Work by stealing minutes from hours, as we are in extraordinary time

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Extraordinary times need extraordinary activities. As the world today is in extraordinary times the leaders needs extraordinary activities if felt that human life should be protected at any cost. Some leaders across the globed are pouring all their energy to safe the human kind, some works to protect their nation and some are seen busy trying to take advantage of the situation. What the leaders of Manipur need to follow is the kind of action that some leaders of the world are acting. Countries in South East Asia, Europe and South America should be set as an example to make sure that the people are protected from the deadliest attack by the unseen enemy. Nobody can deny the fact that any action of any leaders had been proof as the only means to protect its people but the kind of action they take up as per their wisdom showed the essence of patriotism running through their blood.
Chinese Premier Xi-Ping’s extraordinary measures that was seen taken up at Wuhan and other provinces of his country to contain the virus had been seen and the world knows how life was restored at Wuhan of China where the virus was born. Leaving aside some European countries as well as country like Canada in South America which are successfully handling the COVID-19 pandemic, the government of Manipur needs to learn some lesson from the neighboring Myanmar. Under its president Win Myint, the Myanmar government is taking up extreme extraordinary measures to stop the spread of the virus.
At this time Manipur even though is a state of India, needs to focus on certain foreign countries on the way they deal the situation instead of looking at other Indian states like UP, Bihar, Delhi or Maharashtra.
Bigger states of India’s main concern is the falls in their economy and above this the main concern as of now for states like Bihar is to get power by wining in the election that is just few weeks to go. Manipur being a erstwhile nation, which is the second Asiatic kingdom to hold a democratic election to run the erstwhile nation should rather think differently from what the leaders of other states in the country think so. The population is comparatively low when compare with other communities of the bigger states and thus for them money and power may be more important than saving life as there is no worry for extinction of their community. Unlike them, the Manipuris which consists of over 36 communities are at the verge of extinction if one count on the number of COVID victims each days. All know, it will take time to recover even as one day there will be a vaccine to safe people from COVID-19.
The Manipur government had acted a bit slow in understanding that by the time the vaccine is invented all Manipuris may falls as victim of COVID 19. Yesterday’s initiative by Chief Minister N. Biren needs appreciation, but he have to work by stealing minutes from hours.

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