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RN Ravi paranoia: State BJP should now pressure central leaderships

The 50 points of the NSCN-IM did exist and another 18 points proposal to run the new government of NSCN-IM has been prepared by the collective leadership of the outfit. Imphal Times stands by its report. Denial of the report by Indian interlocutor RN Ravi while
talking to a daily paper published in Nagaland is expected, as we the Imphal Times had not reported that the matter has been tabled. The date for talks after the signing of the “Framework Agreement” between the NSCN-IM and the Government of India has not yet been officially announced. And what we in the Imphal Times had reported is the demand that has been prepared by the NSCN-IM collective leadership in consultation with its frontal organization leaders in a series of meetings held at camp Hebron, the liberated zone of NSCN-IM.
Based on a highly placed source, the blue print to make the proposal from the side of the NSCN-IM has been finalised and will be submitted during the first round of talk after the signing of the ‘Framework Agreement’ between the two entities. The term two entities is being coined here as the Government headed by Prime Minister Narendra Modi seems to
be working forward to find a solution with the outfit beyond the purview of the Indian Constitution or perhaps under some pressures from Christian organizations based in other countries.
Two of the major issues that may spark tensions in the North Eastern region, is the NSCN-IM proposal for restoration of nearly 5000 sq. miles to the Nagas which they claim to have been occupied by Assam. Thinking well about the probable problem if stand stuck to this demand, the collective leadership also put another option and that option is payment of compensation for the land in case they could not restore the land. The proposal for 3 states formula in Naga area by keeping the present Nagaland state as it is and by bifurcating portions of Arunachal Pradesh and Manipur is one big issue that the government of India has to be considered with extreme care.
Interestingly the NSCN-IM also demanded a separate electoral system in this three proposed Naga states which is different from the present democratic electoral system of the country. Rejection of any demand is the right of the Indian Government authorities, but after the

framework agreement that was signed between the Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the NSCN-IM leadership on August 3 this year, any short of objectionable move will be strongly countered. And for that it is expected that the NSCN-IM may seek help from countries which do not want India to remain united and strong.
But another serious issue is the propaganda launched by NSCN-IM to the people of the NE region particularly in Manipur about a solution reaching soon. Taking advantage of the present development the NSCN-IM authority is recruiting cadres at different places of Manipur including Chandel, Tamenglong and Senapati districts besides other claimed Naga areas. The report of the mass recruitment is an open secret but both the state government and the central government is ignoring on what is actually going on at the ground. This report about
recruitment of cadres openly has also been denied by the government.
Point here is that, the report about NSCN-IM proposal for 3 state and land compensation from Assam or restoration of the nearly 5000 sq.miles may be termed as false by RN Ravi. But things stand logical and true. They cannot hide what is happening around.
The Nagaland based daily paper report about the version of NSCN-IM interlocutor VS Atem did not said that they will not put up anything during the talk. Moreover he was quoted as saying that there may be more points like 75 to 100 to be put up during the first round of
talk after the August 3 pact.

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