Fooling the people with fertilizer issue: Mr. Minister you will face the music

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At a time when farmers’ bodies and family members are urging the government authority particularly the Department of Agriculture to take responsibility for the death of young farmer Vevikananda from Borayangbi village as he succumbed to injury in a road accident, while on his way to get fertilizer, Agriculture Minister O Lukhoi seems to have no sympathy to the deceased farmers as well as his wife and little son, as he said that the cause of the death of the farmer as road accident.
Congress MLA and opposition member Okram Surjakumar’s reasonable explanation to the cause of the death as related to the fail distribution of fertilizer in the state by Agriculture department fails connect the thinking capacity of Agriculture Minister. Either he intentionally ignored to what Congress MLA Surjakumar or not, the Agriculture Minister did not really get to what MLA Surjakumar has been trying to point out and relate the death of the young farmer with that of the failed fertilizer distribution system.
Well outside State Assembly house and at almost all cultivable area of the state farmers are shouting demanding fertilizer, which the government make it available at Rs. 226/- on subsidize rate. As per statement in the temple of democracy during the 13th State Assembly Session today the Agriculture Minister O. Lukhoi has stated that of the total proposed 5,50,5000 fertilizer (urea) bags. The center has allocated 4,40,000 bags only. Of this, the state has so far received 3,30,000 bags. More are coming, and so far (as of Aug 8, 2021) a total of 2,19,240 bags of urea fertilizers has been distributed through District Administration, District Agriculture Officers, local MLAs and intending candidates of the upcoming election.
According to farmer Agriculture Minister K Ranjit, who represent Sugnu Assembly Contituency after subtracting/segregating water logged paddy field, the Jhum cultivation and the 7500 hectors of cultivable land by the MOMA Fertilizer required for paddy field in just around 80,500 hector. K Ranjit embraced the ruling party particularly the Agriculture Minister by stating that it was unfortunate for the people of the state that the Agriculture Minister of the state have not been provided adequate requirement of fertilizer as well as the total number of cultivable land where fertilizer is required.
As per the data given by MLA K Ranjit there is no reason for the people of the state to hear the hue and cry from the farmers about the mobility of fertilizers. As the total fertilizer bags required by farmers of the state will be just around 2.40 lakhs.
It was in today’s ongoing have that Agriculture Minister O Lukhoi stated that the state have adequate number of fertilizers, around 1,20,000 bags are in stock plus more are coming. If it is so, why, a young farmer by the name Venikananda have to die while rushing to get just two bags of fertilizers.
When everyone across the state felt that there is something wrong to the distribution system of fertilizers to farmer, one wander on why the Agriculture Minister is not ready to constitute any House Committee to enquire on what went wrong to the distribution system of fertilizer to the farmers on time.
Making a mockery of a mettle of public interest on urgency is indeed a humiliation to the Democracy.
Because it is an open recreate that 60% of the farmers had stated that they procured fertilizer on med at Rs. 800 to 1200/-. These fertilizers are government controlled fertilizers and are not supposed to be available at open market. And putting the blame of the failure for distribution to the digital App. PoS is supply an excuse.
Remember it is easy to tool a perm for sometime but impossible to fool all the time.

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