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Mother Language Day observed

Imphal, Aug 20: Commemorating the day in which Manipuri Language was included in the 8 th Schedule of the Constitution of India in 1992, Manipuri Language Day was observed today in different parts of the states including Assam, Tripura and Meghalaya. Patriotic Writers Forum, Manipur observed that day at Manipur Press Club here in Imphal and also at Lalsingmura in Tripura. At the observance function held at Manipur Press Club, books titled - IPUTHOU MARJING written by Naoroibam Khamba Luwang, PHIJOLSE HONGLAROIDRA IMA written by Yaiskul Khwairakpam, ‘Collected papers on History and Culture of Manipur’ written by Saroj N. Arambam and John Parrat and the half yearly journal NGAKLOU was released . As a part of the observance function R. Kathing Tangkhul Literary Award, Dr . Saroj Nalini Arambam Parratt Literary Award and Pacha Meitei Literary award 2017 were also conferred on to Ojitkumar Luwangcha, Sijagurumayum Suchitra Devi and Sadokpam Birjit Mangang. The day is also observed with the presentation of literary award to selected authors at kakching Chumnangpat. The observance was observed by Shaitya Seva Samati Manipur , Kakching. Manipuri Sahitya Parishad, Assam, Head Quarter , Silcharb in collaboration with Manipuri Sahitya Parishad Assam, Kamrup District Committee also observed the 26th Manipuri Language at Guwahati Press Club. On the occasion floral tributes were paid to the people who sacrificed their lives for their mother tongue. The All Manipur Students’ Union (AMSU) also observed the day at AMSU headquarter , DM College Campus, Thangmeiband

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Shadowy Lies

By : Dr Nunglekpam Premi Devi

Independent Scholar

Wide opening eyes; thou yell on me
Wide opening mouth; thou call upon me
Wide opening arms; thou clutch upon me
I know not!
s losing thou fancy?
One step up; one step down
One step below; one step forward
Never missing one single step, you being me
I wonder suspicion, I beg no mercy!
Ditching me alone, when ‘m alone
When ‘m sedentary; when ‘m still and inactive
I wonder
, again and again!
Holding me, in and out; out and again
Appearing and departing physique;
Doubting thousand self belongings,
Vanishing of
f; soon and never attend
When ‘m stood and perch.
Wide opening eyes; thou yell on me
Wide opening mouth; thou call upon me
Wide opening arms; thou clutch upon me
Attending me, with no mercy
I wonder again; annoying and hating -
Thou urging and longing zeal!
Hankering and carving around me;
With no purpose, thou following me
One step front; one step down
One step in; one step backward
Tired Resolving and fixing thou existence;
Leaving me with no option, quitting you shadowy spirit

Standing taller and huge, worrying me in the darkness;
I ‘m afraid again and again; thou ghostly wraith
Moving in and out, swinging front and back;
When ’m accompanying.
Wide opening eyes; thou yell on me
Wide opening mouth; thou call upon me
Wide opening arms; thou clutch upon me
Freshening eyes and freshening self-ego,
Enthralling and alluring, capturing and attracting;
Securing the morning dew upon thy leaves;
Lone I walk self-confidently; I prey upon self -worth solitarily
Where‘re thy sole? Where’re thy amours proper?
I wonder time and again;
What deed thou act upon gesture?
Seeking thy presence, alive and being me;
You’re soft, non-existence plea;
 Appear and attend me;
Chase me and issue me troubles;
No matter what ensue? Precede me
When ‘m escorting.
Wide opening eyes; thou yell on me
Wide opening mouth; thou call upon me
Wide opening arms; thou clutch upon me
I wonder time and again;
What deed thou act upon gesture?
You’re fiery and fierce, wicked and wrongful;
So foul playing and too corrupting
Towering and titanic,
When thou small self-imaginary;
You’re different and arguing;
Straight and little thy concealing
When in thou colossal still

Manipuri women and their tolerance

By: Nganthoi Lourembam

Manipuri women are the most tolerant women in the universe. No amount of jewelries can buy her tolerance and sensitivity . They’ve been the flag bearer of being tolerant in the state and for the next few generations they ought to remain the same. All thanks to our patriarchal society which will never fail in dominating the barren folks. When we talk about being tolerant the living example of ImaKeithel is a proof. Some said that the Ima market is an example of women empowerment. But, with all my might I defy the statement. The living market is an example of women working fearlessly and feeding the drunken men since time immemorial and it still continues the same. The market is the only oldest women market in Asia and we are proud of the title but not the logic of women working to feed the family members (what was the man of the house doing, then?) Since the olden time a culture was set that women have to earn living hood and that’ s the reason men had nothing much to do but to drink alcohol and sell off his land. Not only going to market and selling stuff, the mothers come back home and do the household chores as household chores are untouchable for the Manipuri men. I really must appreciate the mothers of Manipur who’ve been and still bearing these drunkard husbands and sons.T alking about women empowerment the Government declared to build women markets at every district. And if that is the definition of women empowerment I am really disappointed. Is the Government encouraging all the women to only sell vegetables and not see the real meaning of growth in life? Why Ima market? What about building women’ s hospital or universities/colleges? Women have reached the moon but women of the state are still struggling for equal rights. Once I was waiting for my brother to arrive at the ImphalTulihal Airport, a young girl came who was supposedly going to Delhi. She looked really adorable; she got long hair which was curled beautifully spending a lot of money in the salon, I think, and she was wearing a short pair of jeans. Even though I am straight I just stared at her and said ‘wow’ to myself. Apparently there were some guys standing behind me and passed the most wretched comment ever , ‘look at her , why will others respect Manipuri women. Instead of wearing such dress she could have come naked.’ I really felt pity on those guys for having such pathetic mentality . Let me tell you why women want to wear those mini skirt or short pants, because it is so damn comfortable and it’ s my skin whether I show it to others or not that’ s my right. Even if there is fast development in infrastructure and other stuff the mentality of the people is quite under developed and a long way to develop. And the funniest part is if some powerful women sought for their deserving right they are being blamed uncultured or anti-social. One of the popular actresses in the state just expressed her opinion about getting married to her choice of husband became talk of the town and trolled her for the honest answer . In short, the state doesn’t allow anyone - I meant any women to express their opinion or feeling so it means freedom of speech is not valid for the women folks.Their rights are impeded; they can’t reach home late at night, they can’t wear short skirts and they can’t speak what they want – why? Because, simply they are women.

MPCC pays tribute to Rajiv Gandhi on 75th Birth Anniversary; Congress leader Ibobi still hopeful of bouncing back to power

Imphal, Aug 20: Congress Party leader Okram Ibobi Singh today recalled the contributions and the sacrificed of the congress party in building today’ s India. Speaking during a function organised on occasion of former Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi’ s 75th birth anniversary , at Congress Bhavan here in Imphal, Okram Ibobi said that the Congress party is like an ocean and no one can wipe out its existence. He said there may be ups and down in the journey as the party never goes for power . Okram Ibobi also hints for returning of congress rule in the coming days. He said that 4 or 5 months out of power does not meant that congress will not come to power again. “W e the Congress party don’ t go on for hunt of power , we go to our own principle”, Okram Ibobi Singh who is also the leader of the opposition said. He also reminded that Congress Party is one of the largest political parties in the world. The party will remain shining even though it is not in power for some years. The 75 th Birth Anniversary function of the late Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi was also attended by President of Manipur Pradesh Congress Committee, TN Haokip, Congress MLAs and workers. Fitting tribute was paid to the portrait of the late Prime Minister . Other speakers including the President of the MPCC calls on party worker to work for fulfilment of late Rajiv Gandhi’ s dream

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PM to meet BJP CMs

Imphal, Aug 20: Prime Minister Narendra Modi and BJP chief Amit Shah will meet chief ministers and deputy chief ministers of all BJP ruled states tomorrow to take stock of development and social welfare work being done. A report said that besides 13 chief ministers and six deputy chief ministers, a few cabinet ministers are also likely to attend the meeting. Manipur Chief Minister N. Biren Singh will leave Imphal to attend the meeting tomorrow . This will be Mr Modi’ s third meeting with the chief ministers’ after the BJP swept to power in 2014.

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Accused theft arrested

Imphal, August 20: A team of Churachandpur Police led by 2nd OC James Vaiphei and IO Chinzasalem Kipgen arrested an accused in connection with the VK Tawna College, Churachandpur theft and extortion case of August 17, 2017 yesterday around 11 pm. The accused has been identified as one Paulianhau Lengen (19 yrs), son of Lianbpi Lengen of Red cross road, Churachandpur

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Laining Ngak Senba Numit observed

Imphal, Aug 20: Laining Ngak Senba Numit was observed today at sacred Kangla Uttra Sh anglen to mark the day when the British granted independence to the Kingdom of Manipur to Maharaja Bodhachandra on the 29th day of Thawan (according to Meetei lunar calendar) in 1947 and hosted the flag of Manipur in Palace Compound announcing the freedom of Manipur . To mark the occasion, Titular King of Manipur Leishemba Sanajaoba hosted the historical Ebudou Pakhangba flag of Manipur at Uttra Shanglen, Kangla today . Speaking on the occasion, Leishemba Sanajaoba said that people of Manipur should not for get this day . On this day , Maharaja Bodhachandra made commitment to protect the culture and tradition of the state. Maharaja Bodhachandra urg ed the people to follow the ching-tam salai seven mayek nachom and asked to discuss the history of Manipur , Leishemba Sanajaoba added. Traditional songs, dances and martial arts of the state were displayed in the occasion.

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CM relief fund

Imphal, Aug 20: The Teacher ’s and Medical Officer ’s Association (TAMOA), Regional Institute of Medical Sciences Imphal donated a sum of Rupees one lakh forty thousand and three hundred to Chief Minister ’s Relief Fund today . The fund was handed over to Chief Minister N. Biren Singh today at Chief Minister ’s Secretariat by a team led by Dr . Sunil Kumar Salam along with Dr . Chetan Maibam and N. Phillip Singh, Media Advisor , RIMS, Imphal

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Escaped kidnapper of Minor girl arrested

Imphal, Aug 20: The person who tried to kidnapped a 7 years old minor girl but escaped yesterday morning was arrested today morning by a team of Thoubal Police at around 5.30 am. The person identified as Moirangthem Lukhoi Singh (22) s/o M. Ibomcha Singh of Heirok Part 1 Mamang Leikai allegedly kidnapped a 7 years old minor girl by taking her in his auto rickshaw towards Heirok Amurou Loukon at around 8.30 am yesterday morning but, he fled after a local approached him as the nature he was trying to pull the minor girl turn suspicious. After a complaint was lodged regarding the matter the police managed to arrest him from Ngathal Village in Churachandpur district today morning.

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