Now you have the absolute power; fulfill the promises Mr. CM

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Earlier there were excuses when promises were failed to fulfill as people do not fool enough to understand how was a government led by him function. People often term him as a weak Chief Minister as he has powerful companies that often obstruct his policy. When CMHT fails while implementing at the ground due to ‘don’t care’ attitude of the concerned minister, when promises to make the city Imphal clean and introduction of evening life failed due to lack of coordination from his ministerial colleague, people understand and have been expecting his improvement to empower himself as a competent Chief Minister who can keep and control all his cabinet ministers as well as the major departmental head. Other than long pending issues like the AFSPA, territorial integrity among other people of the state did not make any complaints against the failure of the program announced by him as people understand that there are thugs of his colleagues who were not happy with his popularity.

Now, with the winning of 4 BJP candidates and in the recently concluded by-election and with the addition of one more BJP MLA after Manipur High Court ruled Y. Surchandra Election of 11th Manipur Legislative assembly the stability is expected and people are watching every move. People are silent when there were allegations of violation of the laws in his government because people know that those raising voice for the so-called violation of laws to the formation of his government are more filth in character when it comes to politics in Manipur. N. Biren Singh, after 3 and a half years now is becoming absolute. And by this time he can interfere with policy or planning for the welfare of the people if people are not satisfied.

Now, N. Biren Singh had promised good education for the students of the people by introducing the “Go to school” project, he had introduces “go to hill”, , Go to Villages” and had introduced the Chief Minister gi Hakshel Tengbang. Whatever he introduced during his time are for the welfare of the people but till today none of the public welfare schemes are properly implemented. What is wrong with the CMHT, when someone had to spend money on buying medicine cost more than Rs. 1000 per day when in reality those implementing allows only 1200 rupees per day cost under the scheme. A patient in need of Albumin which cost around Rs. 5000/- have to either buy the medicine by himself or herself as it does not come under the CMHT. Other than this the CMHT can only apply to less costly treatment and for serious cases sometimes the hospital authority has to re-consulted whether it comes under the CMHT or not with the Nodal authority of the health department.

Likewise, the go-to village mission at present are like a picnic trip for those officials. Except for some not everybody are benefitted from the scheme. And people still do not understand the purpose of “Go to school” mission when no changes are seen in the policy. Sons and daughters of government school teachers and government employees as well as those of the Ministers and MLAs continue to chose the private-run schools.

IN 5 years Delhi government had improved the government school and students in Delhi today prefer government schools more than private schools. The success was due to the integrity of the Ministerial team of Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal.

If N. Biren Singh the Chief Minister of Manipur really feels that Manipur should move forward and bring an all round development, he is the one person to look and interfere with the matters.

Today after the by-election he has all the power. He had the number of MLAs required and also the support of the people. What people are expecting is a proper and effective implementation of whatever announced for the welfare of the people.

This time if he fails to convert into action to whatever he had stated and whatever he had taken up, the support he gets from the people right at the moment will not take long to perish.

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Rinku Khumukcham

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