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Imphal city is changing but traffic problem still a menace

Imphal city is changing, administrators and government official (except some few) are trying to make the city change towards the better direction. Everyone knows it will need time. After all Rome was not build in a day. It will take time but it will take less time if the present sincere officers in the government keep continuing their work the way they are doing at present under the leadership of Chief Minister N. Biren Singh.
Frequent road accident have drew the attention of the government and finally after finding some irregularities in the issuing of driving license, the state transport department is doing the appropriate way to issue driving license. Imphal Times had earlier brought up issues of school children riding motor vehicles, particularly two wheelers bike to their schools. Everybody knows students in schools are less than 18 years in age except for one or two who fails in the exam. Now as per the new regulation being seen taken up by the transport department, people now sees hope that those who are qualified/eligible to drive will only get the license to drive motor vehicle. This perhaps is another means to reduce the road mishaps, which was frequent in the state of Manipur.
Extending life by establishing Imphal Evening, Elected representatives simplicity and the coming down of VIP and VVIP culture is indeed a sign that shows that the new government is moving towards the right direction. Having said so there are certain area where people are not satisfied. There are demands, bandhs and agitation still seen. Chief Minister N. Biren Singh had rightly stated that in the running of the government there will be issues and problem. These issues and problems need to be look after and the government is looking on it.
Today we in the Imphal Times is bringing the notice of the state government to have some attention of the traffic regulation in Imphal city. Good works are seen being taken up by the transport department in qualifying individuals to drive their vehicles. Police department too help the transport department authority to give penalty to those driving vehicle without proper valid license for driving vehicles. These few initiatives are worth appreciations.

But who are actually following the traffic regulation in the roads of Imphal City. At any of the junction where traffic police are assigned none of the vehicle follows the rules and regulation of how to stop vehicle on the directives of the traffic police. Except for one or two drivers none stopped before the line drawn near the Zebra crossing when a signed to stop the vehicle was shown.
So far, no vehicle which violated the traffic rules has been given penalty. Above these some people riding big and luxuries car do not even care the signal to stop or proceed directed by the traffic police on duty.  These specific area should be a matter of great concern for those maintaining the traffic regulation and these personnel whoever be them should be empowered to give penalty to those violating the regulation.  
Recently the state government has appointed separate SP for the Traffic Control Police. To us, we consider the duty of the traffic police to enforce strict rule in driving and to punish those seen violating the traffic rules and regulation while driving or even parking the vehicles. They are not supposed to waste their time checking the documents of the vehicles as this is purely the duty of the transport department authority.
We are expecting better and systematic traffic control system in Imphal city at least.     

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