Strict measures to check the ‘virus’ to make sure that CM policies are for the people

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Every one of us knows that it is next to impossible to get a government job by all the people. But many hope to get one. As per record with the Employment office, over 7,00,000 educated youths have registered to apply govt. jobs. That means literally there are over 7 lakhs educated but unemployed youths i the state. At present Manipur government can employ only around 80 to 85 thousand government employees. In addition, there are also some contract employees engaged by the government from time to time. A source said that governments spent around 300 crore for payment of salaries to the government employees.
Besides, paying salaries to the govt. employees the government has also had many more responsibilities. There are various things need to be taken up – like the construction of infrastructures, taking up of welfare project for the state and those who are living on hands to mouth. So, definitely, the state needs more money in addition to the payment of salary. For the past many years Manipur as been depending on to the central government’s grant-in-aid for taking up development projects. There are reports of taking loans from international bank with prior permission from the central government.
This is all because the state government had failed to organised resource mobilization. There are various sectors that which the state government can generate revenue. Leaving aside the state own resource, certain monetary assistance sanctions as grant to the state for taking up development projects which will, in turn, help the state to generate it’s revenue. For example, there are state shares in the GST. But the unfortunate part is that there are no reports of Manipur government benefitting from such state revenue, as some people in power or some who are near and dear one are not sincere enough to exercise their duty in the interest of the state.
Every development programs taken up by the state government for utilization of the human resource could not be implemented due to various problems created by some paid government staffs as they use any means to demoralise people in performing the rituals of the govt. programme. An example that can be cited here is the incident at which a start-up company who have been sanctioned a loan amount of Rs 70 lakhs plus Rs 30 thousand as subsidy. People and even the government authority know that the bank authority ( MSBC Ltd) asked him to take the subsidy amount only after spending Rs. 2000 plus many days.
It was not only in the second coming of N. Biren Singh as the chief minister too but N. Biren Singh had assured to reduce corruption in the state. People across the country had seen his government taking up various measures. This time after becoming the chief minister for the second time, he had called on all his machineries to fight corruption in addition to the intensification of his government’s mission – “war on drugs”.
N Biren singh’s essence of patriotism and his desire to uplift the Manipuri Society is easily noticed from day one when he became the Chief Minister of Manipur.
But something seems not right in the governance. There are reports of some few vested interested people who sometimes hindered the people-oriented policies of the Chief Minister – either intentionally or due to ignorance. These in short are “viruses” of the society which need to be exterminated.
One best thing we the people expect is that Chief Minister N. Biren Singh takes this matter with extreme seriousness. A media gimmick to draw the attention of the people will not serve the purpose to fulfill his dream in building a prosperous, corruption free and peaceful society.

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