Gangtok), Echostream and the Directorate of Handloom and Handicraft (Gangtok).  The workshop received support from the Commonwealth Foundation and a grant for production from National Geographic All Roads.  The production by Girgit Studios in Pune was completed in 2014. http://www.animationfilmfromsikkim.blogspot.in
5. Tapta from Manipur
Tapta is a slapstick comedy arising from mistaken identity and imaginary fear.  It is one of the most popular folktales of the Meitei community chosen for the short film in an Animation Workshop held in Manipur in March 2012.  The film was completed by the Manipur Film Development Corporation in 2015.
The Tales of the Tribes films are introduced by an animated presenter character, Dr Verrier Elwin, who also invites young audiences to choose their favorite story out of the collection of five.  The Animation Workshop to bring Verrier Elwin to life as the Presenter took place at Centurion University, Orissa from 10 Aug- 2 Sept2016.  

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