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Items filtered by date: Sunday, 13 August 2017 - Imphal Times

Patriots’ Day: Manipur remembered heroes of Anglo-Manipur war

Imphal, August 13: The 126th Patriots Day was observed today across the state of Manipur remembering the heroes and their sacrifices made during the Anglo- Manipur war of 1891. Befitting tributes were paid to the memorial sites of Bir Tikendrajit and Thangal General at Hicham Yaicham Pat, Moirangkhom and Thangal General Temple, Palace Compound. Chief Minister of Manipur, N Biren Singh, Senior Congress leader Gaikhangam, Ministers, MLAs and other top government officials jointly paid floral tribute to the patriots of Manipur. As part of the observance, a contingent of 1st Manipur Rifles paid gun salute to the departed heroes of Manipur at Hicham Yaicham Pat. Bharatiya Janata Party, Manipur Pradesh also observed the day at its state head office and other district and mandal offices across the state. The observance function held at BJP state office was attended by Thokchom Satyabrata Singh, MLA of Yaiskul A/C; Th Chaoba, Former President of BJP, Manipur Pradesh and Adim Panmei, Vice President of Pradesh BJP as presidium members. During the celebration, the dignitaries and members of BJP, Manipur Pradesh along with officials of the different morchas of the state BJP have also paid floral tribute to the patriots. Manipur Pradesh Congress Committee (MPCC) also marked the day at its BT Road today with leader of the opposition in the Manipur Legislative Assembly, Okram Ibobi Singh, RK Imo Singh, MLA of Sagolband A/C and General Secretary (Admin) of MPCC and other leaders of the state Congress. On the occasion of 126th Patriots’ Day, Karyakartas of BJP Patsoi Mandal has vowed to follow the path of patriots, who have sacrificed their lives to protect sovereignty of Manipur from the hands of colonial British during the Anglo-Manipur war of 1891. Observing the day at the office premise of the Mandal, Karyakartas paid floral tribute to the photographs of Bir Tikendrajit and Thangal General, who were hanged to death on August 13, 1891, on the charge of waging war against the British. While addressing the gathering at the observance, Vistarak of BJP, Patsoi Mandal, Wahengbam Rorrkychand recalled the sacrifices made by martyrs and their courage to stand against those who challenge the freedom, integration and sovereignty of the nation. Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS), Manipur Pranta has also observed the Patriots Day today morning at Lainingthou Esing Chaiba Sanglen, Nagamapal with A Brajakumar Sharma, Pranta Sangh Chalak and N Joykumar Singh, Former HOD, History Department of Manipur University as President and Chief Guest respectively. The Patriots’ Day was also observed outside the state today at different places including a celebration at National Capital with Letpao Haokip, IFCD Minister, Government of Manipur as Chief Guest at Bir Tikendrajit Bhavan, Chanakyapuri, New Delhi. While, Speaker of Manipur Legislative Assembly, Yumnam Khemchand Singh also attended a 13 August celebration held today at Hojai, Assam. District Administration At Kangpokpi has also observed the day at the district headquarters today.

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By - Dr Nunglekpam Premi Devi
Independent Scholar

I hear you, I hear you
You’re a soft smooth shush, full of lyrical tranquility!
Your presence is peace to all,
You’re secrecy is our quietness;
You’re speech is concealing, still I hear you;
You know no boundaries; you avoid restrains,
You’re beauty, beauty of goddess
You unwind charges; you undo unhappiest,
You’re easer; you blunt sorrowfulness,
Miserable and depressions and mournfulness,
And gloomy and sorry and pains,
And sad and feeble and poor and heartbroken!
You’re magical serene peaceful compost!
You edit all; worries and fearfulness, and
Troubles and dying and egos;
You’re shadow to wholly, still you’re quite utterly.
I hear you, I hear you
You’re a soft smooth shush, full of lyrical tranquility!
Your presence is peace to all,
You knock me in boundless and untold;
You make me live immensely infinite, cool and
Calm and lavishing free;
I pay you alluring pleasant, heavenly pleasing so rich!
I speak fathoms of my inner;
And I expounded wonderful sublime of psyches;
I smiles thousand and thousand soul music;
I bounce and I leap with thy twinning;

I perceive thy melancholia, divine beguiling;
Still you erase woes,
You’re supreme divine magnificent euphoria;
Still I hear yeah! All is good feeling thy about rich.
I hear you, I hear you
You’re a soft smooth shush, full of lyrical tranquility!
Your presence is peace to all,
You’re one companion to solitary lone,
You listen to thousands and millions loons talking and sharing;
And still I do talk numerous isolations,
I sit upon thy bosom loving;
I speak billions, again and again concealing unpopularity;
I cried on thy lap multiple untold and unseen histories;
I asked thou too many shield questions?
Still you’re silent, undeclared and mute to too perfectly;
You’re the supreme answer to wholly unconditional emotions!
You heal every passions, lust and hunger;
Still I hear you unreserved.
I hear you, I hear you
You’re a soft smooth shush, full of lyrical tranquility!
Your presence is peace to all,
I touch thy tenderness spirit,
And I float and I drive cheerfully,
I sing and I dance to thy rhythmic kiss serene;
You hold perfectly key to worldly fellow-feeling pities;
You’re clear truth, companion to some greatly,
You long for valid closeness to all spirits,
Still I hear you and let it be and let it go.

Bir Tikendrajit - The Hero 0f Manipur

N. Pramodini Devi

In the third quarter of the 19th century, the three prominent persons who took a decisive part in Manipur’s politics were Senapati Tikendrajit, Thangal General and Paona Brajabashi. They were patriots of the first order and laid down their lives to save their country from British domination. Koireng, popularly known as Bir Tikendrajit, was one of the unforgettable nationalist figures of Manipur. He holds a unique position in India’s freedom struggle. With the inborn nature of a patriot, he boldly defied the aggressive acts of the mighty British imperialist power. He was against imperialism and colonialism. In short, he was a crusader who resisted the expansion of colonialism. He fearlessly fought against the colonialists. For his patriotism Tikendrajit is immortal. He has been called the “Lion of Manipur”. Even the then government of British India had likened him to a fierce tiger. Manipur had enjoyed sovereign status until it was occupied by the British in 1891. Through a long historical process the British imperialists had established a strong foothold in Manipur. The internal crises and the seven years of its devastation (1819-1826) at the hands of Burma, caused the British to intervene in Manipur. As an ally of Prince Gambhir Singh, it tasted victory over Burma in the first Anglo-Burmese War (1824 - 1826). As a result, Manipur recovered from the devastation and Gambhir Singh was made the tituler king of Manipur. The effective powers were in the hands of the Britishers. The king could not resist the British interference which was more pronounced in external matters. Their interference increased much more during the reign of Maharaja Surchandra Singh who succeeded his father Chandrakriti. The consequence was the Anglo- Manipuri war in 1891 and the British conquest of Manipur despite a strong resistance put up by its people and the active struggle of Tikendrajit, Paona Brajabasi and others. Being a member of the royal family, Tikendrajit was familiar with the English which enabled him to know about their attitude and innermost feelings towards the Manipur people. A prince - turned nationalist born on Saturday, the 29th December 1856, Tikendrajit was the fourth son of Maharaja Chandrakriti. Since childhood, he was a lover of freedom. On the death of the Maharaja, on 20th May 1886, Surchandra, the eldest son, succeeded to the throne of Manipur. The other princes were appointed as heir-apparent, army general and police chief. Later, on the death of Jhalakriti, Tikendrajit was appointed general of the army. But misunderstandings and tensions were created among the princes which ultimately led the royalty to split into two factions, one led by Tikendrajit and the others by Pakasana. The tension continued to rise higher and higher over the king’s negligence of the situation and British interference. Tikendrajit thought that the king was unduly favouring Pakasana. He could also not tolerate the attitude of the British. Maharaja Surchandra was unaware of the way the British usurped power from the local rulers to expand their colonial empire. Tikendrajit got an idea as to their intentions and he tactfully made efforts to defend Manipur’s sovereignty. He knew very well that the Britishers were eagerly awaiting an opportunity to transform sovereign Manipur into a British colony. Hence he and other like-minded princes-Angousan, Jilangamba and others-revolted against the monarch on 22nd September,1890. This event is known as “Palace Revolt” in the history of Manipur. The king fled away from the palace and took asylum in the British residency. Kullachandra and Tikendrajit became the king and heir-apparent respectively. The exruler left the residency for Calcutta informing Tikendrajit that he was going to Vrindavan. But on reaching Calcutta he petitioned to the Government of India for restoration of his throne in Manipur. After fully considering the matter the then Government of British India decided that Tikendrajit must be removed from Manipur and Kullachandra be recognised as the Maharaja of Manipur. It appointed its own chief commissioner in Manipur who announced the decision. J.W. Quinton, the chief commissioner, reached Manipur with a troop of 500 soldiers. For this purpose the royal brothers were invited to a “Durbar”. But they were made to stand for long hours outside the Durbar Hall on a sunny day. In the meantime, the secret plan of arresting Tikendrajit had leaked out. The Durbar could not be held due to the absence of the Tikendrajit. On the failure of their plan, Grimwood, the then British political agent in Manipur , conveyed to the king the decision and pressured him to hand over the heir-apparent to them. Ultimately, the English decided to use force as the king declined. In the evening of March 24, 1891 the British troops attacked the Palace Compound,particularly Tikendrajit’s residence, killing many innocents including women and children who were watching a cultural programme, Ras Lila. The Manipur army succeeded in its offensive struggle. Five officers- Quinton, Grimwood, Lt. Col. Simpson, Cossins and a bugler had to take shelter in the cellar. But the feeling of revenge among the people whose children, wives and relatives had been killed, grew so high that they executed the five Britishers. This resulted in the Anglo-Manipuri War in 1891 and annexation of Manipur by the British. Major Maxwell took over as the chief political agent. The trials of Kullachandra and Tikendrajit and others were held by a court constituted by the then British Indian government. Kullachandra, Tikendrajit, and Thangal General were sentenced to death. However, the sentence on Kullachandra was commuted to transportation of life following his appeal to the government. Queen Victoria made efforts to save Tikendrajit but failed. Despite her wish and strong protest of the people, he and Thangal General were hanged in an open place before the general public on August 13, 1891. A protest movement launched by women at the very moment could not save the martyrs and Manipur. The Britishers knew that a nationalist like Tikendrajit was a stumbling hurdle in their colonial designs. In his absence the transformation of Manipur into a British colony was inevitable. The State of Manipur celebrates this day, August 13, as Patriot’s Day to remember their role in the freedom struggle. Tikendrajit, indeed, was a nationalist par excellence. The people of Manipur would always cherish him as a symbol against tyranny.

Bomb blasts; SF conducts combing operation, sit-in-protest staged

Imphal, August 13: A bomb exploded today morning at around 9.30 am at Kakwa Naorem Leikai under SIngjamei Police Station near an electric transformer however there were no reports of any casualty . A team of Manipur Police led by SP of Imphal West, Themthing Ngashangva rushed at the spot to take stock of the situation. The blast took place amidst tight security measures ahead of the Independence Day celebration. On the other hand a highly placed source said that police are looking for some UG bomb experts after getting specific information about their presence at greater imphal area. The source added that the UGs are planning to trigger blast at different places on Independence Day. Meanwhile,Thoubal district police conducted search operation at Yairipok Huidrom Leikai from 4.15am to 6am today. The seacrh operation is conducted as security measures to ensure full prove security of the Independence Day celebration. On another development, locals of Wangjing Tekcham Leikai in Thoubal district has staged sit-in-protest today morning against the bomb blast which was occurred on Saturday evening at around 7.30 PM at Wangjing Tekcham Pukhri Achouba Mapan

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Gun Fight reported

Imphal, Aug 13: Fierce gun fight between cadres of NSCN-IM and ZUF were reported at around noon today at Namdailong area of Cachar district in Assam. Combine team of Assam Rifles and Police rushed to the site. Source said no casualty at both side however the NSCN-IM reportedly captured a ZUP cadres. The NSCN-IM cadres also destroyed and burnt office and prayer center of NNC/ FGN at the area.

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Vendor ladies of Yairipok Tampha Keithel staged protest

Thoubal, Aug.13: Vendor ladies of Yairipok Tampha Keithel today staged a sit-inprotest demanding replacement of Chairperson of Yairipok Municipal Council today. The protest demanded allocation of seat at the market, while condemning the Chairperson for throwing goods to a vendor lady and over failure to construct toilet for the market complex. A protestor said that half of the stall at the Yairipok Tampha Keithel has not been allocated to anybody. When some vendor ladies which do not get license try to sell their goods the chairperson of the YMC threatened to drive them out alleged a protestor.

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Flood in Northern Bangladesh; Red alert issued after record-high Teesta waters

By: Siam Sarower Jamil

Dhaka, Aug 13: More than 1 million people of 6 northern districts of Bangladesh have been marooned by floodwaters as both the Teesta and Dharla rivers were flowing above the danger level. The flood bypass road on the Teesta Barrage broke down due to opening of 54 gates of Gajoldoba Barrage in India and onrush of water coupled with heavy rain in the last five days, said Mustafizer Rahman, executive engineer of Bangladesh Water Development Board, Dalia Division. Meanwhile, at least 200 villages were flooded following the broke down of flood bypass road. Local BWDB office on Sunday morning has issued red alert in Teesta Barrage area, asking the people living in 63 chars of Teesta and Dharala to keep updated with the latest flood situation, said Mustafizer Rahman. The floodwaters also prompted disruption of bus and rail communications of those districts with other parts of the country. Local officials of BWDB said Dharala River was flowing 108 centimetres above the danger level while Teesta River was flowing 65 centimetres above the danger mark early Sunday. Houses, roads and educational institutions have been eroded by the heavy current of Teesta and Dharla rivers. Regarding measures taken to prevent erosion, WDB Lalmonirhat deputy-assistant engineer Kamrul Islam said, ‘We have started dumping GO bags (sandbags) to prevent erosion at the vulnerable points of the barrage.’ Local education officer Nobez Uddin told to the Imphal Times, total of 400 educational institutions in the 6 districts were declared closed for floodwaters. Several thousands farmers have to face heavy losses as more than 300 ponds were washed away by flashfloods, said Rezaul Karim, district fisheries officer. Lalmonirhat deputy commissioner (DC) Shafiul Arif said that overall flood situation in the district has turned serious, leaving more than two lakh people marooned. Bus and train connection have declared suspended due to the floods. On last Sunday, some 1,600 packets of dry foods have been distributed among the floodaffected people, he added.

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Blood donation camp held on Patriots’ Day

Imphal, Aug 13: On the occasion of the 126th Patriots’ Day various clubs and organization organized blood donation camps today. Social Warriors Manipur (SWM), in association with IHBT, RIMS has organized 3rd Blood Donation Camp at Community Health Center, Yairipok. Convenor of SWM, Keisham Kaminikumar said that the state is facing scarcity of blood due to lack of donors and encouraging the people of Manipur to donate blood, he said that there is no harm and health hazard in giving blood. He also informed that the volunteers of SWM are ready to donate bloods and even asked the people of Manipur to contact SWM whenever and wherever blood donors are required. A total number of 61 people including 8 women donated blood at the camp organized by SWM. Lions Club of Greater Imphal has also organized blood donation camp at Birmangol College, Sawombung. Around 50 volunteers of the Lions Club participated at the blood donation camp.

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Plastic rice in Manipur

Thoubal,Aug.13: After rumours about plastic eggs spreads, a case of plastic rice surfaces at Nungourok Village in Tengnoupal District. A villager lodged complaint after he found his cooked rice bounced like a rubber ball when thrown on the ground. He alleged that the suspected plastic rice was received from distributor/agent under NFS/PDS scheme.

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On the MPSC scam and the people defending it

By: Group of Aspirants

This article is in response to the write up by one Mr. Arshad Shah under the heading - “Dangers of ‘Trial by Media’ and the MPSC”, published at some newspapers on the 11th of August, 2017. In the article mentioned above, Mr. Shah mentioned some very misleading points regarding the MCSCC examination, 2016 conducted by the Manipur Public Service Commission (MPSC) and our objective here is to dissect these points, lay the whole truth, and not just a sliver of it, before the public. First of all, the writer raised doubts as to the authenticity of the RTI sheets circulated on social media. While a healthy sense of doubt in anything is a sign of an educated mind, the selective papers shown by our learned writer is rather unfortunate. Such a well-informed person would have read in the papers that the Government of Manipur served a legal notice to a local daily for publishing a fake news item ‘Raksha Bandhan Pangthokkadouri’. Would MPSC have remained silent if the Group of Aspirants had cooked up the entire narrative or had forged the images that ‘character assassinated’ it? Mr. Shah mentioned in his article that the High Courtappointed independent enquiry commission had dismissed the extra paper issue as some of the petitioners had taken extra papers in certain subjects. This smacks of a deep-rooted confirmation bias and is akin to saying that the Holocaust did not happen because some of the Jews survived! Moreover, the commission, in one of its reports, said ‘…this new decision (to issue extra answer sheets) was announced only orally through the invigilators to the candidates about 30 minutes after the actual commencement of the examination’ and ‘…petitioners had enough time to mentally prepare himself/herself to write well with the availing of extra papers’. Why didn’t the commission examine the opposing claim of the disgruntled candidates that no such announcement was made? Why weren’t invigilators approached so that they, as independent witnesses, could reveal the truth? One also wonders where the writer got the information that there were more examiners this time. According to the affidavit submitted by MPSC itself, only 1 examiner corrected 1063 Essay papers (that too in 14 days, at the rate of 75.9 answer sheets/day!) Either our esteemed writer lacks basic arithmetic skill or he overlooked a glaring error in his hurry to present MPSC in hallowed light and discredit the Group of Aspirants. It is an earnest request, not only to the writer of the article, but to everyone in general, to read the fine print so that we are not subject to selective perception and selective exposure bias. It is known to all that ‘revision of marks is the norm’. What is also the norm is that there should be signature of the examiner for each ¢me he/she revised the marks allotted. This process was skipped in a few instances, resulting in the doubt if the marks were tampered with or if these papers were not examined by proper examiners. In some cases, corresponding signatures are present, but these are different from the signature of the examiner on the front page. Two significant clarifications need to be made before anyone brushes off the mark tabulation errors as ‘isolated inconsistencies’. First of all, it appears isolated only because MPSC has handed out answer sheets of not more than 40 candidates out of the 200+ RTI applications filed. Secondly, this is not market research, where one can ignore a few inconsistent or contradictory data; this is a competitive examination, where every single mark matters. Mr. Shah did rightly point out that this issue needs to be examined by a court of law. We felt the same and have filed a fresh case against MPSC in the High Court of Manipur. However, judging the Group for approaching the media is uncalled for. After the perceived unfairness with which the so-called commission dealt with the issue, we are le[ with little avenue to continue our fight for the truth but to appeal to the public and its leaders. Yes, we could have waited till the case goes to a Double Bench in the High Court and then held our collective breaths as it goes to the Supreme Court. We could have waited, and watch our careers get effectively over. But we chose action, for where is the guarantee that this same fiasco would not happen the next ¢me, if the culprits go scot free? We have seen in the case of Assam how an effective Government can, without having to wait for judicial intervention, bring the axe down on corruption and corrupted officials. Our intention was not to instigate a media trial but to bring to the attention of the government the irregularities that have crept into the MCSCC exam. For this unfortunate chain of events, we wish to convey our sincerest apologies to those who got selected genuinely despite all the perceived misdeeds in the MCSCC Examination, 2016. But any sort of movement to change something so deeply rooted in our system would have some unintended sideeffects. If they feel their reputation has been tainted because of MPSC’s transgressions, the reputation of our state has been tarnished thousand-fold.

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