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Good fortune is not permanent; consequently, there is no use for too much attachment when things are going well. This is what Nobel laureates and Tibetan Spiritual Dalai Lama had stated in his book ‘Advice on Dying’ which was translated and edited by Jeffrey Hopkin.
The writings of the Dalai Lama are purely about the philosophy of living a better life even after we all know that no living being human being is mortal. But saying so, when one read the book from different perspectives about the art of politics and its ultimate goal it gave an immense idea of the need for tolerance to serve the cause.
In this column, we in the Imphal Times recalled the Spiritual leader Dalai Lama’s philosophy of life as Manipur is in urgent need of understanding that – we human beings are not mortal. We may live for some years and finally, we will start finding the final exit. But for reason which is sometimes justifiable human greed has created too much trouble that thousands are made suffered due to someone’s aggressive character of accumulating whatever wealth, even by looting the share of many people, by not realizing the fact that when the soul left the body, that wealth will not come with him.
In our little state, which is located at Indo Myanmar Border Politicians have forgotten their responsibility and had even failed to realize that today’s action will either ruin or built their image by the near future.
Too much greed ruins the career of every person, among the common people. But when such things are noticed among the leaders or self-proclaimed leaders then the future generation will not only spit at them but will bear the hit to their respective descendants.
What will the future generation talk about the 3 MLAs, who were disqualified in the last state assembly election and the other two in the 11th Manipur Legislative Assembly? What will their children think of them?
It is not only the MLAs or Ministers but those contractors, businessmen, and others who are playing the stomach of the people. If they think about the future of their own children then they could not have constructed outdated roads, buildings, or schools.
The future generation will remember you as leaders if you do something good today for the people.
Lets’ hope those people changing their mindset in delivering service for the people if they want their children and great-great-grandson to be respected by all.
Remember, Mahatama Gandhi’s decedents are still respected today. Son of Subash Chandra Bose is highly respected. And in Manipur Hijam Irabt is being remembered even today and will go on remembering him by the people.

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Rinku Khumukcham

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