Recharging underground water be harvesting rain water is the need of the hour

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Experts today agree that due to increasing pollution and the mass deforestation taking place at various part of the world, particularly in the developing and the underdeveloped countries, has raised the mercury level making human unbearable at cities and town of many countries.
The temperature is increasing due to which climate change is taking place causing direct effect on the rainfall. This leads to excessive rainfall which leads to floods and will cause drought at many places. Taking the form of water, it goes ahead while destroying, but when there is less rainfall then ground water is exploited for the supply of water. Due to excessive groundwater exploitation, about two-thirds of the water blocks in the entire country have gone into the dark zone i.e. dangerous condition and the situation is getting worse continuously. Only about 8 percent of the total rainwater is being used underground, while the exploitation is many times more.
Atal Bhujal Yojana is an effort of the Central Government to improve the condition of ground water, which is to be accomplished by Jan Jagran (especially in rural areas) through State Governments. However, the State Governments and the officers of Irrigation and Water Resources Department are not seen working for implementation of the Yojna.
It is high time that the general public collect rainwater underground by making rainwater harvesting system wherever necessary and wherever it falls, while supporting Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s proclamation “Rain water, whenever it falls, wherever it falls”. Store the rainwater from the roof by making drums and underground tanks and keep wide-mouthed pots, tubs, buckets etc. in the open during heavy rains. The water that will be collected in it is as if you have created it because water cannot be made in any mill or factory and in this way crores of liters of groundwater will be saved from exploitation. If the people still do not wake up and keep emptying the ground like this, then even drinking water will not be available, so take a pledge that we will save rainwater and increase groundwater.
Rain water should not be wasted, recharge should go into the ground. Ground water will improve, water will increase, everyone will have to save water. The danger of groundwater exploitation is great, giving quick orders for earthquake
Water should be recharged to increase groundwater, everyone will have to save water.

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