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The essence of patriotism that runs through the veins of every common man across the Globe is the reason behind the provocation for emergence of populist ideological base government in almost all the countries. Patriotism has been re-invented and the neo-narratives of the feelings now has been concentrated on the strengthening of ‘I’, ‘We’, ‘Our’ and the land. These are no fault of any persons or group of persons with political ideology, as the world today is occupied by those which have stronger power in terms of military might and economy dominations. These perhaps has provoked every government of each country to act without concerning much about liberalization no matter that very country believes in democracy.
For over 70 years, India has been a confused nation with conflicts of ideology. When the Congress party ruled the country, the left wing political parties have their different views to the definition of India and for that reason even after having a permanent government elected under democratic election there were and are still armed movement against the system. The very idea of India accepted by the Congress has been opposed by many hard liner patriots of the nation and thus the Right wing ideological based political parties particularly the BJP takes not much time in re-defining the nation after coming to power.
Left, Right or those in neither left nor Right political parties all have the essence of patriotism runs to their blood but the way each political party believe in making the nation independent and powerful are different. The ideology of making India as a strong and welfare nation are not similar among the Right Wing political groups like the BJP and the party like Congress.
Ironically, some liberal thinkers and scholars fear the dead of democracy after the ruling Right wing regime started re-making a new India under their own perception. People across the world has witness the present Right wing political party which is running the government using all powers to make India a country with all power vested to states under the quasi federal structures bringing to the center. Besides, the party has change India as a country with one Constitution and one National flags after the abrogation of the Article 370 from Jammu and Kashmir. Many thinks these a right move but some criticize it as a move to distort the country into pieces.
It was hard time, but now majority of the people started accepting the BJP ideas of new India. With Communication technology reached its peak every happenings under the government running the country have started noticing the difference between the Right Wing groups and those in the left as well as those in the center but bends towards the left. Many have started agreeing the idea of a new India being rebuilt by the Right Wing BJP led government.
The mandate of the 2014 Lok Sabha election and later in 2019 showed that majority of the Indian are accepting the idea of new India being rebuilt by BJP led government today.
In democracy people’s mandate is absolute on What India should be. As of now there are many things despite all odds majority of the Indian are favouring the Right wing leadership. It is possible because India is democracy. But there may be another times in the future that people might think that the way of making a new India by the right wing regime is not acceptable and that time another better group of people may comes up with a better ideology of strengthening the country.
As of now, Right wing group BJP, which is leading the country is accepted by majority of the Indians.

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Rinku Khumukcham

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