An uncertain generation



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An uncertain generation

Written By: / Editorial / Wednesday, 30 July 2014 00:00

Manipur, beset with an unending string of upheavals and social unrest, have truly started to regress in all spheres of development. The rapidly declining social order does not seem to have a viable solution in sight to put a brake on the unfortunate and undesirable developments. Accentuating these social chaos is an increasing proclivity of the public to put all the blame squarely on the state Government. lt would not be incorrect to state that there are a good number of social organizations and groups of individuals who, for reasons best known to themselves, prefer to brew up a storm on the slightest pretext rather than to make efforts to settle the matter in a more mature and productive manner. This very trait of resorting to violence and destructive behavior even for flimsy reasons everyone in the state is increasingly witnessing is a cause for real concern. How can anyone justify the destruction and displacement of a whole family for an act of crime committed by a member of that family? Should such a vindictive reaction be justified at all, in the first place? How are we supposed to expect the government to upkeep the law and order when we have started taking the law into our own hands? Will it be right to assume that the parents and family members of criminals are supporting or encouraging their children to perpetrate crimes? On what basis do we assume that the entire family is party to an act of crime committed by an individual? Are our laws (even customary or traditional ones) based on assumptions? Have the public so far kept their part of the deal? Can two wrongs make a right, thereby placing a greater number of wrongly informed individuals in the right by their sheer majority in numbers? And yet, harsh as it may sound, the present social mindset can be attributed to the declining credibility and increasing distrust felt by the public of those running the Government, only if in part. The evidently increasing abuse of power and misuse of resources, blatant negligence of responsibilities and increasing indifference to the needs and demands, however genuine and urgent an issue may be, are some of the factors aggravating the condition. And while the collective consciousness of the public is caught up in these issues, the real issue of progress and sustainable development takes a backseat. The instinctive reactions of the public and stopgap measures of the Government have thrown away any semblance of rationality or functionality. The answer to all these social mayhem and disruptions is progress and development. But that is easier said than done. A radical approach from both the public and the Government need to be taken up that is based on trust and mutual respect. The machineries of the Government need to function in an efficient and transparent manner to win back the trust and respect of the public. The people of the state, on the other hand, need to place our rationality above our instincts and emotional urges. We cannot, and nor should we expect instant solution for every issue from the Government. We should instead cooperate and support the Government in overcoming the tremendous pressures they are constantly under. We need to restrain ourselves and applaud their good work which will definitely urge them to perform better. It is time to give trust, respect and cooperation a chance, not only for the present society, but more importantly for the future generation who are already feeling the heat of the uncertainties and insecurities. 

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