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Items filtered by date: Wednesday, 13 January 2016 - Imphal Times

Foundation stone for IIIT supposed to be inaugurated found destroyed

CM inaugurates two 33/11 KV Power Sub-Station at Sekmai Saitu Gamphajol

Newly constructed 33/11 KV Power Sub-Station at Sekmai and Saitu Gamphajol was inaugurated today by Okram Ibobi Singh, Chief Minister of Manipur. On the other hand the Foundation stone which is supposed to be unveiled by the Chief Minister at Mayangkhang today in Senapati District was found destroyed early today morning. The foundation stone for the IIIT at Myangkhang was destroyed over a dispute between two Villages. Source said that as the Ningthoupham Village was written at the stone, dispute arises between the Mayangkhang and the Ningthoupham Village. Police suspects the foundation stone to have been vandalise by the villagers who do not want to put Ningthoupham Village on the stone. 

Chief Minister first inaugurated the 33/11 KV Power Sub-Station Sekmai and later inaugurated another 33/11 KV Power Sub-Station at Saitu Gamphajol.
Okram Ibobi said that the newly inaugurated sub-station will be able to provide regular power supply to the consumers. He called on people’s supports and the consumers’ cooperation to provide better service.
Managing Director of MSPCL, N Sarat and other High level officials also participated at the inaugural of the 33/11 KV Power Sub-Stations.

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Habitual offender: Aren’t they?

The process of selecting the best for a particular task has been an inherent process of nature itself, from which man, with the passage of time polished and refined it to become what is known as a formal selection process. At present, the process has been divided into stages in order to test and evaluate every aspect of a candidate, the objective being to choose the best available person who can handle a particular task. The process therefore has become a universally adopted method of separating those with potentials from the rest – the wheat from the chaff. Right from the time a child is sought admission in a school to those instances when only the extraordinary minds and skills are sought for extraordinary tasks, various methods are being applied as per the level of expertise required. The result, as expected, is one which gives the best possible candidate or candidates.
However, selection processes in Manipur for various posts and positions has always been mired in controversies. There have been uncountable unfortunate incidents, perhaps more than anyone would care to remember, where such selection processes, instead of providing opportunities to deserving candidates, have turned out to be an act which have destroyed their carriers and futures. Legal wrangles, allegations of misdeeds by authorities, inexplicable delays in announcement of results and even cancellations of the entire selection processes has been seen as an intrinsic part of the process and is becoming an increasingly frequent phenomena in the state. As a result, numerous important and vital posts and positions in public administration have been remaining vacant, some for almost a decade without the hope of having them filled by competent individuals.

Delays in dispensing of public work, unnecessary over looping of tasks and authorities, break in the chain of procedures and resulting repetition of frustrating procedures are some of the everyday hazards faced by the public when dealing with any government department or agency. Such a custom have been so deeply ingrained in the workings of public administration that it has come to be institutionalized in the system. And while the public, incidentally for whom these selection processes are being carried out are left to fend for themselves against the onslaught of red-tapism and bureaucratic hurdles, there still is no sign of the government waking up to the reality on the ground. Its’ handling of public agitations and protests regarding the issue over the years have raised more questions than answers. What keeps the authorities conducting these selection tests from announcing the results within a reasonable and acceptable time-frame as announced? Why is the government not taking stringent actions against those incompetent heads of departments who are incapable of performing their duties? Despite the slips and reported loopholes in numerous selection procedures, why are such controversies still rampant? Is the state government incapable or merely uninterested in finding ways to conduct a fair and transparent selection procedure given the
advancement in technology? The only way out of this administrative quagmire is to find answers to these vexing questions by the government itself.

The Women’s Market in Imphal

I am extremely sad that the New Year earthquake of 2015 which has hit Manipur, has also heavily damaged the historic Women’s Market in Imphal.
I first heard of the historic and culturally important Women’s Market a number of years ago, before my daughter Katherine and I were to make our very exciting visit to Manipur in the spring of 2014.  We were following in the footsteps of our ancestors Frank and Ethel St Clair Grimwood (who had both greatly loved Manipur and its people), and we were met with wonderful hospitality and great kindnesses by so many Manipuris, including the Governor and Chief Minister.  We were both very excited to be able to visit the Women’s Market at last!
The Women’s Market is a vibrant and essential trading centre for the local women.  We were delighted also to find it full of vitality, good humour, warmth and generosity of spirit.  The wonderfully wide selection of colours of the beautiful woven fabrics made our choices very difficult as we looked for the material for our phaneks to wear for the Khongjom Day commemoration.  The ladies in the market were very helpful in their advice for the most suitable fabrics, and we took our final choices to the seamstress with her hand sewing machine to transform them into the elegant long skirts that we would wear a few days later for the ceremonies.
The damage wrecked by the earthquake a few days ago is a tragedy for the people of Manipur, especially of course for those who have lost loved ones, or who are seriously injured.  The buildings that have been damaged or destroyed are of course not as important as are the people who were lost, and buildings can be replaced, but, when decisions are made, the needs of those most affected must be accorded priority.  It seems vital that the Market is rebuilt faithfully to preserve its unique character and purpose.  Future tourism and such necessary income from visitors will depend substantially on this historic feature of Imphal and the very special experience that it offers to tourists who come to visit it.  It would indeed be a further tragedy if this piece of Manipur’s history and culture is not valued sufficiently for it to be fully restored to its original and unique function. We greatly look forward to our next visit to Manipur and to being able to see the women traders back in their wonderful home of the fully restored Women’s Market.

(The writer- Judith Macauley is the descendent of the British political agent , Mr Grimwood and visited Manipur and Ema keithel couple of years ago)

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Over 130 loaded trucks stranded at Jiribam

Over 130 loaded trucks are being stranded at Jiribam due to the indefinite bandh called by the Jiribam District Demand Committee.
According to report reaching here the trucks are good ferrying trucks coming towards Imphal. On the other hand construction for national project being underway has been put to halt due to the ban imposed by KSO

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AJWJU condemns assault on journalists

All Jiribam Working Journalists’ Union (AJWJU) has strongly condemn the assault of three state journalists and the caretaker of Manipur Press Club on January 11 at around 9.30 pm near Keishamthong area by a person called Meishnam Dujon Singh (age about 30) son of M. Kulachandra of Keishamthong Top Leirak. In a press statement the journalists’ body urged the state government authority to give exemplary punishment to the accused with the law of the land. It also extended its support to any decision adopted by the All Manipur Working Journalists’ Union as well as the Editors Guild Manipur. Mention may be made that senior reporter of Sangai Express Athokpam Jiten sustain serious injury after the accused along with some of his friend assaulted him near Keishamthong bridge in front of police personnel who were assigned on duty at the site. Three other persons including senior journalist of Poknapham, RK Bulluraj, Senior journalist of Peoples’ Chronicles Sukham Nanda and care taker of Manipur Press Club L. Jashubanta also sustained minor injury during the deadly attack by Meishnam Dujon and his gang. Dujon was arrested by police on the same evening and was produced before Judicial Magistrate yesterday and police remanded him in custody for four days. Meanwhile, Athokpam Jiten is still undergoing treatment at JNIMS. He will be unable to eat for few days as doctor has to stitch five / six scars inside his mouth besides removing some of his teeth.

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JAC form against ILPS related Bills to discuss course of action

Joint Action Committee (JAC) Against Anti-Tribal Bills will organized its 5th Consultative meeting on January 14 at Synod Hall, IB Road, Churachandpur. The meeting will have an open discussion on future course of action for the tribal movement. According to the JAC, the Tribal Consultative meeting is open for all to share their ideas and suggestion on the way forward for the tribal movement in general and the JAC in particular, and said that the JAC has its inception, relied on collective decisions taken during previous consultative meetings convened at the general public level as well as tribe leaders point of time to chart out its path.

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Youth Icon Award to Gurumayum Biseshwor Sharma

Gurumayum Biseshwor Sharma has been conferred the Youth Icon Award by Youth Pathshala Foundation supported by the Indian Council for Cultural Relation in recognition to his contribution to the Manipuri Martial Arts. The award was conferred in a grand event organised to celebrate the Yuva Diwas  - the Birth Anniversary of India’s National Youth Icon Swami Vivekananda at the ICCR Auditarium, Azad Bhavan, New Delhi on January 12.
Born on 15th February, 1983, Gurumayum Biseshwor Sharma is a Cultural Guru in the field of Manipuri Martial Arts called Thang-Ta : the Performing art of Swords and Spears. Son of Late Padma Shri Gurumayum Gourakishor Sharma- the first recipient of the prestigious Sangeet Natak Academy Award from Manipur and also Rabindranath Tagore Fellow who transformed this fierce Martial Art into a Performing art, Biseshwor Sharma has traveled every nook and corner of the country as well as the world to preserve, perform and promote his art form. At the age of 32 years, in the past 25 years, he has performed in over 500 events within the country and in more than 30 countries of the world which include - USA, Canada, United Kingdom, Switzerland, Italy, Japan, Chinese Taipei, Thailand, Singapore, Myanmar, Dubai, Bangladesh, Algeria, Ager etc.
Since childhood he has received many scholarships for his talents.

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SEACO organises meet to revive Sanamahi cult

South East Asia Cultural Organisation (SEACO) had organised a meet for rivivalism of Sanamahi Cult - an indigenous Manipuri religion on January 10 at Ireima Laibung , Pukhoa in Imphal East. Chief Advisor of SEACO Paonam Labango grace the occasion as Chief Guest while S Ibotombi, Retd. OC presided over the function. EX Pradhan and other members of the local clubs also attended the occasion. The meet deliberated on the need for rivival of Sanamahi cult which is an indigenous religion for the people of the state. Speakers on the occasion stressed on the need for reviving of the indigenous cult as the only means for protection and safeguarding of our identity. SEACO extended gratitude to those who attended the occasion.

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Maoist warns RIMS and JNIMS; says they are not satisfied with both

Rebel group Maoist Communist Party, Manipur (MCPM) today sent out a strong message against the Director and Medical Superintendent of RIMS alleging them for foul play to the inquiry of the question leak issue. The outfit also gives five days time to the Director of JNIMS to correct his administration instead of making clarification to newspaper.
In a press statement, the armed group said that the way at which the report of the inquiry committee was made to public and the simultaneous declaration of the result on the following day was not satisfactory and termed it as a challenge to the outfit.
It said, the outfit has been waiting for the declaration of the inquiry committee findings but unfortunately it was concluded on a day when the newspapers of the state stop publication on account of holiday and the finding was announced only to the local cable TV news. Which showed that there were some mischievous acts to the conduct of the probe for question leak issue to the recruitment of 116 staff nurse for RIMS. It said the attitude was a nothing less than a direct challenge to the outfit. The MCPM further added that the outfit will consider Director and Medical Superintendent of RIMS as the enemy of the people.
Regarding the director of JNIMS the outfit said that the clarification made by him after the outfit gave him a warning did not impressed them. It said that the director should rather think of how the patients in the hospital has been provided medical service instead of counting how many patients have been treated in the hospital. It said the director had already failed its tactics to malign the name of the party by relating to the placing of bomb with the school. The MCPM further added that the director should concentrate and correct the wrongs to the administration of JNIMS. It also said that the outfit will wait for 5 days to see if there is any changes to the administration of the hospital if the same continue then the outfit will consider a challenge by JNIMS authority.

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Manipur Postal Dept opens new avenue of awareness with its mail vans

Mail Vans of Manipur Postal Department are ready to provide opportunity of publicity of products to traders, organisations in Manipur under Media Post service. Vinod Kumar, Director (Posts), Manipur inaugurated this service today morning in Imphal Head post office complex by sending first mail van carrying advertisements of different services of a coaching centre.
Vinod Kumar said postal mail vans cover long distances in city or outside and if any person put its advertisement on these vans it will be seen by maximum number of people. He further intimated that there is a fast changing trend in field of publicity, instead of fixing a signboard or hoarding in one place where a limited number of people can see the advertisement, nowadays moving advertisements are taking place as new trend. There are 56 sub post offices situated in Manipur where every day mail van goes to drop/pick mails hence this medium of publicity will ensure the best way to popularize any product or service. He intimated that under media post service, interested traders, coaching centres and service providers can place advertisements of products to ensure maximum publicity for their products or services. The director informed that this van will also create awareness about the social security schemes of the government departments like Pradhan Mantri Suraksha Bima Yojna, Pradhan Mantri Jeevan Jyoti Bima Yojna and special scheme for girls under age of ten years. Under the scheme, parents and legal guardian can open accounts in any Post office in the name of the child for a maximum of  two girl children up to 10 years of age in any Post Office with initial amount of Rs 1000/- only. Interest will be given @ 9.2% for FY 2015-16 which will be calculated compounded every year. If Rs 1000/- per month is deposited till 14 years, then after 21 years an amount of Rs 6,16,000 (approx) will be given to which can be a great help for her higher education or boosting up her career to scale new height of progress.
Mr. A. Boy singh, the driver of the postal department told that he feels very happy as he has got this honour to run first mail van carrying advertisements on both sides. On both sides, four flex banners can be put at a very nominal rate fixed by the department. There is a very important step taken by the Dept. of Posts that these advertisements are carrying mobile numbers of postal department, added the director and members of public can contact in case of any complaints or query on these mobile numbers : 9436021482, 9856176494,  9612977706 and 0385-2450146.

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