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Items filtered by date: Saturday, 12 August 2017 - Imphal Times

Security tightens ahead of Independence Day celebration

Imphal, Aug 12: Security measures has been tighten in almost all areas of Imphal East and West after various underground groups operating in the region has called ban on the Independence Day celebration of India.
Highly placed source said that reports on militants plan to triggered at various places has been found out and security measures in the said areas has been beefed up.
The main state function of the Independence day celebration is being organised at 1st MR ground here in Imphal.
Areas that the state police have tightened security measures at Palace compound, Telipati, Minuthong and Thombuthong areas in Imphal East.
At Imphal West area State force today conducted search opeartion at suspected areas in Keishamthong Assembly Constituency.
Security measures have also been beefed up Tera, Khumbong, Malom Oinam, Chingmeirong, Pheidinga, Singjamei and Babupara area.

Meanwhile, Kakching Police picked up six men during cordon and search operations conducted at Sugnu Parking in Kakching districts from 1:30 pm 2:30 pm today.
In the search operation conducted under the supervision of Kakching SP Let by SDPO Kakching Th.Dehorjit. OC Kakching, OC Hiyanglam, Officers from CDO Thoubal,  Officers and personnel including female police took part in it.
Around 200 males were verified at the spot and 6 persons were picked up and they were handed over to Kakching PS for further verification.

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More rebels boycott India’s Independence Day; calls general strike in WESEA

Imphal, Aug 12: Four more  rebel groups operating the region have boycotted India’s Independence Day. Co-ordination committee (CORCOM), Garo National Liberation Army (GNLA), United Liberation Front Of Assam (ULFA) and United People’s Liberation Army (UPLA) in a  joint statement called upon the entire peoples of WESEA Region to BOYCOTT and prevent the imposed celebration, in any
manner, of India’s Independence Day in the region on 15 August 2017.
The four rebel groups also called general strike in North East India from 01:00 AM to 06:30 PM.
“This year, India under the premiership of Mr. Narendra Modi who boasted that he confronts the world “Eye to Eye”, is getting ready for the 70th Independence Day Celebration with a grand display of its’ military power and hardware, perhaps attempting to outdo the Chinese PLA’s 90th Anniversary Celebration on 30 July 2017
which was indeed very impressive. Or Perhaps, it is also a sign of nervousness or apprehension of the Indian government at the border fracas at Drok La or Drong Lam, the tri junction of our close international border with China; and hence to hide the

same”, the statement said.
The statement further added that India’s policy towards neighbour China is now wide open as the facts of the Drong Lam (Drok La) impasse is vivisected by the experts exposing her weakness and helplessness of the situation to the full view of the world to see. And in the occupied WESEA region bordering China, especially in Assam and Manipur, the Indian administration is celebrating the event with an unprecedented 3 to 5 days fanfare with road shows, motor cycle rallies etc. called Tiranga rally to colour-coat our people with Indian nationalism, it added.
The celebration of the Indian Independence Day behind security cordon, herding people and school children with coercion into the parade grounds no doubt will be repeated again this year, the statement added.
The statement further said that during the protest hours of 01:00 AM to 06:30 PM the rebel group called  total shutdown of educational institutions and other training facilities, shops, business establishments, factories and all forms of transport. However all the emergency services including media and religious activities will remain as usual, the statement added.

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‘Glamour politics should be eradicated from the mindset of youths’

Imphal, Aug 12: While calling on the youths of the state about the necessities of participating in politics, Prof. W. Nabakumar today appealed the youths of  today Manipur to eradicate the mindset of glamour politics.
“ Glamour politics should be eradicated from the mindset of youths”, said Prof. W. Nabakumar who attended as moderator on the 1st Manipur Youth Convention organised by Manipur Youth Forum under the theme ‘Role of Youth in present political scenario of Manipur, Youth Building Peace and Social responsibility held at Manipur Press Club in connection with the International Youth Day.
The youth convention was attended by representatives from BJP, MPP, Siva Sena and Trinamool Congress.
Prof. W Nabakumar further said that when we talk about politics people sometimes misinterpreted as party politics or electoral politics. However, it is not about those but rather the ideology which gave birth to politics, he added. Elaborating on the present political scenario of Manipur, the Prof. said that some people has been using any political party as a springboard for their own glamour purpose. He was referring to the frequent change of political party by elected representatives. Youths of today should think on how to remove the mindset of glamour politics.
On the role of youths in Peace building and social responsibility, Prof. W. Nabakumar said that lack of cultural communication between the youths of various communities is one factor that creates chaos and misunderstanding among the various people. He said cultural communication it is about understanding and respecting culture of each community.
“We should not feel that our culture is the best theirs is inferior”, the Prof. said.
He further appealed the youths to think globally but act locally.

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Groom a school with a difference: Education Minister

Imphal, Aug 12:  Education Labour & Employment Minister Shri Th Radheshyam presented incentive cash awards to the successful students of HSLC, 2016-17 of Keisham Birjit High School(aided) on the occasion of observing the 7th Death Anniversary of  its founder Shri  Keisham Birjit Singh today at Patsoi. Sharing the dais with him were Hon’ble MLA, Patsoi A/C, Km. A.K. Mirabai Devi; Pradhan ,Patsoi Gram Panchayat, Shri N. Tomba Singh;President, SMC,K Birjit High School, Shri Keisham Binodkumar Singh; Subscriber, SMC,K Birjit High School, Shri Keisham Birbal Singh &  Donor, SMC,K Birjit High School, Shri Keisham Bijoychandra Singh.
The dignitaries along with the school authorities, staff and students paid floral tributes to the photo of late Shri  Keisham Birjit Singh.
After analysing the pros and cons of the school, Minister Radheshyam emphasised that there is a need to see to the loopholes of the school and find ways to solve the problems of inefficiency of the teachers to impart their maximum knowledge to the students with the current 1:13 teacher –student ratio. He also questioned that as per school records , the pass percentage is huge, a whooping 87-97% in 2011-12 and why it has decreased now. Giving a brief insight on the present education scenario in Manipur, he convinced that he will discuss with the State Government and find a way to regularise the aided teachers taking note of the 4000 vacancies of teachers in different parts of Manipur including the rural areas. Keeping into consideration a balanced approach of both the welfare of the teachers as well as the students in perspective, he said that its a crucial matter deciding what will be a priority concern whether to look into the infrastructure first or welfare of the teachers or students adding that one way to regularise the teachers is amalgamation of 3 schools together.He stated this after seeing the miserable condition of a school at Mao during his recent visit to attend tripartite talk with the UNC & Centre in which there are 28 students with no building and basic school.
Focusing on the main objective of today’s event, he said, “The founder of the school, K Birjit is a great personality with a big heart who cares for the poor and needy and main task is to identify talented students, groom encourage & inspire these young minds to become  leaders of tomorrow.

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Kisan Sampada Yojana will encourage farmers and increase their incomes: Min Biswajit

Imphal, August 12: Commerce and Industries Minister Shri Thongam Biswajit Singh, today, said that the Kisan SAMPADA Yojana will encourage the farmers and increase their incomes. He further assured mass publicity of the scheme through the Department of Information and Public Relation.
Minister Biswajit was attending aRoad Show on World India & Seminar on New Scheme Kisan SAMPADA Yojana at Hotel Classic Grande today.
 Addressing the seminar attended by entrepreneurs and officials, Minister Biswajit said the objective of Kisan SAMPADA is to supplement agriculture, modernise processing and decrease agri-waste.
He continued there are seven schemes under the Kisan SAMPADA of which Creation of the Backward and Forward Linkages is the most important.     
He said before the implementation of this scheme, the new government had proposed opening of some new Common Facilities Centres. Explaining further that major portion of products in the State go to waste, he asserted today Lemon growers in Kachai have been demoralized due to lack of market for their products and entrepreneurs to help them. Minister Biswajit also spoke about the decreasing production of various fruits suitable in the State including Orange in Tamenglong and Passion Fruit in Senapati and Churachandpur. So we had proposed four CFCs, he added.
Minister Biswajit also expressed optimism that implementation of the Kisan SAMPADA will provide many opportunities to the farmers. He continued he has already urged the entrepreneurs to invest more to provide new opportunities to our younger generation.
Stressing on the need to create wide publicity of the new Scheme, Minister Biswajit explained that, if the farmers whose products go to waste is link-up with the entrepreneurs through the Kisan SAMPADA schemes, it is possible that not a single product goes to waste.
He further observed that if we check products going to waste than the farmers and the entrepreneurs would earn more profits. The scheme aims at maximum benefits for the farmers, he added.
Manipur has huge potential in both agriculture of horticulture due to the fertile soil, however, we are lagging behind in taking advantages of the resources provided to us by nature, he observed.
Drawing comparison between China and Manipur, Minister Biswajit said people of China give preference to their own products whereas we give preference to exported products sidelining our own products and resources. We should not forget that this culture has negatively affected our economy, he said.

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Two killed in clashes over mosque committee in Bangladesh

Siam Sarower Jamil
Dhaka, Aug 12: Two villagers have been killed and more than a hundred others injured in clashes over the formation of a local mosque committee in Habiganj district of Bangladesh.
The brawl occurred around 7am on Saturday at Bahubal Upazila’s Mokokandi village, said local police station chief Mazharul Haq.
Police used nearly 100 rounds of shotgun bullets and 25 rounds of teargas to quell the fight. Law enforcement personnel have also been deployed to the area in anticipation of further clashes.
The dead are 50-year-old Matin Miah and 45-year-old Kabir Mia, both of whom are village residents. A conflict had developed over the replacement of the local imam and the formation of the mosque committee, OC Haq told bdnews24.com.
The two sides fought on Friday evening and resumed clashes on Saturday morning.
“Many of the injured were admitted to the Bahubal hospital. Kabir Miah died while undergoing treatment. Matin Miah died as he was being taken to Sylhet,” Haq said.
Some of the wounded have also been taken to Habiganj Sadar Hospital. Fourteen with critical injuries have been admitted to the MG Osmani Medical College Hospital.
Locals say a faction has been pushing to replace Imam Farid Akhanjir of Mugakandi Jamme Mosque, while another has supported him. The two sides argued over the matter during Friday prayers. Following the argument, both sides took up sharp weapons and clashed that evening. There were injuries on both sides. The fighting restarted on Saturday.

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Proxy examination and Wrong politics

Longjam Tony Angom
Democracy doesn’t just revolve around what happens once in five years but how rights of the citizens are protected and are allowed to hold power holders accountable. Statecraft which is the art and science of conducting the affairs of the state manifesting a machinery legally called government is often choked with multiple paralysis of corruption, nepotism, red tapism, etc. The three organs of the government -legislative, judiciary and the executive which is intended to deliver public service to the citizens are held under the hands of incompetent legislatures and corrupt bureaucrats who are intellectually dishonest. The state must respect the articulation of politics of ‘voice’ and not just the politics of vote.
The promise of democracy can only be realised through collective action and sense of dedication on the part of these three organs of the government.
Ever since the NDA/BJP government came into power in the state of Manipur, check on the records of various departmental examinations conducted during the previous government have been conducted with the formation of Special Investigation Team (SIT). But the SITs formed are incapable of producing a single element of truth despite many irregularities in almost all the departmental examinations.
The credibility of the SIT which was formed with the intention of serving the interest of the masses have been eroded over the monetary values paid to the  officers. Such anti-corruption drive gets dismantled even before the commencement of the drive.
The Scandalous MPSC :
Manipur Public Service Commission needs no introduction for it being known for various irregularities in every examination. The sanctity of this institution is often questioned for being a centre of allegation on corruption, question leakages, nepotism, mismanagement of examination, etc. MPSC which is intended to deliver the most humble services to the people of the state is caught with several apprehensions such as 1) Why not less than 2 candidates from the office bearer’s relatives often get through the final results every year?
2) Why in every examination one or the other issue arises?
In the MCS Examination 2016, there are several allegation charges of corruption on the part of office bearers and irregularities in the evaluation of answer scripts. One of the most classic example of lack of professionalism is the absence of signature of examiner which is seen in almost all the papers obtained through RTI.
Wrong tabulation of marks, different types of allotment of marks by a single examiner without his/her initials, etc. are some other examples that puts the institution’s allegiance into dark.
Doesn’t the Chief Minister’s so called SIT cover the MPSC or does it serve only for the departmental examination?
A clean and transparent system promised by the new government should start from the top as the BJP government in Gujarat and Assam have initiated CBI probe in all the State Civil Services examinations conducted since 2012.
Similarly, a strong and vibrant review of the institution’s endeavour in social responsibility by a non-caged parrot body like CBI must be initiated by the people’s CM. A precedent must be established so as to curb the menace of corruption and nepotism which is the kind of legacy adopted by the MPSC.

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