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Items filtered by date: Tuesday, 22 August 2017 - Imphal Times - A Daily Eveninger

Normal banking severely hit as PSU bank employees go on strike

Imphal, Aug 22: Normal banking operation in the state was severely hit today as employees of all banks in the state join the nationwide strike today. Bank workers who belong to United Forum of Bank Unions a conglomerate of nine bank unions are on strike sacrificing their one day salary today to protest against the government’s proposed consolidation move, besides raising other demands.
A protest demonstration was witness today at Gandhi Avenue, here in Imphal, in front of the State Bank of India, Head Office Imphal.   
PTI reports added that normal banking across the nation too was hit due to the one-day nationwide strike by the public sector bank employees today.
Services like deposits and withdrawal at bank branches, cheque clearance, NEFT and RTGS transactions are affected here in the state as well as other parts of India.
However, operations at private lenders such as ICICI Bank, HDFC Bank, Axis Bank and Kotak Mahindra Bank were almost normal.
The Indian Banks’ Association (IBA) had already informed customers that functioning of branches and offices may take a hit if the strike takes off. It had also asked banks to take measures in advance to minimise the impact.

The strike has been called by all unions under the aegis of the United Forum of Bank Unions (UFBU).
The UFBU is an umbrella body of nine unions, including the All India Bank Officers’ Confederation (AIBOC), the All India Bank Employees Association (AIBEA) and the National Organisation of Bank Workers (NOBW).
Besides, protest against consolidation move of the government, other demands include no write-off policy for non-performing assets (NPAs) of corporate loans, declaring wilful default of loans as criminal offence and implementation of recommendations of Parliamentary Committee on recovery of NPAs, NOBW vice president Ashwini Rana said.
The government should provide overtime for additional work during demonetisation, he said.
The UFBU, which claims membership of nearly 10 lakh across banks, requested the government for cost reimbursement of demonetisation to banks.
As many as 21 public sector banks control 75 per cent of the total banking business.

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Will the final settlement with NSCN-IM be a betrayal to Manipur?

“Hypocrisy can afford to be magnificent in its promises; for never intending to go beyond promises, it cost nothing” Edmund Burke.
People across the North East Indian, particularly those in the state of Manipur, Assam and Arunachal Pradesh are having keen watch to the development of the peace talk between rebel group NSCN-IM and the Government of India. Many felt the necessities of solving the issue on the perception that peace will be restored in the region. It’s been nearly 2 decades that the talk is being held and after the signing of the “Framework Agreement” between the GoI and the NSCN-IM on August 3, 2016, followed by the series of meeting between the Rebel and the India Government shows that the decades long crisis between the two is nearing to find a solution. Well and good, there is every reason to appreciate both the leadership of the NSCN-IM and that of the India Government over its effort to find a lasting solution. What is unfortunate is the failure to publicise the content of the Framework agreement and also the recent statement of the India’s interlocutor RN Ravi, at which he stated that there is no exact time frame for signing of the final agreement. This is a clear message to show that it is likely to take some more times, perhaps years to ink the final settlement.
In the meantime, the emergence of another group of hill base militants the UPF and the KNO, which were engaged in peace talk with the government of India and Government of Manipur. Their demand for formation of a separate administrative unit for Hill region is no exception and is synonymous to the demand of a separate state.  
The talk is going on and finding a lasting solution as per the wisdom of those advising and directly involved in dealing by engaging talk with the militants is what the Government at the centre is expecting.

Insurgency or militancy is a big hurdle for the Central government leadership as it is fast growing in building good relations with various countries across the world. There is no doubt that India is fast growing and is becoming a supper power country. This growing country under the leadership of Narendra Modi will surely act on things to make no room for any countries around the world for criticism. And this is one reason for us to bring up this issue as there is apprehension that the demands put up by NSCN-IM and that of the UPF and KNO are fulfilled by not violating the promises it made to the people of Manipur before election for the preservation of the territorial integrity.
Well the administrators of the India government are no fools. Keeping intake the Manipur’s Territorial Integrity is what they had promise and there will be no breach in the promises in granting a 6th Schedule type status to claim Naga areas as well as granting of Autonomous District Council status as par with the Bodoland Autonomous Council.
To the Manipuris, particularly the meiteis and those in the valley area and some voiceless people from the Hills (the claimed area by the militants) granting of autonomous status or granting of 6th Scheduled is no difference from segregating the erstwhile kingdom into pieces. It is will no less than betrayal to the people of the state by those in the government.
RN Ravi might gave a shrewd statement by saying that no time frame is made for signing of the agreement with the NSCN-IM. But the fact is that it is happening soon.
If it happens, Manipur might be in fire again making the issue more complicated. We now refrain from asking the authority to reveal the contents of the frame work agreement. But be sure to maintain the peace and harmony which has been restored in the state after your BJP led government come to the power in the state.

AFSPA Gesture and Better Alternative

By JN Lai
Delhi has shown a gesture that AFSPA can be lifted by the State Government of Manipur and Assam if they desire to do so. How it canbe construed?
 Make a temporary human rights pulsate to the international communities to enable to get India a Permanent Member seat in the UN Security Council.  
The BJP government in Delhi wants to showcase their goof feeling to the electorates.
Extend Confidence Building Measures to CORCOM and concerned stakeholders of the armed conflict of the two states.
Add another bargaining dimension to the complex context of NSCN-IMpeace talk.
Minimize the unpredictable Chinese influence on the political armed organizations (PAO) of the two states.
Although the things are not sure of – it may be a pertinent point towards the long standing questions like: –Has New Delhi,(being the bigger stake holder of conflict in the North East India) shown meaningful and sincere response to the political armed organizations in the region? Does the situation demand a conducive atmosphere and Confidence Building Measures towards initiating productive dialogue? Why there fails Collaborative Approach to enjoy the win-win experiences?
Nowadays many think the narrative about armed conflict of Manipur and NE is becoming less relevant, for it is looking forward to violence free and economically wellbeing direction. However, this is a usual fact that if roots are not properly dealt the offshoots will sprout now and again.
In regard to the armed conflict situation in Manipur and NE there are dynamics and concerns floating over and going undercurrent.
Too big is India to acknowledge fairly the torment of North Easterners and attend adequately the woes of the others. India has already got galore of haywire of system for their own in the mainland. The disability is too big to reset the legislation, executive and judiciary in places. Hence, realizing the fact of mammoth limitations of India, it will be a rational move for NE to initiate something to mitigate the reality bites from the mainland.
It looks very visible that New Delhi has been waiting for some sort of natural death of the political armed movement to be happened sooner or later. However it is very likely that waiting games may not be fulfilled so wishfully, maybe because of patriotic retention among Manipuri bloods, and seen, unseen forces of China and others. Even the form of movement may migrate from armed struggle to democratic endeavor.
Armed groups may also be waiting for domestic crumbling of India on her own in terms of splitting her territory into three or more or political paralysis triggered by Hindu fundamentalism, colossal corruption, indigent governance, corporate game, etc. (Although the recent Modi-wave is working at some extent so some changes are on the horizon in fixing Hindu nation.)
Political Armed Organizations might have well visualized India – How her might is, what she intends to, and certainly have experienced the amount of her commitment and quality in handling peace and justice. Likewise India dissects the weaknesses and strengths of the PAOs. More or less she is familiar with the psychology, what the organizations combating for, which organizations want what, how easy and difficult to deal with. In the light of the above equations – What about an architecture towards an alternative resolution though sounds rhetoric and ambitious?    
1.  A unification of the (principal) Political Armed Oppositions of North East India by investing all their  resources, drives and sincerity towards giving birth to a new (Nation) State  sharing negotiable configuration with the Republic of India.
2. The other NE states which have low intensity of armed conflict or absent of PAOs will also be invited to. Those have not joined at the inception may be considered later. Thus, it will capacitate a desired inclusiveness of the communities of NE and even beyond. [Necessarily all the present seven/eight states may not be part of.]
3. The name of the new State may be called the United Peoples Land of Indo Myanmar - UPLIM or New Sub-Himalayan Land - NESHLAND or Western Southeast Asia - WESEA.
4. In order to legislate for and govern the UPLIM/NESHLAND/WESEA, and to practice a good socialism, and to deliver fundamental rights of life, liberty, equality and dignity to the peoples of the new State, there will be a Parliament that may be called Peoples House (PH). [The structure and modus operandi of the PH may be considered and derived from the other parliamentary practices of the world.]
5. Currency may be retained with the Republic of India with validating the Euro and US dollar in the region; Communication, Defense, External Affairs, Natural Resources may be negotiated towards a concurrent list; and the rest could be better in the PH affairs.
6. The key members or leaders of the PAOs, and from the other  states where PAOs do not exist,  political/social leaders will be member representatives in the Parliament/PH [whom may be called People Representative (PR)]
7.The modality of how and what numbers of PRs may be determined by considering various basis and will be settled democratically among PAOs in consultation with the NE communities/peoples by considering the optimum economic-political space of ethnic/indigenous minority. [Will Bodo, Karbi, Naga, Kuki, Meetei, etc., have one PR for each of them or will drop down to ancestral tribal communities and clans or will it based on the population ratio?]
8. The first five year tenure of the PRs may be reserved and compensated for the PAOs, afterwards PRs will be elected through universal franchise by their respective peoples/communities or otherwise.
9. The existing State Assemblies will remain, so do the participation of the MLAs in the UPLIM provincial governing activities in two houses setting. However it will be with the reformation of power division and functional sharing and in conjugation with PH structure. [It may minimize the outward dismay and eventual turbulent of the existing political personalities and parties.]
10. A wider candidature in the existing constituent assemblies election will be validated to accommodate the members and leaders of PAOs by migrating their organizations into electoral political parties or joining existing parties or floating new ones. Thus it may extend a meaningful participation in the governing activities for the new (Nation) State.

(The writer is an Assistant Professor at International College, University of Suwon,    S. Korea)

CM N. Biren to meet Manipuri Diaspora at Bengaluru

Thoubal, Aug 22: Manipur Chief Minister N. Biren Singh who had attending the review meeting organised by the Prime Minister and BJP   President Amit Shah will be meeting the Manipuri Diaspora at Bengaluru today evening.
A source with the Imphal Times said that N. Biren who is currently at New Delhi will be leaving for Bengaluru today evening and he is expected to meet the Manipuri Diaspora at around 6 pm today. the recent spurt of racial discrimination and other issues face by the Manipuri staying at Bengaluru is likely to be the agenda of the meeting.

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Tamenglong body decries Army excess; demands shifting of army post

Imphal, Aug 22: Few days after the central government had thrown the ball to the state government on whether the controversial AFSPA should be lifted or not, Tamenglong based civil rights activist today alleged gross violation of Human Rights by personnel of Sikh Light regiment Posted at Namkaolong Part -1 , in Khoupum Vally under Noney District.
“The personnel of the Sikh Light Regiment posted at Namkaolong tortured and harassed an ex – rifleman of 14 Assam Rifles on the pretext of having link with Under Ground group”, Panti Golmei, who is the president of RLF Manipur, Assam and Nagaland said during a press meet held today at Manipur Press Club.
He further said that Aku, former rifleman of 14 Assam Rifles A Coy – 2 Platoon C/O 99 based in Arunachal Pradesh, who was discharged on 01/02/ 2009 by DG-AR, Shillong was detained whole day at Khoupum – Daithaolong without food and even forced to hold AK-47 and took snap to make look like UG cadre after picking up from his residence at Taolingpung (Namkaolong Part 2) under Khoupum Police Station without following proper guideline of AFSPA. Aku was picked up earlier in July 2017 too by the same personnel of the Sikh Light Regiment from his father’s farm while he was working in the wet paddy field. He was accused by the personnel as UG cadre by refusing to entertain the identity card he possessed. The Civil Rights Activists of Tamenglong said that such an act of the Indian army created a sense of alienation and frustration.
The civil rights activist while demanding immediate withdrawal of the Sikh Light Regiment from the Khoupum area threaten to launch severe form agitation if the demand is not fulfil at the earliest possible time.
“The RLP and the victim shall form a JAC Against the Henious crime and Human Rights Abuse to launch different form of Agitation , if not contained by the Higher Authority”, Panti Golmei said.

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Drowned girl found

Imphal, Aug 22: The 5 years old minor girl who drown at Imphal River at Minuthong area on August 20 afternoon was found floating at the River at Kiyamgei Mayai leikai today morning. The deceased minor has been identified as Baby Shakila, D/O Mrs Ibem, a resident of Hatta Golapati

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One injured in accident

Imphal, Aug 22: A person who was hit by a diesel auto late yesterday night at Heirok Part 2 in Thoubal district has been undergoing treatment in critical condition. The person is identified as one N. Rameshwar from Tomal Makhong area in Heirok.
The accident reportedly happened at around 10 pm yesterday however the auto after hitting the person escaped from the spot without looking on to the injured person.
Locals of Heirok while condemning the act of the auto driver appeal the auto service provider along the route to find out the driver who had hit the person. It said not long ago an auto driver had tried to kidnap a minor girl and there were instances that the Auto driver in the route have been found heavily drunk. The locals appealed to check such anti social people which are spoiling the good service of the auto drivers.
The locals also appealed the auto drivers not to race for hunt of passengers.

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Nagaland Baptist Church Council asks to refrain from practicing Yoga

Imphal, Aug 22: The Nagaland Baptist Church Council has call upon its constituent Associations and Churches to refrain from the practice of Yoga.
“Yoga is a spiritual and physical discipline deeply rooted in the religious belief and practice of Hinduism and hence it is not compatible with Christianity,” as statement by Rev. Dr. Zelho Keyho, General Secretary of the Nagaland Baptist Church Council said.
The statement however said that it is not against any religion, but any form of meditation, philosophical thinking and transcendental meditation tied to any religion, contrary to Christian World, is viewed seriously by the Church.
The Church body also appeal institutions, both within and outside Nagaland, to exempt Naga students from practice of Yoga so as not to hurt the religious sentiments of Christian community as well as to uphold the religious freedom envisaged in the Constitution. The statement comes amidst Indian Government hectic effort to popularise the Yoga across the country as well as across the globe.
Non-Hindu communities at other part of the world had started accepting Yoga as a tool to improve the health of individuals.
The Church body of Nagaland had also earlier cautions its follower from practicing Yoga.

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Cycle Rally

Thoubal, Aug 22: Students of Grace Academy School, Heirok today stage a cycle rally protesting against the frequent kidnapping of students as well as demanding free education zone. The rally is being staged in protest against the recent attempt for kidnapping a minor girl by an auto driver. The minor girl was in school uniform when the auto driver tried to kidnap her. Fortunately , a local who happen to come across intervened and rescue the minor girl. Later Police also arrested the culprit from a place in Churachandpur district.
The cycle rally began from Grace Academy and snakes through all streets of Heirok and the return at the school premises where they kick start the rally. Placards condemning such disturbances to the school atmosphere were display during the protest rally.

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States’ National Awardee in IFFI 2017 Preview Committee

Imphal, August 22: Ministry of Information and Broadcasting had constituted the Preview Committee for the International Film Festival of India (IFFI) 2017, with Vivek Agnihotri as the Convenor, on Monday, August 21, 2017. The Preview Committee constituted for the festival, which will be held in November at Panaji, Goa, has altogether 40 members with many National Award winning Directors. States’ National Award Winning Director Maipaksana Haorongbam of Lilong Chajing Chingkhong Leikai, Imphal West and Film-Maker Bhumenjoy Konsam, from Khundrakpam, Imphal East, are among the committee member.

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