Election campaign overshadows Covid-19 Pandemic

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With State Assembly Election just around 6 months left, political parties and other intending candidates with their zeal to win the election had almost overshadowed the Covid-19 Pandemic which is still a major problem for both the common people and also the Health workers. It has been just a couple of months back that front page newspapers of almost all newspapers were occupied with the triple-digit rise in covid-19 positive cases and the double-digit number of death every day. Now the curve has been down may be due to the intensified mass vaccination programme. Yesterday the number of Covid-19 positive cases has decreased to 5.1%, with just 100 persons detected with the virus and 6 more death, the situation somehow is becoming normalcy if not succeeded to control the disease fully. Maybe, assuming the situation improving, the Chief Secretary of Manipur Rajesh Kumar, who is also the Chairman of the State Disaster Management Authority has reduced the duration of the night curfew from 8.30 Pm to 4 Am.
Now the bad news is about the possible break out of another Covid-19 third wave by experts in November or February. Even a lawmaker of the state had stated that after February or March the dreaded virus which put hold every movement of the society may return back. He was saying it in view of the election that is going to conduct in February or March. As the people of the state seems to have forgotten the impact of the Covid-19 and to live life by following Covid behaviour, what the lawmaker had stated may be correct.
Today, the Manipur seems to have forgotten that there is still a threat of the Covid-19. The upcoming election has overshadowed the Covid-19. We have been seeing election-related campaigns organized in large manner at various Assembly constituencies across the state. In the name of camera meeting or consultative meeting over 1000s people are seen gathering close to each other by not maintaining the social distancing advice. Many high profile National level political leaders are visiting and people are made to gather without maintaining the Covid-19 appropriate behaviour at many occasions.
Today show 1000s of people organizing house campaign by BJP candidate in Singjamei Assembly constituency, the other day show NPP candidate organizing house campaign with a large number of people following the candidate in the same constituency.
In Thongju Assembly constituency meetings for elections are seen conducting every day and as per photos and videos uploaded there was no social distancing followed.
When AICC observer visited Thoubal district, the way the workers and supporters gathered seems that there is no threat of Covid-19.
Large gatherings either for protest or election campaigns by any political party will certainly make the virus easy access to transmit among the people.
If the third wave occurred the blame should be to all the intending candidates and those MLAs or Ministers who think of winning the election only by organizing the people to gather anywhere.
Surprisingly district administration or the State Disaster Management Authority seems to remain as mute spectators to all activities where there is a possibility of spreading the virus. On the other hand, strict measures are seen taking up for a large gatherings of people for ritual related purpose.
We have seen known and feel the pain of Covid-19. And as those who are responsible are not caring for their people and keep continue organizing large gatherings breaking every rule, it is now time that we the people should take care of by ourselves by protecting our family from the return of the dreaded novel coronavirus.

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