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Items filtered by date: Wednesday, 23 August 2017 - Imphal Times

State mourns demise of Indian Oldest Parliamentarian Rishang Keishing; Condolence pours; Tribute paid to the mortal remains at his residence at Mantri Pukhri

Imphal, Aug 23: The demise of former Chief Minister and Parliamentarian Rishang Keishing has shocked the entire people of the state as well as the neighbours.
The first Parliamentarian died here at RIMS at .8.15 pm yesterday due to multi organ failure. The 98 years old parliamentarian has been undergoing treatment at RIMS since July 1 after a significant deterioration in his health condition.
As a tribute to the parliamentarian state government led by Chief Minister N. Biren Singh declared a three-day mourning in the state and announced holiday today.
A senior leader of the Congress party, Rishang Keishing served as Manipur CM for four terms. Born 25 October 1920, he was the last surviving member of India’s first post-1947 Parliament. Keishing’s term at Rajya Sabha, the Upper House of Indian Parliament ended on April 9, 2014. He is also the first MP from the state.
He is survived by his spouse, Khatingla and six children. The youngest, Victor Kieshing is a politician like him and is currently a MLA, representing Phungyar constituency of Ukhrul district, the same constituency Rishang had represented as the chief minister.
At morning today large number of people from across the state irrespective of political party pays floral tribute to the lifeless body of the parliamentarian at his residence at Mantri Pukhri, Imphal.
Chief Minister N. Biren Singh condoled the sudden demise of former Chief Minister and Parliamentarian Shri Rishang Keishing.

In his condolence message, the Chief Minister remembered Rishang Keishing as one of the longest serving Chief Ministers of the State.
He said, “Shri Rishang Keishing’s contribution towards Manipur’s progress will always be remembered. I offer my heartfelt condolences to the bereaved family of Shri Rishang Keishing.”
The Chief Minister said that ShriRishang Keishing was a people’s man and a pragmatic leader. The veteran politician was one of the oldest Parliamentarians of India, he added.
Manipur Pradesh Congress Committee also condole the demise of the veteran congress leader.
President of the Nagaland Pradesh Committee K. Therie also share his pain to the demise of the veteran leader. In his condolence message K. Therie said, “I am deeply saddened to learn of the demise of Shri. Rishang Keishing, former four-time Chief Minister. He was perhaps the longest serving Parliamentarian in the history of the World. He was also the oldest serving parliamentarian. He served as General Secretary, Nagaland Integration Council, after the 16 Point Agreement. He contested as Integration Council candidate and was defeated by those who later championed the cause. However through his illustrious career, Shri. Keishing left a treasure of political and historical relations”
A graduate from Calcutta university, Shri. Keishing served the people as Teacher, Head Master, MLA, Cabinet Minister, AICC Member, MP (Lok Sabha), MP (Rajya Sabha), Deputy Chief Minister and Chief Minister, to name a few. He had served the people for over six decades. He was the last surviving member of India’s first post-1947 Parliament and on 13th May 2012 during celebration of the 60th Anniversary of the Indian Parliament, Shri. Rishang Keishing was felicitated as the only serving Member of the 1st Lok Sabha  by a host of important dignitaries led by the Hon’ble President of India. His vast experience in service to the people made him a living dictionary.

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Undertsanding the core issues

Like the proverbial aim of the hunter, the focus of our society at present has been drawn to the issues regarding peace talk and its subsequent fallout, so much so that we seemed to have obliterated other equally pressing matters, if not greater. The vagaries of nature that played havoc to crops in the state is bound to adversely affect the supply of foodgrains, and with the approaching winter, things are bound to get more difficult. The disturbances and disruptions in transportation, over and above the human-induced ones have made matters worse.
Even with the two national highways becoming functional for a few weeks now, we still cannot say with certainty that things are back to normal, essential commodities beings almost as difficult
to procure or just as expensive even now. There is also the very real danger of out breaks of water-borne diseases in places where flood water had recently receded. Road connectivity in lot of places other than the two main lifelines of the state still needs to be restored fully, and even the ones which are still functioning are just so.

Fighting for a cause one believes is all very well, and demanding understanding and attention from those who are at the helm of affairs of the state is a prerogative for a citizen. But fighting for one’s
rights without discharging our responsibilities is nothing short of demanding a signed blank cheque. We have become so ingrained with the idea and experience of existing on subsidies, handouts and quotas. No one can present us a better life on a platter, and even in the unlikeliest event of such a thing coming true, we will not be able to fully utilize the present. We need to earn our keeps, and for that to happen, we need to radically alter our present mindset from which a lot of the present tussles are generated. Our state still has a lot to offer for those who seek to better themselves. Life very rarely turns out to be the way we envisaged, but that is not an excuse to rebel or revolt. Only a mindset that can accept, understand and persevere can, and will overcome every difficulty life can throw at it.
Manipur, as a state has potentials waiting to be tapped. If we can grow out of the narrow visions of caste, customs, culture or class, we can still turn this unique place into the paradise we have so often been told of. But time is running out- and fast. For all the prep talk by the government and the leaders, what is actually needed is the implementation of the lofty ideas and generous promises. The need of the hour is a leader who leads the way rather than one who shows the way. And we should be able to follow when such a leader emerges. That is our responsibility.
That is our right.

NFP crisis

Kohima, Aug 23: The Kohima Bench of Gauhati High Court yesterday deferred the hearing on present NPF crisis till 21st of next month. This is the second time that the deferment has been made by court as the last time was on 24th of last month. Former Chief Minister and MLA Dr Shurhozelie  Liezietsu along with the 10 NPF legislators supporting him had gone to Court seeking quashing of the emergent session of Nagaland Legislative Assembly to facilitate TR Zeliang prove his majority on July 21 last wherein the Speaker Imtiwapang Aier accepted Zeliang as the whip of NPF Party

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College teachers observed Black Day & decided to boycott the Teachers’ Day 2017" –AMCTA

Imphal, Aug 23:  College teachers of Manipur have observed the nationwide protest - “Black Day” yesterday under the banner of All Manipur College Teachers”  Association (AMCTA) at the call of AIFUCTO (All India Federation of University & College Teachers’ Organizations).
All the college units of AMCTA at different districts (both hill and valley districts) of Manipur participated the protest wearing black badges and holding meetings at their respective campuses however, in Manipur,  normal classes had not been affected. As per report, today’s protest was a historic since all the university and college  teachers of whole country have observed in large scale at their state capitals.  It is also reported that University and college teachers of all the states in North East India have observed the same maintaining the solidarity of AIFUCTO as per reports received by the Zonal Secretary (NE), AIFUCTO & President AMCTA. The protest was supported by Federation of Central University Teachers’ Association and All India Federation of Retired University and College Teachers’ organization.
The nation- wide programme was called by AIFUCTO protesting the GoI’s inordinate delay in fulfillment of the following demands -
1. Publish the report and implement 7th UGC Recommendations after consultation with AIFUCTO and other teachers’ bodies.
2. 100% financial assistance for uniform and simultaneous implementation of 7th Pay scales.
3. Pay Scales & Service conditions for Temporary/Adhoc/Part time/Guest teachers/Block Grant teachers and self financing teachers and employees.
4. Scraping of API and extend dates for participation of Refresher Course/Orientation Course.
5. Reject Pension scheme 2004 and pension to all teachers.
6. Abolished anomalies of 6th pay scales. 7. Stop budget cut in education, increase it upto 6% GDP.
8. Immediately withdraw proposed :
a) HEERA, HEFA and strengthen UGC and AICTE
b) Graded Autonomy to Universities and Colleges
c) Compulsory NET/SLET/SET for Ph.D registration.
9. Consult with AIFUCTO and other teachers bodies on Education Policy.
10. Stop commercialization, corporatization and centralization of education.
11. Regular consultation with AIFUCTO and other teachers’ body.
As AIFUCTO has decided hold Mass Court Arrest on the TEACHERS’ DAY, the 5th September, 2017 at New Delhi, the AMCTA has also decided to participate the Court Arrest programme by its representatives at the same and also decided to boycott the Teachers Day, 2017. College teachers of Manipur under the banner of AMCTA will not participate any kind of programmes/functions related to Teachers Day on 5th September 2017.

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Bomb at Mongsangei

Imphal, Aug. 23: Unknown miscreants today placed a bomb at Mongsangei at the close proximity of the CRPF post. Witness said that the bomb was found at around 11 am today morning about some 200 metres north from the CRPF post. Manipur police and Bomb Squad rushed the side along with the CRPF Jawans. Traffic was put to halt at both side for hours and later at around 3 pm the bomb was safely detonated by the police bomb disposal squad.

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Legal awareness programme

Imphal, Aug. 23: A one day legal awareness programme was held at Leishokching village, Tarao Tribe, Chandel District organised by Legal Aid Clinic, Leishokching sponsored by Manipur State Legal Services Authority (MASLSA) under the theme of Customary Law, Land’s Right & Legal Right.
Mr. K. Mela, Tarao Tribe Union President. All Tribal Women Organisation executives, including villages chiefs, villages’ authorities youth & women leaders and Christian Leaders of Tarao, Moyon, Chothe & Lamkang tribe participated the programme. Advocate, High Court, Imphal elaborated on the practices of personal skills and rights, village laws and order, village land and forest rights based on the enacted constitutional act. He also disclosed that the beneficial provisions for the development of tribal villages since 1956 at the onset of tribal village development of tribal villages since 1956 at the onset of tribal village development plan has been shattered till date which set unacquainted by the concerned mentors. Closing the programmed the participant with the concerned of resource person unanimously decided to form a committee to approach the Government for the approval of model village practices in the cluster.

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Social service camp

Imphal, Aug 23: One day social service camp in connection with 52nd Hunger Marchers’ Day (Chaklam Khongchat) was carried out today at Students Matyrs Monument, Pishum Chinga.
The camp was organised by All Manipur Students’ Union (AMSU) which was also join by members of AMMEK, local club and Meira Paibi of the Pishum chinga area. Hunger Marchers Day (Chaklam Khongchat) is observed on August 27 every year by AMSU.

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