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Blame game and you

Manipuri are blessed people. These people are blessed with rich culture, traditions and literarture. Above all they are talented, few among them had already sets record in the field of Astro Physics, Sports, culture, cinema and theatre. There is hardly any place across the globe that is left for Manipuris to visit. From Washington DC in the west, to Nom Phyein in the Far East Asia, Manipuris had travelled worked and occupied space with dignity. This small community, which is not even 5% of the total population of the India Subcontinent, understand the life of the most developed nation and the most underdeveloped nation too.
But when it comes to the state where the Manipuris are staying - i.e. Manipur, one wander why the state is far behind when compare with other states in India.
If one dissects to find out on what went wrong, it is the history that is being blamed. It is because that the shattered sovereignty of the erstwhile kingdom and the fear of losing the identity.  It is because of the frustration of the wrongs in the course of history that the region has been kept in the frying pan for so many years. But won’t it be wrong to obstruct the development of the region just because something went wrong in the course of history.

Nobody ever think of about the mistrust that has been existing among the people of this region. After its merger to the Indian union, the state has felt to witness any leader to lead which the people trusted. The region was then a learning zone for Indian administrators, then become a place for experimenting combats and then a place for experiment of draconian laws. All this have not been possible had there been trust among the people of the state.
A leader, which the state was in serious need, had never come. After the dead of Hijam Irabot the people of the region are desperate for a true leader, but then again the people only wait but never think of making one from among themselves.  
Fortunately, with the changing of the political scenario of the Indian Nation, Manipur too has been impacted and people witness a government which was not same as before. However, the expectation of the people seems to going vein with the passing of times as the same regalia of the previous government restored.
The cry for justice by educated youngster has never been listened, the cry for punishment for those who committed most heinous crime are still let free.   Should we again blame the democratic form of government for a one man push for changing the system? Some good effort initiated by this new government has been put on halt creating a stumbling block, perhaps by few near and dear ones. It is by destiny that a person becomes a chief minister and such a position he halt should be respected by rendering service for the people and by winning the heart of almost all the people. Only few people are given the opportunity to make himself remembered in the history for the good deed. Let’s not waste the opportunity. Prove that you are a leader of ours which is next to Hijam Irabot.  

The struggle so far..

By- A. Thoudam

“then in that case, let the result be declared”.. this was a sentence that cut deep wounds. I still remember sitting in the front row of the visitor’s area inside the court. Yes, I am talking about the ongoing case against MPSC. I can still recap the look on the judge’s face while he was giving his statement, though he was not directly looking at the audience.  Let me clarify here, that the case was due and the merit of the case was still left to be discussed. The hope that we aspirants had on that morning was shattered. Allow me to take you down the memory lane and enlighten you on some of the struggles we faced since the birth of our group.
When the result was declared hastily, I knew that there was something fishy. This feeling was reaffirmed when I saw around 200 people coming to MPSC office, to file RTI applications for their answer papers, the very next day after the declaration of the result.  During that time, we all came together and took a pledge to form a group and file a case against MPSC. Thus was the birth of “The Group Of Aspirants”.
Since that very day, we started having regular meetings. We were determined, enthusiastic, energetic and huge in number. We started piling up ideas and strategies from different angles. The meetings almost lasted from morning till late evenings. The struggle was on!
As the court cases started, we were so involved in it that we had to sacrifice our studies and personal matters so as to further the case. One important struggle that we faced, still we do, was the lack of funds. As we are still students and almost all of us are from middle class families, the lack of funds gave terrible nightmares. Also, some looked down upon us as miscreants and obstructionists whose mission is to disrupt only because we could not get through the exam.
I cannot remember when the ideas of becoming a social activist came to me, for just a month before, I was merely a student preparing for the exam. So were my fellow mates, but everyone was starting to develop the feeling that,” we should do something to change the system”.
We went to our opposition leaders, asking for help. We had to wait for so long and it was already late at night, but we kept our patience and finally got to meet one of them. We were assured that they would lend their support and we came back happy and contended, but much to our surprise the assurances were never fulfilled. On another note, the BJYM helped us in our struggle by storming the MPSC gate and obstructing the interview process of the said exam. They also made certain promises before the election, but then again, their promises still remain unfulfilled even after they have come to power.

After the result was declared, many members from our group left. Funds and man power were scarce, but there was much to be done. Someone aptly visualized our predicament, “it was an evening on the Loktak lake, a fisherman alone on his boat, returning home, which was still far. As Dusk presented itself, a mighty storm was also on its way towards the fisherman”. We were running out of money, energy, time and encouragement.
However, the few persons who remained, did not lose “hope”. It was a hard time for us running from pillar to post, raising funds, asking for help. Most of us who had never entered the arena of press, started holding press conferences. Our confidence was mounting. Little did we know that we were moulding ourselves for the better. This went on for months. The housie we organised, the press conferences, the sit in protest, etc, took whole of our energies and time. But it was a sacrifice we were willing to make.
It has been nine months since we started our struggle. However, we saw light at the end of the tunnel, when some of us got our RTI copies. Much to our expectations, there were many irregularities, for example, tampering of marks, absence of examiner’s signatures, totalling errors, etc. With this, the momentum of our struggle began to rise again. People, who were once sceptical, have also started supporting us. When we went to the offices of DC and the SP, the people working there were so supportive of our cause that they even helped us draft the application seeking permission from the DC to hold a sit in protest against the malpractices of MPSC.
Now our struggle has seen an interesting turn of events. People near and far, have started supporting our cause, monetarily and morally. The diasporas, the parents, and other citizens have started showing their appreciations.
With the new evidences pointing fingers against MPSC, we are all the stronger. We always knew it would be a mighty task, for we are challenging the system and corruption, to be particular. One has to stand up, sacrifice and take up the challenge, and we did!!
Now that the fresh petition has been admitted, we shall surely see some positive results in days and months to come. Salute to all those nameless faces, who believed that we can still change the system, for without them, we would never have reached this far. The only thing that kept us running and bonded  till now is HOPE.

Mourning for Gurumayum Shyamsunder Sharma, sculptor artist of Three Mothers Art Gallery of Manipur

By Monica Ingudum
As we are nearing the completion of five years of FindingTheVoices, I was reflecting on moments that made FindingTheVoices real, moments that gave meaning to my quest and vision to continue FindingTheVoices.
Yesterday I shared a picture in Facebook sharing a moment “It broke my heart to see the crumpling condition of Three Mothers Art Gallery in Imphal, Manipur.”
Then I shared another picture of another moment “I was truly touched and felt connected by the way Gurumayum Shyamsunder Sharma, sculpture artist of Three Mothers Art Gallery calling me “Sana” instead of my name. Sana, literal meaning is gold but it’s a way of addressing someone with love in Manipur. And I had forgotten this beautiful way of addressing.” I remember my mother fondly sharing about her childhood “Oh, when I grew up, I was Ebemma at home.”
Staying away from Manipur for 25 years now, I have missed experiencing many of the beautiful ways of life in Manipur. The journey of FindingTheVoices have been very fruitful and enriching to me as a person, striking a deep chord in taking pride of my origin and roots.
Sir Laba Yambem commented on the post sharing the news about the passing of the main artist of Three Mothers Art Gallery.
I got confirmation of the sad, very sad news that Gurumayum Shyamsunder Sharma passed away on August 12, 2017. He was born on September 24, 1955. The news filled me with such grief, regret and anger. His passing is a big loss to Manipur, a big loss to the community of sculptor artists of the world. It is my deepest regret that we have failed him in recognizing his talent and giving him the support to nurture his inborn gifted talent. It gave me goosebumps when he shared about seeing the vision of what to carve when he sees the raw roots at nights and hence he worked mostly at nights. He didn’t have a blue print for any of his sculptors, it was all in his mind which he carved.
I saw a true artist seeing the blessing of such talents in Manipur. His sculptors conveyed the deepest meaning in art form with important relevance to the history and people of Manipur. But it broke my heart to see the crumbling gallery, the beautiful artwork smudged with dust from the fallen ceiling. It made me think of the art gallery in other places where artwork are kept with such value, boxed within glasses, guards closely monitoring the many lined up visitors from touching the artwork.
His vision of what he wanted to carve is truly inspirational but we have failed him to provide a platform and nurture his talent.
If you haven’t heard about Three Mothers Art Gallery, that is the first failure point. Why haven’t you heard about it ? Why don’t you know about the artist? Where are the visitors lining up to see his artwork? Why is his artwork not promoted? Where are the promotions? Why is his gallery crumpled? Shouldn’t his artwork display be one of the main display for tourist spot in Manipur?
Gurumayum Shyamsunder Sharma (September 24, 1955- August 12, 2017) gifted sculptor artist of Three Mothers Art Gallery, Manipur passed away. He was just 61 years old. He had dreams, many unfulfilled dreams. I have failed him. The people have failed him. Manipur has failed him. India has failed him.
I implore you to visit Three Mothers Art Gallery, Wangkhei, Thangapat Mapal Palace Compound, Imphal East, Manipur.
Courtesy: Finding The Voice

LPG distributed to 47 family under UJJWALA scheme at Jiribam

Jiribam Aug 21: ADC of Jirabam District, Sivadas and Manager of M/S Emoinu Gas Agency, K. Gobadhon today distributed LPG at free of cost to 47 family under BPL under the Pradhan Mantri Ujjwala Yojana Scheme today. Speaking on the occasion Sivadas said that the LPGs along with stoves are being distributed to the BPL family to improve the condition of women. He said using LPG will prevent them from facing difficulties of facing smokes while cooking.  Manager K Gobadhon demonstrated on how to use the LPG to the beneficiaries.

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Liquor seized

Imphal, Aug 21: A team of Khongjom Police seized around 200 litres of illicit liquors from a person identified as Moirangthem Somen Singh(47)yrs s/o (L) M. Chandramani Singh of Tentha Marongban at around 4.30 am from Samaram crossing. The arrested person along with seized articles will be handed over to Excise Department for further necessary action.

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Rio blames Shürhozelie for the fiasco in NPF

Kohima, Aug 21: Lone Member of Lok Sabha from Nagaland, Neiphiu Rio has alleged that the dictatorial, autocratic and undemocratic actions of Dr. Shürhozelie have destroyed the party and the state.
A release issued by NPF press and information cell said during a meeting with delegates of NPF Dimapur division comprising of the division office bearers, and its frontals on Saturday, Rio said that after he left the state for Delhi as Member of Lok Sabha in 2014, infighting began and has continued since then. Rio also explained on the present crisis in the NPF party and gave a detailed background on how the impasse came to its present stage while also asking the delegation to judge for themselves as the numerous petitions and appeals filed by the minority group with Dr Shurhozelie have been rejected in the courts of law from the Kohima Bench to the Supreme Court.

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Neglected for more than a decade, villagers built their own bridge, still risk their lives in monsoon season

Laishram Ranbir
Imphal, August 21: Men has reach the moon and with the rapid development growth in every part of the country,  states and cities, there still lies places neglected by the so called ruler of the state, the Government .It has been more than a decade, villagers of Luwangsanggol hopes for development and good governance in their villages.”I still nurture hopes that someday our area will be developed with better roads and there will be a proper bridge and we don’t have to suffer when crossing the river in monsoon. That’s why I keep voting every election,” mumble a villager while crossing the temporary suspension bridge over the Sekmai River.Elections do come and go but the situation in this remote part of Saikul Assembly Constituency, which falls under Kangpokpi district, has remained unchanged, all these years, with no signs of development and not a proper bridge for transportation and travelling.The villagers of Luwangsanggol walk for miles during rainy season risking their lives on a temporary suspension bridge made of simple iron rod, and bamboo stick to cross the Sekmai river before reaching Kanglatongbi the nearest market.Adding to their woe is the deplorable condition of the main road, connecting Luwangsanggol and Kanglatongbi has not been repaired for the last couple of years. Established in the year 1933 before India got its Independence and just 22 Km from Imphal and hardly 1 hours to travel, Luwangsanggol village is a home to more than 600 people of over 80 houses.”The only wish of the people in the area is better road communication - a bridge over the Sekmai River - as it will end one of their major problems. It becomes extremely difficult for the people to cross the river, which swells up during the rainy season.”
The route is the lifeline and the only link for Luwangsanggol villagers.
In the year 2001/2002 the villagers constructed a suspension bridge with concrete pillars on both side of the river without any financial support from the government but the bridge is now in unusable condition.
“No government officials has laid their eyes on the village for development till date except for election campaign,” said a villager.
During monsoon, the villagers use to construct a temporary suspension bamboo bridge to cross the river but risky as the water flows above danger level.
In winter, the villagers face no problems crossing the river as the water level runs at the lowest level.
 ”During monsoon, the area mostly remains cut off from the rest of the world,” added a villager. “We have to take the temporary suspension bridge but it is risky when it rains in the foothills of the state and the river swells up,” said a villager.
“Had there been a proper bridge, many won’t be facing any hardship in their lives, only we know how we risk our lives every time we cross the river during the rainy season. There is always the risk of the suspension bridge collapsing. It’s the pregnant women and the patients who are the worst sufferers, of the Luwangsanggol Village.”
With no proper health centre, the villagers had to take the sick patients to Sekmai and Motbung Primary Health Centre which is the nearest but when the patients is in serious condition they had to admit them in the major hospital in Imphal city.
While doing so, many have lost their lives before even reaching the treatment centre.
An elderly man said, “Even after 70 years of Independence, our area is underdeveloped on all fronts with no bridge or proper roads. First, we have to travel through the barren, sandy route and then cross the river using the suspension bridge during monsoon to reach Kanglatongbi, the nearest market.”
“During election, candidates use to campaign to woe their votes with fake promises but now we have stopped wishing for anything from the leaders who promise big every election. But our hope for a bridge over the river Sekmai doesn’t deter us from voting though we know they won’t look back to put their promises into action,” said a villager (whose name don’t want to be mention) of Luwangsanggol village, who now lives in the city.
Almost all the villagers of Luwangsanggol village practice Christianity though some non-locals such as the Nepali resides outskirts of the village and practice Hindu religion.
Most of the people in Luwangsanggol village engage themselves mainly in quarrying works and are daily wages labourer.

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