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Items filtered by date: Thursday, 10 August 2017 - Imphal Times - A Daily Eveninger

IMC Mayor denied the clarification of Ex-Mayor as baseless

Imphal, August 10: Mayor of Imphal Municipal Cooperation (IMC) has denied the statement of the ex-mayor who appeared in the daily local newspapers that he gave approval of auctioning of eight IMC vehicles as baseless.
Speaking to the media persons at IMC office, L Lokeshore said that according to the tender notice issued on May 22, 2017, the Ex-Mayor S Sunil announced that the eight vehicles can be put into auction on May 29, 2017.
The process for the auction was continued by the officials of the IMC even though S Sunil resigned from the Mayor post before the auction on May 26, 2017, he added.
Lokeshore also said that after he was sworn as the new Mayor on June 9, 2017, the approval of the auction on June 23, 2017 was given by him as he found that the file process of the auctioning of the vehicles was complete, he added.

Lokeshore further said that the charge put upon stating that the approval of auctioning of eight IMC vehicles was given by him on July 3, 2017 is very unfortunate.
On the other hand, Lokeshore warn that action will be taken against those who are running shops by encroaching on areas under IMC. Investigation will also be carried out to find out shops that are not still registered at IMC and do not hold license, he added.
Lokeshore also said that those registered shops can avail the Bank facilities and appeals the shop owners and shop keepers to register at IMC, immediately.
Lokeshore also appeals the owners of those animals who are scattered in the IMC areas disturbing the public and traffic movement to station it at their respective places at the earliest as IMC has prepared to pick those animals which has been left to stray in the IMC areas.

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A matter need to ponder

The present era of Information Technology has ushered in such irrevocably radical changes that the world is viewed as a global village, and rightly so. Unrestrained and instant access to knowledge and information as well as coverage of communication facilities throughout almost every nook and corner of the world has indeed demolished the barriers to communication and information. Yet in such an era, ancient habits and archaic practices tend to subdue the logical and contemporary mindset- which can only explain the developments in such a small and geographically challenging state as ours.
The Nagas, in their quest to bring together naga inhabited regions, using various means- both fair and foul, are sculpting a new region as per their wisdom, which they claim is essential to fulfill their end without proper understanding of the repercussions and the collateral damages.

Same is the case with the Kukis who are demanding a unified kukiland, and if tomorrow, the other groups like the Manipuri Muslims, Kabuis, etc. were also to start demanding a separate region out of this state, leave alone the Meiteis, what rational could support such a demand or demands? Shouldn’t it be better to leave Manipur for the Manipuris- the Nagas, the Kukis, the Kabuis, the Muslims, the Meiteis and whichever group is residing in it. Regressive thinking, although might benefit a section or group of individuals, ultimately will only hamper even their own development - mentally, spiritually and financially.
A staggering amount of efforts and expenses have been utilized in raising and sustaining such issues as is evident from the scale of operations of these demands. What if these precious resources- financial and manpower- had been used for findingpragmatic solutions and answers to alleviate the way of life for everyone in this state- be it the scarcity of water, the insufficient and erratic power supply on which almost every modern equipments and gadgets are based on, the dismally prepared roads hindering travel and transportation- to be at par with the rest of the world and to prepare the future generation to compete and strive with fairness and intensity rather than to bide one’s time and survive on another’s misfortune and circumstances, as did our forefathers during the stone age.
Life is to be lived, not to merely survive, and to strive and grow and progress should be the endeavor of every human. Succumbing to rhetoric about one’s filial pride and privileges will only leave one behind in the quagmire one so deviously schemed to trap others in. Is everyone up for it?

MCSCC aspirant candidates staged protest; submit memorandum

Imphal, Aug 10: Aspirant MCSCC candidates today staged protest demonstration at Keishampat Leimajam Leikai and in front of MPSC. A memorandum was also submitted to the Chief Minister.
The civil service aspirants demanded to quash recently held MCSCC as irregularities were found in the conduct of the examination.
Imphal Times had reported the matter on July 26, 2017 issue.
Some of the Candidates appeared in the Manipur Civil Service Combined competitive examination- 2016 conducted by the Manipur Public Service Commission (MPSC) had exposed massive irregularities and mark tampering in the conduct of the examination. In some of the answer scripts procured from the MPSC, there were no signature of the examiners and in some answer sheets there were signs of manipulating the marks.
Plead for quashing of the said examination has not been listened by any of the concern government authority. The incident came to light when aspirants who appeared in the Main examination asked for copies of their answer sheets through RTI Act 2005. It is reported that some 200 candidates had asked for copies of their answer sheets through RTI Act. Of the 200 applied, about 20 got their answer sheets.
As per a ruling of the Supreme Court, Manipur High Court in its directive to the MPSC on Feb 28, 2017 in its order had asked to provide the answer sheets along with those of the 82 successful candidates

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Combing operation

Imphal, Aug 10: As a part of security measures taken up in connection with the upcoming Independence Day Celebration 2017, Cordon and Search Operation ( CASO ) was conducted by CDO IE team at  Brahmapur Guruaribam leikai (Old thambuthong Northern Side) from
4.am to 6am. under the Supervision of Addl.SP (ops) IE-  M.Kumarjit. The team was led by DSP (OPS) RK.Saklemba, DSP (CDO) Deben, and Women police SI Memtu. The combing operation was conducted using sniffer dog.
69 female, 300 male verified while 6 female and 3 male were picked up for further verification.

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Tiranga Yatra at Thoubal

Thoubal,Aug.10: Education and Labour Minister Th. Radheshyam today flagged off Motor Cycle rally organised by BJP Thoubal District Mandal in connection with Tiranga Yatra from its office at Thoubal.
Speaking on the occasion, Radheshyam said that the BJP is observing the month of August as Tirang Yatra to show respect to the martyred patriots and August 15. The Motor cycle rally rode till Kakching Keithel where they pay floral tribute to the statue of Hijam Irabot and later the rally come back at Kheba Ching, Khongjom and pay floral tribute to the statue of Paona Brajabashi.

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Landslide block HN-37: One injured

Imphal, Aug 10: At least one person (a truck driver sustains serious injury after a sudden landslide occurred near Kambiron area along the NH-37 and overrun on the truck.
CRPF personnel stationed at the nearby area pulled out the driver and rescued miraculously.
After the landslide, the NH-37 was blocked and vehicles coming towards Imphal and those going towards Jiribam have been stranded. The BRTF and the Security forces were working for clearance of the landslide mud.
Meanwhile, Social Welfare Forum Barak to Phaitol has called indefinite bandh on all the 22 Bridges on NH-37 with effect from the midnight of August 17, 2017.
The bandh is being called over non-clearance of compensation of land for widening of the road.

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Student’s blocked road, burnt effigies of Education Minister

Imphal, August 10: Students of DM College of Arts today burnt effigies of Education Minister, Chairman and Director of Education-U and furniture’s of the college protesting the admission of 100 more students at the college.
Before burning the effigies, desks and tables of the college were burnt by the protesting students of the DM College of Arts in front of the DM College gate.
The protesting students blocked the roads of the college campus. Imphal West Police team rush at the protesting site to put under control the situation.
The protest came to an end as soon as the student’s protestor got the news that the Education Department has withdrawn the notice order for the admission of more students in the DM College of Arts section.

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7 armed rebel groups call 12 hour total shut down in North East India on Indian Independence Day

IT News
Imphal, Aug 10: After NSCN-K, 7 more armed rebel groups of the region today called total shut down on August 15, in the entire North East India, which they term as WESEA to ban celebration of Indian Independence Day.
The total ban on the celebration of Indian Independence Day was made in a joint statement signed by Publicity Secretary, Hynniutrep National liberation Council (HNLC), Ksh Laba Meitei, President, Kangleipak Communist Party (KCP), Jiban Singh Koch,
Chairman, Kamatapur Liberation Organization (KLO), N. Oken, Chairman, Kanglei Yawol kanna Lup (KYKL), B. R. Ferengga, General Secretary, National Democratic Front of Boroland (NDFB),  Sengphui Borok, Organizing Secretary, National Liberation Front Twipra (NLFT) and J K Lijang, Chairman, People’s Democratic Council of Karbilongri (PDCK).
“As a part of this continuing resistance struggle, we, the undersigned representatives of our respective revolutionary organizations, declare to ban India’s Independence Day celebrations in our WESEA region. In order to successfully materialize the same declaration, we call for total shut-down of the entire region for 12 hours, that is, from 6 AM to 6 PM of the day, the 15th August, 2017. We call upon all peoples of this subjugated region to do the needful to make this ban a success”, the statement said.
It further added that India had never been a country or a nation until 1947, when the British colonialists left this part of the world.
The rebel group said that India was a massive sub-continent inhabited by a number of diverse communities, most of which were large enough to be independent nation-states.
“Colonialism is the real mother of the present Indian state. About this nation-making
process, Henry Cotton wrote in 1885 that a new nation was rising before his own eyes”, the statement said.
A brand new history of this new nation was constructed by Indian scholars as a part of what Sudipta Kaviraj called ‘the imaginary institutions of India’.
The rebels’ statement said that Nehru’s so-called masterpiece, the Discovery of India is, in reality, the Invention of India. The past was restructured to shape the present and consequently, the future.
“With the departure of colonial masters, the new country embarked upon an ambitious project of occupation of the rim-lands, through every possible means, political and military. Using uncivilized and sometimes, inhuman tools, the entire WESEA region have been subjected to forceful occupation of the mainland Indian regime, it added.
“With the birth of a new state, the on-going Indian nation-making process has been accelerated
with coercive state power, both hard and soft. It is natural for ultra-nationalistic and overenthusiastic mainland leaders of a multi-ethnic and multi-national ‘state-nation’ like India,
to go the extra mile to transform it into a mono-ethnic and mono-national ‘nation-state’ as soon historically as possible. Logical consequence of this nation-making process is total assimilation of the rim-land non-Indians like us, the Weseans. Assimilation is nothing but collective death of assimilated communities.
“To perform this jingoistic task, the present Indian establishment uses both violent and nonviolent actions. The present-day descendants of Gandhi have no qualms in using the ultimate forms of violence — like annexation of new territories, state-terrorism under AFSPA, collective fine, rape with immunity etc. But Gandhi hated violent nationalism and termed it a ‘curse’. To reinforce their hegemony over the peripheral non-Indians, in addition to the hard violent tools, they use soft ones like education, mass media, films, literature, arts and culture, and symbolic instruments like the national flag, national anthems, observation of national days, celebration of national festivals, ritual obeisance to national heroes etc.
“Observation of Indian Independence Day, which falls on the 15th August, is one of such symbolic instruments, sacred and unassailable for mainland Indians, but vicious and malicious to the colonized peripheral non-Indians. Celebration of such occasions can create a false consciousness of enjoying political freedom in the minds of subjugated people. To resist Indian occupation and hegemony, almost all communities of this WESEA region haverisen up in arms and armed struggle is still going on. As a part of this continuing resistance
struggle, we, the undersigned representatives of our respective revolutionary organizations,
declare to ban India’s Independence Day celebrations in our WESEA region”, the statement added.

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Family detained for flying helicopter onto prison grounds in Bangladesh

Siam Sarower Jamil
Dhaka, Aug 10: Prison authorities have detained three members of a Bangladeshi-Malaysian family for trespassing after they flew by helicopter onto the grounds of Kashimpur jail in Gazipur, near the capital.
The detainees are 50-year-old Billol Hossain, who was born in Comilla, and his Malaysian wife Hasna Ara Binte. Their three children are also in custody. The incident occurred around 11am on Thursday in the prison school field in Kashimpur, said Dhaka Central Prison-2 Jailor Anwar Hossain.
The family had hired the helicopter from the Dhaka-based Meghna company to attend a wedding in Konabari, Hossain told Imphal Times.
“We are questioning them. Further decisions will be made once we consult the inspector general and the deputy inspector general.’

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‘’Chirom Indira’’, A lady from Manipur shine in the Hearts of the Weavers of NE Region

The women weavers of NE region perform multiple roles of being handloom producers and trading of handloom products. As there are no cloth mills, or large number of powerlooms in the region, weavers put their hard labour by working manually. In the process of earning income, they preserve our culture and heritage by laboriously producing traditional clothes. Handlooms being a traditional occupation, women find it convenient and safe to work. The region has contributed an important share in handloom sector in terms of number of employed or owning of looms. When the number of handloom weaver households decline in India, the region recorded increase of number of weaver households from first (14.6 lakh) to the third (15.1 lakh) census.  But the sector is not progressing as expected. Income from handlooms and its contribution in the household economy is less as compared to other States. It is largely dominated by domestic production and part time weaving. Various issues like social and cultural aspects, demographic profile, production, employment, market structure, technology and skill  are analysed for understanding the present condition of handlooms. The factors contributing in promoting handloom sector are identified so that mobilisation can be done for promoting it as a livelihood activity.
The NE region is taking a place in the nation map for handlooms sector and it could find a niche market if proper planning and policies are framed. Women weavers though largely dominated the handlooms sector in this region, with changing market structure and competition, they face conflict and compromise. They are still using manual looms with low technology base which affects production. If appropriate action is not taken, then there is a fear of replacing the handloom products by imported materials. The responsibility is also with designers to focus on the handloom products instead of western garments to bring back a proud tradition. There is an expression of feminism in the NE region patrilineal society which encourages women to be self-reliant, economically active and collectively powerful. Thus, they felt that engaging in weaving which is a traditional feminine occupation increased their socio-economic status instead of sitting idle at home. We also need to acknowledge the significance and openness to new concepts to bring a more positive understanding of the women’s participation in the economic activities because for many of these women, working in the handlooms sector is a matter of contributing economically to the family and supplying clothes for the family members. Increasing productivity by working as full time rather than part time will make handlooms  production  more sustainable for livelihood. Weaving being a traditional feminine occupation, many women, be they educated or illiterate, got jobs in this sector. Therefore, with suitable public policies for this sector, large employment opportunities can be created for the women of the region. It is also a source of livelihood, especially in industrially backward States of north -eastern region (NE region) of India for a large section of rural women.
7th August of every year is observed and celebrated whole nation as a ‘‘National Handloom Day’’. First National Handloom Day were celebrated at Chenai on 7th August, 1025 inaugurated by our Hon’ble Prime Minister of India Shri Narendra Modi, second were at Varanasi on 7th August, 2016 and 3rd at Guwahati on 7th August, 2017 celebrated recently. On this day of National Handloom Day, Ministry of Textiles, Govt. of India acknowledging the contributions of Ms Chirom Indira in promoting handloom products of North East.    Chirom Indira was one of the Handloom Entrepreneur, Designer, Exporter, and Social Worker from the North-Eastern Region of India – promoting Manipuri handloom products for national and international markets. Her dedication and contribution for the development of handloom sector and working for the women empowerment made her a well-known figure in the region. She was born in Sagolband Sayang Kurao Makhong, Imphal West (Manipur). Being the eldest of siblings, she had a sense of responsibility. Activities such as social works, women empowerment and development of socio-economic condition for the weavers were always close to her heart. She is a ‘‘Graduate’’ from Manipur University and has a professional qualification of ‘‘Diploma in Handloom Technology’’ from Indian Institute of Handloom Technology (llHT), Guwahati.  
She has never been one to rest on her laurels. She has always looked ahead, towards newer challenges. Her natural instincts and foresight have always led her to the next frontier. She performed silently and continues to let her works talk for them. She is one of the very few people who are not money driven in their cause but work round the clock to bring about a change of socio-economic conditions of the weavers. She has always maintained a very positive and friendly attitude towards all the section of peoples. She loves people, works hard and always tries to lift the spirits of those around her. She was the front contributor to the transition of weaving from traditional products to the modern products. She adopted many traditional techniques and designs. She guided many weavers in designing and weaving with advance technique. Her creations were displayed in various National & International exhibitions organized at different places.
She was the member of various committees under O/o DC Handlooms, Ministry of Textiles, Govt. of India for the development of handlooms & textiles sectors. At present, she is member of ”ALL INDIA HANDLOOM BOARD (AIHB)”. The enthusiasm with which she has been promoting the  handloom sector of the Northeast Indian region, Chirom Indira has achieved great recognition and we hope that in future, the Northeast will be able to exploit its potentials and make a name for itself all over the world. Her hard work moving towards the fruitfulness tomorrow’s generation with a new identity and bringing smiles to thousands of weavers in the region. She was confered ”National Award” in ‘‘Design Development of Handloom Products’’ by O/o DC Handlooms, Ministry of Textiles for her philanthropic work in the handloom sector in the year 2016.

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