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Written By: / Editorial / Tuesday, 28 September 2021 17:36

The intensifying vitriolic outbursts and counter-accusations heralding the onset of election fever in the state have acquired a more-than-usual colourful hue with a palpable sense of eagerness by the public to bring in a change from the political rut and misgovernance the state has evidently slipped into. The present ruling state government has displayed its inability to put the business of the state in order in almost every aspect, and despite repeated terms in office which should have given them enough acumen and experience to avoid unnecessary and unwanted scandals and public outrages, things are getting worse on the contrary. Every single welfare scheme or development projects have been mired in controversies and muddy transactions- so much so that the long-suffered public have started to take these administrative aberrations as a necessity evil, having given up whatever was remaining of the hopes and expectations from previous terms of office by the party. That there is an increased sense of desperation amongst the ruling political heavyweights of the state can be gauged by their increasingly acerbic accusations and counter-claims towards the resurgent oppositions. The political mud-slinging is set to intensify in the coming months and the public who are on the receiving end have to endure yet another round of political din and confusing cacophony.
Yet for all the endearing display of concern for the public by the rulers as well as the contenders, precious little has been put into practice to show for it. It is very well to debate and denounce the ignorance or inaction of the state parties about the framework agreement at the centre between a terrorist-turned wannabe political group and the government, but the real concern of the majority of the public who still have to worry about their immediate future and monetary avenues on a daily basis have been sidelined. Bandhs, blockades, public curfews, general strikes, economic blockades, lockdowns, agitations, rallies, relay strikes and hunger strikes, pen-downs and chaka bandhs- you name it, it will once ore happened in Manipur. More often than not, such disruptions are announced by various parties for issues both genuine and imagined concurrently for want of a vacant day to take out their protest or display their displeasure with the government by themselves. Is this the result of a protracted blunder and deliberate mismanagement of government resources by those in power, or a manifestation of the growing awareness and increasing participation of the public in politics and public governance? Why is the state government still bungling over matters as routine as employment, appointments and execution of schemes and projects?
It is a given that those in positions of power and influence will have had their share of the pie any which way. What is still confounding the gullible public is the abject failure of the much experienced ruling party to execute even the most mundane task till now. On the other hand, what is causing concern for the same public is the resurgent opposition who are increasingly displaying signs of a vindictive and rhetoric policy in tune with those spearheading the political onslaught- characters who have been tested and found wanting in their not-so-distant political avatars. Meanwhile, the public is left to fend for themselves amongst the bandhs, potholes, towering garbage piles and gnarly traffic.

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Rinku Khumukcham

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